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The Canberra Bulls Speedway Team 1980-88

[L] Jenny Burdfield, Gareth Walker, Karan Walker [R] Jenny gets Jim psyched up

[L] Wayne Martin, Kevin King [R] Steve Kurtz, Jim Burdfield, Mick Hayes, Wayne Arkinstall

Ray Dole (3rd), Jim Burdfield (1st), Tony Abson (2nd)

Left: British stars Michael Lee and Nigel Boocock. Below: Internationals including Bobby Schwarz, Dennis Sigalos and Peter Collins

Is the Editor trying to be funny?

Harvey McGrath [R] Jason Neiberding [W]

Tony Glennon

Jason Neiberding, Scott Humphries

Jason Neiberding, Ricky Paivinen, Harvey McGrath

Scott Humphries

Lloyd Richards?, Steven Mesic

Mick Donnelly

Steven Mesic

John Walker

Oldies, but still goodies‌..

Possible New Speedway Track

Introducing Ourselves John & Karan Walker Initiators of the original Canberra Bulls Terry Poole Former Australian Short-circuit Champion Father of Grand Prix rider Mick Poole Constructor and Promoter of Gosford Speedway

The Story So Far‌ part 1 We identified the Canberra Greyhound Stadium as ideal for Speedway. We contacted the Canberra Greyhound Club and have been corresponding with them on the conditions under which they would be prepared to permit the construction of a Speedway Track inside their dog track and conduct of race meetings. No commitment has been made, but they currently appear willing to consider the idea, subject to measures being taken to protect the dog track from damage, and subject to the agreement of a stadium hire fee.

The Story So Far‌ part 2 We identified the main cost elements: 400 cu.mtrs decomposed granite for track, plus other track construction costs 400 mtrs of wire fencing, support posts and kick-boards, plus construction costs Additional track lighting, wiring and installation Plastic sheeting to cover the dog track during speedway meeting Starting gates, red track lights etc

The total estimated cost is around $50,000. We met the ACT Government Events and Venues people, in charge of the ACT Motorsports Fund (newly announced). They indicated good prospects of funding, though it may be on a $ for $ basis.

The Next Steps 1. Need to finalise agreement with the Canberra Greyhound Club (letter of intent?) 2. Need to prepare an application for funding from the ACT Motorsports Fund: • form the Canberra Bulls Speedway Club as an incorporated association, (required for funding); • prepare a business plan, (required for funding); 3. Need to affiliate with MA/MNSW/MV.

Agenda for tonight 1. Agree to re-form the Club, as an incorporated association in the ACT. 2. Enrol Founder Members 3. Elect an interim Committee: • • • • •

President Secretary Treasurer Public Officer Others

4. Task the interim Committee 5. Set date/time/place of next meeting 6. Other business

Canberra Bulls - Club Formation presentation  

The Canberra Bulls Speedway Team 1980-88

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