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Regina Mendez December 14, 2010 Block 3 Grade 9 I will give a mini-lesson on formatting your paper... but it should look more like this. The Cause and Reason of Teleton

My research paper is about a charity fundraiser for children and teenagers. It’s called the Teleton Mexamerica Foundation, which provides to the disabled children. What they do, is (The charity brings) they bring children and teens (ages eight to eighteen) from all over the world 8-18 with special needs (intellectual, sensorial, motor). Teleton is to provide(s) knowledge about physical and mental disabilities, giving a strong message about respect, equality, and support to people in these conditions. [People all over the world have the opportunity to reinforce our values and work for the same cause.] The topic you chose to write about is excellent, but you seem to be missing a thesis statement. A thesis statement should still be a part of a research paper- you should have a solid opinion that guides the rest of the research. Here is an example: Teleton is an excellent fund-raiser in that it provides people with a way to give back to those who are in need. It is a yearly event in Mexico, Chile, the United States, and in other countries. It started in 1996, through a T.V. and radio broadcast. Of more than 24 hours, it’s Intended to collect money to help in the creation of children rehabilitation centers for different disabilities. They show videos about them that really touch your heart, just wanting to help them, and give them what they need. They come from a poor family

and can’t do anything about their problem. Some of the children’s disabilities include: disabled problems are not having any legs, arms, blind(ness), or Maybe even and deafness. Reword →Which is really sad and depressing for them and for the ones who cares. Teleton helps them by raising money for the operations they need, and the support they want. The owners also raise hair locks (locks of hair) for children who have been diagnosed with cancer. Teleton once has lasted around 30 hours just trying to raise money. It starts and has always started on a Friday since 1997 ← put this at the front of the sentence. They invite Latin artists to perform, then donate for the children’s needs.

Different companies also go to the Teleton, to donate good money and help them get to their goal. On December 4, 2010 they passed their goal of 445 million, And went up to $446,851,910 in just 2 days. All that money went to those kids, to help make their dreams come true, and be happy again. They made a special tribute to those famous actors who were also diagnosed with cancer and didn’t have the same opportunity as those children did.

I chose to write about this because it was something inspiring, because it was something that reflects on other people. The first time I saw the Teleton showing videos of the children, I wanted to help them. Having everything I ever wanted when they didn’t have nothing anything,

and only asking for another chance, to be like everyone else. � you should read this sentence outloud to yourself as it is a little confusing. It(')s an inspiring story that may relate to other people. Teleton also represents the opportunity to renew the trust in individuals and organizations. To think and look upon our values and make them part of our lives. Teleton not only raises funds but also promotes a culture of integrity. It(')s time to stop thinking of the things you don’t have and start appreciating everything you do have, because not all people get the opportunities like us, but (many) wish they did.


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