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Anservitz engages students with

real-world solutions R

obert Anservitz believes in his students, and that

ultimately got her dream job in Web design management directly

through real-world opportunities, encouragement and

due to this class,” Anservitz said. “It gives students confidence in

setting high expectations, students thrive and perform

their approach to networking, and meeting and presenting

to their highest potential. “To really know the subject, you must be able to use the

concepts,” said the assistant professor of marketing. Anservitz’s students have used marketing concepts to create

to clients.” “Prof. Anservitz has infused real-world techniques into his class so his students’ exercise is much more comprehensive than a paper assignment,” said Joni Smith, development director for

more than $2 million in deliverables for Georgia non-profits over

Atlanta Children’s Shelter, a recent non-profit client. “They

the course of his 28-year career.

were well-prepared and their final presentation was as

For each non-profit client, his students develop an integrated marketing communications strategy that serves as the blueprint

professional as a seasoned marketing team.” The Red Cross of Northeast Georgia was so impressed

for coordinated deliverables created to meet client needs. The

with its materials that it paid tribute to Anservitz and his 2013

experience helps students expand skill sets and build portfolios.

promotions class at its 2014 Volunteer Appreciation and

“One student had never worked in Web design before and

Recognition Dinner. “I am totally humbled and give full credit to my students,” Anservitz said of receiving the Red Cross 2014 Good Neighbor

“Prof. Anservitz has infused

Award. “The astronomical caliber of the deliverables and their

real-world techniques into

deeply impressed me.”

his class so his students’ exercise is much more comprehensive than a paper assignment.” – Joni Smith, Atlanta Children’s Shelter



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willingness to go far beyond the extra mile in developing them The students delivered a comprehensive marketing plan to help the Red Cross increase its volunteer pool, raise regional awareness and promote a positive community image. Deliverables included a holiday invitation, assistance with holiday light and table displays, a modifiable table display, a banner, redesign of a golf tournament brochure, a press release

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