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No Cheese Mango Cheesecake Pots

Recipe By Ashmi Shah, Styling & Photography By Ekta Patel

Fruity, fresh & oh so tasty, these cheesecake pots will turn any gathering into a celebration of flavour. They take 10 minutes to put together, can be premade & the fruit can be any tropical offering depending on the season & your preference. Consider yourself warned when I say one pot per person is never enough!


This recipe makes 10 pots (for size please refer to the photos)


• 250 gms Digestive Biscuits

• 300 ml Fresh Cream

• 2 Tbsp Sugar

• ½ Teaspoon Cinnamon Powder

• 1 large Mango Diced

• 1 cup chopped and roasted Almonds & Hazelnuts

• ½ cup chocolate chunks (can be dark milk or white)


1. Fold together the fresh cream and sugar

2. Mix the mango, cinnamon and a ¼ portion of the chopped nuts

3. Blitz the digestives into a crumble

4. Begin the layering process:

Layer 1: Digestive biscuits

Layer 2: Fresh cream

Layer 3: Mango

Layer 4: Fresh cream

Garnish: Chocolate chunks, roasted almonds and roasted hazelnuts

Chill the pots for a minimum of half an hour before serving

*The mango can be switched up with Raspberries, Grapefruit, Oranges, Banana, Kiwi or Strawberries