Giovanni Ambrosio

Paris, FR

Photographer currently between Paris and Naples. My personal research is based on traditional genres of photography: portraits, landscapes, still lives, abstractions or narratives. Formal structures allowing variations of content and argumentation. My commissioned works in photography and digital communication can also, and sometimes simultaneously, lead me to work as art director, writer and graphic designer. I work with several theatre companies, both in communication projects and in creative projects. I also works on sound material, video projections, images and texts. Since 2015, with Sébastien Louis, researcher and writer, I produce photography and video documentaries focusing on the passion of football and Ultras, radical supporters groups. I'm the founder of Black Spring Graphics Studio and Food Stories Agency. In 2019, I joined the Seeeds project, a virtual gallery dedicated to culinary photography. Here I showcase my photo stories, books and images collections.