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A GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP KNOWLEDGE FOR GREEN GROWTH The Green Growth Knowledge Platform is a global network of researchers and development experts that identifies and addresses major knowledge gaps in green growth theory and practice. Through widespread consultation and world-class research, the GGKP provides practitioners and policymakers with the policy guidance, good practices, tools, and data necessary to support a green economy transition.

The GGKP was officially launched in Mexico City in January 2012 by the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and the World Bank. The GGKP has since expanded to include a number of Knowledge Partners: institutions and organizations active in areas related to green growth and green economy at the local, national, regional, and international levels.

The GGKP emphasizes a practical orientation for research grounded in the belief that good policy can only emerge from close collaboration among researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and the private sector. The GGKP also includes a panel of independent advisors, known as the Advisory Committee, who provide technical and political guidance to the design and implementation of the GGKP initiatives. The Advisory Committee comprises experts from around the world with deep technical and policy experience related to green growth research and practice.

Simone D. McCourtie / World Bank


GENERATING, MANAGING AND SHARING KNOWLEDGE Increasing impact through collaboration and coordination The GGKP provides a forum for a green growth community of practice and network of institutions to initiate and coordinate collaborative green growth analysis and studies.

Catalyzing action through identifying and addressing knowledge gaps The GGKP coordinates a comprehensive consultative process involving policymakers, practitioners, researchers, and the private sector in order to identify and address major knowledge gaps in green growth theory and practice.

Empowering others through effective knowledge sharing and management The GGKP aims to serve as the leading platform for managing and sharing green growth knowledge by stimulating the development of a green growth community of practice, convening this community at workshops and conferences, and creating a state-of-the-art web platform.

• The GGKP e-newsletter, the “Knowledge Update”, provides subscribers with regular updates on the latest green growth research, tools, initiatives, and events.

• Through its Annual Conferences, the GGKP brings together researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and the private sector to discuss, debate and disseminate research. • Green Growth Practitioner Workshops, to be held in Asia and Africa in 2013, aim to build up capacity in developing countries, enable knowledge exchange, and engage researchers in the GGKP.

RESEARCH: To date, over 20 research papers, on a range of topics, have been produced under the GGKP. Select examples include:

• “Is Green Growth Good for the Poor?” - Stefan Dercon • “From Growth to Green Growth: A Framework” - Stephane Hallegatte, Geoffrey Heal, Marianne Fay, and David Treguer • “Green Growth, Green Jobs and Labor Markets” - Alex Bowen • “The Role of Technological Change in Green Growth” – David Popp • “International Trade and Green Growth” – Brian R. Copeland • “Green Industrial Policy: Trade and Theory” - Larry Karp and Megan Stevenson

Dana Smillie / World Bank

• Through its web platform, www.ggkp.org, the GGKP is providing the green growth community of practice with easy access to the knowledge products required to support a green economy transition.


HOW TO GET INVOLVED We are eager to forge links with research institutions, development organizations, policy makers, and members of the private sector with an interest in understanding and implementing green growth. If you or your institution is interested in partnering with the GGKP, please contact the GGKP Secretariat.

JOIN THE GGKP COMMUNITY Follow us on Twitter: @GGKPlatform Join our LinkedIn Group: bit.ly/linkedinGGKP Subscribe to the GGKP Knowledge Update: bit.ly/KnowledgeUpdate For further information about the GGKP: contact@ggkp.org www.ggkp.org

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