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The Art of Tarts


A soft crust and a decadent filling, that’s the gist of a tart. A beautiful member of baking delights, if not the most beautiful. Tarts in Kenya are still coming up, with most restaurants delving into fruit tarts, but sometimes, bakeries and cooks give in to the demands of the crowd (or maybe just our demands) and create a masterpiece of art that takes over Pinterest boards and tempts friends to show up at doorsteps. In this issue, we picked tarts, not just because of the obsession Juliet Kennedy started with her amazing Bakewell Tart, but also because this is our way to celebrate a dessert that has stuck with us for the longest of times.

Photography by Kenyan Library

Rich Chocolate Tart by Tiramisu Made with fresh cream and dark chocolate

Photography by Kenyan Library

Pineapple & Turmeric No-bake Tart by Hellen Kabaki (@MissKabaki) Made with turmeric, pineapples, oats and coconut cream