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aving begun his career at Citibank in 1998,

Zennon Kapron has seen the finance industry evolve significantly over three decades.

Since leaving Citibank for an MBA and moving

to Asia, he can understand both technological advancements and geographical differences. “One thing I noticed when I started my career in China was a lack of actionable research and insight on what was happening in the financial industry,” he comments. In 2007, this led to the foundation of Kapronasia, now a leading consultancy which enables finance and fintech businesses to under36

stand and navigate the challenging Asian landscape. Kapron says that his experience in banking has been instrumental in allowing him to put himself in the shoes of his clients. “Being able to relate to the challenges of the financial institutions and help financial technology providers understand what those challenges are is very beneficial,” he comments. “I think a balance of technology and banking knowledge has helped us make a footprint and develop our brand in the region.”

THE RISE OF THE FINTECHS “Fintech is much more of a reality on the ground here in Asia than it is in other markets,” says Kapron, noting that while many traditional financial institutions may initially see challenger banks and other fintech startups as a threat, the key is to adapt and JUNE 2019

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