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Sun & Dine

Written by the @TheKenyanFoodNerd

When the clouds clear after a long, dreary rainy season, most of our thoughts turn to enjoy the great outdoors. We start planning camping trips, hiking excursions, and weekends at the coast. If we can’t spare the time away to embark on extended getaways, chances are high that we will at least initiate going for outdoor lunch seating’s where the birds are chirping, the trees are swaying and the flowers are blooming. As it turns out, eating outside is good for more than just a change of lunchtime scenery. It’s also good for your health towards lowering your stress levels and boosting your mood. The hubby and I usually prefer outdoor setting not just for the good eats- though Epicurus knows that’s hugely important- but also to enjoy our mealtime in the soothing breezes and (to please our doctor) a nice dose of natural vitamin D. Here are my top 3 outdoor spots in Nairobi.


Unusual, unexpected, enchanting, words fall short when describing the extraordinary garden that adorns this restaurant. Tinted with greenery, the restaurant offers a wide variety of seafood, choma platters and vegetarian dishes, opens for breakfast from 6am through to 10pm. Tamambo is located on Karen road away from all the town hustle and traffic. You can either choose to dine at any of their gardens areas ie; the bar garden and the grogan garden- which is also ideal to cater for huge events. On first Saturday’s of the month, they have a flea market that invites local vendors, shops and has lots of kids activities. On Sundays, they have a buffet that serves a variety of cuisines and live cooking stations too. While there, we had a scrumptious meal: chapakazi, a meat platter that included lamb chops, chicken & beef kebab, ribs and wings. Vegetable sampler, that had cream spinach, Swahili beans, palak paneer served with rice. Each of these splendid meals was exactly what we had hoped forwell cooked, well flavoured.


They say alfresco dining experience makes the food taste fresher and better, and this restaurant is exactly the ultimate spot for it. Intimate dining in a leafy, secluded area of Westlands, this place is gorgeous. Tables are shaded with sizable umbrellas, seasonal flowers on the pathway and trees supply more shade- and more natural beauty. Good food and drinks can be enjoyed in this tranquil setting, with friendly staff, and well-prepared dishes from around the world. It caters for all taste with a wide range of vegetarian dishes and desserts. While browsing through the menu I couldn’t resist my sweet tooth and ordered their pancakes-bananas, coconut, passion fruit sauce, that’s found on their Sunday brunch menu. Looked good and tasted even better. It’s cosy ambience that is perfect for romantic dates and chill outs. I will definitely be going back for their desserts.


Carnivore is the ultimate ‘beast of the feast’. The restaurant is known for its exotic meat selections that include crocodile, ostrich and camel and other meat that is roasted over charcoal and carved at your table. Apart from ‘all you can eat meat’, the Simba saloon adjacent to the main restaurant is a vibrant informal restaurant that incorporates children’s playground and a kids play zone, that’s essential for family lunches. While seated at their open-air restaurant we ordered the 1/2kg sizzling meat platter from their à la carte menu that included sausages, wings, ribs, beef fillet and drumsticks which were roasted and seasoned to perfection. A must place to visit for your afternoon meat cravings!