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he Coming Insurrection is a very hot book. Not only is it some of the most poetic revolutionary political theory to come out in generations, but also it is getting it’s authors into some hot water. Written by the anonymous “Invisible Committee,” The Coming Insurrection lays out its case against the modern western world in seven circles. After blasting work, capitalism, politics, consumption, and civilization, the book transitions into how and why we can stop this capitalist culture. At times the text seems like a surrealist manifesto of yesteryear, and at other points like a astute political analysis of the insurrectionary potential in our modern atomized world. The fact that the French authors are facing Terrorism charges for writing the book really shows how scary these ideas are to the ruling elite. Self management, self-reliance, interrelated communes of resistance, and by passing the state are the way we the people can begin to take back control of our lives. “....A gang is having a meeting on a street corner. Bigger gatherings on the boulevards, deep in serious discussions. Attacks flash from one city to another, from one day to the next. A new barracks has been pillaged and burnt to the ground. The Inhabitants of a foreclosed-on house have stopped playing tug-of-war with the mayor’s office; they live there in his office now....” from the epilogue of The Coming Insurrection.• You can find an English pdf of this soon to be counter-culture classic at: http://tarnac9.files.wordpress. com/2009/04/thecominsur_booklet.pdf

State of Disunion NUMBER OF DAYS the Elliot Free State held NUMBER OF FREE STATE PROTESTERS the logging road: arrested in defense of 4 our forests: 27 MINIMUM NUMBER OF DOLLARS that the roadblock has NUMBER OF WEEKS it took HF! NMD! to cost ‘the’ authorities out two undercover so far: GJPD officers at their 93,000 meetings: 3 NUMBER OF YEARS in Prison faced by the authors of The Coming NUMBER OF TRAINS alledged to be disabled Insurrection: by the authors of The 25 Coming Inssurection: 160 NUMBER OF PEOPLE who died on the steets of Grand Junction in 2008: PERCENT OF LOCAL houseless people that are 16 veterans: 36 NUMBER OF MONTHS DATE Confluence Books was Confluence Books open at its old location: will re-open: 9 9.11.09

* Sources for the State of Disunion can be found at


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Undercover police officer “Vic” (left) and his partner pose as houseless people at the first meeting of Housing First! No More Deaths! on July 7th.



embers of Housing First! No More Deaths!, in July, were able to confirm that two undercover Grand Junction police officers had joined their organization. The two undercover officers participated in meetings, trainings, and signed the membership list joining the organization. “I’m honestly not surprised,” said Connie Murillo, “they stood out since the beginning.” Murillo said that she was disappointed that the police would resort to political surveillance. “Undercover policing of public political organizing destroys community trust of the police.” Murillo was at the police station waiting

for a friend who was doing some paperwork around noon on Wednesday, July 22nd. When she saw the two undercover officers letting themselves through a secured door into the lobby and then out the rear secured door of the police station. “I got up to make sure they were the same guys that were at the meetings, and they both looked back as they were leaving. It was definitely them.” Murillo said. Minutes before the beginning of the first HF! NMD! on July 7th in Whitman Park, police scanner traffic indicated that two officers were on “special assignment at Whitman Park.” Indicating that the police had





rizona State University, home of Sparky the Sun Devil, has the reputation for partying and cheerleader porn above academics, but there is also has a much darker secret. A secret that weaves the trauma of fear, exploitation, suffering, and pain on individuals whose only offense is being born non-white. That is the act of racial and sexist terrorism coming directly from ASU President, Michael Crow. During the spring 2008 semester, there were rumors at ASU West that a number of Black professors and staff were fi red outright or denied tenure. The ASU – Counsel of Concerned Student, (ASUCCS), an independent student organization for equality and justice in academia, began an investigation into the rumors. What was discovered turned out to be shocking. At the start of the spring 2008 semester, well before the economic downturn, the small campus at ASU- West had 11 Black professors. By the end of the semester, Mr. Crow had effectively removed four Black professors devastating programs, moral, and confidence in a basic college education. The ASU-CCS began an interview process of the professors involved, the obvious question was, what did you do to get fired? None of the professors

involved knew each other directly; they were from different colleges and disciplines. What they had in common were names that reflected an African or Islamic heritage. In the course of our interviews, a pattern emerged; all the professors were recognized in their respective fields, in fact one of the professor’s has published several books on African and Black history. All the professors had a stellar academic record and had been recommended for tenure by their respective departments. However, Mr. Crow had personally fired each one within a day or so of going before the tenure committee. There was another Black professor who was fi red but chose not to be interviewed; she retired early and gave up the fight. At least two Black staff members were also forced to resign at the West campus as a result of oppressive working conditions. During the investigation, ASU-CCS turned up some interesting statistics where Mr. Crow had effectively eliminated all Native American professors from the West campus. As opposed to contacting mainstream media, ASU-CCS attempted to bring the finding to the attention of then Arizona Governor, Janet Napolitano, as


people in the park that they ‘never should of had that meeting,’ that they ‘have the wrong idea,’ and that ‘you don’t know what kind of trouble you’ve started,’ said Jacob Richards. Despite all this the group is still willing to work with the police department. “Deputy Chief John Zen has made an effort to establish open lines of communication between the police department and our organization, and though the discovery of undercover police at our meetings sets things back a little bit, we are still willing to work with the GJPD. In fact they are vital partners if our organization wants to achieve our fi rst goal which is “No More Deaths on the Streets of Grand Junction.” said Richards.•

planted undercover officers at that meeting. One of the officers who called himself “Vic” claimed to be an Iraq War vet who had been houseless since he discharged from the military. Vic and his fellow officer told members of the organization two different locations of where they were supposedly camping. “This is really just more of the same police intimidation and harassment that is directed at the the houseless population in our city on a regular basis,” said HF! member Laurel Ripple. “I don’t see what the city and police find so frightening about the poor and the houseless organizing themselves.” In addition to police survailence homeless individuals involved with HF!NMD! have been harassed by the police after the first HF! NMD! meeting on July 7th. “Three different people all said the same thing: that officer Cody Kennedy and four other officers told a number of homeless


Editor’s Note— This press release was sent to all the local media and state media. The Red Pill and the Western Slope Watchdog were the only papers that published it. Where was the mainstream press?


with the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR). On June 25, 2008 the documents and affidavits were published for download on a blog at Guerilla News Network, filed by user “drp2p” titled, “Stop the hate at ASU.” Interestingly, Senator McCain replied to our inquiry and forwarded a request to Governor Napolitano with the hope that it would be resolved. However, to date, no one from the Arizona governor’s office or ABOR has acknowledged receipt of the information although all correspondence was sent certified mail. September 2008 the ASU-CCS, Rev. Oscar Tillmann with the local chapter of the NAACP and Arizona Rep. Cloves Campbell, Jr. discussed possibly having a news conference at the State Capital. The idea was to get national attention on the issue of blatant institutional racism at Arizona State. Rep. Campbell canceled this because of the pending presidential election with the idea to present something to the media in 2009. This has not happened. With a sense of growing frustration, ASU-CCS compiled the affidavits and subsequent letters that were sent to Arizona official and sent these to: Attorney General Eric Holder, Department of Justice; Secretary Arne Duncan, Department of Education and Secretary Janet A. Napolitano, Department of Homeland Security and other officials. Those letters were received March 2009. On July 23, 2009 the ASU-CCS received a letter from Chief John M. Gadzichowski Employment Litigation Section, Department of Justice, acknowledging receipt of our letter. What is interesting, our letter was sent five days after the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Gates leading some to speculate that


the issue of the institutional racism at ASU was in the hands of some powerful people in Washington DC to be acted upon, had the Gates matter not grabbed national headlines. During this period, freelance journalist Jana Bommersbach was working on a related story regarding open and blatant racism and sexism at the Tempe campus coming directly from Mr. Crow. What was also discovered during her investigation was the long history of sexism and related issues that Mr. Crow had while working at Columbia University as Vice Provost. Ms. Bommersbach’s article titled, “ASU’s True Colors” appears in the August 2009 Phoenix Magazine. Why is this important and is there a solution. Racism is more then the infrequent white supremacist who commits a hate crimes. Racism in the U.S. is the hegemony of power maintained by the dominant culture. This can be seen from the U.S. Congress, to the CEOs and Executive Boards that makeup the leading global corporation, down to the local municipalities. The dominant white culture holds over 98 percent of this power structure. Non-whites, women of color, gays and those who identify as “others” pose a direct threat to this hegemony if they are properly educated. The key to breaking this structure is education of minorities in all disciplines and then placing these educated individuals in a position to teach; however, as long as the dominant culture relegates minorities to ethnic studies, sports, or a two-year college for a menial job, the power structure remains. The solution is to expand this powerbase to reflect the actual social and cultural make up of the country. The first step in the revolution of equality is to realize that racism, in any form, is terrorism.•


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An intense, poetic collection of nine anthropological essays by the 1990 Nobel Laureate in Literature, this work, published originally in 1950, is an in depth examination of not only the Mexican character, but the human character. Stripping away the layers of history that have formed the character of his people, Paz etches from the dark stones of the human heart images of persons who have worn the chains of their culture since before they were born, yet violently, and sometimes ecstatically, persist. A ruminative, ponderous work informed by both Paz’s personal experiences and academic knowledge with a visionary scope, this work will leave you elucidated and breathless. •Out







A forgotten masterpiece that sold over a million copies when it was first published in 1941 and possibly the greatest political memoir of all time (certainly one of the most exciting), this is the autobiography of a communist deeply engaged in party affairs after the first world war and into the second. Not only an incredible insiders account of an

idealist devoured by the very machine he seeks to serve, but charging, ceaselessly enthralling adventure story that is at times heart stopping, infuriating, dizzying, and, ultimately, shattering, •The Tin by Gunther

Drum Grass

Published in 1959 by a man who won the 1999 Nobel Prize in Literature and came out in 2006, after a lifetime of being hailed as a moral authority, as having been a member in his teenage years of the Waffen SS, this seminal novel is considered by most the first great novel of post WWII Germany. A strange, immense book whose main character, Oskar Matzerath, is in many ways the quintessential misfit genius, this tale proves that in the land where you must sacrifice your humanity to be accepted only the real freaks who will never conform will remain human.•

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list rebel

of ten should

books read.

•A People’s History of the United States of America by Howard Zinn This groundbreaking masterpiece, originally published in 1980, is exactly what the title suggests: a history of the United States told through the stories of the indigenous peoples and the workers who are the life blood of this nation. Omitting the typical hero worship and grandiose depictions of politicians and robber barons that most high school and college texts wallow in, this is an essential read for anyone who wishes to know what it means to be an “American” and inimitable for those who want to challenge, destroy or recreate the system to serve us. • Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire The 1968 masterpiece that paved the way for a whole new perspective on what exactly the word “education” means. A necessary read for anyone seeking to understand how the systems of “education” the world over are merely tools for the elite to control the rest of us. The central text for anyone who wishes to cooperate in education with marginalized and exploited peoples. •On






The book that inspired the rebellion of the sixties and the central milestone of the counterculture Beat literary movement. Though Kerouac was obviously flawed and didn’t consider himself an “anarchist” or an “activist” and hated hippies, On the Road, first published in 1957, has and will continue to inspire road trips and social uprising for years to come. •The Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon A description of how colonialism - specifically in Africa - operates and how and why many of the revolts against it fail. Published in 1961,

this work lays bare the systemic tragedies which so often serve as the foundations for the empires of wealthy white comfort. A must read for anyone wishing to combat the class exploitation that has been ravaging our planet and our psyches for centuries. •The





The Portuguese master of magical realism and 1998 Nobel Laureate in Literature weaves in his typically incandescent prose a story of commercialism gone rampant and one man’s struggle to keep his soul in a world where simulation has become more real than reality. The title refers to Plato’s allegory of the cave and the story examines the allegory as it relates to common people, not just the people in charge. Gorgeous, incomparable storytelling that illuminates the struggle of the modern world to maintain its humanity. •Guerrilla Warfare by Che Guevara This book will show you not only how to fight a war against the imperialist powers now raping our world on every level possible, but teach you why Che, possibly the best known counter culture figure in the world and a man who gave his life in the battle against capitalism, would slap you in your fucking face for sporting your phony ass shirt imprinted with his visage. Stop coopting our heroes, you fucking poseurs. •Days of War, Nights of Love by CrimethInc. Now a modern classic, this collectively composed work of anarchist thought is a provocative beginners guide for navigating the conundrums and contradictions underlying both the world of everyday suburban malaise and the world of anarchist theory and action. The perfect book for anyone who is interested in living their own life according to their own rules, but needs a little kick start in their ass, and also a wonderful read for those who need some rejuvenation on the path of resistance. •The Labyrinth of Solitude by Octavio Paz “REBEL” FROM PAGE THREE



he Elliott Free State was an occupation road block that stopped the clear-cutting of some of the last native forests in Cascadia. The blockade forced the logging companies to sell back the timbersale. More then 50 people from various EF! groups from around the country and other local organizations helped build the blockade. It took 70+ police armed with “less-thanleathal” weapons, a bulldozer, a cherrypicker, and other heavy equipment and over 48 hours to dismantel it, resulting in 27 arrests 15 0f which were locked down to varriose objects from bipod/skypod to sleeping dragons (the EF! roadshow van on its side.) For more info Free St(A)te


the check

Elliott out:

Top Left: Clear Cuts in the Elliot Nation Forest. Top Right EF!ers man the barricade. Bottom Right: Police stand in front of a tri-pod with a protester in it. Above: Two people lock-down to a concrete filled barrel blocking the logging road. Bottom Left: Two more people lock down to save our wild lands. Middle Left: Two Protesters dangle from a bi-pod and a sky-pod. Middle: The last protester arrested at the Elliot Free State.

The Red Pill Vol. 7 No. 6  

Undercovers Uncovered, Elliot Free State, Radical Reading List, Racism At Arizona State, The Coming Insurrection, Confluence Books.

The Red Pill Vol. 7 No. 6  

Undercovers Uncovered, Elliot Free State, Radical Reading List, Racism At Arizona State, The Coming Insurrection, Confluence Books.