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Honey Bender

Find Honey in MIRONE spread (p. 34), in her very own interview (p. 58), in Trend Reports section (p. 44) and the Paris Cabaret spread (p. 140). She is sweet like... honey. Taste beauty and style in GLANCE Magazine october 2009 edition. Photo credits: Chantelle Ashdene

PUBLISHER’S NOTE By Patty Cortes, GIA Founder/CEO There are times in your life when you need to take a break and think about what have been done so far, what you are going to do next, how you feel at the precise minute you are writting all this down. At this precise minute, I can tell you that I am overwhelmed with joy. GLANCE International started as a small agency¿OOHGZLWKWKHDPELWLRQWREHFRPH one of SL’s premiere fashion PR agencies with core services such as a model management and a model academy. I didn’t know that along the way, I would meet so many fabulous persons, get an ever-growing and supportive staff and work with some of the most professional and attractive models out there. From August 2008 to August 2009, the agency coordinated over 50 runway shows! At the VSHFLDORFFDVLRQRIRXU¿UVW\HDUDQQLYHUVDU\ held in early September 2009, we have been proudly sponsored by the RL fashion powerhouse and we hosted 24 runway shows... in 24 hours! This event was called the International Fashion Day and brought us with HSLFVLPWUDI¿Fset to 45,000 and 62,000 during the two days of showing. An incredible success that we owe to the blogger community, to New World Notes blog, Fabulous Fashion TV and Angie Mornington without forgetting our beloved public, who have always been there, saving the date to attend GIA major fashion events!

site, while you discover the top-notch hosted designers shops. Thinking about it during our weekly staff meeting, we did all have the feeling that we were missing something. Something that would show our accomplishments, that would say thank you to all the persons who made of GLANCE International Agency what it is today... something like a magazine. With the help of highly skilled persons such as Elease Graves, the talented and fashionable Editorin-Chief, Herradura Baar, trusted and fabulous agency Executive, Amalia Foxtrot, irreaplacable Head Stylist and many other persons who inspire me (Miu Edman) and who impress me (Honey Bender) by their amazing personality, we managed to put this magazine together. I am grateful to Nazzko Shan, Lady Tempura, Julie Hastings, Amerique Silverspar, Chantelle Ashdene and all members of the photographers pool who, with their incredible talent, made of this number one issue a stellar one. October is the pink month and we wanted to give our special tribute to those who deal with FDQFHU2XU¿UVWFRYHUKDVEHHQEHDXWLIXOO\GHsigned by Sanders Beaumont, a pink theme that pay them a tribute.

Look out for Glance sim Pink hunt and GIA Pink Night when we will host a charity show DQGDIXQGUDLVHUJDODWKDWZLOOEHQH¿WDEUHDVW cancer charity organization. Do not miss either Getting into a new year in business means to the Gothic Show and join the GIA Halloween embrace new goals, to get into new ventures. Photo Contest! Find some ideas in Lalu Bonetto’s special Halloween spread in this issue. That is why it was essential for us to give a brand new look to Glance sim : the magic of Babyhoney Bailey operated on the island, that you must visit. The vibes of GLANCE Radio You are now embarking in GLANCE’s latest will accompany your fashionable journey on- project. Have a nice trip...

EDITOR’S NOTE By Elease graves, EDITOR-IN-Chief

Welcome everyone and thank all that worked hard to PDNHWKH¿UVWLVVXHRIGLANCE Magazine a success. It’s been a great adventure for me in Second Life and it just keeps getting better and better with the goals and hard work and artistic talents I have. Never did I dream of being a big part of GIA! When Patty Cortes hired me I was so excited to be a part of all that GLANCE International Agency is. Would like to send out a big thank you to Patty, she truly knows how to make peoples dreams come true. With my goals set to make this publication a huge success and many more wonderful issues to come. Yours Truly.


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patty cortes Publisher’s note

MIU EDMAN Photos credits: Nazzko Shan // by Patty Cortes

Miu is a very special person to me. She has started at GLANCE Model Academy and quickly became a top model, a stylist and won several modeling, styling and photo prizes. Miss Edman is a talented person and it is no surprise that she is known today for her fabulous hairstyle shop, called MIROǤ‡ƒ”‡’”‘—†–‘Š‘•–Š‡”‘ƥ…‹ƒŽƒ‹•–‘”‡‘ Žƒ…‡•‹Ǥ‹—ǯ••—…cess story is due to her fun and sweet personality as well as her incredible talent. She designs hair cuts like nobody else on the grid, : gorgeous textu”‡•ǡ‹’‡……ƒ„Ž‡•–›Ž‡ƒ†—‹“—‡ˆƒ•Š‹‘ƪƒ‹”ƒ”‡–Š‡…‘„‹ƒ–‹‘›‘—™‹ŽŽ Ƥ†‹ ǯ•Šƒ‹”…‘ŽŽ‡…–‹‘Ǥƒ‡ƒ…Ž‘•‡Ž‘‘ƒ––Š‹•‹–‡”˜‹‡™ǡ‹— will never cease to amaze us...

Hello Miu! Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do in Second Life? Hello Patty! Thank you for this opportunity. Ok well... I’m from Japan. I’m MIRONE designer. I make mainly hairstyles for MIRONE for now. I also have worked as a stylist and model for some agencies. Where did you get the idea to name your brand «MIRONE» ? To tell the truth... it’s named after Spanish wine. Actually my MIRONE shop had already existed 1 year ago. It was a furniture shop at that time. When I prepared to start the furniture shop, I just happened to drink «MIRONE» in RL. When I saw the label of that wine, I thought ‘‘This is it!’’ The wine just gave me a good inspiration and I really liked the sound of the words. Even now, I don’t know why I thought so at that time. I didn’t get very serious about shop name. Back then, I never thought that I’d get asked what the name means! Šƒ–™ƒ•–Š‡Ƥ”•–Šƒ‹”•–›Ž‡–Šƒ–›‘—‡˜‡”†‡•‹‰‡†ǫ It’s ADDIE. I made ADDIE for myself around March 2009. I needed a hairstyle to go with a gown for a show. You know sometimes your choice is the same as other models’ choice. I wanted to avoid situations like this. Plus I wanted a hair cut that showcases well the dress and is not overwhelming. So I made it for myself. The hairstyle got a good reaction from friends and YOU and I started to think about hair shop. Incidentally, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I release MIRONE hair cuts in alphabetical order (smiles)

27 - international designer of the month - Miu edman

Do you remember the feelings when people did start to buy your products ? Yes, I sure do! I felt like my styles were accepted by customers and I felt really happy. I want to say ‘’Thank you so much!!!’’ to each and every one of my customers. ‘›‘—ƤÂ?†‹–Šƒ”†–‘„‡ƒ•–ƒ”–‡”†‡•‹‰Â?‡”‘”†‘›‘—ƒŽ”‡ƒ†›Â?‡‡– success ? I have a tough time making new styles. I feel even more keenly the †‹Ƽ…—Ž–›‘ˆ…ƒ•–‹Â?‰Â?›Â‹Â†Â‡ÂƒÂ•ÇĄ™Šƒ– ™ƒÂ?––‘Â?ƒÂ?‡‹Â?–‘•Šƒ’‡Ǥ‘metimes I feel a pressure but I feel so happy that there is even one customer who is looking forward to my new releases. What would you say set you apart from other hairstyles shops ? Most of MIRONE hair cuts are basic and simple styles like RL. Some people may feel them non-descriptive styles. But I have tried to adhere to textures, instead of commonplace styles. I drew by hand each strand, and I adjusted its shine and shade to look more natural. So, I …ƒÂ?•ƒ›–Šƒ–™Šƒ–Â?ƒÂ?‡•–Š‡Â?†‹ƥ‡”‡Â?–ǥ‘””ƒ–Š‡”–Š‡…Šƒ”ƒ…–‡”‹•–‹… of MIRONE is that I’m so picky about textures (smiles)

Â?Â?‘™›‘—ƒ”‡†‡•‹‰Â?‹Â?‰„ƒ‰•–‘‘Ǥ‡ŽŽÂ?‡ǥŠ‘™†‘‡•‹–†‹ƥ‡”ˆ”‘Â? designing hairstyles ? I just made the bags for a change, when I was stuck on making hair dos. Unlike hairstyles, handbags have low prims, so it’s easier to handle prims. However the sculpted shape links the quality of bag directly, and I needed to draw shade and shadow on the texture with Ƥ––‹Â?‰’‘•‹–‹‘Â?ÇĄ–Š‡Â?—’Ž‘ƒ†–‘ƒÂ?†„ƒ…Â?–‘Š‘–‘•Š‘’–‘ƒ†† shade. I repeated that... That was laborious. So designing bag is harder than I thought, for a change of pace. I haven’t yet determined the next bag release, haha! Few people know that you are creating animations for runway models... When do you think you will make them available for the public ? The animations were made for the same reason as hairstyle : for me. •‹Â?‰–Š‡Â?Â?›•‡Žˆ‹•ƤÂ?‡„—– –Š‹Â?Â?–Šƒ– Â?‡‡†–‘ƒ†Œ—•–ƒ„‹–ˆ‘” the public before the commercialization of the animations, I haven’t begun to do that yet. Next time that I changed my mind, I will work on runway poses instead of bags, hehe. I do hope to release animations during autumn.

international designer of the month - MIU EDMAN - 30

31 - international designer of the month - MIU EDMAN

Who are some of your favorite SL fashion designers ? Oh I have many favorite designers... It’s really hard to choose among them. Just to name some, I would say... Milla Michinaga (MichaMi), Zaara Kohime (Zaara), Ava Lu (Paper Couture), Thora Charron (LeLutka) and so on...

Now is time for the bad question... What is your worst customer experience as of now ? I do receive requests from customers who would like me to customize a hairstyle –‘ƒ•’‡…‹Ƥ……‘Ž‘”‘”™ƒ–‡–‘…Šƒ‰‡ the permissions on the haircuts, even if they tried the DEMO, purchased my product and know my policy regarding theAre you currently working on new se questions (I do not customize neither products? change the permissions of the haircusts.) Yes! I’m developing ideas of hair cuts for autumn/winter. However I can’t make the Those experiences are rather the saddest desired progress because this time of year than the worst. I do think that what is in store now is MIRONE style, including coincides with my vacation. the available colors. So, I’m sorry if these …Ž‹‡–•™‡”‡‘–•ƒ–‹•Ƥ‡†™‹–Š  What are your future plans for MIRONE colors. ? ‡ŽŽǡƤ”•–‘ˆƒŽŽǡ ǯ†Ž‹‡–‘‡š’ƒ† What matters to you most as a fashion RONE hair line. I have only female designer ? hairdos now, I’d like to develop unisex hairstyles. Also I’d like to try to create ac- I believe that it’s to make products that I want, not to make products that will sell cessories and apparel, but that will need well. I also enjoy creating for me, that’s more time. the most important. The best compliment you received so Lastly, where can readers buy your far ? hairstyles ? ‘‘You have created some of the most MIRONE Main store located at Glance beautiful hair that I have seen in SL. It sim and 2 branches at PISA/Macos mall ”‡ƒŽŽ›‹•ƒ‰‹Ƥ…‡–ǤǯǯŠ‹•…‘‡–‹• are available. For now, you can see the from one of my favorite fashion blogger. With so many great hair designers in SL, full line at the main store and PISA store. I hope you will be interested in my shop I was much honored to receive this kind and visit it! Thank you. of compliment.

Find in the next pages the fabulous MIRONE hairstyles presented by Honey Bender, GLANCE Model of the Month. Photos credits : Chantelle Ashdene.

international designer of the month - MIU EDMAN - 32

Mirone - «Jamila» in black

Mirone - ÂŤCeriaÂť in blonde

Mirone - «GiGi» in apricot

Mirone - «Elan 2» in blond

Mirone - ÂŤAdieÂť in walnut

Mirone - ÂŤIrinaÂť in ebony

HONEY BENDER Photo credit : Nazzko Shan //by Patty Cortes

ÂŤA model r ule number o n e is: it is all about the c lothes not the modelÂť

43 - trends report - Honey Bender

Hello! I’m curious to know when you realized you wanted to become a fashion designer ? I kind of always knew I wanted to from I was new to SL back in 2006. I started reading the only fashion magazine that was here then, Second Style. It fed my shopping habit as well as my general interest in design but it still took me a while before understanding the design tools. But designer Neferia Abel of Ivalde was very sweet, she kept encouraging me and taught me KRZWRPDNHDà H[LVNLUW7KDWZDV last year. After that things kind of happened slowly but steadily last winter. What does fashion mean to you ? ,WLVDZD\WRH[SUHVVZKRZHDUH or who we want to be like a supermarket of styles where you can play with all your different sides. And in SL it’s even more diverse as \RXKDYHVXFKà H[LELOLW\ZLWKKDLU skin and shapes. +RZZRXOG\RXGHÀQHWKHVW\OH of your collections ? My Rock Star Collection is rebellious in it’s style, it is divided in three lines; Blasphemy - Anarchy Victory, celebrating goth, punk and glamrock, plus my wedding dresses WKDWDUHYHU\ÀIWLHVURFNDELOO\1HZ /RRN7KLVIDOO,DPDOVRODXQFKLQJ a gothic line called Bathory. All my LWHPVFDQEHPL[HGWRFUHDWHYHU\ individual looks so you don’t have to risk meeting someone wearing WKHH[DFWRXWÀW\RX¡UHZHDULQJ Above all it’s colorful. trends report - Honey Bender - 44






«Pink Rocker»

Photos credits : Honey Bender

What are some of your accomplishments as a model ? And as a designer ? I have been lucky and worked with some of the top names in the SL industry from i started modelling for Aspire in 2006 and then went on to Metro Models and then GLANCE International. I think modelling the designs of Digit Darkes and Paper Couture, plus Rebel Hope and of course Ivalde and Callie Cline back in the day really opened my eyes for the many fantastic creative powers who are at ZRUNLQWKLVJDPH7KH\PDGHPH ache to create my own clothes, and I am still in awe of these designers and their unique styles. As a designer I am still a debutante and humble to the craft. But opening DVWRUHDQGÀQLVKLQJP\5RFN6WDU collection felt like a great achievement. Do you consider yourself as an artist? I do consider the top designers arWLVWV7RODEHOP\VHOIDQDUWLVW" Well, I am humble by nature and not sure I feel comfortable with that yet. But I’m getting there. I do however take designing very seriously and hope people will like what i do.

main focus, the star of the show. So normally, when i get notice that I am picked for a show or a shoot I go to the designers store to get DIHHOZKDWKHRUVKHLVRXWWRH[press with their designs. Unless instructed differently I accessorice with skin, makeup and hair to show the clothes off to its best advantage and in keeping with the designers preferences. When I reFLHYHWKHRXWÀWV,GRDOOÀWWLQJV HDUO\DVSRVVLEOH7KHQ,SXWWRgether poses that makes the clothes look great - I am a massive pose shopper and update my pose collection almost weekly. I attend as many rehersals as I can so I know my walks blindfolded on the day. And at showtime - I stay focused. And pray for little lag! What are your plans for the future ? I am working on my Bathory line, and hope I can get organized enough to have a runway show this fall. As a model I am looking for more printwork - I dream of landing the cover of an SL magazine. I also love being behind the camera and I love planning shoots, both my own and shooting with others - like the wonderful Nazzko Shan who took my photo for this interview. Shop Faster Pussycat today !

How do you prepare for a fashion shoot or fashion show ? As a model rule number one is: It is all about the clothes - not the PRGHO7KHFORWKHVDUHDOZD\VWKH

trends report - honey bender - 46

ÂŤI have a very p ersonal style that I think has been the key of my success as a modelÂť

tabata jewell photo credit : Nazzko Shan //by Patty Cortes

Hello! I’m curious to know when you realized you wanted to become a fashion designer ? 6W\OLQJP\RXWÀWVIRUGLIIHUHQWVKRZVWKHUHZDVDOZD\V VRPHKDLUVW\OHLQP\PLQG,FRXOGQRWÀQGLQ6/VR,GHFLded to try to make it myself and it worked! What does fashion mean to you ? )DVKLRQLVDZD\RIOLYHIDVKLRQLVDQRWKHUZD\WRH[SUHVV yourself, fashion is art! +RZZRXOG\RXGHÀQHWKHVW\OHRI\RXUFROOHFWLRQ" ,ZRXOGGHÀQHP\KDLUFXWVDVGDULQJDQGQRQFRQYHQWLRQDOIRUDYDWDUVZKROLNHWRH[SHULPHQWDQGWDNHVRPHULVNVZKHQVW\OLQJWKHLURXWÀWV What are some of your accomplishments as a model ? And as a designer ? As a model I have been part of the most important agencies in SL, I have a very personal style that I think has been the key of my succes as a model, showcasing ethnic looks has also helped my success. As a designer... well I think it is too early to say. But from the feed back I have got so far, customers like those unusual and unique hair styles. Do you consider yourself as an artist ? I do, any kind of creation is art, anything that involves LPDJLQDWLRQDQGH[SUHVVHV\RXUIHHOLQJVRUQHHGVLVDUWWR me. How do you prepare for a fashion shoot or fashion show ? ,OLNHWRKDYHP\RXWÀWVLQDGYDQFHFDXVHLUHDOO\VSHQG lots of time styling them, I don’t stop till i say perfect. I do a lot of research on accessories to have always the SHUIHFWRQHIRUWKDWRXWÀW,WU\WRPDNHWKHRXWÀWVXQLque and catch the audience’s glance by doing a good styling. trends report - tabata jewell - 48

What are your plans for the future ? Right now i wanna keep on working RQP\KDLUGHVLJQVH[SHULPHQWZLWK some other kind of accessories in the future. and modeling wise I want to retire from runway as I dont have that much time to spend on it, and if I can’t spend enough time to give quality I rather retire. I will keep the print work tho. Shop Vanity Hair today!

ÂŤCome rain or sh


ÂŤJenÂť ÂŤLady Cha 49 - trends report - tabata jewell


«Winter Bride»

«Ray Ray»

atterly» Photos credits : Tabata Jewell

MYRALDA MINNELLI photo credit : Nazzko Shan //INTERVIEW by Patty Cortes

«Good design ers are artist s because their inspirat ion push them to create unique design s.»

51 - trends report - myralda minnelli

Hello! I’m curious to know when you realized you wanted to become a fashion designer ? Before even I started SL, I always wanted to become one in real life but didnt have the means but after seing a commecial about SL in 2007, I tought it was my chance to become one. What does fashion mean to you ? It’s like a religion in which a few people create a way of dressing and behaving that lot of others will follow. +RZZRXOG\RXGHÀQHWKHVW\OHRI your collection ? Simple and elegant. What are some of your accomplishments as a model ? And as a designer ? $VDPRGHO,ZRQD)UR]HQ7XUTXRLVH 9DOHQWLQH )79 SKRWRFRQWHVW$V a designer, I used to make clothes before making handbags. Do you consider yourself as an artist ? Good designers are artists because their inspiration push them to create unique designs. So yes, I consider myself as an artist. How do you prepare for a fashion shoot or fashion show ? :HOO , SXW XS RXWÀWV DFFRUding to what I am asked to, trends report - myralda minnelli - 52


ÂŤBicolorÂť then I organize everything in What are your plans Grow into a big SL brand a able to satisfy and surpise my Shop La Besace today at the mainstore

53 - trends report - myralda minnelli


ÂŤLa PochetteÂť order to make the shooting. s for the future ? and become famous by being y clients over and over again. e located on Glance sim!

Photos credits : Vernice Burks / Models : Myralda Minnelli herself, Mariah Urriah and Myan

HONEY BENDER Photos credits : Chantelle Ashdene // Interview by Patty Cortes

Hello Honey and congratulations! <RX DUH DFWXDOO\ WKH ¿UVW ZLQner of this monthly nomination. +RZ GR \RX IHHO DERXW WKLV WLWOH " Well, when Patty Cortes told me, for once I was totally speechless. And those who know me are aware that it doesnt happen very often, not unless when I’m backstage before a show and focused on just the performance. But I UHDOO\IHHOVRÀDWtered, as GLANCE has one of

bones and determination to match! So ¿QDOO\VKHJDYHLQ$VSLUH¶VWRSPRGHO at the time, Aunnia Wilberg, took me out on the runway and taught me the basics, helped me poseshopping, skin shopping and explained the magic of the huddle. And then I was cast in my ¿UVW HYHU VKRZ IRU$GRUHG &ORWKLQJ I was a nervous wreck, the lag took me by total surprise and I crashed on the middle of the runway and came back noobed. It

‘‘I started modeling way back in 2006’’

was so NOT a glorious debut. So it could have stopped there and then. But I was determined to make it, so I +RZGLG\RXJHWLQWRWKHIDVKLRQLQGXVWU\" never gave up. I was with Aspire unI twisted Bianca Darling’s arm, haha! til august 2008, and with Metro MoWell seriously - I started modelling dels as well. When Aspire closed down way back in 2006, then for Aspire Mo- Patty Cortes had hired me for GLANdel Agency. I went to the owner Bianca CE International Agency (GIA) and Darling and more or less refused to lea- she has kept me busy like no other. YHKHURI¿FHXQWLOVKHKLUHGPH6KHZDV patient, haha. I came prepared with two :KDWGR\RXOLNHDERXWWKLVLQGXVWU\" skins and 5 hairstyles but killer cheek- Obviously I’m a total style freak and the best model rosters in SL. It must have been hard to pick just one.

57 - model of the month - honey bender

, ORYH SXWWLQJ WRJHWKHU RXWÂżWV KDLU and poses for shows and shoots. And I admire all those incredibly talented people I have had the chance to work with - designers, agents - who for many have become close friends.

living clotheshanger. If you are assiJQHGWRPRGHORXWÂżWVWKDWœœisnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really your styleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122; remember: itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a job. be proIHVVLRQDO0DNHDQ\RXWÂżWVKLQH$QG perhaps most important - as a person you have to keep it real and be reliable. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t lie, bitch, cheat or backstab, Many people think that virtual mode- LWDOZD\VEDFNÂżUHV,I\RXFDQGRWKDW OLQJLVHDV\WDVN:KDWZRXOG\RXOLNH SOXV ÂżJKW WKH ODJ \RXÂśUH JRRG WR JR SHRSOHWRXQGHUVWDQGDERXWWKLVMRE" First of all it is not all about looks and po- ,NQRZWKDW\RXDUHDPRQJWKHYHses. To succeed teran top models at this you need and that back in

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t lie, bitch, cheat or backstab, it  RQH ZRXOG to love what you KDUGO\ÂżQGDPRGHdo. That means alwaysEDFNÂżUHVœœ ling school. Where you put in time and effort to see other shows, shops, network like crazy and keep up on the blogs and fashion news both SL and RL. You have to keep be updated. But if you truly love it, it really doesnt feel like itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s work. If a designer has special preferences for your styling, you go with it - after all itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s about the designer and their clothes, not about you. You are their

did you get trained "$QGZKDWLV\RXUSRVLWLRQUHJDUGLQJWRGD\ÂśVPRGHOLQJDFDGHPLHV" When i started there was no academies. Aunnia who was my mentor met me on the Aspire runway, we did a simple walk with 4 stops and poses and practiced for 30 minutes. That was it. Then i practiced on my own. But the girls were supportive and always willing to

model of the month - honey bender - 60

share tips on how to do things. And the selection of poses were not like today - there were like maybe 2-3 places where you could buy poses and they ZHUHQRWDQLPDWHGVRWKHÀRZZDVQWDV good as todays shows. Plus - they had the «broken ancle»-syndrome, haha. But we still managed to put on some spectacular shows, like the ‘‘Girls night out’’ show that was broadcast all over the internet

I have been cast in over 100 shows and considers that my biggest achievement, as it means designers think I can actually sell a look. That’s success to me. Early on I was a huge artilleri-fan and Antonia Marat actually designed a hairstyle which she named after me which totally blew me away. After I took up photography I’ve had my photos displayed in the Metro Fashion Book and I have won several pri-

and more diversity which is nice, it’s more to choose from for designers and models alike. As for academies, I think it’s great for people who want to learn, as the game has become much more advanced.

Vain Inc Magazine where i portrayed my favourite sin - Vanity, and another for Naive, where designer Leah McCullough actually named a dress after me which I totally adore. But being chosen as the model of the month for GLANCE Magazine feels like maybe the biggest achievement ever, it’s wonderful when people acknowledge the work you put into this.

‘‘I have been cast in over 100 shows and outside SL. and consider that my zes. Only this fall I won two photo Today there’s more agencies biggest achievement’’ contests - one for

Looking back at your career, could you tell us more about \RXU DFKLHYHPHQWV DV D PRGHO "

61 - model of the month - honey bender

done shows at like 4 AM in the morIt seems there is a lot of diffe- ning sometimes. If you want a piece UHQW FRQFHSWLRQV ZKHQ LW FRPHV RI WKLV SLH \RX KDYH JRW WR VDFUL¿FH WR EHDXW\ +RZ GR \RX GH¿QH LW " Oh hard question! It’s totally indivi- You have been recently promoted dual and not all about symmetry and Supermodel within GLANCE Inperfection. A gorgeous eyeliner does ternational Agency. What is your not make up for a bitchy personality. feeling regarding this position? Sweetness shines through even in a You know, i remember they said superpixelated avatar and enhances the vi- models doesn’t get out of bed for less suals. I got to admit than a gazillion bucks though that I have a day, haha. Well to me a soft spot for curthis title means I’m only

‘‘If you want a piece of this pie dying to work more. vy pinup girls and have got Much more! It’s just a sexy rock chicks. you title, but again - it feels nice when people acDo you have pro- WR VDFUL¿FH ’’ knowledge your hard fessional tips WR VKDUH ZLWK DVSLULQJ PRGHOV " Study other models, pose shop frequently, read blogs and - be punctual. If you say you’re gonna be somewhere at a given time - be there! Come to rehersals. Listen to experienced staff. And be prepared to work funny hours, as SL is a global game. I’ve

work. It’s very motivating, especially when it’s given by people who I have tremendous respect and admiration for. What can GLANCE Maga]LQH ZLVK \RX IRU WKH IXWXUH " Luck, love and peace. And maybe more gorgeous shoes.

model of the month - honey bender - 64


This event took place on Sunday, August 31st, back in 2008. The show featured the top brands Baiastice (Sissy Pessoa), Purple Rose Jewelry (Storm Babeli), Indyra Originals (Indyra Seigo), House of Heart (Sheltered Heart), [KA] Skins (Kira Ahn). As presented in the photo on the left, the original builds were very elegant and designed by Pearlie Pedro. The venture started on a half sim and I remember that we even had a wedding

Glance first builds Where the venture started...

the runway n and Kurvy Rhode on ma hu Sc ila La , rji ke Mui Mu

67 - top 12 gia fashion shows - Number 12

les got site where numerous coup , I was married! For our first show sted us thrilled that big brands tru Interand accepted that GLANCE r show national Agency model roste k. I will their creation on the catwal ess, laugh never forget how much str guration and love we put in this inau ing some show. DJ Kromus was play t, writtunes and Rawly Rousselo og grater of SL Inworld Today bl inking ced us with his presence. Th

Flyer design by Kira Ahn

Celebrity Trollop looking fabulous in Baiastice

Mui Mukerji (top left), Celebrity Trollop (top right), Kurvy Rh ode (bottom let) and Laila Schuman (bott omright) on the runway

about it, it was well worth all the stress! The show was a blast and over 50 avatars came to party with us and applause the models on the catwalk. That is when we all felt in love with virtual runway shows and we would never imagine that we would produce 74 of them in the next months! This is one of the most memorable in the agencyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s history. One word to define this event : unforgettable. Photo credits : Alianna Logan


God saves the nu-rave was our first real themed show. I was thinking about designing emerging brands, that make a statement with each new release. We showcased Akeyo which is a reference in high quality, street style footwear â&#x20AC;&#x201C; it is designed by Artoo Magneto and Akemi Yoshikawa ;

The fashion show stage Designed by Pearlie Pedro

Laila Schuman and Relax Mills looking their best in AyAyAy, Roll the Dice and Akeyo fashions.

69 - Top 12 gia fashion shows - number 11

na AyAyAy designed by K ailia reet Anatra who presented a st chic collection and Roll The tDice, designed by Dice Bea tie, an original upcoming de d signer with printed shirts an colorful leggings. The won DJ derful Khitten Kurka, aka Flashback spiced up the ru e nway with 80â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tunes to di

Flyer design by Kira Ahn

Khitten Kurka

Also known as DJ Flashback

Designers Kailiana An atra (on the top) and Dice Beattie (at the bo ttom) enjoying the showcase from the fro nt row.

for! We all were up and dancing after the show. This special showcased allowed us to go back to the fashion period where flashy colors, leggings and funky style was a must. Do you remember ? Photo credits : Alianna Logan


The socialite show was a concept event made to showcase the best designers in one unique event. For this special edition, we showcased the skins of [KA] Designs by Kira Ahn, LOOKR by Adam Soler and Fayne Khandr, SOREAL by Kwamey Pinion and Uncleweb Studio outstanding hairstyles by Din Raymaker. The audience came with an urban

Last glance at the outfits


io n i P y e m a w By K

e latest releases chic dress code to watch th The hairstyles of . ds an br p to r ea nw ba ur by of the best availaUncleweb Studio are some ion caters to both ble on the grid, the collect nly short, metimen and women with mai We were honored cously produced hair cuts. creations cuts on to showcase such beautiful rs some of the best the runway. SOREAL offe -life like features sneakers out there, the real t-have for quaus m a em th e ak m s oe sh e of th

71 - Top 12 gia fashion shows - number 10

Flyer design by Kira Ahn

The front row

Celerity Trollop (top left), Laila Schuman (top right), Tsunami Rickenbacker (bottom left) and Jhao Oh (bott om right)

lity footwear lovers. Furthermore, the range of colors will help to style up your look. Last but not least, we were happy to introduce the latest men skin range by LOOKR and women skin collection by Kira Ahn. Over 50 avatars attended this showcase, seduced by the carefully crafted designs displayed on the runway. Photo credits : Miu Edman


Serendipita Eventi is a professional wedding company run by Daiseze Dahlstrom and Ambrielle Benelli. Both always wanted to showcase the best wedding outfits to help the couples show a unique style off tfor their wedding day. The Bridal show happened only 2 days before the valentine day! The showcase featured Skin Flicks by Mavis McGettigan, Marinoco Fashion by Marinoco Oceanlane, Elle! Fashion House by Angeleyes John and SF Designs by Swaffette Firefly. These are the best brands to shop

Bridal Show Stag

Designed by Kira Ahn

igns caters to your wedding look! SF Des maculate styl avatar in the look for an im ed gowns for th presents beautifully textur o Fashion has and elegant bride. Marinoc ant to feel like dresses for women who w ovide you wit Elle! Fashion House will pr Make sure to g ticulously created gowns. ng day by sho impression for your weddi brands today! Vlodovic showing z Hax and Chirzaka ren Lo n, ur kb ac Bl e Sabin and SF Design suit. off Marinoco fashions

73 - Top 12 gia fashion shows - number 9

ge the elegant le. Skin Flicks he discreet s got luxurious princesses and th classy, megive the best opping these

Couple looks for the big day

Flyer design by Mido ri Leandros & Kurvy Rhode

Poptart Lilliehook an d Donald Feld at the top, looking their best in SF design silver looks. At the bottom, Chirzaka Vlodovic and Lorenz Hax, show cing purple garments by Elle! Fashion House and SF Design.

Photo credits : Tillie Ariantho


were incredibly e w cy en ag e th d te When we star alf sim and were the h l fu ce ea p r ou h it happy w we had initially so e er th ts en ev t os only one to h of gh, the fast growth ou h T e. ov m to on no reas

n Miu EdmraeStyle u Inroducing P

to the agency in the first 6 months got us ? consider a full sim. Could you believe it Over 65,000 sqm dedicated to GL ANCE International Agency, trusted designers, enacademy students and top models. An we tire island named after the agency! So did secretly purchase the isle and named it simply “Glance sim.” Then, the talence ted Attim Hokkigai was hired to produ l a european sim design, based on my rea life town, Bordeaux (France). She com pleted the work in a matter of days… We t! were ready to open faster than I though On the runway, we wanted to showcase Japanese top brands such as the luxurious watches by Kit Pizzicato, the crispy clothing line by Mimify Loon and the inimitable M.R.M designs by Masaru Raymaker. The show was hosted in the new GL ANCE Catwalk build, with over 60 we avatars in the audience. We know that

75 - Top 12 gia fashion shows - number 8

X Flyer design by Dania l Guisse

Lorenz Hax Showcasing M.R.M Light Gray Suit

would not celebrate twice the grand opening of the agencyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sim so this event will be forever in our head and our heart.

On the runway, Kurv y Rhode (top left) Mi cah Kanto (top right), Donald Feld (bottom right) and Nezsy Herst ein (bottom left). Micah and Donald are we aring M.R.M designs. Kurvy and Nezsy show off PureStyle creations.

Photo credits : Morgana Hilra


Too Cool 4 School was our first ever themed show, planned with all the care one must have when producing such a show. We contacted the professional builder Babyhoney Bailey to design the catwalk, a real-life like classroom with animated seats to make you look either attentive or bored (or even sleepy!) in a single click. Those seats were provided generously by Jenika Connolly. Male

School Show catwalk Designed by Babyhoney Bailey

outfits and uniforms were provided by Zanzo. The clo e thing line is designed by th d lovely couple Theodore an op Drusus DuCasse. Their sh hooffers a colorful range of sc h ol uniforms, actually a bunc g of combination styles goin to from formal school uniform reet style with loost ffy ru sc Kurvy Rhode and Lo s Herstein (on the left) zsy Ne o er, nz se ties. Pieces from Zanzoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; hn Za Lo o in l osi oo Mang e too cool for sch ) prove they ar renz Hax (on the right ns. sig and School Daze de

77 - Top 12 gia fashion shows - number 7

Flyer design by Br Kirut a us Ahn Martinek

Patty Cortes Show hostess and... professor ?

(top left), (top right), (bottom left), Mangosio Lohner (bottom right) posing on GL ANCE High stage .

ÂŤKakkoii!Âť collection, inspired by the youth design of Asia, were displayed on the catwalk. School Daze, designed by Jenika Connolly is the perfect place for fashionable schoolgirl designs and furnitures. You can shop our wonderful show seats at the mainstore today! Both Zanzo and School Daze lines will style up your look. Back to school spirit invaded Glance sim ! Photo credits : Morgana Hilra


Runway for Life shows were a series of events planned to raise funds for the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life in SL. We did produce 5 fashion shows over 5 months and raised 200,000L$ (about 780 US$) for our first year participation in RFL of SL. Named under “Runway For Life”, the

The grand finale Time to bid for the cause!

riah presents on the ru On the left, Mariah Ur ht, rig Flicks gown. On the nway the unique Skin S inimitable design. TK Waco shows of B&

strong with reagency’s RFL team went ettigan’s pink cord bid such as Mavis McG ariah Urriah) gown (presented here by M Dana Vanmoer’s won for 13,000L$ or even . The show feacreation won for 28,000L$ designers : Batured incredibly generous oll’s), Amanda byDoll Lafontaine (BabyD , Juliet CanucBolero (Bolero Collection) ers Beaumont ci (Canucci Designs), Sand ra Waco’s Style), (*FDL*), Klara Waco (Kla Vanmoer (New Ashen Jaerls (L olli), Dana nesford (Virtual Dana’s Delights), Jinny Jo ho donated their Elegance). From models w

79 - Top 12 gia fashion shows - number 6

Flyer design by Brut us Martinek


This unique gown wa s designed by Dana Vanmoer, talented mi nd behind Danaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s New Delights brand. Later on, the dress was auctionned and won for 28,000L$, th e top bid of the event!

Flower of Hope The wonderful gown by Amanda Bolero

time to our lovely public who donated L$, everybody felt involved and worked hard to raise lindens for the cause. We would like to say thank you to all of you! A special thank you as well to all designers who have been part of the shows and among them, those who supported us with an exceptional participation in ALL FIVE runway shows such as Sanders Beaumont (*FDL* designer), thank you for your kindness, generosity and patience. We are looking forward to producing similar events! Photo credits : Sharron Schuman


When DeanGrant Caproni contacted me to produce a fashion show, I honestly thought that he named his business after him. It is only after a good chat and many laugh that I realized that “D.G” stands actually for “Divine & Gorgeous.” And when you see the gowns, you totally understand why! When it co mes to gowns and casuals, you do have plenty of choi ce over the grid. Why wou ld

81 - Top 12 gia fashion shows - number 5

at Divine and GorThe show was hosted the stage design has geous mainstore and Grant’s partner, miss been realized by Dean Zalyn Bailey.

Flyer design by Jennif err Graves

The wonderful designs by DeanGrant Caproni displayed by GI A Top Models on the catwalk.

you choose to go and get DG Fashion ? Because the outfits are extremely well textured and eye-catchy. From casual dresses to magnificient ball gowns, DG Fashion certainly knows g how to dress up demandin women. DeanGrant’s partner, Zalyn Bailey, graced us with her presence. Zalyn d runs a modish brand calle r “VoguE”, the ideal place fo eexquisite, tight and sexy d signs.

Photo credits : Lolita Nomura


ter its l quality designers short af ra ve se st ho d di sim ce an Gl e e many of them express th se to ad gl re we we d an g openin , Daf02 May particularly em th g on Am . us th wi y wish to sta ned his collection is mainly desig ce sin ion nt te at r ou ht ug ca t an uld think that denim is no wo e On . re tu tex m ni de around

GIA Top Mong dels presenti da al if in M the ini M im Den op T & rt Ski ), ft le e th n (o s te an ir T e th h Shorts wit Straps ZigZag le) (in the midd and the Wild Safari Dress (on the left). by All designed M Daf02 ay

uce look alikes creations. od pr d ul wo d an e ur xt te interesting to you walked into Daf’s store You would be surprised as ue produced a delightful, uniq d in m e tiv ea cr s hi w ho er discov g to women of the city, we rin te Ca . es bl m se en m ni de range of hing so special… in a et m so se ca ow sh to ed nt absolutely wa is y Bailey helped to realize th ne ho by Ba t! se ge sta er m sum 83- Top 12 gia fashion shows - number 4

The «Dark ble was amo modeled by the event.

Flyer design by Kira Ahn

Daf02 May The talented designer behind the brand

Smoke & CoffeeÂť ensem ong the casual chic ou tfits y GIA Top Models du ring

project since she provided us with a wonderful themed park. We put down a fire bon and few flowers and were set for the show! Both the public and Daf were amazed by the show and we had a lot of good feedback about this never-seen-before stage and designs.!

Photo credits : Sharron Schuman


ational with an ambitious fashion ern Int CE AN GL to e cam eas Th a tni Po n celebration of Fashion Designers event in mind, the first ever major fashio initials, this assoS.L .A. F.D the r de un o als n ow kn , eed Ind Association of SL. to grow and better their designs by ciation is all about designers who want of few members, new de ma lly tia Ini . ers oth h eac g rtin po sup sharing tips and to the point they reaon ati oci ass the n joi to sh wi ir the sed designers expres ched 8 members and decided to showcase their designs altogether. The first s of the two show d that we produce (see page 86 for the second show follow-up) featu red Ranena Olivier Couture by Ranena Olivier, Vassnia by VNP Ninetails, Ora Trei Designs by sign (right) de Ranena Olivier dle) along with id m d an ft (le Vassnia creations IA Top Models. showcased by G

85 - Top 12 gia fashion shows - number 3


Flyer design by Kira Ahn

Pretty in pink Must-have gown on the runway

Shop the Fashion De signerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Association ou tfits by visiting their mainstor e today!

Breda Designs by Potnia Theas and Ralektra mix of sultry and Ralektra Breda. An eclectic erning female classy creations for the disc avatar.

Photo credits : Sharron Schuman


F.D.A.S.L was ine th of r be em m ery ev d an ch ea th wi Working that complements lity na rso pe e iqu un a ve ha all ey Th le. credib featured Beld on sec e th rs, ne sig de 4 ed nt ese pr ow othersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. Each sh aan Obviate, sti ba Se by ion sh Fa s biâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Se g, fti Za 4 le7 lissima! by El d Jela Couture by an n ro He e lop ne Pe by ion sh Fa LE IB !MPOSS Ansjela Amat. Men designs provided by Sebiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fashion were much appreciated on the catwalk along with !MPOSSIBLE, Bellissima! and Jela Couture stunning creations. From e flexi iv s s e r p e im th of rs be em ow better the m to get to kn /fd :/ tp ht y and more! da to Visit r latest releases ei th d fin ill w u association. Yo

87 - Top 12 gia fashion shows - number 2

Flyer design by Kira Ahn


Somptuous! Stunning dress on the runway

The exquisite men dsigns by FDASL gifte d members present an audacious mix of modern and traditional for te pleasure of the fashion lover eyes.

looks, the gowns to casual and flirty omise to pr s it d lle lfi fu ow sh ay nw ru alk! bring glamour on the catw

Photo credits : Sharron Schuman

Flyer design by Kira Ahn Flyer designs by Johnnny Black heart

*OUFSOBUJPOBM'BTIJPO%BZ VKRZVLQ+6SRQVRUHGE\35&RXWXUHFRP The agency took a summer break in August 2009. We reached one year in business on that special date and we were thrilled to do something different and something unique that didn’t happen yet in SL fashion history. Something like the Internatio-

nal Fashion Day. GLANCE International just HAD to turn one in style and for many months already I had in mind the idea of an entire day dedicated to fashion. One day is 24 hours long. And that many opportunities to produce runway shows! Af-

byhoney Bailey Photo courtesy of Ba

Photo credits : Sharr on Schuman

ey Bailey ,)'DW$QJLH0RUQLQJWRQ¶V79

abyhon IFD 2009 Stage #1 by B

89 - Top 12 gia fashion shows - number 1

ter bugging several friends and hiring the best event coordinator ever, Herradura Baar and assisted by many agencyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s key executives we started slowly but certainly to pull off such a huge fashion event. Do you imagine the effort to produce a single show ? Multiply it by 24 spread over one entire day, then you will realize the amount of work required for this event! The agency produced 50 fashion shows during 2008 and 2009, so the International Fashion Day was representing nothing

rradura Baar Photo courtesy of He



but 6 months of fashion shows production, at the rate of weekly shows. The perfect RL sponsor was found : Crosby Noricks, founder and editor of the rapidly growing blog, read by over 15,000 unique visitors a month. With epic sim traffic set to 45,000 (first day) and 62,000 (second day), IFD 2009 was an incredibly successful event and we are thankful to all persons who participated by attending, modeling, shopping, bloggingâ&#x20AC;Ś we are grateful for making of IFD 2009 a blast!

Photo credits : New World Notes Blog

IFD 09 in Chestnut Rau

â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s article

Crosby Noricks

om founder and editor prcouture;c

93 - real life fashion expert - crosby noricks

Hello Crosby and thank you for taking the time for this short interview. We know at GLANCE Magazine that you are busy these days with new exciting projects, can you tell us more about them? Right now I am getting ready to attend Portland Fashion Week, which should be a really fun experience. I just got back from New York Fashion Week, so a lot of events and travel. I am also speaking at the 140 Character Conference in Los Angeles in October about how retailers are using Twitter. You are the founder and editor of, a fashion PR blog. How and when did you start? I started PR Couture in December, 2006 after working for 2 years in the industry. I also wrote my Master's thesis on fashion PR and was frustrated by the lack of information available online about fashion PR. A blog seemed to be a manageable way to share insight and a fun way to build more relationships in my industry. With your studies in fashion and expertise in fashion PR, could you tell us what makes a winning ad campaign for a fashion designer? Well, public relations is different from advertising, so I can’t really comment on a winning ad campaign except from the point of view of a consumer or just as a communicator. I think r that successful ads clearly communicate a brand’s message while also creating some sort of connection or reaction in the people who see it that is bigger than the clothing or the logo - it’s about sharing a lifestyle.. A lot of social networks have invaded our virtual space lately and we have all become slow but certainly addicted and active participants in many of them. How do you think that it impacts the fashion industry? Would you say that social media impacts brand image/sales? I think that social networks are a great way to keep in touch with

real life fashion expert - crosby noricks - 94

friends and to share common interests. It seems like SL has a lot of these social networking functions built in already, so Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not sure what the clear advantage would be to join yet another network. If it is anything like RL however, social media is a relevant and important brand channel and should be considered as a key component of any marketing strategy. You recently sponsored International Fashion Day by GLANCE International Agency. What motivated you to join us in SL for this event? I was interested in learning more about how a PR agency functions in a virtual space. What is your impression regarding virtual fashion designs? And virtual runway shows? I'm impressed with how effortlessly the clothes move and how patterns and trends have been translated and explored. I had a great time seeing the diversity of fashion and seeing the hardworking fashion community worth together to pull off a great day. There is a lot of misconception about Fashion PR DQGZKDWLWLQYROYHV+RZZRXOG\RXGH),ÂżQHWKLV industry? To me, fashion public relations involves providing strategic brand guidance and messaging and working with the fashion media and stylists to secure print/TV/radio/blog coverage for your clients. PR focuses on securing third-party endorsements that are more credible than adverting. PR can also go above and beyond just product placement and focus on the story of the brand and on engaging the designer or different people within the company to speak on industry trends and issues. How can one keep up with your latest online activities? Follow @pr_couture on twitter or become a fan on facebook at the following link: Your favorite fashion quote ? "You are not a less intelligent or worthy woman for enjoying fashion. Remember, Simone de Beauvoir wore Chanel." -Mary Woodward 95 - real life fashion expert - crosby noricks

IFD 2009



ziamela loon

Photos Credits : Sharron Schuman 99

collection amanda BOLERO

IFD 2009


Photos Credits : Sharron Schuman 100

IFD 2009

house of beningborough BLISS BENINGBOROUGH

Photos Credits : Sharron Schuman 101


IFD 2009


Photos Credits : Sharron Schuman 102

IFD 2009

bellissima! eLLE74 zaftig

Photos Credits : Alianna Logan 103


journey MCLAGLEN

IFD 2009


Photos Credits : Alianna Logan 104

cs IFD 2009

fandango christine svenska

Photos Credits : Alianna Logan 105


IFD 2009

my precious

Photos Credits : Anabella Ravinelli 106

IFD 2009

ora trei

designs potnia theas

Photos Credits : Anabella Ravinelli 107

DESIGNS shinichi mathy

IFD 2009


Photos Credits : Anabella Ravinelli 108

IFD 2009

SON!A sonia28 jiie

Photos Credits : Anabella Ravinelli 109

DEL SHAI shai delacroix

IFD 2009


Photos Credits : Tillie Ariantho 110

IFD 2009


Photos Credits : Tillie Ariantho 111



IFD 2009


Photos Credits : Tillie Ariantho 112

IFD 2009



Photos Credits : Tillie Ariantho 113


IFD 2009


Photos Credits : Tillie Ariantho 114

IFD 2009

entre mares


Photos Credits : Tillie Ariantho 115

toume yao

IFD 2009


Photos Credits : Tillie Ariantho 116

IFD 2009


Photos Credits : Alianna Logan 117



IFD 2009


Photos Credits : Alianna Logan 118

IFD 2009


deadly fashion


Photos Credits : Anabella Ravinelli 119



IFD 2009


Photos Credits : Anabella Ravinelli 120

IFD 2009




Photos Credits : Sharron Schuman 121


IFD 2009




Photos Credits : Sharron Schuman 122






mea carne


anastasia magic

MIRONE LOLLIPOPZ [[KA designs aimesi skins

fashion marketing 101 Photo credits : Lady Tempura // Article by Nathalie Ember Hi, am Nathalie Ember, and I am like you. I love SL clothes. Gowns, Formals, Silks, Pants, Capris, Shorts, Short Shorts, Tops, Bottoms, I love them all! Let me tell you, soon after signing up and creating an avatar for Second Life, I discovered the whole new world of virtual shopping. It didn’t take me long to get hooked on the endless fashion possibilities that were available for my brand new shape and skin! The next logical step, to feed my fashion addiction, was to work right in a SL clothing store. After having worked at, and helped to maintain several stores, I saw how important the correct elements of store and product design play in successful sales. Actually there are some things that you may already notice yourself, such as: the position of your store on the sim ; the position of your store among other stores (in the case you are located in a mall), how close you are to the landing point or how customer-friendly your display vendors are. Display vendors you say? What does that matter? Well they do what they say,

and they say what they do. They display your product. Your product line thrives or dies on those little posters you put in those vendors. Like I mentioned, I have been to a few thousand stores, and seen my share of good and not so good vendors. The bottom line is well produced pictures move product. Before you begin filling up that vendor with all those great little fall fashions, some prep work is required. Firstly, regarding models and poses: Are you doing the modeling, or will you recruit models ? Are you going to go with some freebie poses, or buy some that are unique, well made, and don’t make you look as if you just dislocated both shoulders? Next points are lighting and backgrounds. You will need lights, trust me. They come pre-packaged, or you can make your own. Just practice with your light set until you find something that works for you. Backgrounds are the same, pre-packaged or custom made. Here is a good place to really think about your overall theme. A well designed, and flattering group of backgrounds, of the same sty-

le, help to establish a friendly, easy continuity across your product line. You will know when you have hit on just the perfect background, because you won’t mind using it throughout the whole store. And, finally post productions... post what? ...Well even with all those fabulous backgrounds, long legged models, and fancy lighting, you are going to need some fixing and tweaking here and there. Post-production software and a gifted professional to run it, can turn a good picture into a great sales tool. Of course you will want to add the permissions, references, price and such to the picture and your software professional can add it as well, along with your store logo. The better you can present your product line to customers, the more likely you will be to generate sales from that little vendor. Good vendor advertising hooks me everytime! I am happy to be now part of the GLANCE International Agency team and I wish to all you designers and stores owners the best of luck with your product lines. I hope to bump into you, at a fabulous new store soon! Nathalie wears Prism gown

127 - fashion marketing 101

7ČąÉ?35,QÉ&#x20AC;Ę&#x2018;ʢʧȲĘ&#x2018;ÉŚÔˇ... Photo by Christine Svenska

+HOOR&KULVWLQHIRUKRZORQJDUH\RXGHVLJQLQJ" I have been designing in SL since December of 08. In RL, longer than I want to admit :) :KDWLV\RXUGHÂżQLWLRQRIIDVKLRQ" Fashion is the outward expression of the inside creativity, or should be. Fashion should be personal not dictated. I love to see people mixing and matching what they haveout of what is fashionable in the moment and making it theirs. <RXUFROOHFWLRQZDVUHFHQWO\VKRZFDVHGLQWKH ,QWHUQDWLRQDO)DVKLRQ'D\ZKDWGLGWKLVHYHQW EULQJ\RX" It did bring a lot more people into my shop, the exposure has been great. It was a wonderful experience, kudos to you and your staff. Many fashion designers do not see the point in hiring an agency to produce a fashion VKRZ:KDWLV\RXURSLQLRQUHJDUGLQJWKLV SDUWLFXODULVVXH" :HOO,KDYHWRDGPLWWKDWDWÂżUVW,ZDVVNHSWLcal, it was an investment. It was well worth it. I run my shops myself and I never would have had the time to put something like that together. For all the work you and your staff put it in was very well worth it. $FFRUGLQJWR\RXZKDWLVWKHEHVWZD\WR SURPRWHRQHÂśVEXVLQHVV" There is not one good way, there are so many. People cannot buy what they do not know exists you have to get the name out there. Then you have to of course have goodproduct and very importantly good customer service. Once you get your customers the point is to keep them and as I see many more names recurring on the transactions i must be doing something right LOL. 7KHPRVWGLIÂżFXOWDVSHFWRIUXQQLQJ\RXURZQODEHO" Time and energy! LOL I have not begun to even touch what i can do with clothing KHUH,KDGWRJHWLWXSDQGUXQQLQJDQGJURZLQJ,WÂśVGLIÂżFXOWWRGRLWDOOEXW,DP

131 - the pr interview of... - christine svenska

...Christine Svenska Interview by Patty Cortes getting into a routine that I can see allowing me more time and energy toproduce even more detailed and varied items. :KDWGR\RXZLVKSHRSOHZRXOGXQGHUVWDQGDERXWZRUNLQJLQWKHIDVKLRQLQGXVWU\" That to do it well takes time and lots of work. 7KHEHVWSHUNLQEHLQJDIDVKLRQGHVLJQHU" Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been in the visual arts using a variety of mediums all my life, the most satisfying thing of all of it is having people enjoy your work. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had customers tell me that what they have bought from me makes them feel good when they wear it. That is the ultimate perk. I have also met a good many wonderful people who frequent my shop. 7KHZRUVWDVSHFWRI\RXUYLUWXDOFDUHHU" The lack of time and energy LOL, you can only have help with certain aspects of the business in SL, most if it you have to do yourself. ,I\RXKDGWRFKDQJHWKHSDVWZKDWZRXOG\RXGRLQD GLIIHUHQWZD\" I would have started designing sooner and maybe I would be a little quicker now LOL. I have been here off and on since 04 but RL kept me away for the most part. I never made or built anything because I knew I wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have the time to devote. :KDWWUHQGVGR\RXVHHEHLQJELJIRU" ,IZHDUHWDONLQJ6/IDVKLRQWKHSURPLVHRIĂ&#x20AC;H[LVFXOSWVFRming in the near future will make a huge impact on what we can do. I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know how soon behind that mesh capabilities will be, maybe not next year, but if so that will also revolutionize what we can accomplish. What does one PXVWNQRZDERXW\RX" That I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t bite :). LOL Really! if you are in my shop and i am there please donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be afraid to approach. And when I am in world i am just Christine, RL is something that peeks in every so often, I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t generally like to mix the two - we get enough of real life out of necessity donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t we? We should be having a good time here in our Second Lives!

the pr interview of... - christine svenska - 132

Paris Cabaret ...

Photo Credits : Nazzko Shan Amalia Foxtrot, Haidyn Ingle Adzebills, Valeria Pienaar, Po

n // Modeled by Honey Bender, ewood, Aealla Illyar, Accountant optart Lilliehook

Furnitures Credits : Sofa- Abiss Interior - La Moda couch Making Up Desk - (*chanimations - ÂŤCabaretBeautyÂť

Honey... Skin- Unique Megastore -Afrodite A2 M8 (UNIQUE MEGASTORE) Hair-Lollipopz - LollipopZ Acid Night-Black Eyelashes-CCD - Eyelashes - Moulin Rouge Dress - Anubis Style -ONESOUL LADYMARMALADE Shoes-N-core -STYLUS Platform XtremeHeel Red Cigaret holder-(*chanimations -Cigarette Holder


Skin- Unique Megastore -Afrodite A3 M6 by Nany Merlin Hair-Lollipopz - LollipopZ Desire-Black Eyelashes-CCD - Eyelashes - Moulin Rouge Dress- Addoro-*.*! Addoro !*.*_Luxuria Shoes - Addoro - *.*! Addoro !*.*_Luxuria-Shoe Cigaret holder-(*chanimations -Cigarette Holder **GOLD&WOOD**

Haidyn... Skin- Unique Megastore - Egyptian M5 Hair-Lollipopz -LollipopZ Love- Platinum Blond Eyelashes-CCD - Eyelashes - Moulin Rouge Dress - Resonable Desires- Miss Kitty Burlesque Shoes-N-core -STYLUS Platform XtremeHeel Black Cigaret holder-(*chanimations -Cigarette Holder

Shoe C

Account ant ...

Skin- Unique Megastore -Afrodie A1 M7 Hair-Lollipopz -LollipopZ Gilda - Red Eyelashes-CCD - Eyelashes - Moulin Rouge Dress -Anubis Style -ONESOUL NICOLE es-N-core -STYLUS Platform XtremeHeel Black Cigaret holder-(*chanimations -Cigarette Holder


Skin- Unique Megastore -Afrodie A4 M7 Hair-Lollipopz -LollipopZ Forever - Black Eyelashes-CCD - Eyelashes - Moulin Rouge Dress -Resonable Desires- Mint Burlesque Costume (isle) Shoes-N-core -STYLUS Platform XtremeHeel Black Cigaret holder-(*chanimations -Cigarette Holder

Popt art ... Skin- Unique Megastore - Afrodite A5 M6 by Nany Merlin Hair-Lollipopz -LollipopZ Envy - Golden Brown Eyelashes-CCD - Eyelashes - Moulin Rouge Dress - Resonable Desires-Miss Violet Burlesque Shoes-N-core -STYLUS Platform XtremeHeel Black Cigaret holder-(*chanimations -Cigarette Holder

GLANCE Model Academy Portfolio by Miu Edman

Hello, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m Violette.. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m a Top Model in GLANCE International Agency and Model Trainer at GLANCE Model Academy. For this monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s issue, we wanted to share with you our experiences as GLANCE Academy Graduates. Itsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s always amazing to see our friendsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; achievements, once GLANCE Students, and to hear about what they experienced with us. Here you will read what they share, by their own words. 0\ÂżUVWH[SHULHQFHLQ0RGHOLQJKDGEHJXQZLWK*,$ZKHQ,ZDV months old in SL. Always been attacted by Fashion Modeling, i just didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know where and how to get started... Then I begun zapping through the Sims, and met Patty who welcomed me so warmly and explained with maximum patience how it works... I must say that I was very impressed by her professionalism (and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m still very impressed of this). Then , I was there... GLANCE Student, but the great adventure was just in the beginning. One-on-one classes were truely amazing. I was feeling like a newborn, willing to discover this fascinating world. GLANCE became my second house, I was spending hours there to practice. And oh, also outside the classes hours I was continuously torturing my trainer and Patty with my questions: ÂŤbut where...Âť, ÂŤhow can i...Âť, ÂŤwhat if...Âť and so on..! Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m so thankful for their patience and kindness. When it was the time of my graduation show, I couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t believe to myself for how I was shaking. A rapturous adrenaline rush! Then it began to calm GRZQZLWKP\ÂżUVWVWHSRQWKHUXQZD\,ZDVWKHUHZLWK1LHYHDVWKHWZR new graduates, walking with the very top models, a complex choreography, coordinated for the amazing Ibizarre Showcase, and yes we made it !!! The newborn was now walking .... Now Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m so glad to be part of this big family as Model and Model Trainer. ,ÂśPUHSUHVHQWHGE\PDQ\KLJKO\SURIHVVLRQDODJHQFLHVRI6/DQGÂżQDOLVW for Miss Virtual World 2010. Thank you GIA for all you gave me ..


,ÂśYHEHHQPRGHOLQJIRUDOLWWOHRYHUWKDQ\HDUVULJKWQRZEXWP\ÂżUVW\HDU,MXVW modeled as a part-time model and walked from time to time in shows. It wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t until last year that I decided to work fully as a model and make of the modeling my main activity here in Second Life. I had some experience from the same runway shows Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve walked as a part-time model but I felt that it was time to get real knowledge to have more chances to break into the modeling industry, and I already saw GLANCE as a well known agency, putting up together amazing shows weekly and having in its roster some of the best SLâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Top Models, I can say that made me decide to join the Academy as a GLANCE Student, to learn in one of the best SL academies. I was very happy when I signed on for the classes, and I was expecting each lesson DQ[LRXVO\,FDQVD\HDFKFODVVODVWHGDERXWKRXUVEXWWLPHZDVĂ&#x20AC;\LQJDQG,ZDV DOZD\VÂżQGLQJP\VHOIÂżQLVKLQJWKHOHVVRQDQGVD\LQJWRP\LQVWUXFWRUDQGDOVRWR myself ÂŤOh, already?Âť (laughs) I enjoyed and I was very delighted to have as my instructor the very own GIA CEO, Ms. Patty Cortes, the individual classes were a great chance to have her full attention to myself (the student) for about 2 hours, and also a chance to get to know each other better. Patty was a great help for me, both as in my training modeling skills but also as myself as a person, encouraging me and seeing on me my inner talent and qualities, which sometimes I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t see due to being a bit negative myself in my RL, and in SL as well. My graduation show took place on Saturday May, 2nd, 2009 - 4 days before my RL birthday, so I considered it an early birthday gift. I had the chance to do rehearsals and walk the show with some of the GLANCE International Agency Top Models:

GLANCE Model Academy Portfolio by Mscha Cuttita

Antuanet Forcella (now my SL sister), TK Waco (sadly gone from SL), and Nezsy Herstein. The show was for the brand Euphoria, House of Fashion and it was amazing! A great combination of professionalism from the GIA Top Models, the wonderful and creative designs, and the thrill to be walking at the GlLANCE runway, which was my dream since many months ago. It was an unforgettable experience and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll treasure it in my memories for ever! I can say that only 2 days after my graduation show I was asked to join the GLANCE International Agency family as a Top Model and I was over the moon! I had the chance to walk in several GIA shows after my graduation and also to participate in the International Fashion Day shows, walking in 7 of the 24 shows planned, and receiving a recognition afterwards with a GLANCE Supermodel tag :) Outside the GIA family, I also got casted at the Stylissimo Store Opening Party as a live model, I also got hired as a live model for Nardcotix and Phoenix Rising stores, got hired as a model through live castings for several modeling agencies, as well as doing some more advertisings in magazines, a promotional video for Vassnia store, along with some other models, and recently I got selected as one of the WKUHHRIÂżFLDOIDFHVRI3L[H/RRNQHWZRUN I will continue working hard and reaching my goals and developping into this awesome industry, if you love fashion or you want to start your modeling career, I recommend GLANCE as one of the best academies in the industry to form yourself and develop your skills.

Veronica Krasner

ACADEMY GRADUATE 2 - veronica krasner - 158

Before I signed with GLANCE Model Academy, I did little study on my own on which agency to take. GLANCE Model Academy is suitable becauVHWKHĂ&#x20AC;H[LELOLW\RIWKHWLPH'XULQJWKDWWLPHWKHUHZDVQRDJHQF\WKDWFDQ cater my time zone. I was and am really grateful to be a GLANCE student because Patty Cortes was my instructor. Not many agency owner really do that. Her knowledge was so valuable. I loved the grooming class. Patty really helped me to tap to my innerVHOI,WÂśVQRWMXVWDERXWWKHORRNEXWWKHZKROHLPDJHDQGFRQÂżGHQFHOHYHO Thank you Patty for all the classes! I was on the same graduation show as Violette. The chreography was really GLIÂżFXOW0\SDUWQHUVZHUH-HVLND&RQWHPSRPLDQG0LX(GPDQ7KH\ERWK were really helpful and gave me many worthy tips. It was a one of a kind experience in oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life that you will not get anywhere else. Where can you get to walk on your graduation show with Top Model beside GIA? When I look back, any of my runway show after my graduation are easy pissy. :) Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m now Human Ressource Director in GIA. I do various freelance modeOLQJIRUDGVDQGEORJ7KHWUDLQLQJUHDOO\KHOSHGWRERRVWP\FRQÂżGHQFHOHvel.

Nieve Thor

159 - ACADEMY GRADUATE 3 - Nieve thor

GLANCE Model Academy Portfolio by Mscha Cuttita

GLANCE Model Academy Portfolio by Julie Hastings

I have been looking at modeling academies for a while, I have been only teleporting from a sim to an other, asking for informations, collecting notecards. When I arrived at Glance, there was a person who greeted me, who took the time to explain how it works to me, and who gave me some time EHIRUHGURSSLQJQRWHFDUGVRQWRP\SURÂżOH$IWHUWKLV,RQO\KHDUGWKDW*,$ was a very active agency, that GIA had a very selective academy. I decided to take my time before applying and when I was ready I did contact Patty Cortes, who interviewed me and was my instructor. My clasVHVZHQWEHWWHUWKDQ,H[SHFWHGWKHPWRJR3DWW\ZDVYHU\Ă&#x20AC;H[LEOHLQVFKHduling them. She was advising me on looking at the industry in the same time. So I was following my training and attending castings, practicing what I learned. I prefered to take my time during my sessions and I would say that it worked. My sessions were wonderful and my instructor was even more, a very professional fashion icon to whom I owe a lot of what I am right now. In my JUDGXDWLRQVKRZ,ZDVQÂśWWKDWVWUHVVHG%HFDXVHLWZDVQRWP\ÂżUVWVKRZ But walking next to GIAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Top Models was huge for me since my dream was to become a GIA Model! Afterwards, I have been selected for a very exclusive marketing and proPRWLRQFRPSDQ\$QGÂżQDOO\,KDYHMRLQHG*,$DVD7RS0RGHO

Lifing Krasner

ACADEMY GRADUATE 4 - Lifing krasner - 162

My time at GLANCE Model Academy was great, I enjoyed all my training with Patty Cortes. She taught me well and gave me all the hints and tips to improve my modelling skills. I had a great experince with all my training sessions and my graduattion show was amazing! Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been hired by professional agencies and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m really enjoying it so far.

Lara Koray


GLANCE Model Academy Portfolio by Mscha Cuttita

GLANCE Model Academy Portfolio by Brutus Martinek

Initially, TK Waco was a wonderful guide for me and was always willing to work with me and show me about modeling altogether before introducing me to GIA. I was most motivated and inspired by watching models such as TK Waco, Miu Edman, Violette Weymann and Haruka Kish. Seeing them and other models in various GIA fashion shows is what pushed me to sign with GLANCE Model Academy. I enjoyed each and every class. My instructor was always more than willing to help me or answer any and all of the questions I had, as silly as some of them may have been. There are so many things from inventory management to how to walk and pose on the runway... I learned so much! All-around a great, wonderful, patient and inspiring instructor. She has never let me settle and always pushed me to do my best -very encouraging in my model career... from then until now. My graduation show was so great! To be among other models and really feel like a part of the modeling industry. Going down that runway... knowing SHRSOHQRWLFHWKHGLIIHUHQFHIURPZKHQ\RX¿UVWVWDUWHGWKHDFDGHP\WRWKH SRLQWRI¿QDOO\UHDFKLQJWKHJRDORIJUDGXDWLQJ,ZDVVRH[FLWHGDQGDQ[LRXV Sweaty palms... sick to my stomach... afraid of making a fool out of myself... worried about lag and what people thought of how I presented myself... Of course, I wanted to make everyone proud. It’s funny though, all that anxiety 165 - ACADEMY GRADUATE 6 - R0SE Seoung

just releases itself from you the moment you press that up arrow to walk forward. I truly felt I was trained and wasn’t worried that I didn’t learn enough. There is always something to learn, yes... but that moment in time that you’re on that runway... you just feel it. You just know how to control it and when forces are against you, you just go with it and move on. It was an incredible rush and I loved every moment of it! From doing GIA shows and being exposed into the modeling world, I was chosen as a JCNY Showcase Model, contributed to two of the Runway For Life shows for GIA, was able to join with other groups for runway shows. As a result and to my surprise, after one show I did, I was chosen to be a featured model on the Wizard Emerald City Sim. I have also done some freelance modeling for other various designers and groups. My training has helSHGPHWREHFRQ¿GHQWRQWKHUXQZD\DQG,WUXO\IHHOWKDWWKHSDWLHQFHDQG LQÀXHQFHRIP\WUDLQHUDQGWKHNLQGQHVVRIRWKHUPRGHOVKDVSXVKHGPHWREH the best model I could be. Not just with modeling either, but the SL fashion industry altogether... There really is much more to modeling than just attaching clothes and prims. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Without that and the encouragement of others, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you all.

R0se Seoung

GLANCE Model Academy Portfolio by Mischa Cuttita

I arrived to GLANCE Model Academy when I was looking for one great SODFHWRVWDUWP\PRGHOFDUHHUDQGP\¿UVWLPSUHVVLRQZDVUHDOO\JUHDW, PHW3DWW\&RUWHVDQG:LFFD0HUOLQP\¿UVWGD\WKHUHDQGWKH\ERWKZHUH really nice to me. I decided to become a GLANCE Model Academy Student due to few reasons: it was a reputable academy, the classes were individual and the people who work there seemed to be friendly, nice and professional, just what I was looking for. The classes were awesome! I learned a lot at each and every one and they were really enjoyable. My trainer, Wicca Merlin, helped me a lot in everything and was always willing to answer my questions even if we were not in a class. She taught me so many things about the Fashion World and she was always very patient and making sure that I was understanding her. To sum up, my experience about the classes was fabulous. I entered JCNY September Model Fest thanks to my Trainer who encouraged me to do i; and i was chosen as Showcase Model at the Week 3. I had P\¿UVWLQWHUYLHZDQG,WKLQNWKDWHYHU\WKLQJ,OHDUQHGDERXWDWWLGXHDQG ÀDLUKHOSHGPHDORWLQWKDW

Arisia Ashmoot


In the beginning as an aspiring model I soon noticed that you have no chance without experiences or a good modeling academy in WKHEDFN6R,VHDUFKHGDURXQGWR¿QGDJRRG academy. Soon i realized that there are a few who have big names and were recomended by much of the «top models» of the industry. So I made my way to GLANCE Model Academy and graduating from GLANCE opened me many doors of the modeling industry. The classes were fantastic and I enjoyed them very much. The one-on-one training was perfect to raise my individual knowlegde. I was DEOHWRVHWWLPHVWKDW¿WP\RZQVFKHGXOHDQG I felt always welcome. All my questions, even the most silly, were answered and I got great advices that really brought me further. Even if ,KDGTXHVWLRQVEHVLGHWKHRI¿FLDOVFKHGXOHRI academy sessions, I always found an open ear to satisfy my hunger of knowledge. My graduation show at GLANCE, I will never forget. It was the Runway For Life #3 and I worn an awsome Dress by Skin Flicks. I was so nervous walking with all the Top Models of GLANCE International Agency and IHOWOLNHDOLWWOH¿VKLQVXFKDELJSRQG,ZDV so scared to mess up the whole show (giggles) but it was amazing. After the show I was sad cause I knew that I had to give the inimitable GUHVVEDFNIRUWKHFKDULW\DXFWLRQP\¿UVW RI¿FLDOUXQZD\GUHVV,WRRNVRPHPHPRU\ pics with it beore giving it back to Patty. I did a bid for it, but soon the prize was higher then i ever could afford. I took a look a last time

169 - ACADEMY GRADUATE 8 - wicca merlin

and left the building... ...Two days later I got a big s given the dress as a present f don’t know if I shall tell (win authority person for me that still an icon or an idol for me of friendship too now (smile DQGJUHDWHVWVXUSULVHHYHUDQ que dress I ever had... Indeed ¿FDOO\FUHDWHGIRUWKHDXFWLRQ not available anywhere else so happy and proud to still w events or special occasions. As I said earlier, the GLANC my helped me to get modelin Before the academy, no one but after my graduation with and more agencies hired me. start in my career and and I w my time at GLANCE Model My trainer was Patty herself think of a better teacher. She and had an open ear for all m never I needed an advice she one-to-one sessions I had at perfect for my personal need the private runway training c zed my catwalk skills! Befor walking down the runway w Patty showed me that it is m that! At this point I would lik for giving me the bascis and walk the virtual runways.


GLANCE Model Academy Portfolio by Brutus Martinek

surprise. I was from a person I nks). She was an time and she is e but i feel a kind es) It was the best QGLWWKH多UVWXQLd, it was speciQZLQQHUDQGLV on the grid. I am wear it to special

CE Model Acadeng opportunities. would take me... h GLANCE more . It was a great will never forget l Academy. f and I could not e was always nice my issues, whee was there. The GLANCE was ds. For example, classes maximire I thought that was easy task but uch more then ke to thank Patty the possibility to

a Merlin

GLANCE Model Academy Portfolio by Alianna Logan

I chose to become a student at GLANCE Model Academy because I wanted to start my adventure in modeling in a serious and classy way. I heard about GLANCE thanks to my friend Bella (note : Bombast, designer of UZURI brand) who warmly recommended me the agency and that is the EHVWDGYLFHVKHHYHUJDYHWRPH*/$1&(SHUIHFWO\ÂżWVP\LGHDORIHOHgance. I was very lucky to have Patty Cortes as my teacher. She represents a lot more to me, her lessons were not only courses about fashion or modeling, it was about personality, savoir-vivre. I was really excited by the graduation VKRZFKRRVLQJP\RXWÂżWVDQGWU\LQJWRDSSO\DOO,KDYHOHDUQHG,ORYHWKDW feeling, a mix of anxiety and the will to show my best. I did pretty good in some contest thanks to my studies at GLANCE Model $FDGHP\6LQFHWKHGD\,JUDGXDWHG,KDYHEHHQLQWKHWRSÂżQDOLVWVRI Photolife Contest, I made it to the top 5 for a model agency casting call, the QGUXQQHUXSRI0LVV3DFLÂżF+HLJKW3DJHDQWEDFNLQQRYHPEHUDQG ZHQWLQWKHWRSÂżQDOLVWWKLVSDVWVHSWHPEHU  ,DPDOVR0RGHODQG Manager for both UZURI brand and a model agency.

Ayanna Mubble


My only formal training was a small intro course and I knew I was ready for training that was more in depth. One of my dearest friends, TK Waco, insisted that I try GLANCE Model Academy and helped to get me into the program. It was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. I enjoyed the fact that it was just about ‘me’ during training. We went at my pace and talked about the issues where I needed the most work. I loved WKHRQHRQRQHWUDLQLQJVHVVLRQV0\JUDGVKRZZDVQRWP\¿UVWEXWLWZDV WKH¿UVWWLPH,UHDOO\WKRXJKW,ORRNHGOLNHDWRSPRGHODV,ZDONHGGRZQ the runway. I am still with GLANCE not just as one of their Supermodels but I am also a Model Trainer myself along with Show co-ordinator.

Herradura Baar

173 - ACADEMY GRADUATE 10 - herradura baar

GLANCE Model Academy Portfolio by Brutus Martinek

GLANCE Model Academy Portfolio by Miu Edman

I’d worked with some great girls in the modeling industry for almost 2 years and the thought of going to an actual modeling school crossed my mind from time to time, but there would always be something that stopped me from going. I’d always loved fashion and enjoyed seeing the fashion shows and I felt like I could be doing more with my SL self. When the opportunity to attend the GLANCE Model Academy came up, the stars aligned and I just knew it was the right choice for me. I found the classes very enjoyable. Even though I’ve been around the SL fashion industry for a while, I still learned something in each and every session. My lessons were one-on-one and I found that that really worked for me so we could slow down or speed up as needed. ,UHPHPEHUP\¿UVWVKRZZDVGXULQJWKHVXPPHUVHDVRQ,WZDVEHDFKHG themed and we got to wear fun and funky swimwear. I found the whole SURFHVVH[KLODUDWLQJ,ZDVWKH¿UVWPRGHORQVWDJHDQGWKHODVWRQHWROHDYH ZKHQZHKDGRXU¿QDOZDON,¶OOQHYHUIRUJHWP\¿UVWVKRZDQG,WKDQNP\ stars for Patty and Herradura being so dedicated to their craft. They make sure that every show is as organized as it can be. I’ve been used as a model for vendor shots since graduating and I was able to participate in the International Fashion Day runway shows sponsored by I was even able to take my experience to organize a great runway show for the Indyra Originals grand reopening! Without the knowledge I gained from GLANCE I’m sure it wouldn’t have been as sucessful.

Account ant Adzebills

ACADEMY GRADUATE 11 - Accountant adzebills - 176

The agency seemed to be so friendly and professional, offering a good traiQLQJSKRWRVDQGDÂżUVWUXQZD\ZKHQ\RXJUDGXDWH The classes where great! I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t see the time go and had to teleport elsewhere with a heavy heart when they where over. Having one-on-one classes is nice, because when you are new to this world, it is less intimidating and you have more chance to ask questions and practise. After my training I have been hired by several agencies; but lately i didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t had much time for modeling as I am extremely active in the roleplay scene with the role of a group leader. But i hope to have time soon to get back to the runway and be more active as a model. The knowledge I have now is precious, and helped me also as SL photographer or to give a make over to some friends.

Anjali Thor

177 - ACADEMY GRADUATE 12 - anjali thor

GLANCE Model Academy Portfolio by Miu Edman

Fall for hommes Photo credits : Julie Hastings /: Stylist and Model : Jhao Oh

181 - fashion spread - Fall for hommes

SKIN - -DC- Cole: Cream - 5 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;o Clock Shadow HAIR - .::MADesigns Hair::. Dark BROWN ~ ANGUS Jacket - AOHARU_BT_W-LeatherRidersJK_ Zac_Black Shirt - SHIKI-tshirt WHITE Pants - Armidi Limited - (M) Lowrise Jeans Original [Blue] Shoes - *COCO*_SummerChoice2009_ GIFT Glasses - Gritty Kitty: Pa-Zazz! Glasses Collar - * (NS) Rosary Chain

SKIN - -DC- Cole: Cream - 5 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;o Clock Shadow HAIR - -DC- Liam Shirt - *ARAI* Hemp Tshirt_red Pants - [Random] - Male Shorts (Black) Shoes - [Detour] Kickflip Sneakers Brown Bag - *ARAI* Rucksack Stole - [SG*] Candy - Brown Bracelet - BroGear - Beaded Bracelet

SKIN - -DC- Cole: Cream - 5 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;o Clock Shadow HAIR - .::MADesigns Hair::. Smooth BROWN ~ CHRIS Jacket - Armidi - (m) Classic Pinstripe Blazer [Gray] Shirt - [W&B] Mark Long Sleeve Henley CHERRY BLOSSOM Pants - [LeLutka]-MICHAEL pants/ linen Shoes - JCS - Jeepers Creepers Shoes - LdeV - Firenze LF Collar - *ARAI* necklace_brop

SKIN - -DC- Cole: Cream - 5 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;o Clock Shadow HAIR - Uw.St Hibiki-Hair coffee Shirt - :sey RetroBorderPoloShirt/B[Guys] Pants - Emery - Darft Pant Shoes - UBU Drunks Bag - Emery - Bag James #Pure Parka Blouse - *COCO*_HoodedParka_Orange-White

SKIN - -DC- Cole: Cream - 5 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;o Clock Shadow HAIR - AOHARU_HAIR_ Nick01d(Black) Jacket - Emery - Sweater One V Pants - Emery Denin Shoes - Kalnins Shoes - Gallop v1.2 Bag - Emery - Bag Chloe #B Blouse Shoulder - *COCO*_Cardigan-on-Shoulder_Tricolor Glasses - HOC Apparel - Glasses Rectangle Male #001

(MBODFTJNGBWPSJUFMPPLT Photo Credits : Lady Tempura // Stylist and Model: Amalia Foxtrot

Sometimes finding a style that fits you is very hard. You go out for shopping, looking around each and every store and you still won’t find what you need. We will not let this happen when you shop around Glance sim! Indeed, GIA now has a fantastic fashion center presenting the Top Designers of SL. With their help I was able to create 3 amazing looks, my ‘‘Glance favorite styles’ of the month. Lollipopz was the shop who helped me with the hairstyles as Zeev Dinzeo creates some of the most fantastic flexi hair cuts out there. For the skins, you can find the exclusive [KA] Designs satellite shop on the island. Glance sim is actually like a little fashion capital presenting coutnless clothes, skins, eyes and a lot of tempting fashion products! So this time we are showcasing the gorgeous skin collection by Kira Ahn. On our sim, you can also find a reputable shoes shop, known mainly because of its extremely realistic textures and shoes HUD that is easy to use. I am of course evoking the Bella Donna Shoes store, that presents breathtaking high heels, each pair being more luxurious than the another!**RS** Designs hosts its mainstore on the sim and this is where you need to go to buy lovely accesories. I use them in my 3 style cards, I am sure you will love them too! Last but not least, I couldn’t resist the wonderul bag by PACADI Jasha, designed by Lotta Shelman. It is a must-have! The 3 garments represented in the next pages come from A la folie (Pixivor Allen); Riviera Couture (Cicciuzzo Gausman) and Spork (GM Nikolaidis).3 fabulous designers whose irresistible collection is available at Glance. Of course our sim is much bigger and host 30 quality shops - you are assured to find even more outstanding designs. You are just a click away from our very own style city. Visit Glance sim today!



Skin:[KA] SKINS GS -Shannen- Tan/Brown Brows/Make Up 07 Outfit: « A la Folie» - JOSEPHINE Shoes:» A la Folie» -Josephine shoes Hair:LollipopZ -Sunset 3- Fire Red/2 Bag:[Pacadi Jasha ltd] - Biassoni Bag #012 R

Skin:[KA] SKINS GS -Shannen- Tan- /Brown Brows/Make Up 07 Outfit: RC Fiore di Maggio (Jan o8) Shoes: Bella Donna -Bella Donna Poison #2: Hair:LollipopZ -So Irresistable- Black/3 Ear Rings:**RS** Designs - Heart Earring Bracelet**RS** Designs - Dog Tag bracelet

Skin:[KA] SKINS V3 -Jennifer- Sunkissed-med/Light Brows/Make Up 01 Top:[spork] long tee - Serengeti Bottom:[spork] - Nova jeans black Shoes:Bella Donna- Bella Donna Poison #1:. Hair:LollipopZ -Tokyo- Black Bag:[Pacadi Jasha ltd] -Biassoni Bag #001 R



4UPSFPGUIF.POUI LOLlIPOPZ BY ZEEV DINZEO Photo Credits : Lady Tempura // Article by Amalia Foxtrot

Every month we are going to choose one of the best designers who host his or her satellite shop on Glance sim and show you why you should visit the shop. You can be sure that you will discover only the best quality designers from the reputable to the little gems, who deserves more exposure cause their creations will catch your attention. For October issue we chose to present you one of the best hairstyle designer, Zeev Dinzeo, the owner of the shop «Lollipopz». In the next few lines, you will get to know her better, her career choice, her spicy personality and her vision of fashion. Amalia Foxtrot: Hello Zeev, how does it feel to get the title of the Glance sim «Designer of the month»? Zeev Dinzeo: (smiles) Well... it is very... mmm.. wow! It was a surprise for me, and to say the truth I feel honored. I feel this way because I know GLANCE Crew and I know how profesional you are... So, earning this feels big... a real honor for me. Amalia Foxtrot: Thank you! Let’s get a bit more inside the Lollipopz boutique. When did you start creating hair dos and what inspired you to do that? Zeev Dinzeo: I made my first hair about 7 months ago... I did nothing in SL but play combat RPG, I loved that... But I had friends who were designers and they insisted I should try to create something... they insisted so much in fact that one day I just went to my house and I said to myself: I am going to make a haircut... because I love hair cuts and I buy new hairstyles all the time... so I was for a whole week making this first hair and funny as it sounds, my inspiration came from this first work, it opened up my creativity and I couldn’t stop anymore. Amalia Foxtrot: It sounds like a fantastic start. Tell me more about «Lollipopz» : how did you come to pick this name ? Zeev Dinzeo: It’s a name that I liked before... I wanted something sweet, innocent but somehow not so innocent... it depends how you put that name in a sentence... (laughs) well... I don’t just sounded right. Amalia Foxtrot: Well that’s a unique name and really fits with what you design. Many people are interested in new releases. How often you release new stuffs? Zeev Dinzeo: Every week... I try to keep things fresh and I only take ocasional breaks in very rare ocasions...usually because I need some extra time to come up with something special... like for example what I am doing for Halloween this month. Amalia Foxtrot: Did you collaborate with any other shops until now in different projects? If yes, which 198

stores? Zeev Dinzeo: Well..sometimes I colaborate with friends... HybridZ Fetish shop is releasing a Mermaid outfit soon and I made the hair for them. Amalia Foxtrot: Did you ever think to extend your work from hairdos to other things like clothes ,skin, shoes and the like? Zeev Dinzeo: Yes... but I don’t know when yet... making hair cuts to suply the need of hungry shoppers has been a very demanding job... (laughs)... so I will probably try to venture towards making something else one day... when I find the time. Amalia Foxtrot nods: Let’s talk a bit about your first day in second life. How did you find out about this metaverse and what made you stay here and engage in a virtual life? Zeev Dinzeo: mmmm... good question... I heard about SL since it started in 2003 but never really wanted to try it... then, I guess one day I was really bored and downloaded the viewer to check it out and once I was in the first thing I thought was « I won’t last here for more then a day»... next thing I know I was staying until 3 am in the scond day here! I believe that some people will be fascinated with SL as others won’t find it interesting at all... I loved the architecture here and kept exploring... then I made friends, started to play RPG...met Rodrigo, played more RPG... started making hair and here I am... SL is just part of my life now. Amalia Foxtrot: Hehe..Well you have a very nice career here. Do you think you would be able to leave Second Life today,and continue your normal life, forgetting that in the past you were a content creator in this virtual world? Zeev Dinzeo: I believe that one day it will all be a good memory, but for now I am happy to be here and don’t think of leaving... but yes, I am sure that it will end one day. Amalia Foxtrot: And before we end this interview... Why did you decide to host a satellite shop on GLANCE International Agency’s sim ? Are you happy with it ? Zeev Dinzeo: Oh! (smiles) GLANCE... mmm... what can I say about the people that believed in me from the start and gave me so much suport and continue to give in every step I make... and that is talking from the emotional side of it, in the pratical side, I must say you guys are amazing and the projects you lead here have the professional level of any rl top event, I am proud to be part of it and yes, I couldnt be more satisfied. Amalia Foxtrot: You are very sweet Zeev. Thank you for taking precious minutes of your time to make this interview. I do wish you good Luck with LollipopZ as i am sure it is going to be better everyday! Zeev Dinzeo: Thank you Ama... And I would just like to clarify something... as I mentioned Rodrigo’s name... Rodrigo is my right hand in LolliopZ and I think I would never be here today if it wasn’t for his help... he helps me with everything on this ...from creating to organizing and administrating the shop. Some people think he is my alt! (laughts) But truly, he is my best friend in SL... and yes ...we are a team (smiles).

Shop LollipopZ today at her Glance sim satellite shop!

199 - store of the month - lollipopz

P F [ O J %  W F F ;

HAPPY halloween Credits : Lalu Bonetto, Photographer, Stylist and Model

203 - fashion spread - halloween special

Skin: Curio Petal Beach in crude 2 Hair: ::69:: DOLLY GIRL in gloden blonde Lashes: Cake Bedroom lashes Dress: Sea Hole Skullerina dress Shoes: Maitreya Mishima Dawn in patent liquorice Stockings: Domino Fashions Fishnet stockings (ripped)

Skin: Curio Petal Beach in Coral 1 Hair: MMS Saab in beach blond Lashes: Cake Bedroom lashes Dress: Chambre du Chocolat I AM MADE OF GLITTER Shoes: ETD Shoes Silver booties

Skin: Curio Petal Beach in crude 2 Hair: TRUTH Hallie in auburn Lashes: Cake Bedroom lashes Dress: DI CHANTILLY Cherry dress Boots: ETD Shoes Calf Boots in black Hat and Little Pumpkin: cheapies from PureStyle shop on Glance sim

Skin: Curio Petal Beach in crude 2 Hair: Miray Style Doll in cocoa Lashes: Cake Bedroom lashes Dress: /artilleri/ lovely leo Jacket: InStyle Nadine Jacket Shoes: ETD Shoes Heel strap platform in persimmon

Skin: Curio Petal frex Beach in coral 1 Hair: TEKUTEKU cloud in sienna Lashes: Cake Bedroom lashes Dress: GRANDMA! B&O retro border Socks: *KL* Stockings Fishnet04 Shoes: ETD Shoes Round toe Mary Janes in moss Gloves: magi take gloves in orange Chocolate table from: *smoka shop*

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The official release of GLANCE Magazine, managed and run by GLANCE International Agency visit GLANCE Ma...

GLANCE Magazine October 09  

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