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Hal Ghaxaq Primary St Benedict College

Easy– speak pro microphone x2 ( can be used for show and tell in classroom.)

Bee bot x2

Bee– Bot lesson activities DVD

Construction Bot

Easi-view Primary visualiser (Can be used to share student’s work with the rest of the classroom.)

Bee Bot Mat (used with Bee Bot)

Easi-Scope (digital microscope.)

Pro– Bot (A ‘big brother’ for Bee Bot)

Large Keys Keyboard

‘Can you guess what’s up?’ guessing game

‘Don’t say it’ Descriptive game.

3D telling the time puzzle.

Happy families card game (roles/ jobs) x2

Animal science– science kit ( plaster, plaster form, tweezers, measuring cup, bug viewer, specimen bag, stickers, guide book.

Maths Brain Box game (7+)

Inventions—Brain Box game (7+)

Abc– brain box game (4+)

Plant science kit (pipette, measuring cups, thirst scale colour strip, petri dish, little signs, colour tablets, magnifying glass)

Weather Science (rain gauge, wind vane, wind gauge, thermometer, mirror, weather station base, weather station pole, wind rose.)

Space exploration experiment kit ( manual, syringe, plastic tubes, locking plugs, helicopter parts, 2 balloon cars pvc hose, Styrofoam boats, straws)

The human science kit (fingerprint paper sheets, peepholes paper sheet, die-cut cardboard sheet, thin rubber bands, balloons, polystyrene foam ball, string, chalk, mirror, feather, hourglass, game board, measuring cups, tube, tactile shapes card, accordion folded systems, info

501 activities for kids

1000 things to make and do

Taqbiliet Maltin

A practical guide to activities for young children

How children Learn science?

Theme-a-saurus (over 50 teaching themes and ideas)

100 science lessons

Abacus resource book and activity book.

Picture talk—IN the supermarket

Picture talk— at the beach

Picture talk—IN the kitchen

Picture talk—In the park

Ghanjiet it tfal u ghanjiet il Milied

Dinja wahda action guide

Health for life 1 ( a teacher’s planning guide to health education in the primary school)

Health for life 2 ( the world of drugs, keeping myself safe, me and my relationships.)

100 science lessons– Year 1

100 science lessons– Year 2

100 science lessons– Year 3

100 science lessons– Year 4

100 science lessons– Year 5

Exploring science 5

The big book of experiments

Puttinu u Toninu Stejjer ghat tfal ta’ kull eta’

I love phonics vowels activity (1-4)

I love Phonics consonant activity 58)

Houscraft science

The history book Box

Investigating our world and how it works book box.

Amazing science experiments

Science Book 1 ( our body, the five senses, good habits, living and non living things.)

Science Book 2 ( Food, healthy food, life cycle of a plant.)

Science Book 3 ( animals, animal body parts, animals and their babies, life cycle of animals.)

Science Book 4 ( Solar systems, colours and shapes electricity, light and shadows.)

Ghanjiet tat tfal

Growing up (adolescence, body changes and sex)

A modern course in integrated science.

General Science Two

Taking Care of ME

MY House

Let’s Go Shopping

Our Community

School educational resources  

St Benedict College Ghaxaq Primary School Educational Resources List

School educational resources  

St Benedict College Ghaxaq Primary School Educational Resources List