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Elephant Gin

An award-winning gin with African roots and a purpose.

Elephant Gin is available at Village Supermarket, Sixty Three Wines, Solovino, Vintage Liquor, Mega Wines, Craft Barrels & Highbury Liquor

The Elephant Gin story isn't only about gin. The brand carries a strong message about environmental care and a responsibility to keep this planet intact so that others may experience the wonders of the world and be inspired.

Inspired by the sundowner experience, Tessa and Robin Gerlach were inspired to create the craft gin brand Elephant Gin while travelling through South Africa and Kenya. As they celebrated with a drink over Sunset, probably a Gin & Tonic, an idea was born that would find a middle ground between excellent gin, a celebration of African Botanicals and a passion for conservation. They found exotic botanicals that they had never come across Europe before and took these unusual fruits, roots and bush leaves back “home” to introduce and highlight them in a product that could be enjoyed by everyone. In gin, they found the perfect product that allowed them to experiment with the oils of the botanicals and create a flavour profile unlike any other. Elephant Gin is produced for wildlife adventurers and urban explorers alike. Handcrafted in Germany with the highest quality production standards, each batch is distilled using fourteen botanicals, including rare African ingredients, to create its distinctive flavour profile. All of Elephant Gin’s products are handcrafted; produced in small batches and using the traditional method of copper still distillation in an Arnold Holstein still. Many controlled manual steps and a slow, gentle distillation process ensure rich flavours and the highest level of quality. The bottles are custom-made, adorned with handwritten labels, embossed with a crest and sealed with natural cork.

Elephant Gin currently comes in 3 blends, each of which has its own unique aroma and story.


Elephant London Dry Gin uses an innovative blend of 14 botanicals with rare African ingredients as well as fresh apples sourced from the orchards around the distillery. The gin’s distinct nose first yields a subtle juniper aroma, with an undertone of mountain pine and other herbaceous notes. The taste is complex but strikingly smooth, encompassing floral, fruity, and spicy flavours, which can be enjoyed both neat and in a cocktail.


Combining the taste of the award-winning Elephant London Dry Gin with the classic flavour of fresh, hand-picked sloes, these wild berries add a richly rounded, lightly sweet and exquisitely fruity bouquet, as well as a typical warm red colour. All bottles are adorned with beautiful beads, handmade by three Maasai tribe ladies in Kenya, who are provided with job opportunities in a region affected by poverty and unemployment.


A variation on Elephant London Dry Gin which is stronger and mightier than the original, amplifying the aroma and fragrance of the 14 botanicals. The botanical focus is specifically centred around juniper, orange peel, mountain pine and African buchu, with its blackcurrant-like flavour profile. The result is a more powerful nose, while the taste offers an initial intense blast of fresh aroma and a natural sweetness, complemented by a full-bodied botanical backbone and perfectly balanced juniper finish.

The Elephant Gin story, however, isn’t only about gin. The brand carries a strong message about environmental care and a responsibility to keep this planet intact so that others may experience the wonders of the world and be inspired. They have dedicated their efforts to the African elephant who made an impact on the founders and thus inspired the name of the brand and has led to multiple initiatives to keep the Elephant safe - Initiatives such as donations, the funding of rangers who prevent poaching, building schools and partnering with other foundations.

The company runs with the goal to create a better world with not just with safer elephants, but also with better gin and more sustainable business practices. From their 100% plastic-free Elephant Sloe Gin bottle to their marketing materials made from recycled paper, Elephant Gin currently stands as one of the few alcohol brands that are dedicated to bringing their passion to Gin and to the environment at the same time.


Elephant Gin donates 15% of its profits to three inspirational African elephant foundations: Big Life Foundation, Space For Elephants Foundation and The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

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