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The world’s greatest dance and athletic floor...



...that can’t be seen. ~2~

THE FLOOR OF CHAMPIONS Quotes & Information: 1-800-922-3575

... you never see the but wow, do you feel it!




Baltic Birch with 1.5” Energy Blocks™. Wear-surface is Studio Vinyl™, Dance Vinyl™ or Vinyl Planking.

....a flat sturdy surface supported by Energy Blocks™ trapping air, providing a base for safe take off & landing. The Gerstung Airbase® is a

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What is it?:

Imported Plywood with 1.5” Energy Blocks™. Wear-surface is Finished Hardwood or Sanded Maple Planking.

state-of-the-art subfloor providing absorbency as well as resiliency.


is essential:

Professional dancers, students and high performance athletes alike can only take a limited amount of constant impact. The Airbase ® absorbs


Why an


Portable dance floor for stages and on-the-road performances.

Constructed like an AB-200 in 1.2m x 1.2m sections. (3’ 11.25” square) Wear-surface is Dance Vinyl™.

that shock and releases uplifting power to fight gravity with less effort. It



supports the users ultimate action and protects the joints.

Imported Plywood with 1” Energy Blocks™. Wear-surface is Studio Vinyl™, Dance Vinyl™ or Vinyl Planking.

How it works: A thin layer of specialty plywood is elevated on Energy Blocks™ to a specific height. We determine the height and the block pattern to

cushion with the response of an air mattress, almost therapeutic.


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achieve the best density for the floor's intended use. The result is an air

Softer & Imported Plywood with 1” Energy Block™. Wear-surface is Finished Hardwood or Sanded Maple Planking.


The world’s most shock absorbent



300 200




Dance Vinyl™ Lightweight PVC sheet vinyl that is simply rolled out and taped in place (not to be glued). This flooring material is an inexpensive solution for ballet, modern dance and general stage use. It also serves as a protective cover for wood floors. Easy to maintain. Available in gray, black, or reversible gray/black. Other specialty colors available.

Studio Vinyl™ A three-layer PVC vinyl formulated in France for the Dance industry. Suitable for both permanent and removable installations. Studio Vinyl™ has unusual qualities created for demanding dancers. The top features a tough-wearing, slip-resistant PVC layer. The woven fiberglass reinforcement below assures maximum strength and dimensional stability. The backing is a 3mm thick cellular cushion that absorbs shock and sound. May be permanently installed or simply taped in place for removable application. Available in black or gray. Roll Width: 59”(1.49m). Beige available as special order.


Vinyl Tape (black or gray) Seaming tape for vinyl, especially for temporary use. 108' (33m) rolls, 11/2" (38mm) wide. Less expensive & less permanent than cloth. Recommended for use with Dance Vinyl. Cloth Tape (black or gray) For seaming vinyl edges. 180' (55m) rolls, 2" (5cm) wide. Popularly known as "gaffer's tape"; very durable.

Slip No More “Liquid Rosin.” A non-slip solution that adds slip-resistance to all floors including wood, tile, vinyl and linoleum. You control the degree of non-slip simply by adding water. Ideal for performances, on tour, or for slippery studio floors. Available in gallon containers (3.78 lt.).

Double Faced Tape Primarily used for adhering Flex Tred, Tuff Tred, Pad-N-Carpet, or Vinyl to a subfloor. This is a very strong, adhering product. 75' (23m) rolls, 108" (33cm) wide.


The world’s most resilient








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Hardwood Planking

Wood Like Vinyl Planks

Both the Factory Finished Hardwood Planking and the Sanded Maple Planking are great surfaces if selected properly for all your dance needs. We look for relatively thin wood planking with a thick wear surface. The planks must be “engineered” to minimize the possibility of warping and cupping. It is a tongue and groove installation. We use the industries strongest adhesives to withstand the flexibility of the floor.

Our vinyl plank captures and duplicates the details and varieties of natural wood species from forests throughout the world. Design, color, surface texture and finish, are an amazing reflection of the real thing.

• Unfinished (sanded) or Factory Finished

• Replicated natural wood look • Many designs with smooth or textured surface • Minimal maintenance • Economical

The selection of wood planking is as customized as possible, depending on compatibility of the activities on the floor and the personal taste of the owner.

Each plank is manufactured of a high density, multi crossplied, dimensionally stable mid-layer. It is supported on a 2.5mm base with a 20mill, high performance, clear, vinyl wear surface.

Call us for product selection that fits your specific needs, personal taste and budget

It is also available in squares that duplicate Granit, Shale, or Rock. All vinyl planks or tiles guarantee commercial wear performance, appealing aesthetic attraction and have absolutely limited maintenance requirements.


Call for advice. We will help you with the product selection that fits your specific use and design concept.

The world’s easiest assembled Quick Set




USED BY: • The National and World Aerobic Championships • The Tbilisi Opera Company in the Republic of Georgia • The Kirov Ballet • Peabody Conservatory • Japan Arts • Stages for Touring Companies, Broadway, Colleges & High Schools Easy-to-set-up panels drop in place for a perfect fit. Slightly less than 4' x 4' (1.2m x 1.2m), the Quick SetTM Panels are joined at the seam by a patent-pending interlocking tongue-and-groove system. This Airbase® design, with a choice of factory-applied surfaces, is the perfect solution for theaters, hotels, dance studios, stages, and other locations where quick set-ups and take downs are required. Your choice of borders or ramps will finish off the edges of the floor. Storage transporters make portability extremely easy and guarantee the correct storage of the panels.

AirBase® Transporter

The Gerstung AirBase® transporter is manufactured of tubular steel and strong angle iron welded to achieve stability. Each unit is equipped with heavy duty casters. The stacking platform consist of plywood lined with carpet for safe vertical stacking of panels. The heavy duty seat belt straps keep the panels secured on the transporter. These units are and essential for proper storage!

For any activity requiring shock absorbency


Just let us know your criteria and we will send you samples and our recommendation. Combinations like wood and carpet can be functional and attractive. Heavy vinyls for multipurpose rooms are nearly indestructible. We work with:

• Planking • Parquet • Laminate


• Vinyl • Carpet • Sports Turf

• Rubber • Cork • and more

• Dance floors for tap & clogging, ballet, modern, character, broadway & other stages. • Gymnastics, Cheerleading and floors for individual training. • Multi Purpose Rooms • Pilates Studios • Elementary Gyms • Fencing Lanes • Cross Training Facilities • Weight Rooms • Volley Ball Courts • Daycares • many other facilities requiring safe flooring. ~6~

Essential for your studio

MIRRORS & BARRES Glassless Mirrors

Ballet Barres

Shatterproof, very lightweight, distortion free, and it can’t fog up. The ideal solution when portability or safety are your key concerns. Glassless mirrors consist of a rigid foam core bordered by an aluminum frame. Across this frame a, high optical grade, Mylar film is stretched. Because of this construction, the panels are incredibly lightweight. A 4' x 8' (1.2m x 2.4m) panel weighs less than 10 lbs (4.5kg). Wall mirrors come in 4' x 6' (1.2m x 1.8m) or 4' x 8' (1.2m x 2.4m). Other sizes can be custom ordered. Floor stands for free standing mirrors are available as well as a cleaning kit.

Two independently adjustable barres allow dancers on opposite sides to have their own barre at their own height. This free-standing barre is the strongest, most rigid, and most easily adjustable portable ballet barre available anywhere. It can be taken apart in seconds to fit in small cars...NO TOOLS NEEDED. Available in lengths of 4’(1.2m), 6’(1.8m) and 8’(2.4m).

Glassless Mirrors

Free Standing Barres

Wall-mount Barres (fixed or adjustable) An elegant wall-mounted Ballet Barre system with chromeplated hardware allows for quick high/low adjustability as well as single or double barre attachments. An economical version is available with fixed chrome wall brackets. The fine sanded, evenly grained wood barres are 15/8" (4.1mm) in diameter, and come equipped with pre-drilled holes for easy assembly. Available in lengths of 4' (1.2m) Ships UPS 6' (1.8m) Ships UPS 8' (2.4m) Ships UPS

10' (3m) Motor Freight 14' (4.3m) Motor Freight 16' (4.88m) Motor Freight

Jr. Home Ballet Barre • Economical • Easy to use • Easy to move • Easy to Assemble • Made of sturdy aluminum with rubber feet • 4’, 6’, 8’ lengths


Italia Performing Arts, Winchester VA

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Gerstung Floor Catalog  

This catalog features the Gerstung AirBase® Subfloor System along with quality wood and vinyl top surfaces for both fitness and dance.