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A Public Art Exhibition is going on right now in Watkinsville. Nine art installations that anyone can visit at any time can be found throughout the town.The pieces are all created by Georgia artists Kemp Mooney,Andy Cherewick, Peter Loose, Lisa Freeman, Claire Clements, Nack (Nick Morris), and Cameron Hampton.The two pieces located at Rocket Field were created by a class under the direction of Stacy Koffman with University of North Georgia and by Oconee County High School students. How inspirational it would be to show your child art made by people that are currently living in our community and to let them know that anything is possible. 1 Oconee County High School Students,“Leaving the Nest” Location: Rocket Field 2 Lisa Freeman,“Little Big Girl” Location: Entrance to Harris Shoals Park 3 Andy Cherewick,“The Drawing Room for Us and Everything All the Time” Location: Entrance to OCAF and Board of Education 4 UNG Painting I Class,“The Beginning of Life” Location: Rocket Field 5 Claire Clements,“Moon Glow” Location: Barnett Shoals Road 6 Peter Loose,“The Mother of All Armadillos” Location: LADTruck Lines 7 Kemp Mooney,“House of Celebration 2.2017” Location: Oconee County Public Library 8 Cameron Hampton,“Endangered Menagerie / Flatwoods Salamander” Location: Colham Ferry Elementary 9 Nack (Nick Morris),“Simple Fields of Confusion” Location: Ameripride




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