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We have much to celebrate and look forward to in this special year, much like HRH Queen Elizabeth II. At this time we can delight in the freedom to enjoy the company of friends and family again, to come together and enjoy the beautiful exhibitions we have planned from The Gallery in the Garden, to The R.H.S. Chelsea Flower Show and Masterpiece. We hope to see you all at one or more of these exciting events. 2022 is an extremely special year for us as a company. It is the 270th anniversary of Gladwells, quite a remarkable milestone in this age of rapid change. This unique celebration makes us very aware of the passing of time and the many events in our company history that have defined those bygone centuries. Art endures through the ages and reminds us to use our time more wisely by slowing us down and giving us the gift of beauty and reflection. This momentous occasion is a chance to reflect on the heritage of Gladwell & Patterson, while we look forward to its future. It is a proud moment for us all and none more so than our father Anthony Fuller who has been helping to shape the path of the company since he joined his father in the Queen Victoria Street gallery at the age of 26. We plan a celebration in September in the gallery in Beauchamp Place and trust you will join the party. We continue to grow organically and are delighted to welcome two new talented individuals to our lovely team in London and Rutland. Sophia and Natalie join us to expand our global reach and ensure we continue to help build, grow and manage art collections for our clients. Paintings that pass through our hands leave a legacy of joy for future generations and we delight in becoming part of their history. Just as we trace the provenance of the art in which we deal, so we can chart the progress of Gladwells in reaching this anniversary. Every step is taken from an enduring love of art and built on hardwon trust and integrity, values which continue to define us and will always be at the heart of what we do. An anniversary like this is also about family. Us, the Fuller family who have loved and nurtured the business, the wider Gladwells family of our excellent team and you, our family of clients and collectors who have joined us over the years, shared your passions with us and become part of our story too. We look forward to taking you with us in the next chapter of this story and raise a toast to you all in celebration. Warmest wishes from us all, Cory

RAYMOND THIBÉSART French, (1874-1963)

Paysage des hauteurs de Vaux sur Seine Oil on Canvas 80 x 175.5 cms / 31½” x 69” £49,500



RAYMOND THIBÉSART French, (1874-1963)

Vallée de la Seine


Oil on Canvas 38 x 46 cms / 15” x 18” £17,500

HENRY MORET French, (1856-1913)

Les Roches de Pern à Ouessant

Painted in 1901 Oil on Canvas 60 x 81 cms / 23½” x 32” Price on Application 7


MAXIMILIEN LUCE French, (1858-1941)

Lagny, le pont de Fer sur la Marne Painted in 1889 Oil on Canvas 50 x 61 cms / 19¾” x 24” Price on Application 9


MAURICE MARTIN French, (1894-1978)

A master of bold colours and strong form, Maurice Martin was a key practitioner in the Moret School of painting. This talented group of artists were indebted to the Impressionist artists, most notably Alfred Sisley, who painted at Moret-sur-Loing in the 1890’s. Martin was frequently seen painting en plein-air, believing this to be the only way to capture the immediacy of the scenery. Martin’s technique demanded a free and spontaneous style of painting in order to catch the rapid changes in outdoor light. He attempted to extract the colours and shapes as well as the fragrances of nature, putting the total ambiance and experience directly onto the canvas. The highlights of Martin’s career were the Gold Medal he was awarded at the 1946 Paris Salon, and becoming Vice President of the Society of French Landscape Painters.

Promeneurs à Pont-Aven Oil on Canvas 50 x 61 cms / 19¾” x 24” £7,500


MAURICE MARTIN French, (1894-1978)

Moissons à Neufmartel


Oil on Canvas 54 x 65 cms / 21” x 25½” £9,500

Le Loing à Grez, Seine et Marne

Oil on Canvas 54 x 65 cms / 21” x 25½” £9,500 13

EDMUND MARIE PETITJEAN French, (1844-1925)

Paysage à Villeneuve


Oil on Canvas 46 x 66 cms / 18” x 26” £5,950

MAURICE LEMAITRE French, (born 1929)

Pêcheurs à St Félix (Oise)

Oil on Canvas 46 x 61 cms / 18” x 24” £4,950 15

PIERRE EUGÈNE MONTÉZIN French, (1874-1946)

Pierre-Eugène Montézin was inspired by the great masterpieces of the Impressionists, most notably the work of Claude Monet and Alfred Sisley. Passionate about the outdoors and the idyllic French rural countryside, despite having spent much of his life in Paris, Montézin was an avid practitioner of en plein air painting. Throughout his career Montézin maintained an Impressionistic style but sought a greater freedom of expression in his use of colour and application of paint, marking him out among the most influential Post-Impressionist artists of his generation. Montézin’s landscapes are identifiable through their rich surface, composed using spontaneous brushstrokes of pure colour layered upon the canvas. The artist’s technique reveals his experimental nature and exemplifies Montézin’s instinctive use of both Impressionist and Post-Impressionist techniques in his quest to capture nature as he experienced it.

Le Primtemps à Moret Oil on Canvas 73 x 73 cms / 29” x 29” Price on Application


PIERRE EUGÈNE MONTÉZIN French, (1874-1946)

Les Grands Peupliers Oil on Canvas 73 x 73 cms / 29” x 29” Price on Application




GUSTAVE CARIOT French, (1872-1950)

Inspired by Monet’s famous studies of haystacks and the Rouen cathedral, Gustave Cariot was fascinated by the fluctuations of light and color brought about by the changing seasons. He devoted two series of paintings to exploring this theme. Entitled ‘Le Poème des Saisons’, with each picture representing a different month, these paintings were exhibited together at the 1903 Salon des Indépendants. It was there, as the artist’s correspondence reveals, that these pictures would catch the eye of two of the most important collectors of the time, Serguei Dmitrievitch Cheremeteff and Armand Cabrol, leading to a surge in his popularity. Gustave Cariot was a largely self-taught French Pointillist and Impressionist artist born in the countryside near Paris. Inspired by the techniques of the Pointillists and Divisionists, he was to become a celebrated Post-Impressionist painter whose work is gaining importance with every passing year.

Paysage aux meules Painted in 1925 Oil on Canvas 65 x 91 cms / 25½” x 35¾” £65,000


AUGUSTE BOUVARD French, (1875-1956)

La Place Saint Marc, Venice


Signed Marc Aldine Oil on Canvas 38 x 55 cms / 15” x 21½” £29,500

Moored boats, Venice

Oil on Canvas 50 x 65 cms / 19” x 25½” £32,000


Eashing, Surrey Watercolour 39 x 52 cms / 15¼” x 20½”” £3,500


CHARLES GREGORY British, (1849-1920)

A glen under the moors, Lancashire Watercolour 73 x 38 cms / 29” x 14” £995


WILLIAM KAY BLACKLOCK British, (1872-1924)


An afternoon stroll Oil on Canvas 58.5 x 48 cms / 23” x 19” £37,500



ALEXANDRE LOUIS JACOB French, (1876-1972)

Alexandre Jacob’s tranquil and subtle landscapes show a masterful evocation of light, atmosphere and colour, transporting the viewer into the peaceful countryside of rural France. He gained an understanding and love for nature through studied inspection, transferring his unique observations skillfully onto canvas. Making his name in the French Salons of the 1920’s and 30’s, his immense talent was immediately recognised by his peers and then by the establishment. His exceptional paintings garnered the awards and accolades that they so richly deserved and are now universally enjoyed in many museums around France. It was the early 1950s when Gladwell & Patterson first exhibited Jacob’s stunning landscapes and we have become recognised as the world experts on his work. His beautiful paintings form the cornerstone of any discerning collection.

Matin doré Oil on Canvas 83 x 130 cms / 32½” x 51” £49,500 29

Les fond du Marais, soleil et giboulees de neige Oil on Canvas 81 x 66 cms / 32” x 26” £35,000 30

ALEXANDRE LOUIS JACOB French, (1876-1972)

Neige au Marais environs d’Amiens Oil on Canvas 35 x 25 cms / 14” x 10” £12,500 31

Perron’s depictions of rural French life, be they an intimate cottage scene, a delicate still life or a beguiling nude, demonstrate a faultless technique and highly developed technical skills. They bring a sense of calm and joy to the viewer. Perron had a complete mastery of shape and of delicate hues, a wonderful sense of design and an expert command of his medium, reminiscent of the 18th Century French master Jean-Baptiste Chardin. Perron’s paintings drew acclaim from art connoisseurs and the French establishment who awarded him many honours; of these the Gold Medal at the Salon in 1928 stands out. Bouquet de zinnias


Oil on Canvas 41 x 33 cms / 16” x 13” £8,500

Monnaie du pape Oil on Panel 33 x 41 cms / 13” x 16” £9,500

CHARLES PERRON French, (1893-1958)

Bouquet de chardons au vase blanc et à la coupelle Pastel 32 x 39.5 cms / 12½” x 15½” £7,250



EMILE MESNAGER French, (c.1880-1940)

Émile Mesnager was a Breton painter born in Nantes, where he would work for the majority of his career. Mesnager predominantly produced still lives and nudes, using his mastery of these genres as a basis for the continual refinement of his technique. Drawing on both pointillist and divisionist brushwork, Mesnager sought to convey the most subtle gradations of light and texture on his canvases. In his closely cropped compositions, the artist became well-known for intimist vignettes of the gardens and sitting rooms of Belle-Epoch France. Through this style Mesnager became one of leading exponents of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist technique as part of a loose group of artists extending these movements well into the twentieth century. In his later career, his artistic skill led to his involvement in major restoration projects, including the preservation of Eugène Fromentin’s famous works in the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Nantes in 1931.

Bouquet de fleurs dans une timbale posée sur la cheminée Oil on Panel 46 x 38 cms / 18” x 15” £9,500


PIETER WAGEMANS Belgian, (Contemporary)

Building on the legacy of the Dutch Masters, Pieter Wagemans’ transcendent still life paintings have propelled the artist to the forefront of contemporary realist painting. Pieter studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and was inspired by the Dutch still life painters David de Heem, Willem Heda and Rachel Ruys. Pieter carefully composes each floral arrangement in his studio in Antwerp. This enables the artist to control the effect of light and the transitory nature of his subjects. Pieter bypasses the use of underpainting and paints each flower in turn, ‘alla prima’, so that each flower is captured in its prime. Recognisable for the balance of light and shadow within elegantly composed floral vignettes, an exquisite colour harmony and intricate details, Pieter’s work appeals to and resonates with the contemporary collector.


The pink rose Oil on Canvas 100.5 x 90 cms 39½” x 35½” £35,000


PIETER WAGEMANS Belgian, (Contemporary)

La prima donna Oil on Panel 54 x 65 cms 25½” x 21¼” £11,250

White and pink energy

Oil on Panel 60 x 60 cms / 23½” x 23½” £11,950 39


GEORGES CHARLES ROBIN French, (1903–2002)

Recognised as one of the best Post-Impressionist artists, Robin’s skill and complete command of his palette set him aside from his contemporaries. Following the ‘en plein air’ practice of the Impressionist masters, in a few swift brushstrokes Robin brought life to the trees and rivers of the French countryside. Enthralled by the enchanting river valleys of rural France that flowed through the luxuriant countryside and rolling fields, Robin’s paintings perfectly capture rustic and typical French life. Combining his deft and delicate touch with vigorous, dramatic brush strokes and palette knife work, he produced exceptional paintings. Feted by the French artistic establishment and his many patrons during his lifetime, the multitude of awards that Robin garnered for his work illustrates the acclaim in which he was held. Gladwell & Patterson had a close relationship with Robin for the last 50 years of his life and are acknowledged as the world experts on his work.

Montoire sur le Loire Oil on Canvas 65 x 92 cms / 25½” x 36” £29,500


GEORGES CHARLES ROBIN French, (1903–2002)

Le pont au village, Chamesson Oil on Canvas 58 x 73.5 cms / 22¾” x 29” £25,000




GEORGES CHARLES ROBIN French, (1903–2002)

La Baie D’Yffiniac – Saint-Brieuc Oil on Canvas 46 x 56 cms / 18” x 22” £16,500


EDWARD SEAGO British, (1910-1974)

Throughout his life Seago was inextricably linked to East Anglia; he lived in Norwich and then Ludham in the Norfolk Broads and this picturesque landscape inspired his most majestic canvases. Alive with movement, but tranquil in its colour palette this stunning painting reveals the artist’s complete mastery of his medium, and his skill at capturing atmosphere with impressionistic brushstrokes.

A Norfolk farm Oil on Canvas 46 x 61 cms / 18” x 24” £45,000




Léon Augustin Lhermitte is celebrated for his paintings and pastel drawings of rural genre scenes of the French countryside. Throughout his career, he enjoyed capturing the images of everyday life which he saw around him, depicting them with a beautiful natural and distinctive technique. He was equally adept at working in pastel and oil and although he worked in an academic way, his progressive approach was admired by his contemporaries and by his many patrons. Feted by his fellow artists including Auguste Rodin, Vincent van Gogh and Puvis de Chavannes, Lhermitte’s work was also highly valued by the Establishment and he was awarded numerous accolades and prizes throughout his career. Today his work is proudly displayed in countless museums and private collections around the world.

Les laveuses Pastel 50 x 68 cms / 19½” x 26¾” £49,500 48



DOROTHEA SHARP British, (1874-1955)

Dorothea Sharp was a British landscape and figurework painter. She studied at the Art School, Richmond under C. E Johnson, and at the Regent Street Polytechnic under Sir David Murray and George Clausen, and later in Paris where the paintings by Monet became a great source of inspiration. Inspired by the picturesque coastal landscape of St Ives, Sharps’ lively and vibrant beach scenes painted with spontaneous brush strokes of glowing colours brought her to the forefront of British artistic circles. Her charming depiction of children playing on the sand at the water’s edge have in recent years become her most celebrated works, whilst her eloquent still lives are widely collected. Sharp exhibited at the Royal Academy during the first half of the twentieth century and was a member of the Royal Society of British Artists and the Society of Women Artists, serving as their Vice President from 1932.

Summer rockpools Oil on Canvas 37 x 47 cms / 14½” x 18½” £49,500


DOROTHEA SHARP British, (1874-1955)

On the jetty Oil on Canvas 62 x 74.5 cms / 24½” x 29½” £75,000


SIR WILLIAM RUSSELL FLINT British, (1880-1969)

Born in Edinburgh in 1880, William Russell Flint would start his career early as a fourteenyear-old lithographic draughtsman. Like so many other Victorian and Edwardian artists, Flint trained as an illustrator, and his works epitomise the exceptional quality of early 20th century British draughtsmen and watercolourists. His works are particularly sought after for their exceptional skill in delineating the female form in watercolour, a medium usually applied to landscapes. Influenced by Alma-Tadema and Sergeant, his compositions span the historical, the mythological, and the contemporary. After serving in the First World War, Flint travelled through Italy, France, and Spain where he developed his most popular subject matter, studies of Mediterranean women. His mastery of the medium of watercolour was unquestioned, and Flint was widely regarded as its finest practitioner in, he would go on to be knighted and serve as the President of the Royal Watercolour Society for over twenty years.

The leading lady Watercolour 41 x 31 cms / 16” x 12” £25,000




MYLES BIRKET FOSTER British, (1825-1899)

Myles Birket Foster is one of the most highly regarded Victorian painters and his watercolors can be found in the collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Tate in London. Birket Foster established himself as a charming interpreter of the English countryside and rural life through his illustrations and watercolours. His work was featured in Punch and the Illustrated London News and he was called upon to illustrate volumes of the poetry of Longfellow, Sir Walter Scott and John Milton. Birket Foster’s watercolours proved even more popular than his illustrations. Each new work was eagerly awaited. His watercolour technique, with its reliance on stippling rather than broad washes, reflects his experience in designing for wood-engraving; but it also suggests an awareness of the watercolour styles of such popular contemporaries as William Henry Hunt and John Frederick Lewis.

Springtime Watercolour 20.5 x 15 cms / 8” x 6” £9,500


Martin Taylor’s work reflects his love of nature, played out in exquisitely detailed studies of the countryside surrounding his studio, a converted stable on a farm in Northamptonshire. Every season brings fresh inspiration, and to achieve the precision and focus so characteristic of his work Martin paints en plein air, returning to the same position for weeks at a time, even in deepest winter. The combination of intricate detail and careful composition in his work celebrates nature on every scale, from the twigs on the forest floor to the clouds skimming the vast skies. Every detail he paints, from the daisies in his garden to fresh crisp snow in winter covering a muddy track, reveals his constant source of inspiration in the British countryside. To achieve his highly detailed, naturalistic style Martin totally immerses himself in his subject, painting what he sees in front of him.

MARTIN TAYLOR British, (Contemporary)

Snorscomb Mill and brook Oil on Canvas 102 x 72 cms / 40” x 28¼” £23,000 59

He Spreads Frost on the Earth like Salt Oil on Board 61 x 59 cms / 24” x 23¼” £9,950


MARTIN TAYLOR British, (Contemporary)

Frozen Tracks

Oil on Canvas 20 x 25 cms / 8” x 9¾” £2,250


STEWART LEES British, (Contemporary)

Stewart originally pursued a successful career as a graphic designer and illustrator, establishing his own agency in 1985. He still managed to keep up with his painting on weekends and when he moved to rural France he began to paint again every day, teaching numerous classes as well as staging successful exhibitions. Stewart’s paintings invariably start with one object, be that a weathered and gnarled piece of wood or a ripe and juicy tomato, plucked from the local market stall that morning, and from there tones, textures and flavours will draw a composition into being. Bringing a wealth of experience as an illustrator and painter of landscapes and portraits, Stewart has increasingly come to focus on still life. He is greatly influenced by Dutch 17th century still life artists, and above all by Andrew Wyeth, whose meticulous draughtsmanship and evocation of mood and atmosphere all resonate with Stewart’s own work.

Savoury and twine Oil on Panel 60 x 50 cms / 24” x 20” £17,500 62



NICK BIBBY British, (Contemporary)

Little Owl II Bronze Edition of 15 49.5 x 19 x 15 cms / 19½” x 7½” x 6” £7,995 65

Pheasant Bronze Edition of 12 45 x 23 x 62.5 cms / 17½” x 9” x 24½” £10,500


NICK BIBBY British, (Contemporary)

Dipper Bronze Edition of 12 20 x 17 x 17 cms / 7¾” x 6½” x 6½” £5,600



CLARISSA JAMES Austrian, (Contemporary)

Homing in Oil on Board 75 x 114.5 cms / 29½” x 45” £13,500


Dancing Oil on Canvas mounted on board 112 x 126 cms / 44” x 49½” £32,000

CLARISSA JAMES Austrian, (Contemporary)

Rising Oil on Canvas mounted on board 117 x 122 cms / 46” x 48” £32,000


JONATHAN WALKER British, (Contemporary)


The Macaroni

The Audacious Living

Watercolour 79 x 25.5 cms / 31” x 10” £1,750

Watercolour 61 x 21.5 cms / 24” x 8½” £1,450

The New Squire

Prince of the Beau Mond

The County Swell

Watercolour 45.5 x 15 cms / 18” x 6” £1,350

Watercolour 43 x 19 cms / 17” x 7½” £1,350

Watercolour 56 x 18 cms / 22” x 7” £1,450 73

SIMON GUDGEON British, (Contemporary)

One of Britain’s leading contemporary sculptors, Simon Gudgeon has a signature smooth style that marvellously concentrates spirit and nature. His minimalist, semi-abstract forms depict both movement and the emotion of a moment, captured with a visual harmony that is unmistakably his own. “Making an object that is not essentially utilitarian defines humanity; it is the concept of beauty. A sculpture, on a superficial level must encapsulate beauty; it must uplift the spirit and enhance its surroundings. But on a deeper level it should resonate with the viewer and have a subconscious appeal to their emotions, whether those emotions are the same as the artist intended is not important, what is important is that the viewer connects with the art.” Simon is best known for his monumental sculpture ‘Serenity’ installed in London’s Hyde Park, and ‘Search for Enlightenment’ installed on the banks of the Thames. 74

The Chase Bronze Edition of 7 275 x 290 x 150 cms 108¼ x 114 x 59” £91,500


SIMON GUDGEON British, (Contemporary)

Flying Grouse Bronze Edition of 12 65 x 40 x 34 cms / 26” x 16” x 13½” £9,500


Bird of Happiness Bronze Edition of 50 33 x 22 x 8 cms / 13” x 9” x 3” £4,250


PAUL S. BROWN American, (Contemporary)

A true Classical Realist, Paul’s focus is on universal beauty. He upholds rigorous standards in pursuit of this, working from life, emulating the techniques and materials of the old masters, painting on linen canvas, preparing his own paints by hand, and carefully selecting pigments and oils to his precise requirements. Paul was apprenticed to D. Jeffrey Mims, before honing his talents at the Cecil-Graves Studio in Florence, where his talent as an exquisite draftsman was instantly recognised. Paul went on to teach at the prestigious Florence Academy of Art, renowned for its commitment to the academic tradition. Paul’s keen passion for nature is felt throughout his work and the influence of his upbringing, a Huckleberry Finn childhood spent roaming the outdoors in North Carolina and studying the world around him, can be seen in every brushstroke. His perfectly composed works are rich with atmosphere and detail.


NFL football

Oil on Canvas 35 x 50 cms / 13¾” x 19¾” Price on Application


PAUL S. BROWN American, (Contemporary)

Cropwell Bishop Stilton and Château Haut Brion, 1982


Oil on Canvas 61 x 71 cms / 24” x 28” £23,000


20 Bore Oil on Board, 15 x 15 cms / 6” x 6” £2,950

Playing conkers Oil on Board, 15 x 15 cms / 6” x 6” £2,950 82

Lining them up Oil on Board, 18.5 x 18.5 cms / 7¼” x 7¼” £3,250

12 Bore Oil on Board, 15 x 15 cms / 6” x 6” £2,950

Hurling ball Oil on Board, 18.5 x 18.5 cms / 7¼” x 7¼” £3,250

PAUL S. BROWN American, (Contemporary)

NBA basketball

Oil on Canvas 43 x 41 cms / 17” x 16” Price on Application 83

KEN HOWARD British, born (1932)

Ken Howard is one of Britain’s leading contemporary painters. He is known for his paintings of studio nudes, scenes of London, and most famously of Venice, where he spends a large part of the year drawing and painting in situ. For Howard, Venice offers the perfect setting in which to explore its unique light and shimmering waterways. He strives to capture the very essence of a place in his rapidly executed impressionistic cityscapes. “For me painting is about three things. It is about revelation, communication and celebration. By revelation I mean giving people a way of seeing, revealing the world around them in a way they have never seen before, opening their eyes.” Ken Howard’s work is exhibited widely and he has achieved the highest merits for his paintings. He was elected as a member of the Royal Academy in 1991 and was awarded an OBE in 2010.


Dora reading Oil on Canvas, 62 x 51 cms / 24” x 20” £15,000 85

ARIS RAISSIS Greek, (Contemporary)

The fisherman’s son Oil on Panel 80 x 60 cms / 31½” x 23½” £18,000 86

Warmth Oil on Panel 40 x 30 cms / 16” x 12” £3,950

Delilah Oil on Panel 30 x 24 cms / 12” x 9½” £3,250 87

STELLA SHAWZIN South African, (1920-2020)

Motherly love

Leguna Verde Marble 58 x 85 x 65 cms / 23” x 33½” x 25½” £49,500


FRANCISCO BERGAMINI Italian, (1851-1900)

The lesson Oil on Canvas 26 x 40 cms / 10” x 15½” £6,950



HELEN BRADLEY British, (1900-1979)


Oh! The Pot Market’s Arrived Oil on Canvas laid on board 39.5 x 49.5 cms / 15½” x 19½” £95,000 “Oh! The Pot Market’s arrived. George and I were delighted. We knew that grandma, mother, the aunts and Miss Carter, (who wore Pink) would stop and look at all the Pots and buy something, although they hadn’t brought bags with them, “Because”, they said “the market’s earlier than usual”. The Pot Markets only came about once every six months and they were exciting. All the men showing their wares and some offering a huge clothes basket full of pots for very little money. We are on our way to visit Great Aunt Buckley who, alas, George and I didn’t like, so by the time all the pots had been looked at and we’d walked quite a long way, there wouldn’t be much time to spend at Great Aunt Buckley’s and the year was 1907.” - Helen Layfield Bradley



TERENCE CUNEO British, (1907-1996)

Terrence Cuneo was most famous for his passion for engineering subjects, particularly locomotives and the railway as a whole. But in fact Cuneo painted over a wide range, from big game in Africa to landscapes. Further success was achieved in his regimental commissions, battle scenes and incidents as well as portraits. Cuneo wad appointed as the official artist at the Coronation of Elizabeth II, which brought his name before the public worldwide. Cuneo studied at the Chelsea Polytechnic and the Slade School of Art, before working as an illustrator for magazines, books and periodicals. In 1936 he started working in oils, continuing with his illustration work. His work has been used in every conceivable manner, from book jackets and model railway catalogues to posters and jigsaws and even Royal Mail postage stamps. It can be found in many museums and galleries, including Guildhall Art Gallery and the Royal Institution.

Simplon-Orient-Express, 1930s approaching the Swiss border on the Dijon-Valorbe line Oil on Canvas 76 x 101.5 cms / 30” x 40” £99,500


EDOUARD CORTÈS French, (1882-1969) For most of the late 19th and early 20th centuries Paris was a bustling city at the heart of the art world, a thriving metropolis teeming with ideas and innovation that drew collectors and artists from all corners of the globe. The celebrated French painter Edouard Cortès became the city’s lyrical recorder, capturing the delicate intonations of its light, the vicissitudes of its weather, the passing of the seasons, its market stalls, tramcars and crowded streets with Impressionistic delicacy. Herbert Fuller visited Cortes in his studio several times a year from the early 1950’s and would return to the gallery in London with a number of stunning canvases on each visit. As a gallery we have specialised in his work ever since and know his technique and brushstrokes inside out. We only deal in the very best examples of his work and are often called upon by other galleries to authenticate paintings by him. “As long as I am able to get up and go to my easel,” Cortès said, “I will paint until my last breath, because I was born from and for painting.”


Place de la Madeleine

Oil on Canvas 33 x 46 cms / 13” x 18” £59,500 97

EDOUARD CORTÈS French, (1882-1969)

Rue de la Paix


Oil on Canvas 33 x 46 cms / 13” x 18” £59,500

Porte Saint Denis en hiver

Oil on Canvas 33 x 46 cms / 13” x 18” £59,500 99

Peter van Breda is one of Britain’s leading en plein air painters. Dedicated to working outdoors, Peter’s enthusiasm for painting is driven by his excitement at capturing the light, mood and atmosphere of a scene on canvas. Light reflecting on water and the bridges of London that cross the River Thames have always been of foremost interest to Peter in his painting. He first came to us in the City at Gladwell & Co where he charmed the gallery with his scenes of St. Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge, amongst others. Peter’s mesmerising Impressionistic landscapes of London, Venice and Paris have since amassed a large following of dedicated collectors who delight in his record of these cities as they know it, in all weathers and at all times of day.


PETER VAN BREDA British, (Contemporary)

Fountains at Trafalgar Square, London

Oil on Canvas 33 x 55 cms / 13” x 21½” £3,500


Piccadilly Circus


Oil on Canvas 50 x 60 cms / 20” x 24” £5,250

PETER VAN BREDA British, (Contemporary)

York Minster – reflections Oil on Canvas 71 x 51 cms / 28” x 20” £5,250


GIULIO D’ANNA Italian, (1908-1978)

Paesaggio Simultaneo Painted in 1928


Tempera and paper collage on cardboard 60 x 83 cms / 23½” x 32¾” £47,500


LEOPOLD SURVAGE French, (1879-1968)

Leopold Survage was a French painter of Finnish origin. Trained in Moscow, he identified with the Russian avantgarde before moving to Paris, where he shared a studio and a penchant for alcoholic excesses, with Amedeo Modigliani. Survage later moved to Nice and, over the next eight years, produced highly structured oils and works on paper linked together by a series of leitmotifs, repeating groups of symbolic elements—man, sea, building, flower, window, curtain, bird— as if they were protagonists in a series of moving images. The influence may have been Marc Chagall’s, an artist well known for his insertions of floating couples, cows, roosters, and sundry Jewish iconography. By 1922, Survage had begun to move away from Cubism in favour of the neo-classical form. Towards the end of the 1930s, as a result of his contact with André Masson, Survage became increasingly charmed by symbols and mysticism. The curvilinear forms that had previously dominated his compositions came, once again, under the control of geometric structure.

Dans le forêt Painted in 1962 Oil on Panel 60 x 60 cms / 24” x 24” Price on Application 106

KENNETH WEBB Irish, (Contemporary)

Cathedral Oil on Canvas 92 x 61 cms / 36” x 24” £45,000 108


KENNETH WEBB Irish, (Contemporary)

Windows in the forest


Oil on Canvas 25.5 x 35.5 cms / 10” x 14” £4,950

Sunlit sweet peas Oil on Canvas 40.5 x 30.5 cms / 16” x 12” £5,950 111

A beautiful Sunday in the park (“Hello Neighbour”)


Oil on Panel 24½ x 60 cms / 9¾” x 23½” £8,250

WALTER DOLPHYN Belgian, (Contemporary)

Gentlemen, you won’t believe this...

Oil on Panel 18 x 54.5 cms / 7” x 21½” £8,500


Born in Antwerp in 1963, Walter Dolphyn grew up in an artistic milieu. His father Willem, grandfather Victor, the esteemed artist and former professor at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Arts, and his great-uncle Denis were all painters, each with their own distinctive styles. Following in his father’s footsteps, Walter chose to pursue the art of still life painting, but with a focus on collectable items: toys, figurines, gadgets and miniatures, all vividly rendered with exquisite painterly precision. The art of narrative is at the heart of Walter’s practice. Jokingly self-styled as the Hieronymous Bosch of his age, above all Walter aims to tell stories. Inspired by the toys or figures themselves or by an everyday observation, he then directs the protagonists, sometimes solitary, sometimes in various surreal combinations, often poised mid-action, or crowded into vitrines and onto shelves. His paintings are intricately detailed and strive to render the qualities of different materials.


WALTER DOLPHYN Belgian, (Contemporary)

Bottled Up!

Oil on Panel 24.5 x 54.5 cms / 9¾” x 21½” £16,500


Under full sail Oil on Paper 31 x 21 cms 12¼” x 8¼” £9,500 116

DONALD HAMILTON FRASER British, (1929-2009)

Boats on the foreshore, Portskerra

Oil on Paper 39 x 58 cms / 15½” x 22¾” £12,750 117

RONNY MOORGAT Belgian, (Contemporary)

Ronny Moortgat is one of the foremost contemporary artists of marine painting. Following in the footsteps of the great maritime masters of the twentieth-century, he depicts his subjects with great discipline, capturing every minute detail of the vessels. Moorgat’s skill in portraying contemporary and historic ships with such accuracy, whilst also imbuing their unique spirit in his paintings, is due to his lifelong passion for the sea and all that sail on her. This passion was born from growing up by the River Schelde close to Antwerp, Europe’s second largest port, and watching the hustle and bustle of the shipping from a very young age.


Destruction of the French frigates L’Arianne and L’Andromache by HMS Northumberland

Watercolour 26 x 50 cms / 10¼” x 19¾” £6,750


RONNY MOORGAT Belgian, (Contemporary)

Cowes Week


Oil on Canvas 80 x 120 cms / 31½” x 47½” £12,500


Oil on Canvas 50 x 80 cms / 19¾” x 31½” £7,500 121

Polar Ice Pack


Oil on Board 51 x 102 cms / 20” x 40” £59,500

KEN CARLSON American, (born 1937)

Ken Carlson is widely recognised as one of the foremost painters of North American wildlife. A critical element of Carlson’s work is first-hand observation. Every autumn, he travels to Alaska, the Western prairies, or the Canadian Rockies to find his wildlife subjects when they are in full coat and prime physical condition. His interest in animals and art combined and developed into a consuming lifelong career involving the study of animals in their environment. Carlson’s subjects are depicted realistically in their natural habitats. Carlson’s work is included in the collections of the National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson, Wyoming; Genesee County Museum, Rochester, New York; and the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum in Wausau, Wisconsin.



DAVID SHEPHERD British, (1931-2017)

At rest, yet alert - watchful tiger Oil on Canvas 49 x 81 cms / 19¼” x 31¾” £120,000 125

DAVID SHEPHERD British, (1931-2017)



Oil on Canvas 41 x 61 cms / 16” x 24” £49,500

African babies

Oil on Canvas 23 x 40 cms / 9” x 15¾” £25,000


EDWARD WAITES British, (Contemporary)

Otter Duo Bronze (Edition of 12) 55 x 47 x 35 cms 21¾” x 18½” x 13¾” £9,750

EDWARD WAITES British, (Contemporary)


Cheetah Trio Bronze (Edition of 12) 100 x 26 x 10 cms / 39½” x 14¼ x 4” £6,750


PAUL AUGUSTINUS Danish, (born 1952)

Born in 1952 in Denmark, Paul Augustinus grew up in Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. After qualifying as a geologist he worked in this industry for a year before taking up painting full time. A self-taught artist, Augustinus draws his inspiration from the romance of the wild game country that he has made his home over the years. Augustinus has spent most of his career in the wilderness in some of Africa’s last remaining bastions of wildlife, spending a decade in Northern Botswana game reserves, three years in the Kaokoverldg in Namibia and eight months in the rainforests of Equatorial Africa. He has also travelled extensively in North America, Asia and Europe in the pursuit of material for his wildlife paintings.

On the forest edge, Red Deer Oil on Canvas 59 x 89 cms / 23¼” x 35” £15,000



A Midsummer’s Eve, The Lochay, N.B.


Oil on Canvas 50 x 76 cms / 20” x 30” £32,000

ALFRED DE BREANSKI SNR. British, (1852-1928)

Alfred de Breanski Snr. was a British landscape painter, best known for his idyllic depictions of rural Wales and Scotland, particularly highland lochs at sunset, which exude a golden rosy light. Breanski was deeply inspired by both John Constable and William Turner but sought his own style of expression. He was fascinated by the texture of rock, earth and foliage and would focus on the minute details of a particular plant or craggy rockface.


CESARE MAGGI Italian, (1881-1961)

Born to a family of successful actors in Rome, Cesare Maggi was encouraged to paint from infancy. Training under the well-known genre painters Vittorio Corcos and Gaetano Esposito in his teens, Maggi would first exhibit at the Florentine academy in 1898 at the age of 17. His success at this exhibition lead to a visit to Paris to familiarise himself with the continent’s latest artistic styles, further honing his rapid development as a professional painter. While Maggi was known in his early career as a leading divisionist painter, the artist’s most lauded works are his mountain landscapes. His bold lighting and virtuoso understanding of the myriad tones of white enabled him to capture the startling brightness of the Alps. From his prestigious position as chair of the Albertina Academy in Turin, Maggi would spend his career cataloguing the great peaks of Europe in his breath-taking panoramas.


Il Cervino (The Matterhorn) Oil on Canvas 51 x 71 cms / 20” x 28” £15,000


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