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==== ==== Turn Words Into Traffic and Take Your Sales To New Heights! ==== ==== *************************************************************************************************** 3 Common Mistakes In Article Marketing (And How YOU Can Avoid Them!) *************************************************************************************************** This article is special because... not only will I tell you what the 3 common mistakes ARE in article marketing, I will give you an action step to help you AVOID it at all costs, starting with... Mistake #1 : Using Ugly Article Titles. If you read some of the articles scattered around on forums or article directories like EzineArticles.Com, there's an obvious problem that plagues the titles of these articles that are supposed to draw your attention, and that is : Their "ugly". I know people who would give themselves the noble piece prize for journalism but forget about attracting the target audience their article is intended for because of ugly article titles. Never assume your audience will read your article because of great content. Of course, great content has it's place, but it won't get read unless the title gives them an idea of what's inside the article. The best way to describe your articles is with an exciting headline with a clear benefit telling the reader what they'll gain by reading your article, for example: The title of THIS article -- "3 Common Mistakes In Article Marketing" (tells what the article is about)...And How YOU Can Avoid Them! (What benefit you'll gain from reading this article with action steps as being described) Mistake #2 : Pushing Products Too Hard (as an affiliate or for my own) It blows me away when low-class article marketers think they can dish out horrible content with zero value to the reader and honestly think he or she will dig into their bank accounts and hand their hard earned cash over to them. When people like me promote article marketing, where not talking about writing crap articles that fool people and ask them to click on links that lead to a salespage. We're promoting quality content first, while asking for the sale second.

Let's be real, you and I do silly things as humans and sometimes we can be tricked into buying stuff we later regret from a hard sale -- but relying on people to make those odd impulse buying decisions is a fools game because no one likes to be sold to. The solution is simple: Give the reader exceptional content they can use today and direct them to your website to help them use it more effectively

Mistake #3 : Putting Very Little Effort In The Resource Box Missiona accomplished. You created high-quality valuble content and the headline sucks in readers like a vortex...put you screwed up and gave readers a "weak" call to action. This call-to-action is commonly known as "The Resource Box". Every resource box should contain 2 active links as anchor text (permited by most directories) with enticing wording to encourage the click to your website of choice like the following: "Losing weight can be as easy as 1-2-3 and in a matter of minutes, you could get your hands on one of the hottest weight loss products around by -- clicking on this link to find out more". Avoid these 3 mistakes, and you'll be on your way to article marketing profits. ==== ==== Turn Words Into Traffic and Take Your Sales To New Heights! ==== ====

3 Common Mistakes In Article Marketing (And How YOU Can Avoid Them!)  
3 Common Mistakes In Article Marketing (And How YOU Can Avoid Them!)  

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