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“Sharing the challenges that you face is just as important as talking about the successes” — Dave Larson, CEO, Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

says Larson. “We diligently monitor feedback on social media and through our net promoter score program, and we host focus groups and conduct surveys. We really want members to share with us what additional features they are looking for in the mobile app, and we will continue to add to our project list based on their input. We know that digital is a huge part of people’s lives today and are putting appropriate focus there. Our results clearly demonstrate that.” Following the successful launch of its new digital solutions, Affinity Plus

banking services – a 21% increase in

launched its new core operating

mobile app usage in less than one

system in October 2018. “We hadn’t

year’s time. Following its launch, the

changed our core system in 20 years,

new mobile app has received more

and we really felt that the technology

than 19,000 reviews on the App Store

that we were using was, in some cases,

with a 4.8 star rating.

outdated. We really needed to propel

“There’s definitely a lot we want to

ourselves forward,” says Larson. “One

do to enhance the member experi-

of our key objectives overall was to

ence through mobile. With the App

provide members and employees a

Store rating increase from 1.5 stars in

better experience in terms of their

2017 to 4.8 stars today, we could just

interactions, whether working with the

say, ‘Let’s just call it good’. But we

credit union as an employee or

have a strong internal focus on the

interacting with us as a member.”

voice of the member, and we want to

With a new core system in place,

ensure we’re taking their feedback

Affinity Plus will have more opportuni-

into account on an ongoing basis,”

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Gigabit Magazine – May 2019  

Gigabit Magazine – May 2019