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auded as Most Innovative Broker

ment in the Capital platform over the

at last year’s European Awards,

past year has meant that it’s primed to

the platform aims

support the mobile users responsible

to make trading smarter, simpler and

for 80% of the company’s client trading.

more intuitive. Users can access 2,000

A team of 190 technologists are driving

of the world’s biggest markets, utilising

mobile onboarding, which CEO Ivan

market-leading spreads and zero

Gowan believes strengthens Capital’s

com-mission to make their move on the

fintech aspirations compared to its

most popular indices, commodities,

business-led competitors. “It’s as much

cryptocurrencies, shares, and currency

about attitude and aptitude as it is about

pairs via the web and on mobile.

technology competence,” he says of

Founded in 2016, significant investJUNE 2019

Capital’s key staff from tech and finance

Profile for Gigabit

FinTech Magazine 2019  

FinTech Magazine 2019