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“We’ve done a lot of work with voice assistance, augmented reality and online gaming, for example — these are really exciting and new service capabilities for Vodafone,” he adds. “It’s about tapping into new sources and experiences for our customers that will hopefully translate into more customers, more connections and ultimately more revenue.”

DIGITALLY-SAVVY THINKERS Any technology firm will tell you that it’s the skills and expertise of the people that sets them apart and, at Vodafone, the same message rings true. As a result, the company has invested heavily in improving its IT and engineering skills. “We’re relying less on outsourcing and service partners to deliver our services and instead, we’re creating a lot of roles surrounding IT, product development, and network development so that we can really create a core technology team for the future.” Sourcing fresh-faced talent from graduate and apprenticeship programmes, Petty says these new hires have “a great aptitude for technology” and have “refreshed the w w ga bi t ma ga z in e. com


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Gigabit Magazine – May 2019  

Gigabit Magazine – May 2019