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ME I never knew until recently that people would want to know more about me. I am very quiet and would prefer to listen rather than talk. I do not think I have met anyone who is boring in my life. Everyone has something to say, just listen and you will hear it. The most brilliant people on this earth are the children and the old people. Society has not made them to care about what others think. The children are starting afresh and are innocent. The old have been there, done that – the cycle of life. Same script, different cast. I am very simple but in my simplicity I have been become complicated. There is really nothing much to me. I love good food, laughing, reading and knowledge, working hard, music. The same things that people from different cultures, races, tribes and nationalities like. We are all different, but very similar. People have said I work too hard and should relax more. I don’t think I work hard – I just work and give it my best. If every single person gave what they do their best, this world would be a better place. I love knowledge and someday want to study Law and Psychology for the mere love of learning more. You are never too old to learn something new. Maslow’s Law has a stage of Self actualization – he was very wise - and each person has that desire in their heart. Self actualization – doing that you can do all your life without getting paid. That is who Gladwell Wanjiku Nganga is – one paragraph suffices to explain who I am. I have been blest with the chance to come to Israel. It is often referred to as the holy land. I have never understood what the word holy means. It is too complex for my simple mind to understand. On my trip here I couldn’t help but cry. Tears kept flowing from my eyes. Uncontrollably. I am not an emotional person but I have cried here more than I ever have in my short life. I keep telling myself to stop but I cannot help it. When I am here, I laugh with myself. No, I am not growing mad. I just feel free. I have a feeling that no one is judging me for being me. I think that is what being free means. It does not mean you don’t care, it just means you care less what others think. There is a reason why this is called the holy land. The Jews are God’s chosen people. They are different in every way. They are kind, loving, happy and they enjoy life. They eat well, work hard, have time to play and exercise, spend quality time with their family. They live in accordance to the commandments of Moses and indeed those were God’s spoken words to them. When they live in obedience, he prospers them as they have done. We all hear horror stories about Israel but it is one of the most beautiful places, after Kenya, and my second home (temporary residence) South Africa. This is however not about me, but I hope it helps you understand who I am. I am very open and if you ask me anything I will honestly answer you. All you need to ask. I think my quietness has intimidated a lot of people and I’m sorry for that. I once read a book by Paulo Coelho, The Fifth Mountain. In a nutshell the story is about Elijah who was trying to run away from his destiny. God would however not give him peace wherever he went. I think it’s a book worth reading though I have heard a lot of criticism about the author. His books may be complex to understand but this book is very easy to follow and understand. (I don’t know him so I am not marketing his book – just passing on the message on a good book). Each and every person has a destiny. It is that thing which when you think about it excites you and you have that feeling that ‘yes you can’. Then reality hits you and you forget the excitement, but again and again that feeling and that excitement comes. That is your destiny and your purpose in life. No one knows it except you. Maybe you have shared it with someone and they understood and have helped you reach for that dream. That is by all 1

Gladwell Wanjiku Nganga_March 2013

means good. Don’t ever let your present circumstances dictate your future. It is not in your control. That I have learnt from what I have observed. The above paragraph was my message to you. I am a Christian and Christ saved me. I have friends who are not Christians, others may be muslims, hindus etc or self proclaimed atheists. It is a choice that everyone makes for himself when they grow up. I have met many good people who are not Christians, people who have a heart of gold. What goes on in the church has been discouraging and has made many lack faith in God’s word and his ways. It is indeed your choice to make. He is however present. I think being in Israel has made me more aware that what I read are not just stories. It is real. This land is different. It’s a different kind of normal. I am humbled to have gotten the opportunity to visit it and I hope that whatever you believe in (for everyone believes in something – even in themselves) one thing remains true. Love!


Gladwell Wanjiku Nganga_March 2013

Gladwell Wanjiku