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There. . . that should do it‌

What the. . . Kaff! Kaff! I had it cal culated to the last decimal !

Have I com e at a bad tim e?

Stupi d, stubborn Titan !

You are goin g to

Stay close, LCN. . . I am set to probe the Titan’s claims.

be very useful, little Sprite. . . you will be the conduit of all of his energy!


No! The Titan was speakin g true! It’s all real ! All of it!

And I left them alone. . . what an old fool I am ! And now. . . who’s goin g to help them?

“Lemnos. . .

“ . . .this faroff, forgotten place was

“The Arkaios had been campin g troops

the site of one of the Gigantomachia’s

in Myrina before sendin g them on to the

most epic, bloody battles. . .

Cyclades to assault the Drakah ou tposts.

“It was a

“The Arkaios had the Ikons on their si de.


Monstrous creatures enslaved by the an cient ‘life stones’ from the sky.

“The Mothers saw the runes on the

“They raised their eyes

wall and responded like all good

and voice in prayer to their

people facin g death are expected to.

ven geful Goddess.

“‘Do you wish for victory?’ asked the Goddess. And they chanted ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’

“The Drakah in vaders’ priestesses,

“Never before had

“And that made

the Dark Mothers, ordered their

the Drakahs gone

it a good day for

soldiers to move on the stron ghold.

so far North.

the hom e team.

“Even the legendary Drakah bloodlust couldn’t stand against them.

“The Goddess called for a sacrifice in blood. And this is how the golden - skinned Drakah “‘Your m en will know my emb race.’

warriors becam e her favorite lovers…”

Mediterranea #3  

Medieval fantasy set in a fantastic but at the same time very realistic world. After an era of peace the races that inhabit this land fall b...