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Corporate Partnerships with Penn State Sharing a Vision, Shaping a Future

“The integrity of the education program is part of the successful formula at the University, but the cultural environment that fosters a terrific work ethic in its students is what makes Penn State graduates unique and a good fit for us.� Caitlin McLaughlin, Director of Campus Recruiting, PNC Financial Services

Message from the President Today’s dynamic business environment places a host of competing demands on any company. Successful businesses must find effective ways to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, globalize their operations, and demonstrate corporate responsibility—and they must develop these capabilities faster and more efficiently than their competitors. To build that advantage, many companies are turning to Penn State, seeking innovative, cutting-edge solutions to address their most critical business challenges. As the nation’s most comprehensive, student-centered research institution, Penn State offers collaborative opportunities that can range from a single venture to multifaceted partnerships involving units across the University. Whether the relationship consists of research collaborations that leverage faculty expertise, employee professional development programs, recruiting connections that create a pipeline of student talent, or philanthropy to Penn State as a way to increase visibility and brand recognition on campus, corporate partners receive significant returns on their investments. I invite you to come see what makes our University one of the most respected and sophisticated academic partners for leading companies. Capitalize on a deeper relationship with Penn State to achieve your business objectives. Sincerely,

Rodney A. Erickson, President The Pennsylvania State University

Helping You Meet Your Objectives With more than 300 research centers and institutes, 18 colleges, more than 160 academic majors, and an academic medical center, the depth and breadth of the University offers companies a range of options for aligning their business needs with Penn State’s capabilities. Here are some of the ways your company can partner with Penn State. Maximize your research investment At a time when all companies must make the most of their research dollars, Penn State can help drive innovation where it’s needed most. Fueled by creative faculty and students, the University is on the leading edge of discovery, generating new knowledge and collaborating with industry to translate findings into cost-effective solutions. Our total research expenditures topped $800 million last year, and we rank fourth in the country for industry-sponsored research. In the last fiscal year alone, we worked on more than 1,200 projects with more than 650 companies. Acquire talented leaders Knowledgeable employees drive and sustain organizational performance and competitive advantage in today’s business environment. Penn State’s versatile, innovative graduates bring fresh ideas and insights to complement your existing workforce. For this reason, more companies recruit here than at any other university. Building relationships with Penn State creates a pipeline of talent to address your staffing needs. Transform your workforce Leaders in the global economy know that you must continually learn in order to remain competitive. Penn State has the expertise to develop relevant educational programs, customized for the particular requirements of your company and delivered through traditional classes or online. From graduate programs, to research symposia, to our Executive MBA program, we offer the executive and professional education opportunities that position your organization to excel.

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Why Penn State is considered one of the world’s great universities: Number-one ranked in the Wall Street Journal by corporate recruiters for bestprepared graduates Grants almost 18,000 degrees per year, including more than 3,000 graduate degrees—a clear testament to the University’s reputation as a world-class research and learning center $804 million in annual research expenditures, a 71 percent increase over the past decade Ranked 4th nationally with over $100 million annually in industry-sponsored research Ranked 1st in materials science and engineering R&D expenditures

Globalize your business Knowing how to navigate geographical, political, and cultural complexities of the world economy can maximize your success and profitability. Global Penn State is a strategic University initiative that prepares our graduates to be effective, ethical leaders and active citizens in a global society. And efforts like our top-ranked supply chain program and online iMBA lead the way in generating and disseminating the knowledge that enables companies like yours to meet the challenges and opportunities of today’s multinational business environment. Strengthen your brand recognition WE ARE‌PENN STATE. A rallying cry that echoes across Beaver Stadium on fall afternoons, the Penn State brand epitomizes excellence and integrity. Collaboration links our partners to the University community and provides access to 96,000 current students and more than 600,000 living alumni. Your company can put the power of institutional loyalty to work in boosting your visibility with consumers and future employees. Whatever your market, a corporate sponsorship with Penn State delivers real value and incredible results. Demonstrate corporate responsibility Many consumers expect businesses to take a more active role in environmental, social, and political issues than ever before. A partnership with Penn State is an effective way to meet the expectations of your customers and business partners, and to underline your commitment to this ideal. By giving to Penn State, whether for student scholarships, faculty support, research, or student programming, you will be making a positive impact while accomplishing your business objectives. Read on to discover what sets Penn State apart. Then explore how we’re sharing a vision and shaping the future with our partners at

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Invested $1 billion in research infrastructure over the last 5 years Penn State's online campus, the World Campus, was named the No. 1 online institution, and the University's portfolio of online information sciences and technology degrees is also No. 1 nationally Number-one ranked university in supply chain, materials science, and psychology National Research Council top-ranked programs in 34 diverse disciplines, including plant biology, industrial engineering, chemistry, and materials science and engineering Ranked 7th among research universities in study abroad enrollments More than 1 out of 6 students in the nation who apply to medical school apply to Penn State’s College of Medicine

Points of Distinction Penn State stands out among the world’s great universities. Our reputation for excellence extends beyond our academic achievements to encompass our strong relationships with industry. With the interdisciplinary nature of our approach, the recognized quality of our graduates, and our global connections, Penn State can propel your company to greater success. Well-prepared students: The University’s student-centered approach is reflected in the preparedness of our graduates. The inquiry-based foundations of the Penn State education promote curiosity and develop critical and creative thinking, producing students with the skills and attributes indicative of productive, valued employees. Undergraduate research opportunities let students put those skills into practice, while also building time management, organizational, and collaborative skills. In a recent national survey of corporate recruiting executives, the Wall Street Journal ranked Penn State number one in the nation for producing the best prepared, most well-rounded graduates who are equipped to succeed. Global reach, global impact: Penn State’s broad reach extends across The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and beyond. We educate 96,000 students on twenty-four campuses and around the globe through our extensive online World Campus, recently ranked the number-one online institution. Penn State’s 600,000 living alumni reside and work in more than 150 different countries, impacting nearly every field of human endeavor— and many hold leadership positions in major global enterprises. From Penn State Abington in greater Philadelphia, to the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, to one of our Global Engagement Partners in Asia, we are always right where you need us. Interdisciplinary research: The cooperative intellectual climate among Penn State faculty fosters innovative research that crosses traditional academic boundaries. Through a set of interdisciplinary, University-wide initiatives, Penn State is well positioned to partner with industry to address some of the greatest challenges facing society today. Industry-friendly: Our industry partners appreciate how easy we make it to sponsor research and discover market-ready technologies at Penn State. Our staff of experienced professionals will take you through the process step by step. From understanding where innovation is needed most and delivering solutions to streamlining the contracting procedure, we ensure that your research investments go further.



Transforming Medicine

At Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and Penn State College of Medicine, researchers and clinicians are developing new ways to understand and treat disease through personalized medicine. In this approach, care is customized and calibrated to the biological and environmental context of specific individuals. The goal of personalized medicine is to understand how biological information (especially genetic information) and the environment affect each person’s risk of developing diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia, and autism. This information then allows tailor-made interventions for the treatment and prevention of disease, and prompts the development of better decision-making tools for patients and their providers.

Research in Action University endeavors—like the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and Penn State College of Medicine, and hundreds of other centers and institutes—routinely bring together researchers from various departments and colleges to develop holistic approaches on projects that have tangible benefits for our industry partners and our society. Here are some of the key areas in which Penn State seeks practical solutions to today’s most pressing challenges: Cyberscience: Computation has revolutionized research and holds virtually limitless potential across all fields of science and industry. The next wave of discovery will no doubt result from the connections and analysis made possible through high-performance computing. We’re leading the way in cyberscience research, expanding the frontiers in such emerging directions as Internet security, energy management, tailored materials, and predictive modeling. Energy and the Environment: From energy-efficient buildings, batteries, and unconventional hydrocarbons, to bioenergy and polar science, we’re blazing trails on the full spectrum of issues related to energy, sustainability, and the environment. Health Sciences: Our medical researchers conduct groundbreaking basic, clinical, translational, and wellness and health improvement studies, and work hand-in-hand with researchers in areas like engineering, health and human development, and information sciences to translate the results into medical discoveries that are making a significant impact on human health. Life Sciences: The study of life sciences today benefits greatly from connections with the physical, social, and computational sciences. That’s why we reach across those disciplines, taking an integrated approach to research in fields like infectious disease, genomics, plant sciences, and neurosciences. Materials: We’re developing new materials and enhancing existing ones to transform industries such as communications, computing, energy, manufacturing, health care, and transportation. Social Sciences: We’re tackling the complex social problems facing communities here and around the world by conducting research in areas like population dynamics, child and youth development, and the social and personal needs of seniors.



“Our research projects at Penn State have provided us access to the University’s talented faculty, students, and unique facilities. Chevron has found this to be very complementary to our own in-house capabilities and a good way to leverage our R&D funding. We have found we can do specific types of research at Penn State at a fraction of the cost to do it internally.” Tim Magner, General Manager, Chevron Energy Technology Company

Your Gateway to the University The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) serves to bridge the corporate and academic worlds, developing partnerships that address business needs while aligning with Penn State’s strategic initiatives. Providing a single point of entry to the University, CFR is a central resource for corporations in need of knowledgeable faculty and researchers, talented students, high-tech facilities, market-ready technologies, and opportunities for philanthropic support of programs that make a difference. With our global view of corporate interactions at Penn State, CFR is positioned to assist businesses in identifying investment opportunities by n

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matching your business’ strategic needs with the University’s strengths, resulting in partnerships that support the mission of each; synthesizing information from numerous stakeholders to create robust opportunities for maximizing impact; articulating the value proposition the University offers; facilitating timely interactions between company representatives and campus collaborators; communicating attainment of collaborative goals and return on investment.

Contact our office at 814-863-4308 or to discover how a deeper relationship with Penn State can assist your company in achieving its business objectives. 

“Dow has reaped many direct and indirect benefits from our mutual endeavors. From the hiring of brilliant Penn State graduates to the innovative research conducted through sponsored projects, through the Dow-Duda Endowment, and through the Learning Factory design partnerships, Dow and Penn State are working together on so many levels, which is fantastic.” Jerome Peribere, Executive Vice President of The Dow Chemical Company and President and Chief Executive Officer, Dow Advanced Materials


Shaping people who shape the world—that’s the mission of the Schreyer Honors College. As a nationally recognized model for honors education, the college draws some of the nation’s brightest students. Special honors courses, one-on-one work with faculty, independent research, and travel for study and service all help the Schreyer Scholars develop the skills necessary to lead in the global community. Several initiatives in the college specifically cultivate the Scholars’ potential as future leaders, including Leadership Jumpstart, an intensive, project-driven course designed to identify and develop leadership skills; and the PNC Leadership Assessment Center, which evaluates select Scholars on competencies related to organizational effectiveness. The Schreyer Honors College is just one more way that Penn State is looking ahead and preparing for the future.


Training Tomorrow’s Leaders—The Schreyer Honors College

future Energy Leadership For The Future Penn State recently secured a five-year, $129 million federal grant, primarily from the U.S. Department of Energy, to take the lead in a new Energy Innovation Hub. This collaboration of more than 90 corporations, academic institutions, and government agencies will develop ways to make buildings more energy efficient. Hailed by President Obama as the kind of forward-looking initiative that will allow America to “win the future,� this venture represents one way Penn State’s research capabilities connect with industry to bring about real, practical results.

“The health care challenges we face today are complex and can only be solved through collaboration. Our partnership with Penn State enables the expansion of services to meet the growing health care needs of the Commonwealth. With our financial investment and Penn State’s research infrastructure, we are able to focus our collective resources on the development of community health initiatives as well as on prevention and wellness programs.” Kenneth R. Melani, M.D., President and CEO, Highmark Inc.

Penn State Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations 17 Old Main University Park, PA 16802 Website: E-mail: Phone: 814-863-4308

Corporate Partnerships with Penn State: Sharing a Vision, Shaping a Future  

Read this brochure and learn more about what sets Penn state apart, explore how we at Penn State are sharing a vision and shaping the future...

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