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THE ART OF COLLECTING As the Gladwell’s story enters its 270th year, we wanted to take the opportunity to thank and celebrate you, our valued collectors. We are forever grateful that you have found those special pieces that form your collection with our help. Our mutual trust and of course, our shared love of art have brought us together and we hope to have given you as much pleasure as you have given us. When we began to put this catalogue together, each member of the Gladwell & Patterson team was asked to choose which three artworks they would covet for their imaginary collections. This produced a wonderfully diverse array of forms, styles and subject matter and it revealed that an art collection is so entirely personal and subjective to the beholder. In conversation with many of you over the past few months we have delved deeper into your artistic passion and the stories of your own collections. We take great pleasure in sharing some of these wonderful tales and anecdotes in this, The Art of Collecting catalogue, which we hope you will enjoy and will inspire you to grow your own unique art collections. One very kind collector wrote to us; “To even think of owning a painting from an artist that you have long admired is a dream… with Gladwell & Patterson’s help, it becomes a dream come true. To own a painting is a joy forever and it never ceases to amaze as to how happy you feel every time you gaze at it on a wall in your own home.” An enduring passion, joy and love of your artworks and collections has come across time and time again. This is what inspires us in our perpetual quest to unearth wonderful paintings and sculptures to help you realise your dreams of collecting. As we enter 2022, our 270th year, we are delighted to present three new members of the Gladwell & Patterson team - Maddie and Will have both started in the London Gallery and are eager to meet you all and share in your mutual passion for art. Strengthening our presence on the beautiful island of Jersey, Stephanie joins us as our Director there. With Stephanie’s intimate knowledge of the island, her love of art and the Gallery’s knowledge and experience, we are excited for our future endeavours in the Channel Islands. We are also delighted to announce that Emily has been appointed as a director of the gallery and is looking forward to helping us carefully steer this wonderful historic institution along its future path. With my very best wishes, Glenn Fuller

ÉDOUARD CORTÈS French, (1882-1969)

Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle, Soir de Neige, Paris Oil on Canvas 39 x 55.5 cms / 15¼” x 22” £55,000

Gare de l’Est, Paris Oil on Canvas 36.5 x 44.5 cms / 14¼” x 17½” £59,500


Marché aux Fleurs, Place de la Madeleine, Paris

Oil on Canvas 46 x 76 cms / 18” x 30” £89,500


Vue de Village de Pêcheurs Signed Pelletier Oil on Canvas 33 x 46 cms / 13” x 18” £9,500 Auguste Bouvard’s love affair with Venice was instant and enduring. Inspired by the outstanding beauty of the city, his impressionist, warm, colourful and confident landscapes capture its unique atmosphere and charm. The artist’s first solo exhibition was held at Gladwell & Company in 1928, and his work has captured the imagination of our collectors ever since. “The love of paintings came when I saw one by Auguste Bouvard in Gladwell’s curved window in the City. I kept coming back to this and despite the price (and in guineas too) I thought about plucking up the courage to get it and raising the money. Weeks later I called in to buy it, but it had already gone to someone much quicker off the mark, yet I still need to look at a painting many times before deciding to buy it. For me these paintings give pleasure from the scene itself, memories of events passed evoked by the painting, the harmony of the composition, the remarkable effects of the colour combinations and the emotional response to the painting as a whole.” - A Discerning Collector 6

AUGUSTE BOUVARD French, (1875-1956)

Venetian Gold

Signed Marc Aldine Oil on Canvas 60 x 81 cms / 24” x 32” £35,000 7

LEADING BY EXAMPLE My love of art runs in my blood. I believe that I was unconsciously weaned on good art whilst I was still in the cot as my parents drew my attention to the Margaret Tarrant watercolour of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens with the fairies and the animals on the plinth that was beside my bed. I was surrounded by beautiful objects and artworks that my father, Herbert Fuller, admired, loved and collected for our home and by the time I joined Dad in the business, I could always appreciate a good picture. I strongly believe that if you are surrounded by good pictures that one day you will learn to love Fine Art. The first painting that I bought was a painting attributed to the British landscape painter William Callow. It is of a picturesque village on the Rhine which reminded me of an earlier adventure where I had cycled on a tandem through a similar type of village in Germany. I bought it for £5 from a local antiques shop in Croydon, and I still treasure the painting today. My collection has developed over time, combined with my dad’s collection of watercolours, which are very special for me because he was my dad, but also for their incredible painterly quality. I have always loved watercolours because of the skill and the difficulty of the medium – typical me! I decided upon each and every piece in my collection because to me they are exquisite. I just want to enjoy them whilst I can and to appreciate the outstanding ability of such fine artists, to have the first pick is certainly an added bonus, but now I notice that Glenn and Cory are following suit and there is a lovely Jacob that I recently noticed on Glenn’s mantlepiece which I would rather like for myself, if truth be told, because I originally sold it 50 years ago and we have just re-acquired it.. My collection also extends to exquisitely crafted ship models, a passion of mine since childhood, much to my wife’s exasperation. Collecting these models is a hobby that I have shared with friends, clients and even some of our artists - Robert Chailloux was also a great ship model maker in his spare time. - Anthony Fuller



Horse-Drawn Watercolour 22 x 34 cms / 8¾” x 13¼” £995

Culham Watercolour 22 x 34 cms / 8¾” x 13¼” £995


Hurley Lock Watercolour 22 x 34 cms / 8¾” x 13¼” £995


ALEXANDRE LOUIS JACOB French, (1876-1972)

We have been championing the work of Alexandre Louis Jacob since my grandfather Herbert Fuller came across his work at the Paris Salon in 1954. Discovering the quality of this superb artist who was highly decorated by the various French artistic institutions, we have been collecting his work ever since. Jacob has become one of our most sought after artists and has formed the basis for many of our collector’s collections. “We were looking for a painting, no clear ideas, but here were these wonderful representations of a time and place so far removed from the bustle of our everyday – French rural life. We came away with what was the first of several paintings by Alexandre Louis Jacob. All of his paintings have a common theme of a sky, a house, a toiling worker, often hauling nets into a boat, and a river with trees. But it is his ability to catch the mood of a season and time of day that I love. He was very good at pinning that mood to a board or canvas that later emits it endlessly into our home. Each painting is a little window of ingress for the beam of mood from a distant time and place, existing nowhere else. They are so atmospheric, they make me want to put my coat on to look at.” “I first came across Alexandre Louis Jacob at a Gladwell’s exhibition of large and small paintings by the artist. I loved his gentle, peaceful, scenes often with minute figures so skilfully portrayed that a few brush strokes a couple of millimetres long clearly showed a boatman about to cast off, or a man bent over a horse securing its harness with sun warming part of his back.” - Discerning Collectors


ALEXANDRE LOUIS JACOB French, (1876-1972)

Promenade Automnale au Bord de la Rivière Oil on Canvas 46 x 55 cms / 18” x 21½” £16,500


Les Bûcherons au rue de Bellot en Novembre

Giboulées en Mars, Bords de la Marne

Oil on Panel 40 x 33 cms / 16” x 13” £9,500

Oil on Canvas 53 x 66 cms / 21” x 26” £19,500


CHARLES PERRON French, (1893-1958)

Entrée d’une Maison Fleurie Oil on Panel 55 x 46 cms / 21 ½ “ x 18” £6,950


Bouquet d’Hortensias devant la Fenêtre Oil on Panel 25 x 20 cms / 10” x 8” £3,950

La Porte Verte

Oil on Canvas 46 x 55 cms / 18” x 21½” £6,950 17

Nature Morte aux œufs


Oil on Board 25 x 35 cms / 10” x 13” £4,950

ROBERT CHAILLOUX French, (1913-2006)

All the charm of pastoral France is softly and timelessly captured within Robert Chailloux’s exquisite paintings. He delighted in collecting French provincial pottery and his studio was filled with the finest examples. Chailloux’s compositions display a poetic softness, blending muted colours with bursts of intense pigment. He strived to create truth to nature and artistic perfection on his canvases, leaving a lasting legacy we all continue to enjoy. “One day, whilst in the City I passed the window of Gladwell & Company and saw some etchings depicting various London buildings including St Paul’s Cathedral, Mansion House, Trafalgar Square. These were a perfect gift for a client who was moving overseas. I entered the gallery and spoke to a gentleman who turned out to be an old primary school friend of my partner! A wonderful coincidence and long friendship of many years has flourished ever since. I have bought pictures as birthday or Christmas presents in the past or just for the sheer joy of liking a painting. Or if I see something that just catches my eye. I love still life and am a huge fan of Chailloux, Perron and scenes by Jacob. Charcoal sketches by Van Cleef are also some of my favourites and I never tire of looking at them. They give so much pleasure and lift the spirit. The pictures I have acquired over the years feel as though they are an extension of my personality and style. As the company developed with younger members of the family and staff, the whole team at Gladwell & Patterson always make you feel welcome. Sometimes it feels like being in a sweetshop when I browse the website or enter the gallery, as they have so many lovely works of art to choose from. It can be very dangerous as you may run out of wall space!” - A Discerning Collector


A JOURNEY THROUGH ART In discussions surrounding The Art of Collecting over the past few months it has been a delight to behold so many wonderful stories of how each individual collection has developed with time and continues to evolve with our help. “When I had a picture of Debbie Harry above my bed I thought that was the height of art. After a brief flirtation with Dalí, my taste evolved and as Genesis, Pink Floyd, and Ennio Morricone came into my life I started taking second glances at Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings. Undoubtedly fuelled by a visit to the Musée d’Orsay in Paris when I was twenty, I started looking at what seemed beautiful but unobtainable. Monet and Sisley became much more important to me. Magpies and French train stations became fascinating. I wanted to go to Argenteuil. It was however not until years at rugby and family, still dominant, had eased slightly that I seriously looked at collecting. Whilst prices were still out of reach, lesser known artists started getting my attention. I needed a trusted advisor and I was lucky in finding someone like Marie-Claire at Gladwell & Patterson. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable, she has been an exceptional guide. We now have several Loiseau’s, Montezin, Picabia, and Robin on our walls. We are still searching for that Boudin beach scene and maybe, one day, hold your breath, even a small Monet? A Sisley would be just great. Or maybe a guided trip to Pontoise? You can but dream.” - A Discerning Collector

Saint-Cado, Morbihan Oil on Canvas 58.5 x 74 cms / 23” x 29” £19,500 21

GEORGES CHARLES ROBIN French, (1903–2002)

Enthralled by the enchanting river valleys of rural France that flowed through the luxuriant countryside and rolling fields, George Charles Robin’s paintings perfectly capture pastoral French life. For over seventy years, Robin’s interpretation of the French landscape has never ceased to appeal to our clients and as a result we are extremely confident that we have found a Master artist whose reputation will grow with the passage of time. “My first acquisition was made possible as a leaving present, so I chose a watercolour of a fisherman which was about all they and I could afford in Bill Patterson’s gallery on Albermarle Street in 1971. My favourite artist is probably George Charles Robin. The scenes of the Dordogne are irresistible with his elegant use of colour, his oh so bold strokes, and his brave use of perspective plus the timeless quality of tranquil scenes instilling such peace. One is there with him. Certainly, the walls of my home are hung with the passages of my life. It is a treat to know that the Fuller family and their team are there to nurture the next generation.” - A Discerning Collector La Sèvre Nantaise à l’entrée de Saint-Laurent Oil on Board 53 x 64 cms / 21” x 29” £19,500



GEORGES CHARLES ROBIN French, (1903–2002)

Le Vieux Pont Oil on Panel 32.5 x 45.5 cms / 12¾” x 17¾” £9,500

La Sèvre Nantaise à Clisson Oil on Canvas 38 x 46 cms / 15” x 18” £12,500


La Seine à Bougival

Oil on Canvas 46 x 55 cms / 18” x 21½” £23,500 25

ANDRÉ HAMBOURG French, (1909-1999)

Deauville, Vent sur la Plage en Septembre Oil on Canvas 50.5 x 73.5 cms / 19¾” x 29” £29,500




ANDRÉ HAMBOURG French, (1909-1999)

Beau Temps, Marée Basse à Deauville Oil on Canvas 27 x 46 cms / 10½” x 18” £19,500


RENÉE CARPENTIER WINTZ French, (1913-2003)

Les Rochers


Oil on Canvas 22 x 27 cms / 8¾” x 10½” £1,500

Vieux Puits, Morbihan

Oil on Canvas 22 x 27 cms / 8¾” x 10½” £1,500 31

Promontoire Côtier Oil on Canvas 54 x 65 cms / 21¼” x 25½” £4,950


PIERRE DE CLAUSADE French, (1910-1976)

San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice Oil on Canvas 36 x 44 cms / 14½” x 17” £9,500

Les Dunes Ensoleillées Oil on Canvas 54 x 65 cms / 21¼” x 25½” £4,950



JEAN KEVORKIAN French, (born 1933)

Moret-sur-Loing Oil on Canvas 97 x 130 cms / 38” x 51” £12,500


PIERRE EUGÈNE MONTÉZIN French, (1874-1946)

Pierre-Eugène Montézin was inspired by the great masterpieces of the Impressionists, most notably the work of Claude Monet and Alfred Sisley. Passionate about the outdoors and the idyllic French rural countryside, despite having spent much of his life in Paris, Montézin was an avid practitioner of en plein air painting. Throughout his career Montézin maintained an Impressionistic style but sought a greater freedom of expression in his use of colour and application of paint, marking him out among the most influential Post-Impressionist artists of his generation. Montézin’s landscapes are identifiable through their rich surface, composed using spontaneous brushstrokes of pure colour layered upon the canvas. The artists technique reveals the artists experimental nature and exemplifies Montézin’s instinctive use of both Impressionist and PostImpressionist techniques in his quest to capture nature as he experienced it.

Sous-bois à l’Autumne Oil on Canvas 60.5 x 73 cms / 24” x 28¾” £32,500


GUSTAVE LOISEAU French, (1865-1935)

One of the foremost Post-Impressionist painters, Gustave Loiseau was profoundly influenced by the great masterpieces of the Impressionists. A champion of painting the landscape en plein air, Loiseau embraced the use of bold colour as he explored and expanded the Impressionist style. In 1895 Loiseau was introduced to the renowned art dealer Paul Durand-Ruel by Claude Monet. Loiseau’s first solo exhibition at Galerie Durand-Ruel took place from March to April in 1898. No exhibition catalogue was made for this exhibition, however Les Peupliers was first sold through Durand-Ruel in Paris and a review in La Revue Blanche by the art critic Thadée Natanson described landscapes depicting a range of scenes including ‘trembling haystacks and poplar trees’ which provides strong evidence that this painting was exhibited in Loiseau’s very first solo exhibition with Durand-Ruel. Les Peupliers depicts a vibrant landscape of the countryside surrounding the village of Nesle-la-Vallée where Loiseau lived from 1890. Painted in 1898 at this pivotal point in the artists career, this magnificent landscape represents the coming together of Loiseau’s greatest influences - the Pont-Aven School and Loiseau’s Impressionists forbears and reveals the young artists immeasurable talent and keen eye for observation through his ability to depict an atmospheric landscape through his application of paint.


Les Peupliers Painted in 1898 Oil on Canvas 81 x 65 cms 32” x 25½” Price on Application



GUSTAVE LOISEAU French, (1865-1935)

The evocative composition of Tournedos-sur-Seine, Gelée et Soleil depicts a winter’s morning in which the rays of the sun create a frosty shimmer across the tow path at Tournedos-sur-Seine. Over the winter of 1899 and the spring of 1900 Loiseau returned to Tournedos-surSeine frequently and set up his easel on the tow path beside the wide expanse of the Seine. Loiseau painted the landscape in all seasons and at various times throughout the day; veiled under a blanket of snow, glistening under the first signs of spring, or, as in Tournedos-sur-Seine, Gelée et Soleil, under the frosty glare of the winter’s sun. Loiseau masterfully uses cool pastel tones and daubs of white and icy blue paint across the canvas to evoke the atmosphere of a frosty winter’s day. His vigorous, colourfully dappled brushwork is an example of the impeccable virtuosity of the Impressionist technique that Loiseau had achieved at the end of the 1890s, allowing him to capture not only the delicate effects of light, but also the transient mood of the atmosphere.

Tournedos-sur-Seine, Gelée et Soleil Painted in 1899

Oil on Canvas 61 x 73 cms / 24” x 28½” Price on Application


PETER SYMONDS British, (Contemporary)

“Peter Symonds’ paintings of Cornwall beaches and Scottish landscapes are breathtaking in their composition and un-matched in their use of colour and light. He is a master of his craft, and my only regret is not buying some of his other works. No one who has seen his paintings on my walls has ever passed by without a small gasp of wonder and with a comment; ‘surely that must be a photograph? It looks so realistic!’” - A Discerning Collector

The Isles of Eigg and Rum from Camusdarach Beach, West Scotland Oil on Canvas 40.5 x 56 cm / 16” x 22” £5,950



Dawn Light, The Cuillin from Sligachan, Isle of Skye Oil on Canvas 63.5 x 119.5 cms 25” x 47” £16,500


PETER SYMONDS British, (Contemporary)


PETER SYMONDS British, (Contemporary)

Ben Nevis

Oil on Canvas 25.5 x 61 cms / 10” x 24” £4,950


PETER SYMONDS British, (Contemporary)

Isles of Eigg and Rum from Arisaig, Scotland


Oil on Canvas 40.5 x 86 cms / 16” x 34” £9,750


DOUGLAS FALCONER British, (1913-2004)

“I expect the experience of witnessing and living in the great outdoors and how light interacts has influenced me in the art collection I now have. The play on light was what first attracted to me my first Douglas Falconer painting, Loch Alsh. Back in the spring of 2004 my daily commute from Liverpool Station to Southwark took me down Queen Victoria Street and past Gladwell & Company. This painting of Loch Alsh would change every day depending on what the weather was doing. So, one evening I decided to go in and ask about the painting. Needless to say I could not afford the painting. …Glenn put my name on the back of it and stored the painting at the back of the gallery until such time as I was able to collect it. I never set out to become a collector but from that first Douglas Falconer I am now averaging one a year. I just like the way he captures the natural world and the play of light so well. If you are going to purchase a piece of art, you must enjoy that artwork. My only problem going forward with my collection is going to be wall space to hanging the collection on. A nice problem to have.” - A Discerning Collector


Oil on Board 40 x 51 cms / 16” x 20” Price on Application 51

William L. Turner British, (1876-1936)

Mist in the Highlands Oil on Canvas 24 x 33 cms / 9½” x 13” £2,950


Henry D. H. Parker British, (1858–1930) Near Poolewe, Ross-Shire Signed H. D. Hillier Oil on Canvas 43.5 x 33 cms / 17” x 13” £5,250


EDWARD H. THOMPSON British, (1879-1949)

“Days spent in the wilder bits of the countryside tend to stay in the memory, but sometimes a catalyst is helpful. Besides offering their own intrinsic merit, atmospheric landscape paintings have a role to play in that context too. I first became aware of paintings of Edward Thompson when passing the gallery of Gladwell & Company in Queen Victoria Street in the City of London in the 1980’s. There would often be a painting or two by Thompson in the window. They seemed to me to capture some of the essential magic of the hill country and moorland of Britain. It sparked an interest which has led to a large collection of Thompson’s work.” - A Discerning Collector

The Moors of Ross, Scotland Signed Donald A. Paton Watercolour 18 x 25.5 cms / 7” x 10” £1,500



A WINDOW TO THE WORLD PART I As some of our customers know Gladwell’s old gallery resided in the City of London since time immemorial. In fact, one of the Gallery’s previous owners was the Lord Mayor in the days gone by. From 1928 we were on the corner of Queen Victoria and Watling Street where we had five display windows with which to exhibit the gallery’s fine art collection. The pictures in each were changed once a week, the windows were cleaned, the floor polished and handwritten labels with the title of the picture, the artists name and any awards that he had won were displayed for anyone passing to enjoy. As the windows were the Galleries only form of advertising, we relied solely on them to attract both old and new clients. How strange when comparing today’s modern marketing techniques with extensive informative catalogues, emails, and media advertising. But our windows then met the needs of the day and together with customer recommendation they have helped the gallery advance towards it 270th anniversary celebrations. From days gone by at little old Gladwell’s, to our brilliant galleries in Knightsbridge and in Rutland, we have always continued to always acquire the best quality pieces. My raison d’etre is to look around for beautiful paintings. Nothing gives me more pleasure than a great picture and we never buy anything unless we like it. I would always stress the joy of looking at pictures, rather than value. I hope that irrespective of value we can guide our client’s taste in art and help them to appreciate the very best in the field which gives them the greatest pleasure, be it landscape, marine, figurative or still life. - Anthony Fuller



EDWARD SEAGO British, (1910-1974)

Throughout his life Seago was inextricably linked to East Anglia; he lived in Norwich and then Ludham in the Norfolk Broads virtually all of his life and this picturesque landscape inspired his most majestic canvases. Alive with movement, but tranquil in its colour palette this stunning painting reveals the artists complete mastery of his medium, and his skill at capturing atmosphere with impressionistic brushstrokes. “When I was young I often spent holidays in Norfolk and Suffolk and was in awe of the beaches and the big sky. Years later, I was walking down Bond Street in London and saw the most wonderful Seago painting of the coast in Norfolk and thought to myself, ‘Wow! I would love one of those. I really must get myself a painting by Seago one day.’ And then lo and behold the wonderful Glenn phoned me up and said they had just acquired one in France, and would I be interested, and of course I was! So, I bought it immediately and I look at it nearly every day. It still brings back wonderful memories of the big sky and the coast in Norfolk. I just think Seago paints the most wonderful skies.” - A Discerning Collector

Yachts on the River Ant, Norfolk

Oil on Canvas 44.5 x 59 cms / 17½” x 23¼” Price on Application 59

Edgar Freyberg German, (1927-1993)

Mighty Waters Oil on Canvas 60 x 90 cms / 24” x 36” £1,950


Roger de la Corbière French, (1893-1974)

A Peaceful Evening Oil on Canvas 60 x 90 cms / 24” x 36” £1,950


RONNY MOORGAT Belgian, (Contemporary)

HMS Victory Leaving Portsmouth Watercolour 31.5 x 45 cms / 12¼” x 17¾” £2,250

A Moment’s Rest Watercolour 20 x 36 cms / 8” x 14” £1,250


USS Constitution on Patrol

Oil on Canvas 51 x 70 cms / 20” x 27½” £5,950 63


DEREK G. M. GARDNER British, (1914-2007)

Gladwell & Company resided in the City of London for 260 years until the gallery moved to Beauchamp Place in 2012. During this time the City was the hub of the marine world whether through insurance or shipping. As a result, our gallery supplied fine art to some of the most knowledgeable marine experts in the world. This meant that the artists whom we represented had to be technically correct in every way - they had to know the technical details of the ships, the weather conditions and the sail settings to accommodate the weather depicted. These artists achieved this because of their experience on the very vessels they portrayed and they prided themselves on the level of the attention to detail and accuracy with which they painted. “This country was, to a large extent, built on its maritime heritage. Montague Dawson is the most recognised of this group but I have to say that I think that Derek Gardner and Henry Scott run him a close second. Gladwell & Patterson were able to introduce me to these painters and I have absolutely no regrets in adding them to my small collection. There is a simple but majestic beauty in seeing these fantastic trading clippers storming home or the Navy’s ships of the line in action from the past. What history, what purpose, what delight…” - A Discerning Collector

The Argonaut Painted in 1965

Oil on Canvas 61 x 91 cms / 24” x 36” £19,500 65


“I was always impressed by, and probably a little jealous of, schoolmates who were good at art because I was hopeless! Family visits to art museums engendered even deeper appreciation of famous artists and sowed the seeds of wanting to possess works of art. My opportunity to begin to achieve this came about when I had a large winning bet on a racehorse named Nebbiolo in 1977. I was determined that I would use a decent portion of those winnings to realise my ambition of buying art. For the first years of my collecting career, I concentrated on acquiring sporting art which is how I began my association with W H Patterson, Albemarle St in January 1983. I had seen a portrait of the 1899 Derby winner, Flying Fox in the window and, I hesitated about buying it for a few days. Needless to say when I did return the painting had been sold. However, things could only get better because John White, Bill Patterson’s right hand man, then invited me to their exhibitions, which naturally broadened my horizons. I made my first purchase in 1985, coincidentally the year that Willem Dolphyn had his first exhibition at WHP. Willem was a superb artist and ‘character’ and I feel privileged to have not only become friends with him and his equally talented son, Walter but also to have paintings by both of them in my collection. I must say that at the outset of my collecting career, I had no specific plans about what to buy next - I just bought what appealed to me. The difference now is that being a regular patron of Gladwell & Patterson, I have been fortunate enough to have met and enjoyed the company of so many brilliant artists. My particular favourites amongst them are Paul Brown, Stewart Lees, and Walter Dolphyn, all of whose work feature prominently in my collection. The effects of Nebbiolo in 1977 have rippled happily through my life ever since... I much prefer admiring works of art on my walls to looking at figures in my bank statements!” - A Discerning Collector


What can we see ? Oil on Canvas 56 x 90 cms / 22” x 36” £22,500


A Moment’s Rest Oil on Canvas 51.5 x 90 cms / 20¼” x 36” £22,500

ADAM EMORY ALBRIGHT American, (1862-1957)


VICTOR GILBERT French, (1847-1935)

A Warm Welcome Oil on Canvas 56.5 x 46.5 cms / 22¼” x 18¼” £29,500



“One of my favourite paintings in my collection, I came across by chance. It was hidden at the back of the old Gallery which was located opposite my favourite restaurant Sweetings in the City of London. They clearly didn’t want to sell it because Mr Fuller Snr., who was manning the gallery that day, had hidden it around the corner in the back of the window. It was a picture of a Scandinavian boy with astonishing eyes and quite a serious set face, wearing a hat, and I don’t think I have ever been quite so taken by a picture as I was with that one. I literally just stood there looking at it for about ten minutes before I even went in to enquire. I assumed it was either sold or worth millions, but instead this wonderful painting became mine. Many years later I am great friends with all the family. Mr Fuller Snr., confided in me that if he was allowed to rescue one painting from my house it would probably be that one.” - A Discerning Collector


Jean Mayné Belgian, (1850-1905)

Paul Constant Soyer French, (1823-1903)

The Cobbler

An Enthralling Read

Oil on Canvas 53.5 x 46 cms / 21” x 18” £4,950

Oil on Panel 27 x 21 cms / 10½” x 8¼” £4,950


GASTON LA TOUCHE French, (1854-1913)

“My wife and I had attended a reception at the Guildhall and our route home (on foot) took us past the Gladwell & Company. We saw a painting that we liked by Allan Myndzak. It gnawed away at me. And my wife said “go for it”, so I did. My collection evolved over time, hanging out with Tony (usually on a Friday afternoon, when I didn’t wish to get on with my work). I looked and listened. I quickly found that I wanted to buy a second and then a third painting, and that I was starting to develop my own taste, albeit curated by Tony’s gentle guidance. My most recent acquisition, by Gaston La Touche, is a particularly fine painting, so it may remain the highlight of my collection against all future contenders. I did not think at any stage that I was building a collection. I was simply serially submitting to temptation.” - A Discerning Collector

Maternité Oil on Panel 41 x 32.5 cms / 16” x 12¾” Price on Application 74


HELEN BRADLEY British, (1900-1979)

“Dear Me”, cried Miss Carter (who wore Pink), “Jane’s talking to the Policeman” and Mother, the three Aunts and Grandma (and the dogs Gyp and Barney) were all outside James Alfred Buckley’s Chemist Shop. We were late coming home from visiting Great Aunt Jane up Springhead and Aunt Frances was in a hurry to speak to James Alfred (they had a secret understanding) so George and I were forgotten and being small we got caught in the rush of mill workers hurrying home. George started to cry “Mother, where’s Mother?”, I can hear the Thing which lives up Springhead roaring and it’s coming nearer. It will bite all of our heads off “Dear Dear”, said the kindly mill women, “What shall we do with these poor Children,” but big Joe the P.C. soon heard George and we hadn’t far to go before reaching home and the year was 1906. - Helen Layfield Bradley

“Dear Me”, cried Miss Carter (who wore Pink), “Jane’s talking to the Policeman” Oil on Canvas laid on board (A Diptych) Left side: 61 x 66 cms, 24” x 26” / Right side: 61 x 52 cms, 24” x 20½” Price on Application


HELEN BRADLEY British, (1900-1979)

WILLEM DOLPHYN Belgian, (1935-2016)

The Fruits of Summer Oil on Canvas 80 x 102 cms / 31½” x 40” £38,000



WALTER DOLPHYN Belgian, (Contemporary)

Sold! Oil on Panel 50 x 60 cms / 19¾” x 23¾” £7,250


The Princess and the Frog, Chapter IV (a Frog in a suit is still a Frog)


Oil on Panel Each panel: 12 x 12 cms / 4¾” x 4¾” £3,950

WALTER DOLPHYN Belgian, (Contemporary)

What’s on an Artist’s Mind: ‘’Martha, Can you please stand still for a moment?’’

Oil on Panel 16.5 x 23 cm / 6¼” x 9” £4,250


PETER VAN BREDA British, (Contemporary)

First Light from Waterloo Bridge, London Oil on Canvas 65 x 81 cms / 25½” x 31¾” Price on Application


“I love the art I have by Peter Van Breda. I also have commissioned pieces by Peter which the whole family love and they are in each of our homes. The added joy of Peter’s work is him himself, the combination for me is a triumph. Art on your walls is very personal and attached to memories which are special. We all see things through different eyes and we must choose our art to sooth our souls. I have recently been giving art as special birthday presents and for memorable events. It’s a magical way to give others a memory that is seen by not only the recipient but by family and friends who may also have been part of the event.” - A Discerning Collector The Embankment towards the London Eye

Oil on Canvas 33 x 55 cms / 13” x 21½” £3,500 87

PAUL S. BROWN American, (Contemporary)

Screaming Eagle 2007 Oil on Canvas 60 x 90 cms / 24” x 34” £22,500

Clockwork Oil on Board 30 x 46 cms / 12” x 18” £7,950


STEWART LEES British, (Contemporary)

Over the past few years, we have received numerous requests for commissions from some of our most talented contemporary artists. Anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions have often been the nucleus for the mesmerising and deeply personal paintings that have resulted in such unique works. We have been delighted that so many of our wonderful clients have expressed such a personal association with a particular artists oeuvre over their years of collecting art. Memories, passions and personalities shine through such works and our artists are always thrilled and excited to take on such challenges.

Chives on the Garden Shelf Oil on Panel 70 x 100 cms / 27½” x 39½” Price on Application



MARTIN TAYLOR British, (Contemporary)

“And then I begin to see the first falling leaf, but no then another. So Autumn has begun It takes seconds to see them, hours to draw them and then weeks, months and years to bring a few seconds to full realisation.” - Martin Taylor

Under the Shadow of the Great Oak

Oil on Canvas 50 x 60 cms / 19¾” x 23¾” £8,500 93

MARTIN TAYLOR British, (Contemporary)

A Forgotten Corner of an Ancient Wood Oil on Canvas 100 x 100 cms / 39½” x 39½” £19,500


First Shades of Summer Oil on Board 60 x 50 cms 24” x 20” £8,500

PIETER WAGEMANS Belgian, (Contemporary)

Last Summer Flowers Oil on Canvas 95 x 75 cms 37½” x 29½” £25,000

Spring Lilies

Oil on Panel 81 x 100 cms / 32” x 39½” £29,500 97

KENNETH WEBB Irish, (Contemporary)

Fiesta Oil on Canvas 122 x 91 cms / 48” x 36” £59,500



Siliquae of the Lake

Nature’s Treasure

Oil on Canvas 25 x 36 cms / 10” x 14” £4,500

Oil on Canvas 36 x 46 cms / 14” x 18” £7,500

KENNETH WEBB Irish, (Contemporary)

Summer Haze

Oil on Canvas 41 x 102 cms / 16” x 40” £22,500


The Water Seller Oil on Panel 47 x 32 cms / 18½” x 12½” £12,950

ARIS RAISSIS Greek, (Contemporary)

“There is more to art than simply trying to compose an image. The actual process of creating an image is just as important as its outcome and the ability to observe the world in a unique manner, may introduce greater sensitivity and maturity to the work.” - Aris Raissis Working in oil paint, charcoal and pastels, Aris’ work as a whole is underpinned by a continuing fascination for expressionism and realism, as ever evident in his sensitive portrait interpretations. Referencing artists such as Van Dyke and Rembrandt, Aris’s consistent aim is to apply the techniques of the Old Masters, whilst addressing contemporary subject matter. In 2010 Aris became the Artist in Residence at the Leighton House Museum. More recently, Aris was commissioned to paint a portrait of the philosopher Professor William Emmanuel Abraham for All Souls College at the University of Oxford in 2018. Lear Oil on Panel 41 x 30.5 cms / 16” x 12” £3,500


Woman Encircling her Baby Leguna Verde Marble 58 x 85 x 65 cms / 23” x 33½” x 25½” £49,500

STELLA SHAWZIN South African, (1920-2020)

Protective Mother Bronze 30 x 61 x 20 cms / 12” x 24” x 12” £12,500

Nursing Mother Bronze 17 x 38 x 21 cms / 7” x 15” x 8” £7,500


EDWARD WAITES British, (Contemporary)

Horse Head (Frankel) Bronze (Edition of 12) 20 x 20 x 15 cms / 8” x 8” x 6” £1,750

Peppermill Bronze (Edition of 9) 50 x 35 x 12 cms / 19¾” x 13¾” x 4¾” £4,800 107

SIR ALFRED JAMES MUNNINGS British, (1878-1959)

Sir Alfred James Munnings is acclaimed as the greatest equestrian artist of the twentieth century, being recognized specifically for his energetic hunting and sporting scenes. A figurative painter who outwardly rejected Modernism, Munnings’ style and brushstrokes were influenced by Impressionism, using naturalistic colours to depict the English countryside and surrounding areas. Painted whilst Munnings was living in Cornwall in 1913, December Morning, Cornwall depicts a huntsman surrounded by his scampering, eager dogs trotting along the Cornish lanes in the crisp morning sun of a winter’s day. Munnings captures the limitless rolling landscape of the area around Zennor in December Morning, Cornwall. The distant sea is visible upon the horizon and the deep, tree-lined valleys are painted in bold blocks of colour, while the horse and rider are lit up in the crisp, bright morning light. An active member of the Western Foxhounds at Zennor, this exquisite painting represents Munnings passion for riding, the hunt and also the beauty of the windswept Cornish landscape.

December Morning, Cornwall Painted in circa 1913 Oil on Canvas 51 x 61 cms / 20” x 22” Price on Application



Amboseli Evening


Oil on Canvas 66 x 132 cms / 26” x 52” Price on Application

DAVID SHEPHERD British, (1931-2017)

David Shepherd’s distinctive style and inspiration stems from a personal attachment with the animals of Kenya. His subjects were painted with dignity and grandeur and his compositions allowed them to take centre stage amongst the breath-taking scenery of his beloved Africa. “I have long admired David Shepherd and his love of the big wild animals. In almost everyone’s eyes he will be forever peerless in his ability to bring the African bush into his paintings. Now that it is so much more difficult to travel to Africa, he reminds me so powerfully of that country and its precious wildlife. It is a genuine privilege to have built up a small collection of his paintings of all my personal favourites: elephants, hippos, zebras, cheetahs, oryx, kudu and a single tiger. I know that they will become much treasured family heirlooms in the future.” - A Discerning Collector


SIMON GUDGEON British, (Contemporary)



Bronze (Edition of 9) 245 x 63 x 20 cms / 96½” x 25” x 8” £38,500 113

CLARISSA JAMES Austrian, (Contemporary)

White Gold III Gold leaf and oil on canvas 95 x 150 cms / 37½” x 59” £38,000


KARL MARTENS Swedish, (Contemporary)

Wren Watercolour 56 x 38 cms / 22” x 15” £2,500

Mallard I Watercolour 53 x 74 cms / 21” x 29” £4,250 116

Sparrowhawk Watercolour 76 x 56 cms / 30” x 22” £4,250 117

GLADWELL & PATTERSON IN JERSEY “Over the past five years Gladwell & Patterson has hosted several popup art events in the Channel Islands, showcasing our collection of fine oil paintings, watercolours and sculptures. During the pandemic it has become apparent to us that our clients might welcome a permanent presence within the Islands. I am delighted to share with you that I have now taken up the position of Director for Gladwell & Patterson Jersey. This is an exciting change of direction for me having spent over twenty years in the offshore finance industry looking after corporates, private individuals and families. I became a client of the gallery some ten years ago. Back then, I knew I loved and wanted art in my life but needed help to navigate a world I knew relatively little about. The fantastic team has helped me every step of the way. The most important aspect for me in developing my relationship with the team has been the time they have taken in getting to know me. They have understood what textures, colours and style I feel comfortable with, where I might be more adventurous and the reason for wanting a piece of art or a sculpture in my home. I am looking forward to growing relationships with existing and new clients in the Channel Islands, and to share with you the experience of enjoying and collecting art with Gladwell & Patterson.”

Stephanie Dinning +44 (0)7797 720 119

David Shepherd: Walking with Giants

19 January – 18 February 2022 5 Beauchamp Place, London Please contact for more information

The Palm Beach Show 17 – 22 February 2022 Palm Beach Convention Centre, Palm Beach, Florida Please contact for tickets

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