Gilded Dirt #3: Vibrant Ruins

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Moving Image Archive // Sarah Smith Your Search: CUMBERNAULD Title: A FRESH START Date: 1969 Description: A young family move into a purpose-built home in the New Town of CUMBERNAULD Shotlist: street scene in Glasgow including demolition of tenement buildings (0.08) titles (0.19) map of central Scotland showing location of CUMBERNAULD (0.23) aerial views of town centre, housing schemes and transport network including roads, bus station and pedestrian bridges (1.24) interior and exterior of town centre (2.10) shots of a dark brown Vauxhall Chevette driving into a large cul-de-sac and parking in a marked bay (3.34) shots of a young couple and their daughter getting out of car (4.24) shots of woman and little girl entering house while man unloads a record player and a guitar from car (5.05) close up of house front showing bright yellow door and integral refuse unit (5.38) shots of downstairs interior including: couple walking through hallway; woman admiring kitchen worktops; man in living room operating central heating air vents (6.20) shots of woman and girl climbing stairway, little girl waving through the top banister at her father (7.03) shots of family exploring upper storey of house (7.36) girl bouncing on bed (8.04) shots of father and daughter running around in garden as mother stands at the back door (8.49) shots of couple unpacking boxes in kitchen and filling cupboards while daughter draws a picture at a table (8.54) shots of planning model for town centre and associated construction work (9.13) panning shot of CUMBERNAULD from surrounding ridge (9.38).