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This year alone, we’ve got more than 100 different projects that we’re working on and many challenges that we intend to overcome” he summarises. “Our key driver is to always ask the question: how can we attract more guests? In what ways can we bring more people to the property and give them an experience that they want to remember? If you create a memorable experience then people tend to come back because they enjoyed it. That’s what we want to achieve on a consistent basis. In order to do that, it’s important we embrace the latest a different age of technology. They’re

trends and technologies but only if we

used to smartphones and tablets so

harness that technology in the right

it’s up to us to transition our services to

way. Building the right partnerships

meet the latest trends, because if you

and hiring the right people to help us

don’t, you start trailing the competition.”

achieve a digitised future is of key importance to our success.”

FUTURE PLANS With an eye on the future of Okada Manila, Scott has clear ideas of how his company can continue to expand during 2019 and beyond. “Today, we’re already running a completely paperless slot gaming operations and we will continue to strive towards digitization off all areas of our business. w w ga bi t ma ga z in e. com


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Gigabit Magazine – May 2019  

Gigabit Magazine – May 2019