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GHIANT FOOD AEROSOLS The endless possibilities and advantages of food aerosols

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ABOUT GHIANT FOOD AEROSOLS GHIANT was founded in 1959 and can therefore pride itself on half a century’s experience with aerosol products. GHIANT has been active in the food industry since 1998. GHIANT FOOD AEROSOLS mainly develops, manufactures and markets hot plate lubricants and finishing products based on vegetable oil in handy, safe and perfectly dosable aerosol packaging. The range of food aerosols also includes fruit sprays and savoury finishing products in aerosol form, with the most diverse aromas. GHIANT products are available in more than 40 countries.

CREATIVITY + INNOVATION = ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES We at GHIANT FOOD AEROSOLS want to distinguish ourselves through flexibility, product knowledge and especially through our innovative capabilities. We respond to the challenges our customers confront us with as alertly as possible, as well as continually exploring new ideas ourselves. We are permanently investing in the future. There are endless uses for oil, fruit extracts or other products and flavours in aerosol form: we’ll devise tomorrow what hasn’t been devised today. On our own initiative or at the customer’s request. Tailor made solutions.


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Because Ghiant already began developing and producing food aerosols back in 1998, the company can justifiably call itself a forerunner and pioneer in this area. GHIANT also applies the strictest HACCP and BRC norms during the production process. The American Hazard Analysis and Critical

Food professionals – and an increasing number of hobby chefs – have high standards. They can meet

Control Points (HACCP) originate from space travel, where nothing is allowed to go wrong with

these high demands by using GHIANT. For instance, when baking flour products, GHIANT oil sprays

regard to food and safety, and the norms of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) are well-known and

really prove their functionality. But they are also perfect for grilling or roasting meat.

authoritative in the food sector. GHIANT food aerosols are therefore one hundred per cent safe, uniform concerning quality and eco-friendly.

You moisten the food with a light, smooth oil coating in no time. Messing about with brushes or spatulas is a thing of the past and your worktop stays clean. Because the product is dosed so precisely and can be applied so evenly, the result looks marvellous, tastes wonderful and does not contain more fat than you want. Shake the aerosol before use. Hold the canister upside down and spray in a circling motion from a 15 to 20 cm distance for two to three seconds. That’s all there is to it. Fast, simple and hygienic. The possibilities of GHIANT are endless: baking, wokking, grilling, roasting, barbecuing… you can coat any type of kitchen utensil and any ingredient with our oil sprays. Or you can use them to liven up salads, make dressings or finish pizzas… With the Ghiant aerosols you make life in your professional kitchen or at home much simpler! You


can reach the smallest corners and edges of any pan or baking tray, also in between the grooves of a grill pan where set lubricants or normal oil cannot reach or reaches after some time. This will prevent

When visiting the GHIANT production unit, one immediately notices the spotless and hi-tech

your pans or baking trays from burning and doing the dishes becomes a lot easier.

environment. Those who don’t know any better, think they are in a pharmaceutical plant. Everything at GHIANT exudes hygiene, carefulness and precision. GHIANT maintains full batch traceability

Apart from oil sprays Ghiant also offers sweet fruit sprays (spumas) and savoury sprays with various

and the integral production process is monitored by an external control organisation. This approach

flavours (mushroom, fish, garlic, etc.) for dressing or flavouring your dishes. They offer the finishing

is part of the sense of responsibility of a food producer as well as contributing to the economic

touch that turns any dish into a feast.

effectiveness of the company, which hasn’t experienced any food aerosol recall since 1998.


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Is 100% protected against air, light and oxidation


Olive oil spray and other lubricants or foodstuffs in aerosol form

GHIANT food aerosols are 100% leak proof. The packaging

Due to their perfect dosability, food aerosols are extremely

can be dosed accurately. You use exactly the amount you need,

protects the product from light and air, food’s greatest enemies.

economical to use. Nothing is wasted and you never use

not a gram more or less.

This is why our aerosols do not need to be stored in the fridge.

more than you want to. It’s remarkable how long an aerosol lasts.


Non perishable

GHIANT food aerosols can be used for baking, frying, grilling,

Due to the complete sealing system, food aerosols can be kept


roasting, barbecuing and wokking. You can also use them to

a lot longer so the product quality is guaranteed from the

Our aerosol packaging is strong and unbreakable. It’s fine if

make dressings, lively up salads and finish pizzas. You can use

beginning to the end of use.

you accidentally drop one.

Tasty, always and everywhere


Because the product is always kept in the best conditions, the

Due to their cylinder shape, food aerosols take up almost no

Easy to use

natural flavour remains until the very last drop. Because the

space on your worktop or in your supply cupboard.

Food aerosols are handy and simple to use on an everyday

product is applied evenly, the flavour remains even in the entire

basis. They can be applied in no time. This fast, easy and


fruit sprays and numerous other flavours in aerosol form to prepare dishes or garnish plates.

smooth use - time and time again - increases the efficiency and

Ready to grab Because food aerosols tower above most other products and

the enjoyment, which is much appreciated by both professional


and hobby chefs. Our oil sprays can reach the smallest corners

Food aerosols do not leave unwanted traces. The content can

and edges of any pan or baking tray which prevents them from

only be in two places: in the packaging or exactly where you


burning so doing the dishes also becomes a lot easier.

want, and nowhere else. Messing about with brushes, spoons

The used propellants only apply the content of the aerosols

or spatulas is a thing of the past. No more greasy bottles and

onto your food, without diluting the content or influencing

Health and wellbeing

unmanageable cans. Gone are the oily puddles and greasy

the original flavour.

Food aerosols are very healthy. The perfectly dosable products

stains on your worktop, which does not only look better, but is

should be part of any low cholesterol and low calorie cuisine.

also much more hygienic regarding bacteria due to the use


Moreover, our food aerosols do not contain any preservatives or

of aerosols. Moreover, it also works the other way round: no

Appearances also count. The dish looks very tasty because of

other additives.

bacteria can get into food aerosols.

the even application. Salads are shiny, vegetables look great,

cooking utensils, they are eye-catching and always ready.


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pancakes appear as if they are in an advertisement and roasted meat gets a golden shine. Uniform quality Because we apply the strictest norms during the production process, our food aerosols are extremely stable with regard to product characteristics and are therefore also uniform in the field of quality. Safe Ghiant food aerosols are manufactured according to the strictest HACCP and BRC norms and offer optimum safety, with regard to use as well as food safety. Eco-friendly Our aerosols are completely recyclable and use molecular nitrogen gas, the main constituent of our earth’s atmosphere. Nitrogen gas does not respond to food products, does not oxidise and is - like nitrous oxide- generally accepted in the food sector.


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FROM HOT PLATE LUBRICANTS TO FRUIT SPRAYS: THE ENDLESS GHIANT FOOD AEROSOL RANGE This brochure does not contain a complete product overview as our range is constantly in development. This is therefore a provisional selection of the many possibilities: Hot plate lubricants, baking spray and private label • Olive oil spray • Sunflower oil spray • Rapeseed oil spray • Aromatic olive oil sprays with Italian, Mexican or Eastern flavours Spumas • Fruit sprays for the preparation or finish of sweet dishes • Available in various flavours: raspberry, orange, lemon, cherry, etc. Herb and aroma sprays • GHIANT produces tailor-made herb and aroma sprays in a wide range of flavours: mushroom, fish, garlic, etc.


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WHO ARE OUR CUSTOMERS? GHIANT’s main customers are bakeries, hotels, restaurants,

Even companies that generally apply hot plate lubricants with

have been standard equipment kitchens for years. In no time,

industrial kitchens and catering companies. GHIANT also serves

their own equipment, use the manageable aerosol when their

cooking sprays will also take hold on our side of the ocean, the

the end consumer via the distribution sector. GHIANT also

regular stock has run out or when they work on site.

difference being that GHIANT is launching the European, non-

operates for private labels.

burning and therefore strongly improved version on the market. Hobby chefs and consumers at home are also increasingly

GHIANT’s third major customer group are private labels.

Bakeries, professional chefs, hotels, restaurants and catering

choosing food aerosols. Apart from the user-friendliness, benefits

businesses appeal to the GHIANT food aerosols because they

such as versatility and health particularly play a role in this

GHIANT profiles itself as the ideal formulator and filler for

are handy, hygienic and also very economical due to their

market segment. After all, GHIANT food sprays fit in perfectly

manufacturers who only need to affix the label with their brand

perfect dosability, both for preparation and finish.

with a health and low calorie diet. In the USA cooking sprays

name on our aerosols.


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29/09/09 08:54 GHIANT AEROSOLS nv Industrieweg 7 2340 Beerse - BelgiĂŤ Tel. +32 (0) 14 61 54 60 Fax +32 (0)14 61 75 25

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