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The Complexity of Balancing Sanitary Drying and Efficiency

In addition, the number of viable bacteria is decreased from the 1.0 x 105 (cfu/g) - which brown rice has, to 1.0 x 102 thanks to a moist air heating and humidifying process, so a sterilsation effect is expected. Five flavours of the normal rinse-free rice processed from the same material (lshikawa-produced Koshihikari in 2013) were compared by the AISSY taste sensor, the result is shown on Table 3. GABA rinse-free rice compared by the Satake cooked rice taste analyser (model: STA1A).

Has Now Been Mastered

Table 1: Functional ingredients contained in rice and those effects Functional ingredients GABA


Effects Inhibition of blood pressure elevation Inhibition of increase of neutral fat Relief of menopausal symptoms Relief of an autonomic ataxia Prevention and amelioration of presenile mental disorder Amelioration of liver function Calming effects etc. Alleviation of fatty liver Prevention of arteriosclerosis Promoting absorption of calcium Amelioration of hypercholesterolemia Promotion of the growth of an infant Depilation prophylactic effect etc.

IP6 (Phytic, Phytic acid)

As an acid, having the pH buffering action Prevention of the deterioration and discoloration Antioxidant action Enhancing immunity Anticancer effects etc.


Alleviation of autonomic ataxia Suppressing effect of menopausal symptoms etc. Alleviation of a whiplash injury Effect of ultraviolet ray absorption Antioxidative effect Actions of promoting on sebum secretion etc.

Ferulic acids

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An ultraviolet ray absorbing effect Antioxidative effect Antibacterial activities etc.

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