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It has been four years since Syria is living in its civil war, where more that a hundred thousand people have died. A lot of people don’t even know what is going on in Syria, which is having one of the most terrible wars you can imagine. This is because since it isn’t a country that the press gives as much attention as others, people seem to not know what is happening around them. This is why, in this editorial, one of the the most important civil wars of the moment will be exposed, as in what is happening and what caused it. After the violent way of the Bazz Government, a lot of people started believing they weren’t treated the right way, and this is why they decided to get into their civil war by becoming the “Free Syrian Army” that quickly became stronger after some of the actual army decided to leave their jobs and become part of the new army formed by citizens. This rebellion went from cities where there are suburbs, to rural places where the Islamic has an enormous influence. This is just the side of the Syrians, but when it comes to the government, they where also involved. The Bachar Al Asad gobernment, decided to fight back and that is when the Syrian-Arabic army got involved in this war. As (El Diario, 2015) says, there have been more than 215,000 dead when it comes to this war, and it has increased because this article is from more than six months ago. There has been a lot of revolve around this war, it has not only reached all of Syria, but it has become an international topic. This is due to the support of Rusia, China, Iran, and Hezbollah that go for, and help, the Syrian government. On the other hand, the United States, occidental powers, Turkey, the Persian Gulf with its petroleum companies, and the jihadist terrorism are supporting the rebels. The government is being supported throughout missiles, since Rusia provided them. The (BBC,2015) says, that right now, the countries with more Syrian refuegees are Turkey with 1,938,999, Lebanon with 1,113,941, Jordanian with 629, 266, Iraq with 249,463, and Egypt with 132, 375. As it is showed, the Syrians are really being helped, and they should be, since they shouldn’t be treated badly by their own governors. After this we can say that the civil war of the Syrians has been one of the harshest ones until now. People in Syria are being treated miserably in their own country, which is supposed to be their home and shelter. The government doesn’t care about the population and the worst part is they are attacking each other without caring who gets hurt. Reference El Diario. (2015). Retrieved from Política Crítica. (2015). Retrieved from

By: Orianna Vigil

Teacher Imelda   Gonzalez   is   a   dedicated   person,   who   worries   for   other   individual’s   problems,   involving   feelings   such   as   passion,   because   without   that   kind   of   sense,   it   would   be   difficult   to   proceed.   Here   in   High   School   she   manages   social   acAviAes   each   semester,   someAmes   even   on   internaAonal   social   works,   where   she   takes   students   on   a   travel   to   help   communiAes   in   necessity;   besides   CETYS   she   contributes   in   two   non-­‐ g o v e r n m e n t a l   o r g a n i z a A o n s ,   helping   children   and   women   who   suffer   domesAc   violence.   She   believes  that  the  human  being  was   born  to  help;  that  we  disAnguish  on   other   living   creatures   because   we   can   analyze   our   conduct,   can   feel   proud   of   parAcipaAng   in   soluAons   for  others’  problems;  and  if  we  just   think   of   our   personal   necessiAes,   shortcomings,   limitaAons   or   capaciAes,   then   we   are   not   covering   the   mission   of   why   we   were  created.   Do   you   remember   your   first   social   work?      

Yes, I   remember   the   first   Ame   I   helped   the   community,   which   I   didn’t  consider  a  social  work,  I  just     thought  it  was  being  solidary  when   I  was  in  university;  it  consisted  in     h e l p i n g   k i d s   w i t h   l e a r n i n g   problems.   What   do   you   feel   every   Ame   you   help  somebody?   SaAsfacAon,   but   first   I   feel   anguish   for   just   thinking   that   the   acAvity   that   I'm   doing   it   may   not   be   sufficient;   but   always   with   a   lot   of   hope   independently   that   it   may   not   be   enough   the   support   to   be   able   to   change   the   situaAon   of   that   community.     Is  social  work  divided  in  areas?   Here   in   High   School   first   you   do   service   for   the   community;   aOer   that   you   start   with   theory,   analyzing  authors,  government  and   poliAcal   news,   with   the   intenAon   of   reaching   a   scienAfic   way   of   thinking   based  on  methodology.   Which  area  do  you  prefer?   It   depends;   both   of   them   are   necessary,   service   it’s   for   waking   the   interest   on   the   real   necessiAes   but   also   theory   it’s   a   passion   for   me.  

What are   usually   directed   those   acAviAes?   We   have   worked   with   helping   on   construcAon   of   homes   and   schools;   cleaning   areas;   contribuAng   with   community  bouAques,  it  consists  on   giving   away   clothes   and   families   who   have   on   that   moment   any   financial   problems   can   go   and   take   what  they  need.     Are   you   working   with   any   future   project?   We’ll   soon   start   with   a   call   for   students   that   aspire   to   be   a   social   leader;   and   we   are   tempAng   to   create  a  green  house  in  the  campus,   which   can   help   giving   food   to   a   certain   group   of   elderly   people   in   need.     How  do  you  describe  yourself?     As   a   person   that   gets   enthusiasAc   anyAme   gets   with   people,   I   really   like   being   with   the   youth   and   I   think   that  I  have  the  capacity  for  inspiring   others  to  help  their  neighbor.   Have  you  done  any  sacrifice  to  keep   your  social  work?     Of   course,   there   are   occasions  

where I  have  to  work  a  lot  with  my   familiar   part,   some   traveling   or   weekend   projects   can   absorb   so   much   Ame   that   should   be   invested   on   my   family,   but   I   don’t   sacrifice   what  may  not  be  convenient,  only  if   it  is  really  necessary.     H a v e   y o u   e x p e r i e n c e d   a n y   heartbreaking   situaAon   while   on   a   project?   Every   group   of   elderly   people,   children  and  others,  all  of  them  truly   have  an  impact  on  me;  everything  of   these   has   taught   me   that   no   one   is   exempted   of   living   a   situaAon   like   theirs,   abandon   elders,   abused   children.   And  the  most  joyful  experience?   That   the   young   ones   reflect   they   were   useful   for   helping   someone,   that  there  is  people  who  have  a  big   loving   capacity   and   are   waiAng   for   a   reciprocal  person.      

By: Orianna Vigil  A  novel  wriUen  by  Maria  Padian,  a  freelance  writer,  essayist  and   author  of  young  adult  novels.  With  this  book  she  won  the  prize  of  the  2014   Lupine  Award  and  the  2014  Maine  Literary  Award  for  Young  Adult  FicAon.  A   story  in  New  Jersey  of  two  talented  best  friends,  Henry  an  almost   professional  tennis  player  and  Eva  a  giOed  ballerina.  Both  of  them  are  being   push  by  their  respecAve  parents  (which  are  familiar  to  the  area  of  their   child,  because  they  were  in  it  but  couldn´t  reach  such  ability  and   recogniAon).    These  best  friends  in  order  to  keep  growing  are  by  taking  different   paths.  Henry  must  go  to  Florida  to  develop  as  a  successful  athlete  and  Eva’s   answer  to  fame  is  by  traveling  and  pracAcing  in  well-­‐known  insAtuAons  in   New  York.  Henry’s  father  stresses  her  out;  the  only  way  she  can  get  rid  of   such  pressure  is  by  reflecAng  an  aggressive  conduct  in  the  tennis  court  and   yelling  some  sharp  language  to  her  opponents.  On  the  other  way,  Eva’s   controlling  mother  doesn’t  even  let  her  child  to  take  some  free  air,  only   because  she  wants  the  best  for  her,  as  an  act  of  rebellion  and  a  wave  of   anxiety  Eva  starts  fasAng  her  food.        Henry  achieves  top  success  in  her  tennis  career,  but  thousand  miles   away  Eva’s  eaAng  disorder  consumes  her  at  a  point  she  can’t  even  stand  on   her  feet  canceling  the  acAon  of  dancing.  Henry  worried  for  her  best  friend   gives  everything  away  without  even  thinking  twice  just  to  get  the  chance  of   reaching  Eva  before  it’s  too  late  for  helping  her.    These  leads  the  reader  to  evaluate  acAons,  of  how  to  handle   situaAons  of  mental  disturbance  and  to  watch  their  eaAng  habits,  anorexia   can  trap  you  generally  on  two  ways,  pressure  and  anxiety  and/or  following   a  trend.        

By: Orianna Vigil A collection of poems written by Pablo Neruda in a young age, these statement caused a lot of controversy, because most of his poems if not all of them contained metaphors that refer to the most erotic, passionate and/or heartbroken incidents, always referring to a woman, perhaps it could have been more than just one. This book has been translated in many languages (the original is in Spanish). The forms used by him are images of the forests, ocean, night & day, natural phenomena, and seasons of the year. Most of the stanzas have a free design, he goes from stanzas of 2 verses from 5 verses in a stanza over the same poem, creating a proper tendency of disorganization although has armony. The rhymes generally in every poem are categorized as free verse, meaning that it doesn’t have any rhythm at all nor rhyme, but there are some exceptions where he repeats verses in every two stanzas. Such like the so famous poem, Poem #20: “I can write the saddest lines tonight. Write for example: «The night is fractured and they shiver, blue, those stars, in the distance».” The first verse “I can write the saddest lines tonight” repeats 3 times in the whole poem, but it will be the main thing you’ll remember when someone mentions the Poem #20. Some may say repeating a line might be a lack of creativity, I think in some essay that problem can be represented, but in a poem basically you are the author and everything can be possible, something that Neruda got very clear, I can say he was and still is the master of poems, specifically in the area love related.

Instead of throwing away the scraps of a candle store them somewhere fresh and dark until you have a reasonable amount to in a mason jar. Don’t forget about the colors, mix them and play with the shades, but remember that the color will always be darker when it’s liquid and lighter when it is solid. Setting up the work space You’ll need: •  Candle wax •  2 pots for bain-marie •  Standard wick •  Mason Jar •  Pencil •  Wooden or metal spoon Step 1: Have ready the scraps and/or small chunks of candles. Fill your bigger pot with water and start boiling, put the smaller inside without letting any water in. Step 2: Prepare your mason jar with the wick standing in the middle, which end will be tied to the pencil that should be horizontally on top of the jar. Next, pour all the candle wax into your smaller pot. Stir with the spoon until it is completely melted. Step 3: Finally when all the wax is liquid decant it in the jar, be sure that the wick won’t move, if so just place it correctly with a stick. Let cool and light it up!

By: Perla Moreno

By: Gilda Hernández Normally, when you think about an eating disorder the word anorexia and bulimia pop into your head with a stick thin teen girl. Why is that those are the only images people get when they think of an eating disorder? Most people don’t think people with this kind of disorder have breakdowns, but they do and when this happens another eating disorder occurs named binge eating. Since this isn’t something that is “common” in society, this essay will explain what it is, its importance, how it works, its symptoms, and how to treat it. To be able to understand what binge eating means, it is needed to be defined, the (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2015) refers to Binge-eating disorder as “a serious eating disorder in which you frequently consume unusually large amounts of food and feel unable to stop eating.” It is normal for people to eat too much sometimes, but binge eating is another level, this is why it is a disorder, people who binge can last about two hours straight without stopping. Whoever suffers from this disease will know they are eating way too much and feel bad about it, but even with that feeling, they can’t stop. Some of the symptoms of the eating binge disorder, as the (Help Guide, s/f) says, are eating when you’re full or not hungry, frequently eating alone or in secret, and feeling depressed, disgusted, ashamed, guilty or upset about your eating.

Sometimes when a person is suffering with another eating disorder, like anorexia, they will binge when they breakdown, or will start having bulimia after binging because they feel guilty about eating so much. There are different ways to get treated when it comes to binge eating, but before you try the different techniques you should have gone to a doctor. The most important ways to treat this disorder is by managing stress, eating three times a day and having healthy snacks, stop dieting, and get enough sleep. These are very important steps that have to be taken care of, and into consideration, when having the binge eating disorder. With all of this we can tell that knowing about different eating disorders is very important since there are people around you who can be dealing with something like this, and by not knowing about it you won’t be able to help them. Binge eating is a serious disorder that should be treated and taken care of; it is not healthy to live with this since it can hurt your health seriously. If someone is showing symptoms of binge eating it should see a doctor, since this disorder doesn’t get better by itself. If you know someone who is going through this you should be supportive and try to help him or her. References Help Guide. (s/f). Retrieved 21 08, 2015, from Mayo Clinic Staff. (2015, 09 04). Retrieved 21 08, 2015, from diseases-conditions/binge-eating-disorder/ basics/definition/con-20033155

By: Sandra Araiza

Interview with Dannya Beltrán Sometimes, when fashion is something you really like, you might think of it as a job that isn’t much of a good industry to work in, but after interviewing the twenty-one year old, Dannya Inés Beltrán Serrano, who finished her fashion design career after three years, you might think different. Everyone can be indecisive at certain point, and she is not the exception since when it came to picking her career she says, “It was very confusing, since I wanted to study veterinarian, but I have always liked fashion design since I was a kid so I decided to stay in the fashion industry.” Here are some questions that you may have, that will make you believe the fashion industry is perfect for you. How much time do you put into your career choice a week? About six days, it isn’t just about the time I spend in school, but time at home too at the start, but at the end, not that long. What is your dream job? To be honest with you, this is a very difficult question, since when I started I didn’t have an exact

By: Gilda Hernández

vision on where I was going. I had the idea of making typical Mexican dresses, but now that I’m done I really liked planning events like fashion shows. Do you know how to get there? By studying more and with practice; two weeks ago I had a fashion show which was an amazing experience, and I learned a lot. This is why I think that with practice and by absorbing more of useful information. Where you indecisive when choosing your career and do you regret your decision? Like I mentioned before, I was stuck between veterinarian and fashion design, but I chose it a week before just because my father didn’t support me in the veterinarian business, and I don’t regret choosing fashion design because I’m really happy right now. Did people around you support you in your career choice? Honestly, they did, but just because they loved because they didn’t think it was a serious career that could give you a good future.

Not only that, but most people when they know what I’m studying they tell me that if I’m not starving since they believe there isn’t work for that career, which is something that isn’t true since fashion design takes up a lot and you have a lot of working offers, obviously, if you look for it. Have you had runway shows? Like I mentioned before, I had the one that was two weeks ago, and I have had two other before, but they weren’t as professional. In the last one I had, my work there was as a stage manager which was a kind of difficult work, but loved it and wish I get to work on something like that later on. How long does it take you to design and make an outfit for a fashion show? It depends, on how you are emotionally and how much inspiration you have since I could do something for you in 5 minutes and sometimes you will give me to do something and an hour can go by and I have nothing done. But when you are concentrated in what you want in designing you can last up to twenty minutes by making it perfect and by illustrating like thirty. And when having to make it, depends on how difficult it is, if it is very easy you can last a day, but if it’s difficult it can be up to one or two weeks, which would be haute couture.

Do you know what kind of job you can get after graduating? Honestly, I’m not sure, but I really want to focus on making my practice time, which I want to do in Mexico City to be able to gain more experience and get to know more people to be able to get a good job in some business or even on the magazine industry. Is it a difficult industry to study and work in? It is very difficult since a lot of times you have to work with people, which can be problematic because they might not know what fits their body type and what is in season, but it is a very beautiful industry which I highly recommend. Do you recommend fashion design for someone who is indecisive? Honestly, I do because even if you are indecisive just try it, you won’t be losing anything and it is a truly amazing experience and it is something which you can use for the rest of your life.

How to: Nutella Sandra Frapuccino By: Araiza Do you love the taste of the Starbucks Frappuccino, but hate paying to enjoy them for such a high price? Over time, many people have found ways to replicate the taste of these delicious coffee treats with much simple procedures. In this how-to, you can make a delicious Nutella Frappuccino that tastes just as good as any Starbucks drink you can find. It’s very simple to make, takes about 10 minutes and all you really need is: 1 cup of strong brewed coffee 2 cups of ice 3/4 cup of milk 2-3 tbsps. of sugar (depending on your preference) 3 tbsps. of Nutella (melt in microwave first to make it easier to mix, about 30 seconds) additional melted Nutella for drizzling whipped cream (optional)  Once you have everything, all you need to do is add coffee, ice, milk, sugar and 3 tbsp. Nutella into blender and mix on high speed until everything is smooth and the ice is completely crushed. Finally, pour into glass and add whipped cream and drizzle on additional melted Nutella if desired.

Historical: The Man Who Tried to Save Lincoln Went Crazy Afterwards By: Sandra Araiza You've probably seen this illustration a hundred times, but can you name everyone in it? That's obviously John Wilkes Booth on the right, followed by Abraham Lincoln going, "But I wanna know what happens next! D'aww ..." and first lady Mary T, but unless you're a history buff you probably don't know that the other two are Union Army Major Henry Rathbone and his wife, Clara Harris, daughter of a prominent U.S. senator. Rathbone is best known for trying to stop Booth and getting a piece of that dagger you see up there for his trouble, and not so much for the Kubrick-esque horror that his life later spiraled into. Rathbone was seriously injured while attending the most disastrous double date in history, and though he physically survived the attack, his mind never recovered. The officer blamed himself for failing to stop Booth, and even though he eventually married Clara two years later, wedded life only added to his insanity. Eventually, Rathbone's mind deteriorated to the point that on Dec. 23, 1883, he decided to deck the halls with his family's blood. While serving as a U.S. consul in Hanover, Germany, Rathbone tried to kill his three kids, and when his wife stopped him, he fatally shot and stabbed her, then stabbed himself -- mentally replaying Booth's actions from 18 years earlier. The police found Rathbone covered with blood and completely out of his mind. According to a widely repeated but unconfirmed report, he claimed that there were people hiding behind the pictures on his wall. Rathbone spent the rest of his life in a lunatic asylum, where he complained of secret machines in the walls blowing gas into his room and giving him headaches. He died in 1911, becoming the last casualty of the Lincoln assassination nearly half a century after the fact. Incidentally, the house in Hanover where he lived is looking for a caretaker!

Profile: Lulú Perez

By: Sandra Araiza

Full name: Lourdes Aideé Perez Biography: she was born seven months into her mom’s pregnancy in a nun hospital, where they pierced her ears. She started kindergarten at two years old. She has always been taller than others, and was nicknamed “two weeks baby giraffe”. She’s allergic to a lot of stuff, but her mother never believed her and never took her to an allergist. She studied in a technic high school because she wanted to be a mechanic engineer, but she ended up studying sociology due to her teacher’s recommendations. Her favorite class was sociology of Latin America. She also has a degree in human rights. She studied French and knows watercolor painting. After rejecting an offer for five years for teaching, she finally started giving classes at CETYS in 2000. She is a part of both Amnesty International (since 1995) and Greenpeace (since 1994), and is an organ donor in Spain. She lives in Basque Country from 2004 to 2005, and 3 month in Holland after that, until she returned to CETYS. She only listens to classical music, Miguel Bose, and Joaquin Sabina. She collects old book and Che Guevara and Pancho Villa biographies, and enjoys espionage novels Birthday: February 24 Hobbies: traveling and reading Brothers: Adalberto Perez Carrera: history and former anthropology teacher Favorite book: Peter Wright, Spycatcher Favorite animal: killer whales Least favorite animal: red ants Favorite food: corn tamales with cheese sauce

By: Sandra Araiza H o m e   s c h o o l i n g   h a s   between   the   ages   of   5   and   17   in   the   experienced   massive   growth   in   the   U.S.   rose   from   1.09   million   in   2003   United   States   for   more   than   a   to   1.77   million   by   2012,   accounAng   decade.   The   face   of   the   home-­‐ f o r   3 . 4 %   o f   t h e   s c h o o l -­‐ a g e   educaAon   movement   has   also   populaAon.   changed.   Fewer   parents   now    The  “NaAonal  Household  EducaAon   aUribute   the   need   to   give   religious   Survey”  of  parents  in  2012  show  the   instrucAon   as   the   driving   moAvaAon   reasons   why   most   parents   choose   behind   their   choice,   with   more   to   home   school   have   diversified   parents   ciAng   home   schooling’s   beyond   simply   religious   reasons.   educaAonal   benefits   as   the   reason   Ninety-­‐one  percent  of  parents  cited   t h e y   a r e   t u r n i n g   t o   t h e   concerns   about   the   environment   of   nontradiAonal  method.   public   schools,   77%   cited   moral   Explosive  Growth   instrucAon,   and   74%   expressed     T h e   D e p a r t m e n t   o f   concerns   about   the   academic   EducaAon’s   NaAonal   Center   for   instrucAon.   A   lower   number,   of   EducaAon   StaAsAcs   shows   the   64%,   listed   wanAng   to   give   their   number   of   children   educated   at   children   religious   instrucAon   as   a   home   between   kindergarten   and   reason,  followed  by  44%  saying  they   12th   grade   increased   close   to   62%   wanted   their   child   to   have   a   between   2003   and   2012.   The   nontradiAonal  form  of  educaAon.   number  of  home-­‐schooled  students  

When it   came   to   parents   lisAng   the  single  most  important  reason  for   home   schooling,   the   survey   showed   25%   of   parents   said   they   were   concerned  about  the  environment  of   other   schools;   22%   said   “other   reasons”   (including   family   Ame,   finances,   travel   and   distance),   and   19%   said   they   were   dissaAsfied   with   the   academic   instrucAon   at   other   schools.  Back  in  2007,  36%  of  parents   listed  religious  and  moral  instrucAon   as   their   most   important   reason   for   home   schooling.   Many   parents   are   reporAng   that   they   are   choosing   home   schooling   because   they   are   dissaAsfied   with   Common   Core   educaAon  and  because  they  want  to   give   their   children   a   classical   curriculum.   Stronger  Support  Networks     A n o t h e r   b i g   d i ff e r e n c e   between  today’s  typical  home-­‐school   family  and  that  of  a  decade  ago  is  the   increase   of   local   and   digital   networks,   opening   up   the   doors   to   more   social   opportuniAes   and   extracurricular   acAviAes   for   home-­‐ schoolers.  

T h e   e x p l o s i o n   o f   h o m e   schooling   has   made   it   so   that   children   do   not   miss   out   on   socializing   experiences.   As   a   result,   children   have   not   experienced   the   isolaAon   that   children   in   home   schooling’s  early  years  may  have  felt   25   years   ago,   when   similar   families   were  few  and  far  between.   Technology  Broadens  Horizons     The   expansion   of   technology   and   online   tools   is   also   another   key   difference   in   broadening   the   home-­‐ school   populaAon,   since   it   facilitates   beUer   support   for   parent-­‐teachers.   Students   can   learn   with   online   c l a s s e s   t h a t   i n v o l v e   s t u d e n t   discussion  and  assistance  to  students   with  special  needs.     “There’s   a   lot   we   can   do   for   families   that   we   [previously   were   not]   able   to   do,   and   I   think   that   has   encouraged   borderline   families,   families   that   would   not   have   felt   confident   in   their   ability   to   graduate   a  well-­‐educated  student,  to  go  ahead   and  keep  their  students  home.”    

Stereotype Survey


By: Perla Moreno

Learning can be done anywhere

Try homeschooling

By: Kimberly Ortiz

Movie Review

By: Josué Bernal

Inside Out Growing up can be an uneven road, and it’s no exception for Riley, who is uprooted from her Midwest life when her father starts a new job in San Francisco. Riley is guided by her emotions: Joy (Amy Poehler), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling) and Sadness (Phyllis Smith). The emotions live in Headquarters, the control center inside Riley’s mind, where they help advise her through everyday life. As Riley and her emotions struggle to adjust to a new life in San Francisco, chaos develops in Headquarters. Although Joy, Riley’s main and most important emotion, tries to keep things positive, the emotions conflict on how best to navigate a new city, house, and school. Riley’s emotion Sadness would take Joy to a big adventure to protect Riley’s memories and her chaos’ headquarters.

Fant4stic Fantastic 4, a new contemporary version of the original Marvel superhero team, has its center in four young people who do not quite fit and thanks to a company that designs technological projects they teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe, disrupting their physical shocking ways. Irrevocably with their lives turned upside down, the team must learn to use their new skills and work as such to save Earth from an old friend that becomes an enemy.

Interview with Alicia Hermosillo

By: Josué Bernal

Me: Hello, today I’ll be doing an interview to CETYS’s Teacher Alicia Hermosillo Villa, she is 48 years old; is in charge for the student recruitment for the IB diploma, student matriculation university contact, managing student exchanges, national competency certificate, workshops instructor, she has meetings with the IB teachers every 15 days, also she is the IB attendant and doing meetings with parents of new students and new IB students. Teacher Alicia: Hi Josué, you can start, I will answer sincerely, so let’s go on. Me: First tell me, are you happy and complete working here? I’m happy working here, but not complete, I like what I do, I’m a passionate person for the IB diploma, because it’s the best option for students and opens doors for new opportunities. I have a lot of aspirations, I’m always doing something, I would be complete if I get an exchange for one of my students, I’m always looking for what’s necessary to do and also, I’m trying to make CETYS a headquarter for the application of the SAT exam. Is it really difficult to work here? No; it’s laborious, because the program is really meticulous, there are

no mistakes allowed, one mistake can damage lots of students, when you’re working in CETYS you should understand all the details. How did you get to work here? I got here more than 23 years ago thanks to an invitation from a friend that attended the same university as me. I was just invited for 15 days to cover my friend because she was going to get married; the history coordinator offered me to be in charge of 6 groups. Then the coordinator became the principal of CETYS, so she invited me to stay here, and later on they told me that the IB was going to open in the school, I was interested in staying and I contacted the organizers. Why did you accept to stay in CETYS? I like challenges; I’ve been working as an administration teacher before being in CETYS, I don’t like monotony, changes are good. What did you study in university and where? My career’s degree in public administration and political science in UABC, I also studied a master in administration and marketing and 6 graduates in teaching, English and a certification in competitions.

Do you think your career was the one for you? Yes, because I like my job, I’m passionate for the IB, I really very much like being a teacher. What are your future plans in CETYS? Increase the enrollment for the IB program, arrangements with foreign universities, make CETYS headquarter for the SAT exam as I told you before. At first, when you started working here, what were your thoughts about the IB? I didn’t know what it was, as I studied the program I started familiarizing with it, I understood the reasons of the program and the opportunities that the students have because of being part of it. What’s the best part of your work? Being in contact with teenagers, because what you live with them makes your spirit to remain young, you’re changing a life and also look in them what you are molding. Leaving your print. What places have you ever visit thanks to the IB? Mexico city, Monterrey, Sinaloa, Puebla, Peru, and some parts of the United States.

Are you planning to work here your entire working life? Yes, because I love my job. Do you like your work and the career you chose to study? Yes, I like administration, I worked in administration in the Ministry of Health, in some public and private enterprises and then I received the invitation to work in CETYS. I regret nothing, almost no one has the patience, I like to develop the best in me. What attitudes or skills do you need to have or improve so you can work better? I need to be more patient, have more vision, you need the help of others to make your projects, knock the correct door so you can know where to go, I have the determination and the desire, I want to transcend and I will do it. I studied the IB program, I accredit CETYS internationally, it was a hard job, I value it, I love the IB, it’s valuable. Me: Thank you Teacher Alicia for your time and your good answers. Teacher Alicia: No, thanks for you.

News: United States By: JosuÊ Bernal Gun Violence Debate The United States has the highest rate of private gun ownership of any nation, nearly 89 firearms per 100 people. It also leads in the number of firearm deaths. For every 1 million Americans, there are 29.7 homicides by firearm each year. According to the Mass Shooting Tracker, there have been 248 mass shootings in the 238 days of 2015. Switzerland has 7.7 firearm homicides per million people and it’s the country with the next highest rate. Since the 1980s, states have trended towards a loosening of gun laws. The laws on possession and purchase of firearms vary from state to state. The National Rifle Association has spent millions of dollars in successful efforts to help roll back dozens of gun restrictions since 2009. Studies have shown more guns per capita in state results in more firearm homicides. According to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence (LCPGV), of the 10 states with the strongest gun laws, seven of them also record the lowest gun death rates. Three states: California, Florida and Illinois, plus the District of Columbia prohibit openly carrying any firearm in public. In others like New York and Illinois you can carry a gun in public except in some circumstances including hunting in rural areas. An LCPGV report last year ranked Louisiana last in its gun law rankings. The state does not require a permit for gun purchases, buyers need not register their firearms, and gun dealers do not need to obtain a state licence.

By: Kimberly Ortiz

Interview with Vicky Luera

Spinning, also known as indoor cycling is a cardiovascular exercise that lets you enhance your performance, strengthen your muscles, and increase your resistance. To know more about this discipline, I’m interviewing Vicky Luera, a certified spinning trainer at Fitness Montecarlo who’s been a professional in this area for many years. How many years have you been training?
 More than 14 years. How did you get into spinning?
 There was an offer at my job and I was interested in the certification. It was one of the exercises I liked the most. It was adequate to what I did before spinning that was weight lifting. Have you participated in competitions? 
 No, I haven’t participated. Anywhere else? I’ve only ridden outside. What do you enjoy most about it? It’s a 100% cardiovascular exercise and there are no risks of any type. It’s a very noble exercise, it lets you workout to your capacity, your heart rate, that’s what I like the most. What do you like the least about it?

What's the biggest challenge you've faced?
 Make people like spinning. It’s not a dynamic exercise, so my biggest challenge has been trying to make people like my class and encourage people to stay in cycling, with me, or in another timeset. How has spinning influence your lifestyle?
 A lot, it made an incredible change in my life. I was an introverted person, so the moment I became a trainer and had to teach to others it was a big personal accomplishment. I was depressed too and it helped me in my emotional state. It keeps helping me. How do you see yourself in a near future?
 Working in what I like, spinning. What advice would you give to beginners?
 Don’t give up because there’s a little inconvenient that is the seat, which I’ve known is the reason people retire because they can’t bare it, but they Challenge it and practice. It is a noble exercise and it will let them be healthy and keep up a good heart rate.

Essay: By: Kimberly Ortiz Orthorexia

Do you wish that you could just eat and not worry about food quality? Do you feel guilty when you stray from your diet? Is eating junk food something you avoid no matter what? If you answered yes to these questions, you might consider changing your concept of “being healthy”. Although not considered an eating disorder by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), Orthorexia nervosa is present when person becomes fixated with only eating food that is considered healthy. Although it may seem inoffensive to just eat non-toxic food, this obsession can lead to starvation and malnourishment.
 As Ursula Philpot (2010), chair of British Dietetic Association, describes, orthorexics are "solely concerned with the quality of the food they put in their bodies, refining and restricting their diets according to their personal understanding of which foods are truly 'pure'." The dietary restrictions of orthorexics include not consuming refined sugars, alcohol, gluten, caffeine, soy, etc. It’s fair to clarify that having a vegetarian or vegan diet isn’t part of this disease. The most common symptoms of this disorder, according to the National Centre for Eating Disorders, include: An obsession with eating healthy food or food that you feel is safe or correct for your body type.
 Eating food not on your list, such as animal foods or fats would make you extremely anxious or disgusted. There may be history of anorexia or bulimia or fear of weight gain

Denial that there is a problem, often getting angry with loved ones who express concerns about eating behaviour. Rigid and obsessive behaviour with food accompanied by a self critical inner voice demanding perfection and obedience. Withdrawal from normal life and spending a lot of time worrying and thinking about food. Depression, anxiety, poor self-confidence and body image. “Cutting out entire food groups from your diet under the guise of it being a healthy diet is not necessarily healthy.” The core issue with any eating disorder is usually less to do with eating behaviours and more the underlying cause. In essence, orthorexia develops when a person can’t feel good about themselves without adhering to stringent rules around eating, when they fear a type of “bad” food because they don’t feel safe or worthy if they eat it, or if they find themselves regularly overriding their body’s needs because they can’t bear the thought of “failing” in a misdirected quest for wholeness via nutritional virtue. Finally, to recover from orthorexia it is necessary for the affected person to admit they have a health issue and that must go with a professional in eating disorders. Psychological help is needed in order to change the behavior of the patient in order to become more flexible when it comes to eating what is “right”. articles/ursula-philpot

Service: Top 10 Places to Visit in Baja California

By: Kimberly Ortiz

Baja California is one of the most diverse states in Mexico. Located at the northernmost part of this country, Baja California includes remote deserts, dormant volcanoes and wonderful old mission towns. Not only in climate, but in experiences, Baja California has a vast repertoire of activities anyone can enjoy. From hiking to surfing, here are the top ten spots you can do fun things for that you can visit: 10. Playas de Rosarito Once a deserted, sandy beach and then a Hollywood film location, Playas de Rosarito is finally coming into its own. Developments and condos are everywhere, but despite the construction clamor, Rosarito is a quieter place to party and is an easy day trip (or overnight trip) from Tijuana or San Diego.  9. Museo Arqueológico El Vallecito Here you can find a place with great diversity of rock painting elaborated by the ancient Kumiai, with geometric, zoomorphic or anthropomorphic figures. In one of the sites there’s El Diablito, a figure of a man with a horn that signals the 22nd of December’s winter solstice; the day in which the sun rays enter through the cavity, illuminating the figure’s eyes. 8. Parque Nacional Constitución 1857 The park covers an extension of the Juárez mountain range in the north of Baja California, which is the haven for a great quantity of wild species, like the bighorn sheep and bura deer. La flora of the place is made of mainly of various conifer species.

7. Parque Nacional Sierra San Pedro Mártir It is the highest zone in the area, with an altitude in the observatory of 2830 meters over sea lever. Its view is oriented towards the desert of San Felipe and the Gulf of California. There are 3 main canyons: Del Diablo, La Providencia, and Toledo; these descend towards the desert, where there’s infinity of falls, palm trees and Indian petroglyphs. For excursionists, explorers and mountain cyclists there’s a great variety of trails and camping places through pinewoods of incredible beauty. 6. Observatorio Astrónomico Nacional The observatory is located in the most favorable place for stargazing in Mexico, and it’s one of the best places in the planet to practice this activity. UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) chose this park because it’s the best zone in Mexico for its amount of clear skies in the year and the atmosphere’s quality, which’s extraordinarily transparent and adequate to make astronomical observations. 5. Las Cañadas The camp is situated only 30 kilometers in the south of Ensenada. The pools and camping areas reached its popularity since 1991, date in which it was inaugurated. It counts with 2 pools with slides, a trampoline, 2 kids’ pools, a slide with more than 100 meters of length, a lake with boars and fishing, and 20 cabins with bathrooms. 4. Valle de los Gigantes A place with giant cardones of up to 20 meters, Valle de los Gigantes is a desertic paradise. Also know as giant cactuses, there are about 1200 of them and they can weigh tons because they’re made up of 80% of water. To reach this place, you need to go in your car and then go walking through this gigantic majesty

3. La Rumorosa This is a beautiful site to rest, with recreational parks, camping zones and people willing to help tourism. The view is spectacular from the top and it’s an ideal zone for cycling. La Rumorosa offers visitors uncommon mountain scenery, as there are spectacular views with strange rock formations caused of wind erosion and snowed hills in winter. 2. La Bufadora La Bufadora is one of the biggest marine geysers in the world, located in the south of the city of Ensenada. This geyser is caused because the breaking of the waves against a cave in the lower part of a cliff, reaching a height of up to 20 meters. 1. Ruta del Vino and Valley of Guadalupe There are more than 90-plus wineries and one brewery all over the place. If you don’t fancy driving, Baja Wine Tours is just one of several reputable tour companies that organize day long wine tours (including lunch) originating from Ensenada or Tijuana. Start at the landmark Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Heineken Mexico Brewery, which produces Tecate, Dos Equis, Carta Blanca, Bohemia and Sol, among others, and is now under Heineken’s umbrella. Tours are run by appointment only at noon and 3pm Monday to Friday, and 11am and 2pm Saturday. Alternatively just order a brew from the bar.

Investigative: Nothing The Spanish Royal Academy defines the word “nothing” as absolute negation of all things or absolute lack of all being, but is it really that? This investigation’s topic is analyzing the definition of “nothing”, based on real arguments, the point of view of logic and the use of this word by society (Royal Spanish Academy). Over time philosophers have been questioning whether there really is nothing, Parmenides defines nothing as non-being. Hegel, German philosopher, identifies it as Being and Nothingness. Hegel proposed that Being and Nothingness are equally indeterminate because nothing has the same lack of determination being. A lecturer and writer on nothing suggest this: "Nothing can exist without its opposite. Because nothing can be known if you do not know what is its opposite. - David Topi This tells us that if nothing exists but it has something opposite, that is, if we have white, behind it will come black. We cannot comment on poverty if your income is too high or if you have never experienced this economic situation. Most of the time we consider ourselves experts to try to help our friends or family. To give arguments on topics we must do extensive research or actually live that situation. We try to help solve problems that have ever lived. Raising a personal and several philosophers theory over time, is nothing really nothing? If we delimit a whole and nothing, nothing’s there, as it is more likely something than nothing. If we try to find a reason for things and solve anything will always be something deeper than that. Nothing is nothing, people speak about it but it really is not, when it comes to anything we are actually talking about something that does not exist, we ourselves give a wrong meaning to it, many times we use this term despite we do not know what it talks about (Caldeiro, 2006). My central question of this text work has been resolved, "Is nothing, really nothing?" The answer is yes, nothing is nothing, and that there is undetermined and will always be something beyond or that is on the bottom of things. Not just anything.

Interview with Manuel Ruelas Manuel Guillermo Ruelas Martinez is a seventeen year old student from 5th semester in CETYS Universidad Mexicali. The young boy really enjoys studying, but loves playing the guitar and playing basketball when he has some free time. As I asked him what he would like to study at university, he told me that medicine is a career he had always liked. So I decided to interview him about an amazing experience he had this summer. PM: Where did you go this summer? MR: This summer I found a Summer School Program at Harvard University in the U.S., I applied and was selected to be part of it. PM: How much time did you spend at the program? MR: I stayed there for seven weeks. PM: What was exactly what you did in Harvard? MR: The purpose of this program was: take classes that

By: Perla Moreno interested me so when I go to university this ones can be revalidated. I took Neurobiology because like I said before, I would like to study medicine. I also took Environmental Economy, because with the knowledge I acquired with it, I thought it could be very helpful for my city. Finally I attended an elective called Principles of Economy. PM: How did you decide to go? MR: My oldest brother attended three years ago a summer in S t a n f o r d U n i v e r s i t y. W h a t caught my attention was the change he had and the new attitude he experienced on his return. It was when I decided to search for summer programs of my interest, not only to spend a nice summer (which is complementary), but a stage of maturity that would help

me to focus my vision of future and the path I decided to take since there. PM: How was your experience being with people from different countries? MR: I learned a lot spending time with people from different cultures, languages and traditions. What I liked the most is that you meet people with well defined purposes and you feel accepted for this. Another thing I liked was the patriotism that I felt of being far away from home with people from all around the world, I learned so much from that. PM: How did you feel when you arrived to Harvard? MR: When we arrived (my family went to leave me) I realized it was going to be a very busy summer, I was so nervous since I felt my English was going to be real bad but I learned through time. On my first class I honestly didn’t even know what I was doing, or listening, but with time I got

used to listen the language. PM: How do you think this experience helped you? MR: Like I said before, this was an enriching and challenging experience, both intellectually and personal. PM: Was it what you expected? MR: It was way better than what I thought. PM: Do you think you had d i f fi c u l t i e s t o s o c i a l i z e because English is not your first language? MR: Of course I did. I thought English was going to be a big communication barrier among me and the rest. At first I thought I was the only one with a non fluent English speaking, but meeting the other international students made me realized I wasn’t the only one in the situation. PM: Would you repeat this experience? MR: I would definitely like to live it again.

Two years  ago  I  was  at  Cabo  San   Lucas,   the   most   beauAful   beach   I’ve   ever  been  to  with  my  aunt,  my  uncle   and   my   cousin   Stephanie.   We   loved   the  place  but  we  hardly  went  into  the   beach   since   it   was   extremely   dangerous.   Most   of   the   Ame   the   beach  had  a  red  or  a  black  flag,  which   meant   in   other   words   “Do   not   get   into  the  sea”.     People   someAmes   think   these   signs   are   some   exaggeraAons   and   if   you   get   into   the   waves   nothing   will   happen   to   you,   and   I’m   ashamed   to   say  I  was  part  of  this  way  of  thinking.   Yes  I  “was”,   unAl   the   sea   taught   me   a   lesson,  and  a  horrible  one.     I   was   at   the   pool   gepng   a   tan   with   Stephanie   having   a   good   Ame   listening  to  music  when  my  uncle  Luis   and   my   aunt   Jessica   told   us   to   go   with   them   to   have   a   walk   on   the   beach.   We   walked   all   along   the   shore   gepng   away   from   the   hotel   just   having  a  great  Ame.       Then   we   decided   to   stop   and   just   fool   around   in   a   specific   part   of   the   beach,   playing   with   the   waves   and  laughing.  I  was  turning     around   when   an   enormous   wave   hit   me  on  my  knees,  making  me  fall      

out but  I  just  couldn’t.  Then  I  realized   the   sea   was   pulling   and   that   I   couldn’t  do  anything.  The  next  thing  I   saw   was   myself   under   the   sea   drowning.   My   whole   life   passed   through   my   head   in   just   a   few   seconds,   my   dad   who   didn’t   want   me   to   go,   my   mom,   my   brothers,   my   friends,   etc.   I   was   so   scared   and   honestly   I   thought   I   was   never   going   to  get  out.  I  tried  so  hard  to  take  my   head  out  but  I  couldn’t,  the  strength   of   the   sea   was   unbelievable.   I   was   there   for   just   2   minutes   or   less   but   I   swear  it  felt  like  an  eternity.      Finally,  aunt  Jessica  decided  to  get   in   the   waves   and   rescue   me.   I   took   her   hand   as   soon   as   I   could   but   feeling   scared   at   the   same   Ame.   I   don’t  know  how  fast  it  happened  but   got  out  safe,  sAll,  with  too  much  sand   and   salty   water   inside   my   nose,   mouth,  ears,  and  half  naked.   For   the   rest   of   the   week   there,   I   didn’t   even   stand   near   the   beach   since   the   sea   made   me   respect   it.   Now  I  laugh  and  thank  God  I’m  alive,   because  probably  if  my  aunt  or  uncle   weren’t   there   I   wouldn’t   be   telling   this  story.  

Service: Top 10 Restaurants in Mexicali

By: Gilda Hernández

There are many restaurants in Mexicali, but here the top 10 will be named based on the author’s opinion. 10. Las Tablitas/El Tasajo: These are two different places that are owned by the same person. El Tasajo is a taco place, where they are a more expensive than regular places, but this is because their meat is better because of it’s quality, their place isn’t that great because it’s small, but their food is worth it. On the other hand, the is Las Tablitas, where they sell the same tacos, but there are quesadillas with amazing meat, and if you are not into meat you can have mushrooms which make your mouth water. Location: El Tasajo: Calzada Cuauhtemoc #601 Las Tablitas: Rio Colorado #400 Col. 1ero Diciembre 21260 9. Heidelberg: This is a German place where they sell different types of food, but is very good. Their service stands out, when compared with other places. It is fancy restaurant that has a lot of years, so they have a lot of experience. Location: Ave. Fco. I. Madero y Calle H S/N, Nueva, 21100 8. Rincon de Panchito: When it comes to Chinese food, Mexicali is the best place in the world to eat it, and when it comes to Mexicali, Rincon de Panchito is the tastiest restaurant with the best service you can find. It’s location is great, and you can always count on it as a great idea. 

7. Fontana Pizza: This is an Italian styled restaurant where all the dishes they have, taste wonderful. Their pizza and any type of pizza that can be chosen will make your mouth water at sight because of how delicious it looks. Their salads are also great and you can choose the toppings you want on your pizza with no problem. 6. Lois: This place  is  a  great  place  to  go  to,  since  it  isn’t  that  pricey,   but   it   is   very   tasty.   It   is   not   only   a   restaurant,   but   it   has   karaoke   nights,   where  they  are  said  to  be  very  fun  to  be  in.  Their  hamburgers  are  some  of   the  best  from  town,    since  they  have  different  types  with  great  ingredients.     LocaAon:  Calz.  Independencia  2200,  Col.  Rivera,  21259      5. Heat House:  This  restaurant  sells     different  types  of  food,  but  they  have  an  amazing    salad,  that  is  made  with  a  strawberry  dressing,  that     isn’t  very  common.  Their  menu  is  very  extensive  and     it  includes  pizza  made  in  fuel  wood,  different  kinds  of     meat,  hamburgers,  just  to  menAon  a  few.  Besides  that,     they  have  a  dessert  that  is  heavenly  since  it  is  like     French  toast  with  banana,  strawberry,  cream  cheese,  nuts  and  a  tasty  sweet   dressing.   LocaAon:  Calle  Lima  #429  almost  with  the  calzada  aviación’s  corner       4.   Sakura:   Sakura   is   a   Japanese   styled   restaurant   where   people   can   choose  the  way  the  like  their  food,  since  they  have  a  way  on  were  you  order   what  you  want,  and  then  there  is  the  opAon  of  gepng  your  food  cooked  in   a  griddle  where  you  can  choose  what  you  will  get  cooked,  while  they  make   a  type  of  “show”  while  preparing  your  food.  They  have  a  great  service  and   their  menu  is  delicious.     LocaAon:  Blvd.  Lázaro  Cárdenas  y  L.  Montejano,  Calafia,  21040            

3. Los Arcos: This is a seafood restaurant where they have the best quality and freshness from when it comes to this type of food. Not only that, but they have an amazing service where you won’t feel left out and it will seem as if you are really important there because of the treat you get. This place is so known worldwide that when you get there, there is a wall on where you can see different celebrities that have been there in previous years. Location: Calafia 454, Centro Civico 21000  2. Mr. Pampas: This restaurant is a place that has been around for quite sometime where they have a Brazilian type of menu on where there is a salad bar and it’s an perfect for meat lovers. They have a different system from other restaurants and it is really convenient and it gives you an amazing eating experience; it works like a buffet, since you will be able to get to the salad bar and later on you can have from their wide meat menu, where the waiters have swords where they have the meat and you will tell them if you want what they are offering. Locations: Blvd. Adolfo López Mateos 701 Local 3. Plaza el Caballito. // Blvd. Justo Sierra 1051. Col. Los Pinos. 1. Mochomos: This restaurant is based on the cooking style on the state of Sonora in México. They have an amazing menu with very prepared chefs with lots of experience. Their style is a gourmet combination, but this is a special place since most places where they serve gourmet they have small portions and Mochomos is the exception since it has plates that will actually leave you satisfied. Location: Plaza Lienzo Manuel Gomez Morin no. 799 local 9-a esq. con Calzada CETYS  

If you want to get nostalgic try to remember By: Perla your childhood and there you have it. Moreno Personally I’m the kind of people that gets emotional when I talk with somebody about my childhood, and even more if I’m talking to someone a have childhood memories. Many of you may be the same as me, or may feel the same way when you talk about your childhood, and since we are from the same generation we as well may have some similar and even identical memories. I’ll start with a memory I love a lot remembering, and it is waking up early every weekend in my pajamas to watch cartoons. I don´t remember anything more cozy than getting up early knowing absolutely nobody was awake and my house was in complete silence so I could go and lay on the couch to watch my favorite cartoon or some Barbie movie. Then I would go to the kitchen to get some cereal and continue to watch another episode. Some of the cartoons I would watch, were Power Rangers, Barney and Friends, Tom and Jerry, The Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Thomas the tank engine, Bob the Builder and many more, where I Would spend hours enjoying. What was next when my mom would wake up was make me breakfast, which included some pancakes covered with maple syrup, some scrambled eggs, two hot sausages, bacon strips and a chocolate milk. Happiness ended when my mom asked me to shower myself. For me this was happiness at its best, when I was 3 or 4 years old and nowadays my mom remembers all these stories with nostalgia and joy and so do I. Sometimes when I’m stressed, all I want is my childhood favorite cartoon and breakfast.

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By: Kimberly Ortiz

For a n For  a yone  who n  k Forev yone  who nows   ’s  bee er  in   m I’ll  se n   e  you y  heart    i For  a nyon n  my  drea e   m For  a nyon who  love s   s   e  wh I’m  n o e  f UnAl ver  giving eels    the  d  u ream p    is  rea l  

IB of Shame When I  w huge  ri as  nine  year s  o de an  awe s,  wave  pool ld,  I  went  to   s,   a   so decide me  day.  Sinc normal  pool, water  park  w d  t  an he e   was  so o  go  to  the  ta i  was  there  w d  in  general   re  they  had   I  was  h  in it ll aving   dad  ma credibly  fast est  ride  there h  an  older  fri end,  w  that  I  d  which king  sig e    w id n saying,  when   als  my  way.  I n’t  noAce  an as  a  free  fall   y t  didn’t I  fi with  m  under thing  unAl  I   hat   y  bikin nally  got  it,  I   se stand  w i  w no su p p o s hat  he   e  my   ed  to  b hich  was  com Ace  he  was  t was   elling  m e.  It  wa p was  m l e t e l y s  so  em orAfied e  o barrass n  top  of  whe  to  be  carefu .     l   ing  sinc r e  peop e  it  was   le  did  n oAce;  I   One time, my crush invited me to go to the movies with him, just as friends, but still I was so excited. We went, and when we finished the movie and went out, we stayed talking in the tables in the mall. That is when he started pointing at my ches t and saying “umm.. your.. your..” that is when I look down to find out my shirt was unbuttoned and I was flashing everyone . To say I was embarrassed is the least, the worst is I just couldn’t pretend that didn’t happened, I felt like dying.  

When I was in elementary in choir class, we had to make a routine so my classmate and had nothing prepared so we decided we would improvise with a Russian dance, but we didn’t even have a song selected. To say that it went bad was an underestimation and we could never look at our classmates the same.

t co a a T ga s n i t a d thi e e a s h a aco eIw mol Onc ol. The t f guaca t of scho ount o pilled ou s am e g at it s walking I u h t h a wa hen sals and tortilla. I sroom w o, s the y cla ce of tac lsa m s ward y first pie ll the sa y o t Once, when I was a ate m uddenly got into m I ns e ten years old, I peed whe acamol irt. When s u d t-sh crush wa in a park and an g n a face up, my . It was everybody stared so ed t me a look g . hin I cried. laug horrible Â

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