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Constitutional Law and AP Government instructor Matt Lindley ’89 introduces members of the alumni panel, Brittney Nascone Cogan ’03, Tim Fiorta ’02 and David Krueger ’02.

“I want to start by saying thank you to Frank and Cheryl Potenziani for their support and interest in what it is that we have been doing in the area of Constitutional Law and what it is that we continue and aspire to do in bringing constitutional law issues of justice to young students in helping them emerge as people of compassion and concern for each other within a constitutional democracy. In fact, the name of this symposium, the David A. Potenziani Symposium, which is in memory of their son, really grows out of David’s own commitment to these very things. David was, first and foremost, a young man with a huge heart and out of that heart and concern and compassion for others came this immense desire to really look critically at issues of justice, at issues concerning rights for others. Out of that was born that academic interest in constitutional law and what it does for those who are ardent supporters of democracy and ardent believers in the rights of individuals as well as the rights of and the powers of state and how it is that those two work together to create this country, really, out of the blueprint of our founding fathers as it was meant to be.” J. Brian Horgan Director of the Upper School


ilmour Academy hosted the first annual David Potenziani ’95 Symposium on April 18 with support from the family of David and the M&T Trust. The symposium featured keynote speaker, Dr. Phillip Muñoz, the Tocqueville associate professor David Potenziani ’95 of religion and public life in the political science department at the University of Notre Dame. Muñoz writes and teaches across the fields of constitutional law, American politics and political philosophy with his recent research focusing on the theme of religious liberty and the American Constitution. Muñoz spoke to students from Gilmour, Archbishop Hoban High School and fellow Holy Cross institution Cathedral High School in Indianapolis, Ind. on issues concerning the First Amendment. His address also targeted the recent controversy concerning Church v. State with regard to President Obama’s proposed health care initiative and its impact on Catholic institutions which offer healthcare to employees. Dr. Muñoz’s presentation was quite interactive. He asked for the students’ opinions on historical Supreme Court cases, showing them how these cases shaped future Supreme Court decisions. Gilmour Constitutional Law and AP Government instructor Matt Lindley said of the experience, “The students really enjoyed Dr. Muñoz’s presentation, listening and discussing the origins of religious freedom and what exactly that means in today’s society.” Following a question and answer session with Dr. Phillip Muñoz Muñoz, the students gathered for a luncheon in the Athletic Center which featured a panel of four Gilmour alumni who are practicing attorneys. Fred Botek ’86, Tim Fiorta ’02, David Krueger ’02 and Brittney Nascone Cogan ’03 spoke about their career paths from high school to college to law school and beyond. After the luncheon, Gilmour students in the Constitutional Law class delivered presentations to Dr. Muñoz, the AP Government students and the visiting students on issues currently before the Supreme Court.

Gilmour Academy Magazine Spring/Summer 2012  
Gilmour Academy Magazine Spring/Summer 2012  

Gilmour Academy Magazine Spring/Summer 2012