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Hands Wreath

You’ll need: • clean, flat cardboard (you could also use a paper plate) • heavy contruction paper or light poster board in colors of your choice (for example, greens and red for Christmas, blues and white for Hanukkah) • large glue stick • scissors (kid-friendly for the younger ones) • pencil for tracing hands • ribbon or twine for hanging


Holiday Crafts Over the past 20 years Athens-Oconee Parent Magazine has presented craft ideas that bring the whole family together. Here are four of our holiday favorites to make and enjoy regardless of how you celebrate!

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Cut a circle from the cardboard (ours is a 9” circle). Then cut a smaller circle from the middle to create a cardboard ring. This will be the base for your wreath. Gather family and friends and begin to trace around the hands onto the green paper. Our wreath has 25 hands from five different people using a dark green and a light green for variety, but you could use just one color. Now start cutting out the traced hands. They don’t have to be perfect! Next, lay your cardboard ring onto a flat surface – the kitchen table is a great place to bring everyone together. Start by gluing hands around and covering the cardboard ring as your base. Then glue more hands over these, continuing until the wreath is covered. Cut small circles from the red paper and glue onto the hands to represent red berries. We made a “bow” from a child’s hand, but you could style and decorate your wreath any way you want. Attach a length of twine or ribbon to the back of the cardboard. Your wreath is ready to hang and enjoy the memories of making it together! By A.W. Blalock