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Athletic Director...... Greg McGarity (Georgia, ‘76) Exec. Assoc. Dir...... Frank Crumley (Georgia, ‘88) ................................Carla Williams (Georgia, ‘89) Sr. Assoc. Dir........... Claude Felton (Georgia, ‘70) ................................. Glada Horvat (Georgia, ‘82) Associate Athletic Directors................................... ................................... Craig White (Missouri, ‘89) ................................Alan Thomas (Kentucky, ‘70) ........................................... Ted White (California) Assistant Athletic Directors.................................... ............................Matt Brachowski (Missouri, ‘85) .......................Josh Brooks (Louisiana State, ‘02) ................................... Tim Cearley (Georgia, ‘96) ....................................... Ron Courson (Samford) .......................Charles Whittemore (Georgia, ‘70)

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The 2011-12 Georgia Equestrian media guide was written and edited by Sports Communications Graduate Assistant Jen Galas, with assistance from Associate Sports Communcations Director Tim Hix, using Adobe InDesign CS5 and Adobe Photoshop CS5. Special thanks to the UGA Equestrian staff for their valued assistance in producing this media guide. The editor wishes to thank the following photographers for their contributions to this media guide: Dan Evans, Leonard Isbell, Phillip Faulkner, Karen Jennings, Ashley Strickland and Kelly Wegel.

2003 • 2004 • 2008 • 2009 • 2010 VARSITY EQUESTRIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONS


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2011-12 Team Captains From Left: Katelyn Van Allen, Michelle Morris and Ali Sullivan


Head Coach...............Meghan Boenig (Berry, ‘99) Assistant Coach....... Mary Meneely (Belford, ‘09) Assistant Coach.......Lisa Anderson (Barnard, ‘79) Equestrian Facilitator.............................Ted White Farm Manager...............................Amber Bradley Barn Manager....Rachel Garrison (Wesleyan, ‘04) Facility Manger...................................... Bill Dover Facility Coordinator............................... Eric White Equestrian Program Coord............ Jennifer Futter Equestrian Telephone..................... 706-542-5817 Program Highlights................................................ National Champions: ‘03, ‘04, ‘08, ‘09, ‘10 ; VENC Reserve Champions: ‘05, ‘11 ; Southern Equestrian Champions: ‘03, ‘05, ‘06, ‘07, ‘08, ‘09


Location..............................................Athens, Ga. Founded........................................................1785 Enrollment..................................................33,878 Nickname.................................................Bulldogs Conference...................................... Southeastern Colors............................................ Red and Black President........ Dr. Michael Adams (Lipscomb ‘70) Faculty Chair..... Prof. David Shipley (Oberlin, ‘72) Facility.................... Georgia Equestrian Complex ............1171 Astondale Road; Bishop, Ga. 30621

University of Georgia Equestrian 2011-12 Media Guide


UGA QUICK FACTS General Information





Head Coach Meghan Boenig sat down to discuss the upcoming season, the history of Georgia Equestrian and the competitiveness of Varsity Equestrian. On the upcoming season... “This is going to be a challenging season. We have meets that are back-to-back all through November. We have a lot of travel, visiting schools that we haven’t seen very often like Texas A&M and Oklahoma. During the trip to Oklahoma, we are seeing multiple competitors in one weekend, and that theme is repeated several times this year. What we have to do is to focus on the moment everyday in practice and in every competition. It’s going to be a very good test to see where we are right from the beginning. I believe going through this season will really help prepare us for the championship season.” On the goals for 2011-12... “We set four goals at the beginning of every season. The first one is an academic goal. As a team, we are striving for a 3.25-combined GPA. Our second goal is an athletic one. It is to earn the 2012 National Title as well as reclaim the SEC title. Our third goal is to give back to the community over 400 hours. That has been a goal that we have met every year. Our final goal is to carry on the tradition of creating top-notch unity that our equestrian team is known for.”

On the Asst. Coach Lisa Anderson... “It’s so exciting to have the coaching staff that we have here. Our new assistant coach Lisa Anderson will work primarily with the Hunt Seat riders. She’s been able to bring a fresh perspective to the rest of the staff and really invigorated everyone. I’ve found that when you bring someone in from industry, they tend to see things a little differently. That challenges us to look at rides and the level at which we are competing. It’s a welcomed challenge. I believe that the contributions that she will have to equitation over fences are unlimited.” On Asst. Coach Mary Meneely... “Mary is entering her second season with us and has already shown her value by taking the Western riders up to a third-place finish last year. The recruiting class that she brought in her first year is so talented and highly regarded in the horse industry. It shows her personality and determination, which bodes well for the future.” On the success of Georgia Equestrian... “Once you set the standard, no one wants to go backward. That goes for our competitors too, here in the SEC and across the country. Every team is continuing to get stronger. The thing about success is that it continues to breed success. We can use our past success as a recruiting tool because it shows the drive, dedication and commitment to excellence that our Athletic Association and the University of Georgia has for the equestrian program.

Michelle Morris



McKenzie Lantz

However, it can put the pressure on you to stay at the top. You have to learn how to handle being a moving target. By the standards of most programs, we had an extremely successful season last year, finishing second and third at nationals. With the success that we had over the years, the bar is set a little higher at Georgia. We push a little more because our goal is to take home the national title again. That shows the growth and competitiveness that Varsity Equestrian teams have.” On the seniors... “The senior class includes two of our captains in Michelle Morris and Katelyn Van Allen, who have been leaders for several years on this team, now culminating in their captainship. They have seen this team transition from a group of girls to a group that focuses on the goals as a team. They have given this program some consistency in both disciplines. The seniors have been a part of championship teams and know what winning feels like. They also know what it feels like to come so close last year and they have no less desire to bring home another title. They know what it takes to win.” On the depth of the team... “We have great depth on this team. If you look at who has travelled to Nationals the past few years, there is always an



On having a strong schedule... “Strength of schedule is extremely important. It will help us in the rankings, where we are seeded for nationals. With all of that said, it’s where you finish that is the most important part of the season. A team can be undefeated through the regular season but not put it all together and lose in the championship.”

On the environment at competitions... “This is a sport that fans can get right up close to the action. Our promotions staff has really helped created a family atmosphere at our events with events like pictures with a horse, paint the pony and stick horse races. It really is an incredible experience for the whole family.”


Becca Haaland

Strengths of the Western riders... “We graduated some talented riders in the Western division. We had some holes to fill, but I think Coach Mary was able to address

2003 • 2004 • 2008 • 2009 • 2010 VARSITY EQUESTRIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONS


Strengths of the Hunt Seat riders... “We have lot of returning riders this year. Our Hunt Seat riders will have a lot of experience in competing at a national level and how to handle the pressure that comes with that. With the depth that we have, I think we will be battling it out with another school for the Hunt Seat Championship this year and I am excited about that opportunity.”


On the newcomers... “We have some phenomenal freshmen, transfers and walk-ons this year. They have tremendous success in their industry standard competitions and their experience in front of judges will be a huge asset in their confidence. Their willingness and desire to be the best at this format is something that has impressed me the most. They are asking questions, asking for extra work and pushing themselves beyond what is asked of them. That has translated to every single rider getting better and pushing herself to be the best. I am really excited about these riders who are coming in with a wealth of knowledge and still are willing and excited to learn more from the returning riders and the coaching staff.”

On competing in the SEC... “The SEC is the dominant force in Varsity equestrian. No school outside of the SEC has ever won the national championship and I don’t foresee that changing. That being said, you’re really only as good as the team that you defeat. Travelling to all of these other schools is a learning experience. As important as it is to do well, it is really more important that you learn a lesson each time. I would rather be challenged by a team and have a loss than go somewhere and win straight through.”


underclassman in that group. We have riders like Carly Anthony who have been instrumental in Individual National Championships and All-Americans. I look for her to continue that leadership. On our Western side, we are fortunate to have the depth that we have with Becca Haaland in the reining event and Maria Salazar horsemanship. Both wonderful character, drive and determination. We are very fortunate to have the depth that we do. I look for strong leadership to be a part of this team for years to come because of how important the underclassmen are to this program.”


UGA Horsemanship Team

On the facility... “We have been at this facility for three years. I knew it would be a good thing, but I didn’t know how much of a good thing it would be. It has affected us in ways that we didn’t know that it would. It has allowed the coaches to have more time in the ring and less time traveling. It gives the girls some more opportunities in their riding. Our horses are 100 times healthier and happier because we have so much more space for them. We are in the process of more development - creating permanent offices, locker rooms and further amenities for our horses. We are very excited about the future at this facility.”


those needs in the recruiting class that she brought in. It also gives some of the younger riders that have been here for a year or two to compete at the highest level. I know they are going to be really ready to fill the shoes that we need to fill. I am confident this group will achieve the goals that they have set for themselves.”






Meghan Boenig Head Coach 10th Season at Georgia

Meghan Boenig came to Georgia in October of 2001 as the first head coach of the Georgia equestrian program. During her time with the Bulldogs, Boenig has led the program to unprecedented heights including five national titles, six Southern Equestrian Championships, two reserve championships and a 42-1 dualmeet record at home. During the 2010-11 campaign, the Bulldogs again were competing for a championship, when they took on Southeastern Conference for Auburn in the finals of the VENC National Championship. Georgia came away with its second Reserve Championship, falling 51-49 to the Tigers. The Bulldogs defeated Auburn in the Western Division to finish third overall in the discipline, but Auburn edged Georgia on the Hunt Seat side. The 2010-11 campaign was just the latest testament to their greatness, but it was also evidence of the growing state of competitiveness within their sport. Georgia spent the first months of the season finding its way but the Bulldogs closed their season by winning yet another national crown. This time they needed the first “ride-off” in the sport’s history to edge Texas A&M in the overall standings. In addition, two Georgia hunt seaters, Michelle Morris and Emma Lipman, claimed individual championships, the third and fourth such honors in Georgia history. In just eight seasons Boenig has made great strides in developing Georgia’s equestrian program from Square One. The number of riders has tripled from 24 to near 70, while the number of horses has more than quadrupled going from 12 to over 60. In addition, the staff

has grown from Boenig, on her own, to seven full-time members. She galloped through her first seasons at Georgia with trailblazing success, winning national titles in both of the program’s first two years on the varsity level. In 2002-03, she coached the University’s first varsity team to the national crown at the VENC in College Station, Texas. The next year she steered her team to a dramatic comeback at the VENC, held at the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, Ga. Boenig first began to work her magic on Georgia’s club team. When she arrived in Athens in the fall of 2001, her mandate was to bring the club team through the transitional 2001-02 season and elevate the equestrian program to a varsity level. She accomplished the task with flair, leading the Bulldogs to the first of three straight English discipline titles at the precursor to the inaugural VENC held in 2002 in Gainesville, Fla. During the transitional year Boenig hired a coaching staff, selected the first team, and began selling the sport to the Bulldog Nation. In succeeding years, much of her administrative focus turned to facilities and development. Her attention to the latter concern led to Georgia’s palatial home in nearby Bishop, Ga., in 2009. The 109-acre layout gives her team the finest training and competition facility of its kind in America. It also fulfilled a twofold dream of Boenig’s that began back in the early days: to give her team a place to call “home” and to ease the burden upon the University’s Animal Science department, which owned the property where the Bulldogs had begun their program. Beyond Athens, Boenig is heavily involved in shaping the development of varsity equestrian, which is classified as an “emerging” sport by the NCAA. She serves on the Varsity Steering Committee that governs the sport through biannual coaches’ meetings and has been its Chairperson for two seasons. She was also a leading advocate for the bracketed tournament format that is currently in existence. Boenig initiated varsity equestrian’s departure from the meet format associated with the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA), under whose auspices Georgia competed in 2003. She helped introduce the dual-meet format that SEC schools now use, competing by proposed NCAA rules designed to make the


sport more competitive and fan-friendly. Boenig is a 1999 graduate of Berry College where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Biology. Prior to her arrival at Georgia in October of 2001, she spent two years as an assistant coach at Texas A&M during which time she also earned a master’s degree in Animal Science. Her two seasons at Texas A&M were deciding factors in her hiring as the Bulldogs’ inaugural head coach. Georgia sought a coach with the knowledge of working hand-in-hand with a university’s Animal Science community in forging a new equestrian team, something the Aggies had enjoyed during her tenure there. A native of Powder Springs, Ga., the former Meghan Nolan is married to Markus Boenig. The couple are proud parents of a son, Josef Peter, who was born Aug. 23, 2009.



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“AA” circuit. Prior to her time at Copper Ridge Farm, Anderson spent over 13 years coaching equitation, hunter and jumper clients at the “AA” level at Grove Place Farm. While there, she also managed the staff, organized show schedules and trained and schooled customer and sale horses. This is a homecoming of sorts for Anderson, as she operated her own business out of Glory Farm in Alpharetta, Ga. During this five-year span, Anderson competed in and coached at “A” shows and combined training events from Massachusetts to Florida. Anderson has also worked with the United States Equestrian Team under coach Jack LeGoff and spent two years teaching show


Lisa Anderson begins her first season as an assistant equestrian coach at Georgia. Anderson will work mainly with the Hunt Seat riders. After graduating Cum Laude from Barnard College, Columbia University in New York, Anderson managed her own horse business for over 30 years. During this time, she coached hundreds of top students at the highest levels of competition in both the Hunt Seat and Jumper rings at the national and international level. Anderson also worked as the equitation, hunter and jumper coach at Copper Ridge Farm in Maple Park, Ill., coaching on the

jumping to event riders at the USET headquarters in South Hamilton, Mass. Anderson either trained the leading horse or was named the USCTA area-leading rider for 10 consecutive years from 1982-1992. In 1989, she was the sixth leading USCTA rider in the United States. Anderson is married and has four children.


Lisa Anderson Assistant Coach (Hunt Seat) First Season at Georgia


feet back in April and displayed tremendous dedication and passion toward helping our young ladies. She is well-respected with 25 years in the industry, and I’m very confident she will continue her outstanding work with our program in the future.” Since 1992, Meneely has co-owned and operated Meneely Show Horses, Ltd., of Conyers, Ga., along with her husband Rob. They have produced over 450 World and National Championships in both Western and Hunt Seat. During that time Meneely has handled all aspects of the business, including recruitment and training of show riders, selection and training of horses, sales and marketing of the business, farm management, and custom design of show clothes. Meneely already has experience as an


Mary Meneely, who has a breadth of experience that covers all aspects of the equine industry, is in her second season as Assistant Coach for Georgia’s Western riding corps. Meneely joined the UGA program as a volunteer assistant in April of 2010. She played an integral role in steering Georgia’s Western riders to a fourth-place finish at the Varsity National championships, an effort that included a second-round upset victory over TCU. Not long after Nationals, Meneely was named to the coaching staff on a full-time basis. “We are very, very excited to have Mary joining our program on a full-time basis,” Boenig said. “She jumped in with both


Mary Meneely Assistant Coach (Western) Second Season at Georgia

instructor on the collegiate level. For three years (1996-99) she developed and taught Equestrian courses at Georgia Perimeter College in Conyers. Yet her latest venture will take her career in a much different direction. A native of Seattle, Meneely started her own equine coaching and training business while attending the University of Washington. She completed her undergraduate studies in 2009.




Rachel Garrison Barn Manager


Amber Bradley Farm Manager

Amber Bradley joined the Georgia program in 2006 as Farm Manager. In her position she oversees not only the care of Georgia’s 60-plus horses, but also the facilities used by the Equestrian team. A native of Pauline, S.C., Bradley has enjoyed a lifelong association with horses. She grew up on a 124-acre horse farm and first began showing hunters & jumpers at the age of five. By age 15 she was managing her family’s farm. In 2002, Bradley moved to Georgia, managed a 300-acre horse farm, supervised three community living facilities and attended college at Athens Tech. She was also a member of the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association, from which she won several division titles, two state crowns and the Southeast regional championship. Bradley and her husband Andrew -who won the team’s “Mane Dawg” award in 2008 for extraordinary service to the program -- are the parents of 4-year-old James Audie and daughter Agnes who was born in June 2011.

Bill Dover

Administrative Assoc.

Eric White

Mike Morrison

Utility Worker

Dr. Randy Eggleston UGA School of Veterinary Medicine


Jennifer Futter

Facility Foreman

Strength & Conditioning

Wayne Nunn Farrier

Rachel Garrison is into her fourth year as the Barn Manager for the Georgia Equestrian program. Garrison brings 15 years of horse experience to the Georgia program, having successfully competed in local and regional hunters, dressage and combined training, as well as participating as a working student for several national and international equine professionals. Garrison joined the Georgia program after one year working in Athens as a Recruiter for the American Red Cross Biomedical Services. In her former position, she solicited blood donations from both individuals and many groups and organizations throughout North Georgia. A 2004 graduate of Wesleyan College, Garrison is an alumni of the Wesleyan Equestrian Team and holds a degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications. After college, Garrison worked as the Barn Manager and Trail Riding Director for the Lodge on Little St. Simons Island, Georgia where she maintained the island’s stable of seven horses, and also led horseback tours of the 10,000-acre, privately-owned barrier island in southeast Georgia. Garrison is currently persuing her master’s degree in Animal and Dairy Science at Georgia.

Diandra St. Hilaire

Kellin McKenney

Western Competition Assistant

Carla Williams

Sr. Associate AD/ Student Svcs./SWA

Patti Huberty Volunteer Strength & Cond. / Pilates

Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer

Libby McCormick Promotions


Ted White

Dir. of Academic Svcs./ Sport Facilitator

Allison Bass Event Management

Emily Breen

Academic Advisor

Maria Breen

Registered Dietician

Tim Hix Sports Comm.


Bulldogs About Collegiate Varsity Equestrian English Equitation Over Fences

Each rider jumps the same predetermined course, usually consisting of eight to 10 jumps that are approximately 3-ft. high. The judge is looking at the rider’s position, consistency of pace and accuracy of leads, turns and distances executed to produce a smooth, polished performance.


English Equitation on the Flat A pattern consisting of nine maneuvers is performed within a rectangular-shaped arena marked by letters. Maneuvers are called for at specific letters and can be circles, transitions and serpentines among others. The judge is looking at the rider’s position and effectiveness at guiding her horse through the individual maneuvers.


The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) classifies Equestrian as an “emerging” sport. Until 2003, all collegiate equestrian shows were conducted under the auspices of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA). Georgia riders departed from that format for the 2003-04 season. Since then, they have competed in the dual-meet format governed by proposed NCAA rules set forth in the biannual equestrian coaches meetings hosted by the United States of America Equestrian Federation. Teams compete in four events at each dual meet: English Equitation over Fences, English Equitation, Western Horsemanship and Western Reining. In each event a minimum of four athletes from each team ride head-to-head on the same set of horses, which are provided by the host school. Riders are assigned to the horse in a random draw and face the challenge of riding an unfamiliar horse after a brief timed warm-up period. A point is earned when a rider’s score is higher than their opponent riding the same horse.


Dual-Meet Format

General Scoring

Western Horsemanship A predetermined pattern consisting of several maneuvers is performed by each rider. Consideration for scoring is based on the quality of those maneuvers, including pivots, stops, backs and circles, extensions at all gaits and consistency of pace. The rider’s overall position and effectiveness in the saddle are also major factors.


Western Reining In this event each rider rides the same preassigned pattern from memory, performing such maneuvers as spins, sliding stops, rollbacks and circles. The circles are either large and fast or small and slow. The judge is looking for accuracy and correctness of maneuvers, correct speed for the maneuver being performed, the horse being willfully guided and overall quality of the Reining pattern.

2003 • 2004 • 2008 • 2009 • 2010 VARSITY EQUESTRIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONS


Hunt Seat riders are scored on a scale of 1-100. There are nine maneuvers each worth 10 points, plus an overall score worth 10 points, to total 100 possible points per ride. Maneuvers are scored on this scale: 10=Excellent; 9=Very Good; 8=Good; 7=Fairly Good; 6=Satisfactory; 5=Sufficient; 4=Insufficient; 3=Fairly Bad; 2=Bad; 1=Very Bad; 0=Not Executed. Scores usually range from 70-80, depending on the judge. Western riders are scored on a 70-point scale. There are a minimum of eight manuevers which are scored on the following scale: +1.5=Excellent, +1=Very Good, +.5=Good, 0=Correct, -.5=Poor, -1=Very Poor, -1.5=Extremely Poor. Scores range from 68 to 72. Horsemanship and English Equitation riders are judged on their ability to control and show the horse while maintaining the correct riding position. Riders in Equitation over Fences are judged on their ability to position the horse correctly and not interfere with its balance while maintaining the correct riding position for a smooth, polished performance. Reiners are judged for precision and application of natural aids as they execute intricate manuevers at varying speeds.




Key Terms in Equestrian

UGA Equestrian Complex



A short whip used in riding, used only as an aid to reinforce the rider’s leg.


The correct posting, up/down motion, of the rider in sequence with diagonal movement of the horse’s legs at the trot.

Equitation / Horsemanship

In competitions, these indicate that riders are being judged on their ability to control and show the horse while maintaining the correct riding position. Riders have the added challenge of riding an unfamiliar horse, one that they draw for in a lottery system just before their event.

Equitation Over Fences

An individual performance where each rider shows a horse over 8-10 jumps approximately three feet high. Riders are judged on their ability to position the horse correctly at the jumps and avoid interfering with the horse’s balance, while maintaining the correct riding position and producing a smooth, polished performance.

Figure Eight

Two circles connected by a change of direction, most often seen in Reining patterns.


Three ways — canter/lope, trot/jog, or walk — by which a horse can move by lifting the feet in different order or rhythm.


Refers to an event in Western discipline which is judged on a predetermined pattern consisting of several maneuvers is performed by each rider. The rider’s overall position and effectiveness in the saddle are major factors in scoring.

Hunt Seat

The category of Equitation English riders compete in, whose foundation lies in jumping and riding across country, such as foxhunting.


They are determined at the canter/lope by which front foot is leading. Correct leads have the inside foreleg reaching furthest.

Natural Aids

Body signals from the seat, legs, hands and voice to communicate commands to the horse, all the while appearing comfortable, relaxed and balanced. These signals should be subtle or imperceptible to the judge and spectators and exaggerated shifting of the rider’s weight is not desirable. The resulting performance shown by the horse is not to be considered more important than the methods used by the rider in obtaining them.


In this class, Western riders perform an individual, pre-assigned pattern from memory, demonstrating a variety of stops, turns and maneuvers at various


In January of 2009, Georgia riders moved into their spacious new home, the UGA Equestrian Complex, located just outside Bishop, Ga. The 109-acre farm offers Georgia the finest in equine accommodations. Formerly known as High Point Farm, the facility served the Athens-area equine community with boarding and training facilities since 1993. In 1996, High Point was selected as the training site for the U.S. Dressage Team, which competed in the Summer Olympic Games at the International Horse Park in Conyers, Ga.

speeds. The emphasis on this class is on precision, technical application of natural aids and the rider’s ability to show unfamiliar horses.

various gaits, or practice jumps if necessary by riders who will not compete the day of the show.

Rollback in English

A smooth stop from the lope, in which the horse is supposed to balance on its back feet while the front feet continue to move.

A turn performed in Equitation Over Fences class to show control of the horse and rider’s ability to maintain a position throughout a turn. A tight turn performed between two Fences. In Western Reining, a rollback is a 180 degree pivot with speed after a halt.


Practice time before the classes, normally 4-5 minutes. The horses will be schooled, or prepared for competition using stretching and supping exercises at


Sliding Stop


Bulldogs Year

Hometown (High School)

Atlanta, Ga. (Woodward Academy) Atlanta, Ga. (Lovett School) Redmond, Wash. (The Overlake School) Torrance, Calif. (South Torrance) Newtown, Pa. (Council Rock North) Ellijay, Ga. (Woodstock / Univ. of Minnesota) Cumming, Ga. (South Forsyth) Aspen, Colo. (Roaring Fork) Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (Pine Crest School) Alpharetta, Ga. (Milton) St. Simons Island, Ga. (Glynn Academy) Batavia, Ill. (Batavia) Alpharetta, Ga. (Alpharetta/UT-Martin) Sarasota, Fla. (Riverview) Gainesville, Ga. (Gainesville) Evans, Ga. (Greenbrier) Alpharetta, Ga. (Milton) Abilene, Texas (Abilene Christian) Durham, N.C. (Brighton) Perry, Ga. (Perry) Athens, Ga. (Athens Academy) Sudbury, Mass. (Lincoln-Sudbury) Montague, N.J. (Pope John XXIII) Tuscola, Texas (Wylie) Jamestown, R.I. (The Wheeler School) Oak Bluffs, Mass. (Martha’s Vineyard Regional) Canton, Ga. (Sequoyah) Stockbridge, Ga. (Union Grove / Ga. Perimeter Coll.) Palmetto, Fla. (St. Stephen’s Episcopal) Edmond, Okla. (Deer Creek) Wakefield, R.I. (Prout School) Alpharetta, Ga. (St. Francis HS/Ga. Perimeter Coll.) Manhassett, N.Y. (Manhassett) Reddick, Fla. (School of the Kingdom) Alpharetta, Ga.(Milton) Cumming, Ga. (South Forsyth) Manlius, N.Y. (Fabius-Pompey) Costa Mesa, Calif. (Newport Harbor) Wellington, Fla. (St. Andrews School) Alpharetta, Ga. (Alpharetta) Monroe, Ga. (George Walton Academy) Fremont, Mich. (Fremont) Milton, Ga. (Milton) Atlanta, Ga. (Lovett School) La Canada, Calif. (La Canada) Rumson, N.J. (Rumson Fair Haven) Social Circle, Ga. (Social Circle) Burlington, Vt. (Rice Memorial) Lititz, Pa. (Univ. of Nebraska/Indep. Study High) Portland, Ore. (Jesuit) Jonesboro, Ga. (Strong Rock Christian) Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. (Pine Crest School) Tualatin, Ore. (Tualatin) North Vancouver, BC, Canada (Walnut Grove Secondary) Tappahannock, Va. (Hanover) Atlanta, Ga. (Alpharetta) McDonough, Ga. (Ola) Argyle, Texas (Argyle) Wilton, Conn. (Wilton) Bluffdale, Utah (Keystone) Cumming, Ga. (Forsyth Central) Ocala, Fla. (Forest) Brights Grove, Ontario (St. Clair Secondary) Sorrento, Fla. (Lake High Prep) Ann Arbor, Mich. (Greenhills School) Suwanee, Ga. (North Gwinnett) Rome, Ga. (Woodland) Braselton, Ga. (Athens Christian School)

2003 • 2004 • 2008 • 2009 • 2010 VARSITY EQUESTRIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONS


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5-4 5-7 5-7 5-6 5-5 5-7 5-8 5-7 6-0 5-7 5-3 5-4 5-6 5-3 5-6 5-6 5-6 5-9 5-7 5-7 5-8 5-7 5-8 5-2 5-2 5-10 5-6 5-4 5-2 5-4 5-5 5-4 5-7 5-3 5-6 5-7 5-7 5-7 5-2 5-5 5-2 5-6 5-4 5-11 5-7 5-9 5-10 5-8 5-7 5-8 5-8 5-3 5-5 5-11 5-2 5-4 5-3 5-7 5-5 5-3 5-4 5-1 5-11 5-9 5-9 5-6 5-7 5-4


Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Western Western Western Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Western Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Western Hunt Seat Western Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Western Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Western Western Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Western Western Western Western Hunt Seat Western Hunt Seat Western Hunt Seat Western Western Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Western Western Western Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Western Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Western Western Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Western Western Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Western Western Western Hunt Seat Hunt Seat Western Western


Nicki Alexander Alex Andes Carly Anthony Kylee Arbuckle Louise Ashley Samantha Baker Jaclyn Beckley Samantha Belcher Madi Berger Kelsey Berry Caroline Blackshear Katie Brown Madeline Brown Jessica Buchko Honey Beth Campbell Melanie Carraway Britain Cecil Gillian Chant Madi Clark Morgan Collins Katie Crump Olivia Dorey Erin Duddy Ali Eidson Faith Fiorenzano Caitlyn Francis Jenny Freeman Michelle Fulcher Sarah Gravely Becca Haaland Katie Hagerty Hayley Haskins Allison Haspel Megan Hawkins Julia Hemingway Rachel Howard Jackie Hoyt Jacqueline Johnson Isabel Jolicoeur Morgan Justiss Carly Lambros McKenzie Lantz Tara Maloney Selby Merritt Michelle Morris Abby O’Mara Sara Parr Amelia Rogers Grace Rogers Maria Salazar Anna Sasser Lauren Shamon Kate Skoglund Megan Southam Hannah Spiegler Rachel Stallman Morgan Stamey Paige Stawicki Ali Sullivan Kelsey Thatcher Alyssa Thompson Lauren Tieche Kelly Truesdell Katelyn Van Allen Emily van der Walde Brittlan Wall Erica Webb Meghan Yeager

2011-12 Roster









Alex Andes


Kelsey Berry Hunt Seat 5-7 • Senior Alpharetta, Ga. Milton HS

Seniors Alex Andes Hunt Seat 5-7 • Senior Atlanta, Ga. Lovett School

Born March 2, 1990 in Atlanta, Ga…the daughter of Jerry and London Andes… has been riding in the English discipline for 13 years…was captain of the Lovett High School Equestrian team…is on the HOPE Scholarship and was on her high school Headmaster’s and Scholar’s list. 2010-11: Participated for the Black team in Equitation over Fences in season-opening intrasquad scrimmage...2009-10: Rode an exhibition ride on the Flat at the Fresno State meet, as well as a Demo ride over Fences the same day…Zone 4 Equitation Finals winner…three top 10 places in Small Juniors at Devon…placed sixth at Harrisburg in Small Juniors and Zone Champion in Small Juniors in 2007…also considers qualifying for the 2008 Medal Finals and Maclay Regionals as highlights of her career thus far…chose UGA for its great Journalism program and for the amazing Equestrian team…also recruited by SMU and Auburn for Equestrian…seeks to major in Journalism…aspires to be a journalist or news anchor…enjoys playing ultimate frisbee...includes UGA sports, alternative/indie music, The Breakfast Club and watching The Office among her personal favorites.

Born February 22, 1990 in Marietta, Ga… the daughter of Bill and Sue Berry who both also attended UGA…has been riding for 13 years… prefers the Hunt Seat Equitation in the English discipline…2010-11: rode for Black team in Equitation on the Flat at preseason intrasaquad meet and earned an MVP honor with a winning score of 76…also competed in season opener vs. Kansas State and rode exhibition in the home meet vs. Auburn…was founder of her High School IEA Equestrian team…is attending UGA on the HOPE scholarship as an Honor graduate… in 2007 placed second in 15-17 Equitation GHJA year end award…placed first in the 2008 GHJA Junior Equitation Challenge in the GHJA Finals…show series yearend Champion in the 15-17 Equitation and Children’s Hunter…J.D. Pounds finalist for the past four years…2006 placed second at the Stacey Ann Boe Equitation Challenge… considers one of her career highlights thus far as winning the national championship on the UGA Equestrian team…majoring in Marketing…aspires to work in the field of sports marketing…was recruited by Berry, OSU, and University of Tennessee-Martin… interests include being a member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority and being a sweetheart for the Delta Tau Delta fraternity, football, golf, the Braves, rock and rap music, shopping and hanging out with friends.

Katie Brown Hunt Seat 5-4 • Senior Batavia, Ill. Batavia HS

Born February 8, 1990 in Aurora, Ill.…the daughter of David and Margaret Brown…has been riding for 15 years…prefers the English discipline…2010-11: competed in three meets…rode exhibition in Fences vs. South Carolina, posting a 1-point win with a score of 87…also rode exhibition rides in meets vs. Baylor (away) and Auburn (home)…2009-10: had a 2-point victory margin over Fences vs. SMU…Also rode exhibition vs. TAMU,


Auburn and K-State…2008-09: made two appearances Over Fences and posted a season high 85, a15-point victory vs. SMU on Nov. 7…also rode once in exhibition on the Flat…2007 IHJA Grand Junior Hunter Champion…2007 IHJA Junior Rider Challenge Trophy winner…Zone 5 Champion in the Small Junior Hunters 15 & Under and Small Junior Hunters 1617…considers being Zone 5 Champion two years in a row and qualifying for the Pennsylvania National Horse Show to be the highlights of her riding career thus far…majoring in Accounting…a member of the National Honor Society and Key Club while at Batavia Senior HS… aspires to be a CPA…includes football, the Chicago Bears, strawberries, going to movies and spending time with friends and family among her personal favorites.

Madeline Brown Hunt Seat 5-6 • Senior Alpharetta, Ga. Alpharetta HS

Born Sept. 22, 1989 in Atlanta…the daughter of Lamar Brown and Priscilla Johnson…has been riding for 16 years… transferred to UGA after two seasons at Tennessee-Martin…At UT-Martin: 2-year letterwinner…competed for the Skyhawks at the Varsity Nationals in 2009, winning a point in Fences…also recorded an MVP ride on the Flat that same year…competed in six meets as a sophomore, winning Fences points against TCU and SMU…Attended Alpharetta High School, where she was a member of Raider Rider Equestrian team... Competed in the Maclay Finals and USET show as a high school junior…Placed second in the IEAZone Finals for varsity fences in 2008 … Placed first in IEAZone Finals for varsity flat and fences in 2006 …Placed fifth in the IEANationals for Varsity Championship in 2006 … Athletic honors include Sportsmanship Awards in 2004 and 2007…Majoring in Finance/ Risk Management in the Terry College of Business at UGA…Includes the Atlanta Braves, anything her dad cooks, Country and Top 40 music, the movie The Notebook and George Clooney among her personal favorites.


Bulldogs Jessica Buchko

Ali Eidson


2003 • 2004 • 2008 • 2009 • 2010 VARSITY EQUESTRIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONS


Born September 11, 1989 in Abilene, Texas…the daughter of James Eidson and Belinda Dutton…has been riding competitively for 16 years specializing in Western Horsemanship…2010-11: competed four times, posting a win in Exhibition at Auburn…also rode vs. Kansas State, at USC and Auburn…one of three riders named “Lifters of the Year” for their exemplary behind-the-scenes work for the program…2009-10: Compiled a 5-6-1 record in HS rides, highlighted by 4-pt. margin vs. N.M. State…also posted wins vs. Baylor, at UT-Martin, at Kansas State and at Sacred Heart...2008-09: posted a 2-2 record in Horsemanship…scored a season-high 74.5 vs. Fresno State on Feb. 2…also made two appearances in exhibition for Reining…won three APHA World Show titles in Hunt Seat, Equitation and Horsemanship placing her number one in the 2003 All-Around…2004 Reserve World Hunt Seat Equitation Champion …2006 received her fourth Hunt

Born May 22, 1990 in Sarasota, Fla…the daughter of Jeff and Kim Gravely…has been riding in the Western discipline for the past 11 years…2009-10: Compiled a 4-5 record in Horsemanship, including one victorious ride vs. TCU at Nationals…2008-09: made one appearance in Horsemanship posting a 72 against Fresno State on Sept. 21… also rode exhibition against Auburn…2007 placed in the top five in Showmanship and Horsemanship…2006 Highpoint FQHA Youth All-Around winning individual championships in Showmanship, Horsemanship and Equitation…two time AQHYA World Show qualifier in Showmanship, Horsemanship and Trail…considers being recruited to the UGA Equestrian team to be her career highlight to date …personal favorites include going to the beach, football and spending time with my family.


Western 5-2 • Senior Tuscola, Texas Wylie HS

Western 5-2 • Senior Palmetto, Fla St. Stephen’s Episcopal

Born December 22, 1989 in Wakefield, RI… the daughter of Brian and Donna Hagerty… brings 11 years of riding experience to the UGA equestrian team…prefers the English discipline…2010-11: Competed in four meets in Equitation on the Flat…posted a winning ride vs. SMU (+5)…2009-10: Compiled a 1-3 record in Equitation on the Flat… also rode exhibition rides in seven other meets…2008-09: recorded a 5-4-1 record in Equitation on the flat…posted a seasonhigh 85 in an MVP ride against SMU on Nov. 7…scored a 15-point victory against South Carolina in the SEC Championship…named MVP three times…posted a 4-2 record over Fences with a season-high 86 vs. Fresno State on Sept. 21…recorded 2-1 record in the Varsity EQ Champsionship team competition… considers Top 25 finish at Harrisburg finals, ribboning at WEF and Lake Placid, winning RIEC finals and qualifying and competing in all the major finals as the highlights of her career thus far…a member of the National Honor Society at The Prout School…four time Honor Roll student in high school…was also recruited for EQ by Texas A&M…traveled to South Africa on a study abroad program in 2009 where she swam with great white sharks, went bungee jumping, and volunteered at various places around the country…includes Tom Brady, sushi, Wedding Crashers, swimming with dolphins, going to the beach and shopping among her personal favorites.


Ali Eidson

Sarah Gravely

Hunt Seat 5-5 • Senior Wakefield, R.I. Prout School


Born February 2, 1990 in Sarasota, Fla…. the daughter of Raymond and Cathy Buchko…has been riding competitively for 15 years specializing in Hunt Seat Equitation…2010-11: Competed in Equitation over Fences at Georgia’s pre-season intrasquad scrimmage…on CFHJA Large Junior 6th year end award…WEF Childrens Champion in 2006…considers making it into the 3’6” Hunter division and competing in horseshows such as HITS Ocala and the Tampa Equestrian Festival the highlights of her career thus far…also considered attending Florida, South Carolina and Central Florida…aspires to become a physicians assistant…includes Mexican and Japanese food, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, the movies Superbad and Wedding Crashers, boating, fishing and going to the beach among her personal favorites.

Katie Hagerty OUTLOOK

Hunt Seat 5-3 • Senior Sarasota, Fla. Riverview HS

Seat Equitation World Championship title… considers being the 2003 AjPHA All-Around 13 and under at the APHA World show as the highlight of her career thus far…recruited for Equestrian also by Texas Tech and TCU… intended major is Fashion Merchandising… completed her Senior year with a 95 and above in all her classes…includes David Beckham, football, the Dallas Cowboys, mashed potatoes, R&B, country and rock music, the movie Top Gun, Johnny Depp, and shopping among her personal favorites.






Rachel Howard

Michelle Morris

Western 5-7 • Senior Cumming, Ga. South Forsyth HS

Hunt Seat 5-7 • Senior La Canada, Calif La Canada HS

Born Nov. 20, 1989 in Atlanta, Ga...the daughter of Lynn and Anne Howard...has 13 years of riding experience...prefers both Equitation and Western Pleasure...made the team through tryouts in August of 2009... wants to learn Reining skills while on the UGA team...graduated from South Forsyth in the spring of 2008...a 4-year letterwinner in soccer for the War Eagles...attending UGA on the state lottery-funded HOPE scholarship... also considered attending LSU, Auburn or South Carolina...aspires someday to work as a sports broadcaster...favorite sports team is the U.S. Women’s Soccer team... other personal favorites include Sushi, Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, Russell Crowe, Will Smith, the movie Seven Pounds and going to the lake with her family.

Tara Maloney Hunt Seat 5-4 • Senior Milton, Ga. Milton HS

Born January 17, 1990 in Syracuse, N.Y…. the daughter of Brian and Diane Maloney… has been riding competitively for seven years, specializing in Hunt Seat…2010-11: rode for the Red team in Horsemanship at Georgia’s pre-season intrasquad scrimmage…was recruited for EQ also by UT Martin and West Texas…considers making the UGA equestrian team the highlight of her career thus far…was a member of Key Club, Fellowship of Student Athletes, Youth Group and Student Venture and Violinist at Milton High School…aspires to own her own accounting firm…graduated high school Magna Cum Laude and was on the Honor Roll…attending UGA on the state lottery-funded HOPE scholarship…includes Michael Phelps, Georgia Football, the movie 300, shopping with friends, eating out and relaxing among her personal favorites.

Born June 20, 1990 in Pasadena, Calif…the daughter of Tom and Christy Morris…has been riding Jumpers and Equitation for 14 years…2010-11: All-American in Equitation on the Flat…Honorable Mention A-A in Equitation over Fences…was stellar in both events throughout the season…was 14-3 in Flat events with four MVP rides…also 13-4 in Fences events…posted winning rides in five of six chances at Varsity National meet…posted six scores in the 90s, highlighted by a 93 at South Carolina…2009-10: Named Hunt Seat MVP at the team’s post-season banquet… perhaps the busiest, not to mention most successful, rider among Georgia’s Hunt Seat corps…compiled a 16-2 record in Equitation over Fences events and a 16-5-1 mark in the Equitation on the Flat rides…won the national individual championship on the Flat with three winning rides, and she also posted a 30-point victory in the Bulldogs’ “ride-off” against Texas A&M for the national team title...featured in Sports Illustrated’s “Faces in the Crowd” on May 24…2008-09: posted a 7-2 record on the Flat and 4-3 record over Fences…scored a season-high 89 (26-point victory) vs. SMU on Nov. 23 on the Flat…was named MVP for her season-high 85 Fences score against South Carolina on Nov. 8…posted 1-2 record in team competition at the Varsity EQ National Championship…was the High Point Varsity rider on her High School Equestrian team in 2007…Reserve Champion California Professional Horseman’s Association JR Medal…fourth in the USEF Show Jumping Talent Search Finals West…2006 Reserve Champion West Coast Equitation Medal Finals…qualified for USEF/Pessoa Hunt Seat Medal Finals and Maclay Finals the past few years…considers placing sixth at the ASPCA/ Maclay National Medal Finals as the highlight of her career so far…Majoring in Mass Media Arts/Film Studies. Aspires to work in television production/screenwriting. Includes the L.A. Lakers and L.A. Dodgers, college football, the movies Titanic and Forest Gump, the Black Eyed Peas and the theatre as some of her personal favorites.


Amelia Rogers Amelia Rogers Hunt Seat 5-8 • Senior Burlington, Vt. Rice Memorial HS

Born August 8, 1989…the daughter of Frederick and Gabrielle Rogers…brings 12 years of riding experience to the team…prefers the jumpers in the English discipline…2010-11: Rode exhibition over Fences in Georgia’s win at Baylor…also rode for the Black team over Fences at UGA’s preseason intrasquad scrimmage…2009-10: Rode exhibition over Fences vs. TCU and demo on the Flat vs. Auburn…2008-09: made three appearances on the Flat and three over Fences…recorded a 30-point victory (70) vs. Kansas State on Sept. 20 over Fences… also appeared once in exhibition scoring a 76 against Auburn on Feb. 28…the 2007 WIHS Reserve Champion in the Children’s Jumper well as placing second at the 2007 New England Horsemanship Challenge… placed first at the 2007 Syracuse Invitational Low Jr. Qualifier…lists the WIHS Children’s Jumper Finals as her biggest sports thrill to date…younger sister Grace, is also on the UGA equestrian team…chose UGA for its location, good academics, and vet school… aspires to be a veterinarian…includes tennis, chocolate chip cookies, Harry Potter, reading and swimming as some of her personal favorites.


Bulldogs Kelly Truesdell

Katelyn Van Allen Western 5-9 • Senior Sorrento, Fla. Lake High Prep

Hunt Seat 5-7 • Junior Redmond, Wash. The Overlake School


Born September 19, 1990 in Seattle, Wash… the daughter of Jeff and Cara Anthony…has been riding for 18 years…prefers the Hunt Seat Equitation in the English discipline. 2010-11: All-America in both Hunt Seat events...13-2 regular-season record in Equitation over Fences...11-3 regular-season record in Equitation on the Flat...Seven MVP rides...Six scores in the 90s, including a 96 and a 97...Earned a place on the 2011 SEC Spring Honor Roll...2009-10: Outstanding freshman season...Won Hunt Seat Rookie of the Year at team’s post-season awards banquet…compiled a 14-2 record over Fences with four MVP rides, including a 3-0 mark at Nationals…was also 13-3 on the Flat with two more MVP awards…in 2007 placed fourth in the ASPCA Finals and fifth in the USET West Coast Finals… considers winning the R.W. Mutch Equitation Classic in 2008 the highlight of her career thus far… chose UGA for its outstanding Equestrian team and academics…aspires to one day compete in the Olympics and start a horse business…considers chocolate ice cream, hip-hop music, and the movie Super Troopers among her personal favorites.


Born March 20, 1989 in Plantation, Fla… the daughter of Bruce and Anne Van Allen… prefers the Western discipline, Horsemanship in particular… 2010-11: Competed in 12 dual meets for the Bulldogs…posted winning rides in six of them, including two of Georgia’s matches at Varsity Nationals…had MVP rides in consecutive meets at the Bulldog Invitational…2007-08: Compiled a 6-4 record in Horsemanship events, including a 6-point win in the season opener vs. Delaware State…had a MVP ride at Auburn, posting a score of 75…competed for Georgia at Southern EQ Championships and also in two of three VENC meets…earned firstalternate status nationally in Horsemanship in the first-ever Varsity EQ individual rankings...2004 All-American Quarter Horse Congress Champion in Horsemanship…also 4th place at 2005 World Show and Reserve Champion at Congress, accolades that she considers highlights thus far in her riding career…aspires to become a journalist.

Carly Anthony


Born May 31, 1990 in Sarnia, Ontario…the daughter of Will and Dawna Truesdell…has been riding her entire life and prefers Reining in the Western discipline…2010-11: Earned the Coaches’ Award on the Western side at the team’s post-season awards banquet, given annually to two riders who consistently rise above and beyond the call of duty for the team…competed in five events in Reining for the Bulldogs…posted winning rides in two of them: season opener vs. Kansas State and vs. Fresno State…her win vs. Fresno State was also an MVP ride…2009-10: Compiled a 7-4-2 mark in Reining that included an MVP ride vs. UT-Martin…2008-09: named the team’s Rookie of the Year among Western riders…posted a 2-2 record in Reining…season highlight was an MVP ride in Southern EQ meet vs. South Carolina… recorded a season-high 73 against Fresno State on Sept. 21…also appeared in four meets in exhibition…third place in the NRHA 14-18 Top Ten Standings 2005…2004 and 2007 Top Ten All American Quarter Horse Congress …Reserve Champion in the Reining at the 2008 AQHA Youth World Cup… multiple Eastern Canada Affiliate Finals Champion and NRHA North American Affiliate Finals qualifier…competitor for Team Canada at the 2008 North American Young Riders Championship…multiple Reining Canada and Ontario Reining Horse Association Champion… named one of


Western 5-11 • Senior Brights Grove, Ontario St. Clair Secondary

Reining Canada’s 2008 Reiners of the Year… was also recruited for Equestrian by Delaware State, Kansas State, Auburn and South Carolina…includes steak, Italian food, and country music among her personal favorites.

Samantha Baker

2003 • 2004 • 2008 • 2009 • 2010 VARSITY EQUESTRIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONS


Sarah Gravely

Born January 17, 1990 in Milwaukee, Wisc…the daughter of Bill Pierce and Jane Baker-Pierce…brings 12 years of riding experience to the UGA equestrian team… prefers Horsemanship…transferred from the University of Minnesota…attending UGA on the HOPE Scholarship…double major in Marketing and Advertising…would like to pursue a career in the professional sports field either with an agency or marketing and sales for a broadcasting company like ESPN…the team’s representative for the Student Athletic Academic Committee.


Western 5-7 • Junior Ellijay, Ga. Woodstock/ Minnesota




Carly Anthony


HOPE Scholarship…2006 PSJ Junior Medal Finals Champion…in 2008 was the SCHJA Governors Cup Reserve champion, SCHJA Palmetto Medal Reserve champion, PSJ Junior Hunter Year-end Reserve champion, and PSJ Year-end 15-17 Equitation champion…considers winning the Maclay at the Aiken Fall Festival in 2008 and the PSJ Junior Medal Finals as career highlights thus far…intends to major in English at UGA…includes Mexican food, volleyball, The Notebook, and hanging out with friends among her personal favorites.

Britain Cecil 2010-11: Participated for Black team in Horsemanship in pre-season Red & Black intrasquad scrimmage. 2009-10: rode once as an alternate (vs. TAMU) and twice on demo rides (vs. Fresno State & New Mexico St.)…two time APtHA World Champion and six time APHA Reserve World Champion… named the Georgia Paint Horse Club 14-18 All-Around Year-end winner for 2005-2007… considers winning first World Championship a career highlight thus far…majoring in graphics design and advertising…chose UGA for its great academic and athletic programs and has always wanted to ride for the UGA Equestrian team…aspires to be a magazine editor…includes cupcakes among her personal favorites.

Melanie Carraway Hunt Seat 5-6 • Junior Evans, Ga. Greenbriar HS

Born January 9, 1991 in Augusta, Ga… daughter of Mike and Sandra Carraway… brings 14 years of riding experience to the UGA equestrian team…prefers the English disciplines…2010-11: Winner of the Coaches’ Award for the Hunt Seat squad… award is given annually to two riders who consistently rise above and beyond the call of duty for the team…Competed in four meets, riding in Equitation on the Flat…posted wins vs. SMU and Baylor, winning by nine points in the latter with score of 97…also posted a win vs. New Mexico State and rode exhibition in home win vs. Auburn…2009-10: Rode exhibition on the Flat in Fresno State and K-State meets…is attending UGA on the

Western 5-6 • Junior Alpharetta, Ga. Milton HS

Born May 17, 1991 in Atlanta…the daughter of Terry Cecil and Barbara Bedingfield-Cecil… has nine years riding experience mostly in Western Horsemanship…2010-11: made the Georgia team through tryouts in August of 2010...rode for Black team in Horsemanship in pre-season intrasquad scrimmage…was captain of the Milton HS Equestrian team… Sportsmanship Award at the Milton Horse & Hound Show… JV Soccer Team for Milton HS, National Honors Society, National Beta Club, Class President, Student Council, Academy Council, Math Team…majoring in Marketing & Pre-Business…aspires to own her own law firm servicing the sports & entertainment industries…also considered attending Johns Hopkins, Brown and Cornell…considers her younger sisters, Emory & Savannah, to be her favorite amateur athletes…also enjoys tennis, soccer and swimming… includes the Atlanta Chiefs, Georgia football, peach cobbler, singer Ingrid Michaelson, the Atlanta Braves among her personal favorites.

Champion…two ABRA Congress Champion awards…ABRA Reserve High Point Winner… considers winning the Reserve World title and Congress titles as career highlights thus far…aspires to become a nurse anesthetist with emphasis on special needs children… also considered attending Colorado State… includes football, her grandma’s macaroni and cheese, country music, and the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days among her personal favorites.

Michelle Fulcher

Western 5-4 • Junior Stockbridge, Ga. Union Grove HS/ Georgia Perimeter

Born April 13, 1990 in Decatur, Ga…the daughter of Tim and Patty Fulcher…has 16 years of riding experience…prefers the Western discipline…2010-11: Competed in 11 meets for the Bulldogs in Horsemanship…Posted four winning rides: vs. Kansas State (+7.5), South Carolina (+1), Fresno State (+1) and vs. Auburn (+1.5) at the Southern championships…2009-10: Compiled a 4-3 record in Horsemanship rides, including an MVP ride at Auburn…Congress Champion in Equitation and Horsemanship… Reserve Congress Champion in Horsemanship… Superior ratings in Showmanship, Hunter under saddle, Equitation, Western pleasure, and Horsemanship…transferred from Georgia Perimeter College…includes Mexican food, rap and country music, going to the lake, and hanging out with friends among her personal favorites.

Jenny Freeman Western 5-6 • Junior Canton, Ga. Sequoyah HS

Born June 20, 1991 in Detroit, Mich…the daughter of Terry and Meriam Freeman… brings 10 years of riding experience to the team…prefers the Western discipline… joined the team as a walk-on in 2009… attending UGA on the state lottery-funded HOPE Scholarship…ABRA Reserve World


Jessica Buchko


Bulldogs Becca Haaland

Hunt Seat 5-7 • Junior Manhassett, N.Y, Manhassett HS

Hunt Seat 5-7 • Junior Costa Mesa, Calif. Newport Harbor HS

Born January 4, 1991 in Long Beach, Calif… the daughter of David and Laura Johnson… has been riding for 12 years…prefers the English discipline…joined the team as a walk-on in 2009…2010-11: Competed in Equitation on the Flat at Georgia’s preseason intrasquad scrimmage…also considered attending Stony Brook State University and Auburn…chose UGA for its diverse campus, championship Equestrian team and great Veterinary school…majoring in Poultry Science…aspires to become an equine veterinarian… considers showing her horse at The Oaks Blenheim Summer Classic III a career highlight thus far, with a third place in the A/A Jumper Classic, and a third in the Low Children’s Jumpers. In addition, she won a Jr./AM Hunter Class over fences and received a second place on the

2003 • 2004 • 2008 • 2009 • 2010 VARSITY EQUESTRIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONS


Born August 16, 1991 in New York City, N.Y…daughter of Brad Haspel and Sharon Neimanis…brings 15 years of riding experience to the Bulldogs…prefers the English discipline…2010-11: rode exhibition in Fences in Georgia’s home victory over Auburn… one of three riders named “Lifters of the Year” for their exemplary behind-thescenes work for the program…2009-10: scored a 72 in her only competition over Fences vs. SMU…also rode exhibition rides in three mid-season meets…chose UGA for its highly ranked equestrian team and Southern charm…intends to major in Psychology...2008 LIPHA Junior PHA Medal Reserve Champion…2008 LIPHA Children’s Jumpers Reserve Champion…2007-08 Winner’s Circle Horse Show Circuit

Jacqueline Johnson


Born February 27, 1990 in St. Paul, Minn…. The daughter of Robert and Christine Haskins has been riding for 11 years and prefers Horsemanship in the Western Discipline…2010-11: Rode for the Red team in Horsemanship at the pre-season intrasquad scrimmage…also rode exhibition for the Bulldogs in their meet at Baylor…2009-10: Rode exhibition in Fresno State meet and Demo in N.M. State meet, both in Horsemanship… Career accomplishments include placing as Reserve World Champion at the World Champion Paint Horse Show and earning the Youth Register Merit in all disciplines and Superior Youth Horse Award in multiple

Allison Haspel

Champion…2007-08 Hunter’s Isle Horse Show Circuit Champion…2008 HITS Children’s Jumper Circuit Champion… considers qualifying for national finals, training under Frank Madden and Michael Page and competing for the University of Georgia Equestrian Team as career highlights thus far… aspires to be a veterinarian in the future…started a charity event to benefit the Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center in Huntington, N.Y. that has raised over $22,000 in the past four years… personal favorites include family, friends, music, sunshine, and fun times.


Western 5-4 • Junior Alpharetta, Ga. St. Francis HS/ Georgia Perimeter

disciplines…Considers winning the Reserve World Champion in Showmanship at Halter and participating on a National Championship equestrian intercollegiate team as career highlights thus far…Also recruited by Auburn for equestrian and considered attending Savannah College of Art and Design…Intends to major in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Consumer Economics… Aspires to own her own boutique in the future or work for a major company in the fashion industry...Personal favorites include football, hanging with family and friends, shopping, her mom’s homemade fettuccini, and all types of music.


Hayley Haskins

Katelyn Van Allen


Born October 31, 1990 in Red Wing, Minn… the daughter of Bill and Nancy Haaland… has been riding for ten years…prefers Reining in the Western discipline…2010-11: Competed in 16 dual meets for the Bulldogs in Reining…went 11-4-1, highlighted by a pair of MVP rides (vs. Auburn and N.M. State) and two winning rides at the Varsity National meet…capped her summer of 2011 by competing at the NRHA Derby collegiate championship…2009-10: the team’s Western Rookie of the Year…competed in every meet in Reining for the Bulldogs, compiled an 11-7 record with an MVP ride vs. N.M. State... also posted big wins in both meets vs. South Carolina, as well as at Kansas State…2008 AQHYA Working Cow Horse Reserve World Champion and NRCHA Youth Bridle Reserve World Champion…2006 NRCHA Youth Limited Reserve World Champion… considers being the champion at the Youth Bridle Reserve as a career highlight thus far…also recruited for equestrian by Kansas State University, Baylor, Oklahoma State, and South Carolina…includes music, the beach, basketball star Kevin Durant, the OU Sooners and her dog Mosby Trey Songz Haaland among her personal favorites.


Western 5-4 • Junior Edmond, Okla. Deer Creek HS






flat at a local show in San Juan Capistrano … personal favorites include chocolate, sushi, running, alternative music, singing, baking, and the movie Little Miss Sunshine…enjoys worshipping at Classic City Community Church in Athens and the Wesley Foundation on campus.

Carly Lambros Western 5-2 • Junior Monroe, Ga. George Walton Acad.

Born April 3, 1991 in Atlanta, Ga…daughter of George Lambros Jr. and Kathryn Benton… brings 16 years of riding experience to the UGA equestrian team…prefers the Western discipline…is attending UGA on the HOPE Scholarship…2010-11: Competed twice in Horsemanship for the Bulldogs…rode exhibition in home meet vs. Auburn and also competed vs. N.M. State…2009-10: Competed in one meet and recorded a 7-point win vs. Fresno State (73.5)… career accomplishments thus far include Congress Champion in Equitation, placing 12th in Showmanship at the 2009 AQHYA World Championships, top-ten in the nation in Equitation, top-five in the 15-18 trail at the 2008 Congress, and superior ratings in multiple disciplines…considers all of

her accomplishments as career highlights thus far…personal favorites include snowboarding, tennis, rock/alternative music, going to the beach, and hanging out with friends.

Grace Rogers

Hunt Seat 5-7 • Junior Lititz, Pa. Independent Study HS/ Nebraska

Born August 27, 1990 in Burlington, Vt…the daughter of Frederick and Gabrielle Rogers… has been riding for eight years…prefers Jumpers…2010-11: Honorable Mention AllAmerica in Equitation on the Flat…compiled a 13-5 mark in Flat events, highlighted by an MVP ride vs. N.M. State and a high score of 91 vs.UT-Martin…also won three of four Fences rides….won both of her Fences rides at Southern championships…2009-10: Excellent freshman season...Compiled an 11-4 mark in Flat rides, including two MVP efforts against Auburn and South Carolina…also went 4-5 over Fences…Was 2-1 at Nationals, her wins coming in team semis and finals vs. TAMU and Auburn… pre-collegiate honors include First at Devon the USET, Top-25 at Harrisburg, Sixth at Maclay’s Regional, and multiple ribbons… considers placing first at Devon, being in the top 25 at Harrisburg, and being champion in the low junior division at Lake Placid in 2009 as career highlights thus far…intended major is Psychology…was recruited for equestrian by South Carolina and Auburn…older sister Amelia also rides for UGA…personal favorites include broccoli, anything chocolate, Hugh Jackman, and hanging out by the pool.

Maria Salazar Western 5-8 • Junior Portland, Ore. Jesuit HS

Katie Hagerty

Born January, 28, 1991 in Eugene, Ore… the daughter of Alberto and Molly Salazar… brings 14 years of riding experience to the UGA equestrian team…prefers all the disciplines…2010-11: Named winner of the Sportsmanship Award on the Western side at the team’s post-season awards banquet… Compiled a 14-3 record in dual meets, all in Horsemanship events…posted MVP rides in two of three meets against Auburn…


went undefeated in three rides at the Varsity National meet…2009-10: Rode exclusively in Horsemanship for the Bulldogs…compiled a 4-6 record that included MVP rides vs. Fresno State and Sacred Heart…2010 APHA & AQHA Hi-Point at the Reichert Celebration…2009 APHA World Show: World Champion Novice Western Riding, Third place Hunt Seat Equitation, Fifth place Showmanship, Sixth place Western Pleasure…multiple Top-5 and Top-10 placings 2006-2008…2005 APHA Reserve World Champion Hunter Under Saddle… considers placing first under all five judges to win Western Riding at the World Show as a career highlight thus far…also recruited for equestrian by TCU, Fresno State, and Baylor and considered attending the University of Oregon…chose UGA for its equestrian team, academics, atmosphere and pretty campus… intends on majoring in Business…entire family has played sports at the collegiate level…father is an accomplished and recordsetting distance runner and marathoner...she once ran a fundraiser 5K alongside her dad and cycling champion Lance Armstrong... personal favorites include the Portland Trail Blazers, Oregon Ducks, Will Ferrell and her pet turtle, Little Foot.

Morgan Stamey Western 5-3 • Junior McDonough, Ga. Ola HS

Born on August 1, 1991 in Atlanta, Ga…the daughter of Randy and Rhonda Stamey… mother is an alum UGA...has 12 years of riding experience in both Hunt Seat and Western disciplines…2010-11: made the team through tryouts in August of 2010… rode for the Red team in Horsemanship at the team’s pre-season intrasquad scrimmage and posted a winning ride...Ola HS Honor Graduate, Beta Club, National Honor Society, National Society of High School Scholars, President’s List, Junior Marshall, Georgia Certificate of Merit...majoing in Kinesiology and chose UGA primarily for her academic major... riding honors include World Champion at the Appaloosa Youth Worlds Show in individual English discipline; multiple top 5, and top 10 at the Appaloosa Youth Worlds and the Appaloosa National Horse Show. Ranked 2nd, 5th, and 10th in the nation in individual hunt-seat and



Meghan Yeager

western divisions...includes the St. Louis Cardinals, Thai and Italian food, acoustic music, cooking and movie nights with friends among her personal favorites.

Hunt Seat 5-5 • Junior Wilton, Conn. Wilton HS

Sophomores Nicki Alexander Hunt Seat 5-3 • Sophomore Atlanta, Ga. Woodward Academy

2003 • 2004 • 2008 • 2009 • 2010 VARSITY EQUESTRIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONS


Born July 31, 1992 in Atlanta, Ga…the daughter of Kent and Diane Alexander… has been riding for 10 years in the English discipline…2010-11: made the team through tryouts in August of 2010… competed in Equitation over Fences for the Red team in season-opening intrasquad scrimmage... named to 2011 SEC First-Year Academic Honor Roll…attending UGA on the state lottery-funded HOPE scholarship…chose UGA for its academic programs and Equestrian team…also considered attending Brown and Virginia…riding highlights include qualifying for Maclay Regionals and USEF Finals…placed fifth and seventh in Small Junior Hunter 16-17 at 2009 Washington Int’l. Horse Show…also enjoys tennis and ultimate Frisbee…includes pasta, chocolate, the movie A Beautiful Mind and going to the beach among her favorites.


Born April 13, 1991 in Dallas, Texas…the daughter of Roy and Holly Wall…has been riding for 12 years and prefers the English discipline…2010-11: competed for the Black team in Equitation on the Flat in the pre-season intrasquad scrimmage…joined the equestrian team during open tryouts in August 2009…2007 and 2008 IEA Varsity Open National Champion…2009 High Point Senior IEA Rider Nationals…2008 Equestrian Talent Search Champion…multiple wins and championships in the 3’ hunters and 3’6” Equitation in the southeast and west coast… considers winning nationals twice and her summer internship at Maplewood Stables of Reno, Nev., under Julie Winkel to be career highlights thus far…chose UGA for its academic excellence and riding program… aspires to be a part of the administrative and commentating side in the horse racing industry while also becoming a successful exercise rider for different thoroughbred trainers...personal favorites include soccer, CrossFit, photography, and rap, rock, and country music.


Born September 13, 1991 in Norwalk, Conn…the daughter of Mark and Ann Sullivan…has 12 years of riding experience and prefers the English discipline…joined the UGA team through open tryouts in August 2009…2010-11: Named the team’s Standout Student-Athlete of the Year at its post-season awards banquet…rode exhibition in Equitation in two meets: vs. South Carolina and at Baylor…also rode for the Black team in Equitation in its pre-season intrasquad scrimmage…earned a place on the SEC Spring Honor Roll…Seventh place overall for FW-PHA standings…fifth place in FW-PHA Finals…competed in CHJA Finals since 2006…considers overcoming the odds at various points throughout her career as a highlight thus far…also considered attending Penn State, Clemson, and Michigan State… chose UGA for its equestrian team, pre-vet program, and warm weather…majoring in Animal Science…aspires to own a large animal veterinary clinic or run a wildlife rehabilitation center.

Hunt Seat 5-6 • Junior Suwanee, Ga. North Gwinnett HS


Ali Sullivan

Brittlan Wall


Madeline Brown

Born Nov. 8, 1990 in McKinney, Texas...the daughter of Jeff and Kim Yeager...has 10 years of riding experience and prefers the Western discipline... 2010-11: competed for the Red team in Horsemanship in the pre-season intrasquad scrimmage…an honors graduate of Athens Christian School...also participated in track, cross country, cheerleading and FCA, among other activities...attending UGA on the HOPE scholarship...chose UGA because of its superior academic and athletic programs ...aspires to become a physician¹s assistant...lists snow skiing as her favorite sport other than equestrian...and in her free time she likes to listen to country music, ride her motorcycle with her family, or volunteer at her church.


Western 5-4 • Junior Braselton, Ga. Athens Christian




Louise Ashley


Hunt Seat 5-5 • Sophomore Newtown, Pa. Council Rock North HS

born May 21, 1993 in Newtown, Pa…the daughter of Robert and Jackie Ashley…has 15 years of riding experience in the Hunter/ Jumper discipline…2010-11: Participated for the Black team in Equitation over Fences in season-opening intrasquad scrimmage... named to 2011 SEC First-Year Academic Honor Roll…has won top ribbons on the Zone II hunter circuit…finished sixth in the Small Junior Hunter standings for Zone II…intends to major in Biomechanical Engineering at UGA…aspires to become a professional horse rider/trainer…also recruited for Equestrian by Texas A&M and South Carolina…includes football, the Philadelphia Eagles, John Mayer, country music, pizza and hanging out at the beach among her personal favorites..

Jaclyn Beckley Western 5-8 • Sophomore Cumming, Ga. South Forsyth HS

Born Jan. 4, 1992…the daughter of Mike and Kelly Beckley…both parents, as well as two uncles, are UGA graduates…has been riding for 14 years and competing for more than five years in the Western discipline and AQHA all-around events…2010-11: Competed for Red team in Horsemanship in pre-season intrasquad meet…also rode Exhibition in home win vs. South Carolina…named to 2011 SEC First-Year Academic Honor Roll…2009 AQHYA World Show top 10, Top 10 Big A Novice Youth Horsemanship, Year-end Reserve champion in Horseman’s Quarter, HQHA Top 5 YearEnd in Trail & Horsemanship…Two-year letterwinner on South Forsyth HS Equestrian team…considers training her 4-year-old horse to the competitive level as one of her biggest sports thrill to date...also at SFHS, National Honor Society, National Technical Honors Society, DECA Club, FCA, among others…also worked part-time as a manager at The Equestrian Reserve in Alpharetta… also considered attending Auburn and South Carolina for Equestrian...considers wrestling her favorite sport other than EQ...father Mike wrestled at UGA and coached the sport at the

high school level...includes ice cream, Tim McGraw, sleeping, the movie Top Gun and Diet Dr. Pepper among her personal favorites.

Honey Beth Campbell Western 5-6 • Sophomore Gainesville, Ga. Gainesville HS

Born Feb. 10, 1992 in Gainesville, Ga… the daughter of Brian Campbell and Jordan Frobos…has 14 years of riding experience in the Western discipline…2010-11: Competed in an exhibition ride in Horsemanship vs. Auburn…has won multiple All-Around and Reserve All-Around awards and circuit champions and reserve circuit champion awards at many various shows, including The Big A in Conyers, Ga., The Gold Coast Circuit in Tampa, Fla., The Indy Circuit in New Castle, Ind., and others for Showmanship, Horsemanship, Equitation, Hunter Under Saddle, and Trail…aspires to graduate from law school and open her own practice… enjoyed great success in career after overcoming a serious riding injury at age 9… chose to attend UGA because of its proximity to home, her family’s tradition with UGA and the success of its Equestrian program… includes soccer, Georgia football, ice cream, Dave Matthews Band, Will Ferrell and wakeboarding among her personal favorites.

Katie Brown


Morgan Collins Western 5-7 • Sophomore Perry, Ga. Perry HS

Born April 22, 1992 in Macon, Ga…the daughter of Mark and Kimberly Collins… has10 years of riding experience in reining… coached by Chip Stewart, father of UGA Equestrian alumnus Kate Stewart… 201011: Competed five times as a newcomer… rode for Red team in pre-season intrasquad scrimmage…posted winning ride in collegiate debut vs. South Carolina and followed with another point-winner vs. Baylor…also rode in both regular-season meets vs. Auburn… named to 2011 SEC First-Year Academic Honor Roll…ranks among the nation’s top point winners in the USEF standings for Western Reining…USEF Affiliate Finalist 2009, NRHA Affiliate Finalist 2007, 5th in 2006 13 and Under at AQHA Congress, DRHA Youth 14-18 2009/2010 Affiliate Champion… intends to major in Animal Health at UGA, with an eye toward becoming a production animal veterinarian…also considered attending Auburn and South Carolina…also enjoys cross country running, baseball and gymnastics…includes smoked salmon, the Atlanta Braves, the movie Pride & Prejudice and reading among her personal favorites.


Bulldogs Olivia Dorey

Hunt Seat 5-8 • Sophomore Athens, Ga. Athens Academy

Hunt Seat 5-7 • Sophomore Sudbury, Mass. Lincoln-Sudbury HS

Caitlyn Francis

Jackie Hoyt Western 5-7 • Sophomore Manlius, N.Y. Fabius-Pompey HS

2003 • 2004 • 2008 • 2009 • 2010 VARSITY EQUESTRIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONS


Born Sept. 27, 1992 in Rome, N.Y…the daughter of Thomas and Jennifer Hoyt… has 18 years of riding experience mostly as a reiner…2010-11: Competed in 10 dual meets in Reining for the Bulldogs…biggest wins included a 2.5-point decision over South Carolina at the Southern championships… had seven additional winning rides…also won MVP honors in Reining at Georgia’s preseason intrasquad scrimmage……named to 2011 SEC First-Year Academic Honor Roll… 1st place Non-Pro Freestyle at CNYRHA


Kelsey Berry

Born Dec. 10, 1991 in Waltham, Mass…the daughter of Peter and Julie Dorey…has 14 years of riding experience, mostly in Equitation & Jumpers…2010-11: One of the team’s busiest newcomers…compiled a 4-4 mark in Fences competition, highlighted by a 30-point win vs. UT-Martin and a 1-point decision over SC at Southern championships…also 4-4 in Flat events, posting wins vs. Fresno State (MVP ride), USC, New Mexico State and TCU… named to 2011 SEC First-Year Academic Honor Roll…Top 25 USEF Medal Finals, 4th MHC Hunt Seat Finals, 3rd RI Equitation Finals, 5th Connecticut Equitation Finals, Bronze medal, USEF Show Jumping Talent Search…qualified for Maclay finals the past five years…intends to major in business at UGA…also participated in basketball and volleyball at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional HS… considers her Top 25 at Medals Finals to

Born Aug. 27, 1991 in Roswell, Ga…the daughter of Peter and Polly Hemingway… the third of four daughters…older sisters Lauren and Sara are both UGA Equestrian alumni…2010-11: Rode for the Red team in Equitation at the pre-season intrasquad scrimmage…earned the team’s Sportsmanship Award on the Hunt Seat side, an award given to two riders that display exemplary work ethic and attitude…named to 2011 SEC First-Year Academic Honor Roll…also named to the UGA Dean’s List and Athletic Director’s Honor Roll…has been riding 15 years mostly in the hunter/jumper discipline…trains with the Towell family and Hunt Tosh…1st and 3rd place in NAL Children’s Hunter Classic at Brownland; 3rd place in South East World Hunter Rider in 2009 and 6th place in 2008; also 8th place in 2008 Junior North American Hunter U.S. Championship…considers competing at National Horse Show in Harrisburg, Pa., to be her career highlight thus far…intends to major in Journalism (advertising) at UGA… Atlanta Braves, watermelon, Nickelcreek, Brett Dennen, photography, reading, writing, and the book Catcher in the Rye among her personal favorites.


Hunt Seat 5-10 • Sophomore Oak Bluffs, Mass. Martha’s Vinyard Regional HS

Hunt Seat 5-6 • Sophomore Alpharetta, Ga. Milton HS


Born Dec. 10, 1991 in Waltham, Mass…the daughter of Peter and Julie Dorey…has 14 years of riding experience, mostly in Equitation & Jumpers…2010-11: One of the team’s busiest newcomers…compiled a 4-4 mark in Fences competition, highlighted by a 30-point win vs. UT-Martin and a 1-point decision over SC at Southern championships…also 4-4 in Flat events, posting wins vs. Fresno State (MVP ride), USC, New Mexico State and TCU… named to 2011 SEC First-Year Academic Honor Roll…Top 25 USEF Medal Finals, 4th MHC Hunt Seat Finals, 3rd RI Equitation Finals, 5th Connecticut Equitation Finals, Bronze medal, USEF Show Jumping Talent Search…qualified for Maclay finals the past five years…intends to major in business at UGA…also participated in basketball and volleyball at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional HS… considers her Top 25 at Medals Finals to be her career highlight thus far…includes Boston sports teams, pasta, Kings of Leon and basketball among her personal favorites.

Julia Hemingway


Born July 30, 1991 in Atlanta…the daughter of Russell and Arlene Crump…has been riding her entire life, mostly in the hunter/jumper discipline…2010-11: named to 2011 SEC First-Year Academic Honor Roll…attending UGA on the state lottery-funded HOPE scholarship…undecided on a major but with a pre-Pharmacy emphasis…National Honors Society member while at Athens Academy… qualified and competed at the ASPCA Maclay Regionals, the USEF Medal Finals and the USET Show Jumping Talent Search…in 2008, she was awarded the USET Bronze Medal…also had placings at the 2010 “Horse Shows in the Sun (HITS) Ocala winter circuit in the Hunters & Jumpers…enjoys watching college football and playing tennis. includes art, caring for animals, Scarlett Johansson and rock ‘n roll among her personal favorites.

be her career highlight thus far…includes Boston sports teams, pasta, Kings of Leon and basketball among her personal favorites.


Katie Crump






Junior Jumper Classic, Lake Placid and Littlewood…has been a riding ambassador for Just World International, which carries out projects to help underdeveloped nations… heavily recruited, she chose UGA for its best combination of equestrian program and academics…majoring in Art History, with an eye towards becoming a lawyer…considers her victory for the U.S. team at the German Friendships to be her career highlight thus far…includes the Miami Dolphins, Mexican food, NHL goalie Tomas Vokoun, Jack Johnson and the movie Almost Famous among her personal favorites.

McKenzie Lantz

Tara Maloney June Ride and Slide, 2010…Qualified for and competed in North American Young Riders Championship three straight years…Central New York Reining Horse Assn highpoint from 2004-2009…considers being recruited to the UGA Equestrian team as a career highlight thus far…chose UGA for its EQ team and the reputation and prestige of the school… intends to major in Anthropology…aspires to be an archaeologist or linguist, perhaps as a marine archaeologist…also recruited by Texas A&M and South Carolina…also enjoys swimming, archery, volleyball, football and tennis…includes Mexican & French food, country music, James Bond, Gone With The Wind and trail-riding with friends among her personal favorites.

Isabel Jolicoeur Hunt Seat 5-2 • Sophomore Wellington, Fla. St. Andrews School

Born Nov. 22, 1991 in Culpepper, Va….the daughter of Pierre and Martha Jolicoeur, both famed and accomplished riders themselves… has been riding her entire life, mostly as a jumper…2010-11: Competed in seven dual meets for the Bulldogs in Fences…posted winning scores in five of them, highlighted by an 87 (+5) score in win over South Carolina… also had an MVP ride at Georgia’s pre-season intrasquad scrimmage…named to 2011 SEC First-Year Academic Honor Roll…has earned top honors at the following prestigious competitions: 2009 German Friendship Games, Winter Equestrian Festival, Blainville International Horse Show, Vermont High

Western 5-6 • Sophomore Fremont, Mich. Fremont HS

Born July 8, 1992 in Flint, Mich….the daughter of Matt and Lori Lantz…has 11 years of riding experience, mostly as a reiner…2010-11: One of Georgia’s top Reiners…named the team’s Western Rookie of the Year at post-season awards banquet… compiled a 12-3-2 record that included a 4-1 mark in post-season competition…also had MVP rides at home vs. South Carolina and vs. Auburn in Southern championships… named to 2011 SEC First-Year Academic Honor Roll…capped her summer of 2011 by competing at the NRHA Derby collegiate championship, placing second… riding honors include: 2006 USEF Reining Champion, 2007 USEF bronze medal winner, 2008 USEF silver medal winner, 2009 USEF bronze medal winner,2009 North American Young Riders Gold Medal Reining Team, Multiple NRHA Top-Tens, Multiple Congress Top-Tens, Multiple Michigan Reining Horse Year-end Championships, Multiple Bronze trophy winner…also considered attending South Carolina and Michigan State…played basketball, volleyball and soccer at Fremont.


Selby Merritt Hunt Seat 5-11 • Sophomore Atlanta, Ga. Lovett School

Born July 6, 1991 in Atlanta, Ga….the daughter of Bill and Laurie Merritt…has 11 years of riding experience, mostly in Jumpers…2010-11: competed in exhibition Flat event at Auburn…also rode Flat for Red team in Georgia’s pre-season intrasquad scrimmage…named to 2011 SEC First-Year Academic Honor Roll…2009 IEA Varsity Open Champion…Qualified for and competed in such prestigious shows as the 2009 USEF Medal Finals, ASPCA Maclay Regionals, and USET Talent Search Finals…2009 Georgia Hunter Jumper Association (GHJA) 15-17 Equitation Reserve Champion and high point equitation rider at the Tryon Summer Classic and Blowing Rock horse show…considers qualifying for Equitation Finals and winning ribbon at Harrisburg as her career highlight thus far…was also recruited by TCU and Texas A&M for equestrian, and by Principia College for basketball…intends to major in Public Relations at UGA…aspires one day to become a photojournalist for National Geographic (dream job) or a publicist (reality job)…includes photography, country music, tennis, the Atlanta Falcons and spaghetti among her personal favorites.

Abby O’Mara Hunt Seat 5-9 • Sophomore Rumson, N.J. Rumson Fair Haven HS

Born Aug. 2, 1992 in New Brunswick, N.J… the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth O’Mara…has 12 years of riding experience in the Hunt Seat discipline…2010-11: named Georgia’s Hunt Seat Rookie of the Year at post-season awards banquet…All-America in Equitation over Fences…undefeated in Fences events, going 13-0-1 with one MVP ride in her first collegiate ride (vs. K-State)… also won all three of her Fences rides at Varsity Nationals…also competed in 12 Flat events…won four and posted an MVP ride at South Carolina…reserve champion at the 2010 ASPCA Maclay Regionals…also made the top 25 at medal finals 2010…Grand junior hunter champion at Harrisburg in



Western 5-8 • Sophomore McDonough, Ga. Strong Rock Christian

Hunt Seat 5-5 • Sophomore Tualatin, Ore. Tualatin HS

Kelsey Thatcher

Hunt Seat 5-3 • Sophomore Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Pine Crest School

Hunt Seat 5-3 • Sophomore Bluffdale, Utah Keystone

Born July 27, 1992 in Pensacola, Fla…the daughter of Steven and Maura Thatcher… has been riding since the age of 5 and prefers Jumpers… 2010-11: rode exhibition in Equitation over Fences at Auburn and posted a winning ride…named to 2011 SEC First-Year Academic Honor Roll…participated in George

2003 • 2004 • 2008 • 2009 • 2010 VARSITY EQUESTRIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONS


Born Sept. 28, 1991 in Poway, Calif…the daughter of Douglas and Cheryl Shamon… has 11 years of riding experience in the English discipline…2010-11: made the team through tryouts in August of 2010…rode for the Black team in Equitation over Fences in the team’s pre-season intrasquad scrimmage…named to

Born March 18, 1992 in Snellville, Ga…the daughter of Scott Thompson and Jennifer Aubel…has 12 years of riding experience in the English discipline…2010-11: made the team through tryouts in August of 2010…competed for the Red team over Fences in the pre-season intrasquad scrimmage…attending UGA on the state lottery-funded HOPE scholarship…intends to major in Animal Health at UGA…aspires to become a large-animal veterinarian…riding career highlights include reaching Nationals for high school-level IEA teams, as well as making the Georgia team…credits her family as the biggest influence on her riding career…also enjoys football and baseball…includes traveling, cheese pizza, Atlanta Braves, Minnesota Vikings, four-wheeling and the movie The Notebook among her personal favorites.


Lauren Shamon

Hunt Seat 5-4 • Sophomore Cumming, Ga. Forsyth Central HS


Born Dec. 27, 1991 in Portland, Ore....the daughter of David and Laura Skoglund...has 11 years of riding experience in the Hunter/ Jumper discipline...2010-11: made the team through tryouts in August of 2010...rode for the Red team in Equitation on the Flat in the team’s pre-season intrasquad scrimmage... named to 2011 SEC First-Year Academic Honor Roll...considers making the team among her riding career highlights thus far, as well as watching the 2009 FEI World Cup in Las Vegas...graduated with Honors from Tualatin HS...majoring in Biology/PreMed with the goal of becoming a physician... chose UGA because of the Equestrian team and because she has family in Georgia... also considered attending the University of Oregon...also played soccer and ran track in high school...favorite rider is Rich Fellers... includes watching football, Mexican food, the movies The Hangover and Findin Nemo and hanging out with friends among her personal favorites

Alyssa Thompson


Born on Feb. 10, 1993 in Macon, Ga…the daughter of Bryan and Maureen Sasser… has nine years of riding experience, primarily in Horsemanship…2010-11: Excellent freshman season…compiled a 9-5-1 mark in Horsemanship that included three MVP rides: at Baylor, vs. Fresno State and at Delaware State…also had two post-season wins, one each at Southern Championships and Varsity Nationals…16 world Championships, six reserve championships, overall highpoint, age group high point (twice), Equitation Highpoint, All-Around Highpoint…considers winning the one horse, one rider at the 2009 nationals (appaloosa) to be her career highlight thus far…recruited by several national equestrian powers…intends to major in Child and Family Development…also ran cross country at Strong Rock…includes peaceful vacations, animals, Michelle Kwan, pineapple, Matt Damon and the book When Crickets Cry among her personal favorites.

Kate Skoglund

Morris horse mastership clinic in 2011…also a champion in Amateur Owner Jumpers at 2011 Winter Equestrian Festival…winner of 2 grand prixs in summer of 2009…2009 national grand junior hunter champion…several wins on the Global Champions Tour in Torino, Italy…2009 washington horse show reserve champion older smalls …Reserve champion prix des states team 2009…first round clear for the WEG trials…trained extensively under the watch of Alex Jayne, father of UGA Equestrian alumnus Haylie Jayne…intends to major in Early Childhood Education at UGA…includes Margie Engle, swimming, running, yoga, the Utah Jazz, sushi, Elton John and The Beatles among her personal favorites.


Anna Sasser

2011 SEC First-Year Academic Honor Roll… fourth overall USHJA Zone 4 Children’s Hunter, multiple grand and reserve champions in the ESP Circuits in Wellington… competed in the SFHJA Junior Huntseat Medal, won the THIS National Children’s Medal at ESP Spring… considers making the UGA team as the highlight of her riding career thus far…chose UGA because of its size, location and its undergrad vet school program…aspires to become a large animal veterinarian...includes Italian food, Brad Paisley, New England Patriots, and Rascal Flatts among her personal favorites.


2009 and 3rd place for best child rider…also champion at Washington in the small older juniors in 2009. Won medal and talent search at Devon 2010 and reserve champion at 2010 Devon horse show…considers her parents as the most important influence on her athletic career thus far...recruited by nearly every major collegiate varsity equestrian program in the country...chose UGA for its combination of academics and Equestrian program… intends to major in Psychology…includes the New York Yankees, Italian food, John Mayer, The Hangover, soccer and watching movies among her personal favorites.




Emily van der Walde


Western 5-9 • Sophomore Ann Arbor, Mich. Greenhills School

Born July 10, 1992 in Houston, Texas…the daughter of Eric and Sharon van der Walde… has 15 years of riding experience in the Hunt Seat discipline… 2010-11: competed for the Red team over Fences in the pre-season intrasquad scrimmage…qualified for the ASPCA Maclay Regional competition…also placed in the Junior Jumpers, Equitation and Large Junior Hunter divisions during the Ocala winter circuit… top ribbons in equitation and hunter classes throughout the country…in both 2008 and 2009, she qualified for and competed in the ASPCA Maclay Finals, as well as the USEF Medal Finals…majoring in Public Relations at UGA…chose UGA because she loved the campus and the many academic opportunities offered there…also considered TCU, Baylor and Oklahoma State…includes popcorn, star fruit, sprinter Usain Bolt, Will Ferrell, Aaron Vale, and going to concerts among her personal favorites.

Newcomers Kylee Arbuckle Hunt Seat 5-6 • Freshman Torrance, Calif. South Torrance HS

born November 22, 1993 in Torrance, Calif… the daughter of John and Christy Arbuckle… prefers the English discipline…won the ASPCA Maclay Regional Medal Finals in 2010… finished second at the USEF Medal Regional Finals in 2010…came in 11th at the 2010 USEF Talent Search Finals-West…posted a secondplace finish at the USEF Medal Finals Warm Up Class-PA National Horse Show in 2010… finished third at the 2010 Open Equitation at Capital Challenge Horse Show…had top-10 finishes at the USEF Talent Search FinalsWest, CPHA Junior Finals, Zone 10 UESF Hunt Seat Medal Regionals in 2009…2008 Marshall and Sterling Children’s Medal Finals Champion…posted three top10 performances in 2009…lists winning the ASPCA Maclay Regionals as the highlight of her career thus far…considered attending SMU…chose Georgia because she loved the environment…

lists football, hockey, the LA Kings, ice cream, Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhal among her person favorites.

Samantha Belcher Western 5-7 • Freshman Aspen, Colo. Roaring Fork HS

Born Aug. 11, 1993 in Aspen, Colo…the daughter of Kelly and K.C. Belcher…has 12 years of riding experience with specialty as a Reiner…has won a slew of honors as a youth rider, including: 2011 NRHA Derby Youth 14-18 Champion and Unrestricted Youth Champion…2008 Affiliate Youth 1418 National Champion, WSRHA Non Pro Derby 2nd and 3rd place 2011…2009 Rocky Mountain Affiliate Regional Finals Youth 14-18 Reserve Champion; Western Slope Reining Horse Association 2009 Non-Pro & Intermediate Non-Pro Year End Champion… has volunteered at a local veterinary clinic, training young horses, 4-H steer, dog, goat and sheep projects…president of Western Slope Youth Reining Horse Association… honors graduate at Roaring Fork HS… aspires to become a veterinarian…includes volleyball, John Elway, the Denver Broncos, chicken fajitas, the Lion King and hiking among her personal favorites.

Madi Berger Hunt Seat 6-0 • Freshman Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Pine Crest School

born March 12, 1993 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla… the daughter of James and Lisa Berger… brings 13 years of experience to the team… prefers the Hunt Seal discipline…chose to attend UGA because of its animal science and honors programs…considers walking on to the UGA equestrian team the highlight of her athletic career…recruited by Tufts University to run track…hopes to become a veterinarian… mother ran track at Alabama…member of the UGA Honors Program…favorites include Jason Aldean, Janedear Girls, Billy Currington, Josh Turner, Switchfoot, Foster All Mankind, National Velvet, International Velvet, National Treasure, Justin Timberlake and Anne Hathaway.


Caroline Blackshear Western 5-3 • Freshman St. Simons Island, Ga. Glynn Academy

Born July 5, 1992 in Brunswick, Ga…the daughter of David and Allyson Blackshear… her grandmother, the late Virginia Stribling, was a UGA alumnus and a former Miss Pandora… has been riding for 13 years and specializes in Reining…her most prominent accolades include a third-place finish in the CRI competition at the 2010 National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Derby in Oklahoma…bronze medal there earned her a berth in the North American Junior/Young Rider Championship in Lexington, Ky…earned a silver medal for team USA East in Lexington…was also at the top of her division in the Florida Reining Horse Association 14-18 for year-end points and ended up in the national Top 20 in for NRHYA in 2010…considers her participation at the NAJYR event in Lexington to be the highlight of her riding career thus far… chose UGA for its academics, EQ program and Coach Mary Meneely…intends to major in Animal Health and to become a large animal veterinarian…includes football, tennis, Davis Love III, sushi, all kinds of music and all UGA sports teams among her personal favorites.

Gillian Chant Western 5-9 • Freshman Abilene, Texas Abilene Christian HS

born March 19, 1993 in Victoria, B.C., Canada…the daughter of G. Noel and Judy Chant…has 12 years’ riding experience and prefers horsemanship and equitation... currently ranked in the Top 3 nationally in Western Horsemanship…two-time World Champion at the 2011 AQHYA World Show... winner of the National Snaffle Bit World Championship…also was an American Quarter Horse Congress Champion, and in the AQHYA World Championship she was a top-3 finisher…multiple AQHA year-end highpoint winner…considers placing 3rd at the AQHYA world show to be her career highlight thus far…salutatorian of her graduating class at Abilene Christian High School…president of National Honor Society, student council, yearbook editor, newspaper editor, and also competed in track & field, swimming and golf…chose UGA because of the quality of



Hunt Seat 5-7 • Freshman Durham, N.C. Brighton HS

Western 5-8 • Freshman Montague, N.J. Pope John XXIII HS

born October 31, 1991 in Providence, R.I… the daughter of Arthur Fiorenzano and Cynthia Capaldi…brings seven years of experience to the team…prefers the Hunt Seat discipline…finished eight at the MHC Hunt Seat Finals, third at the SEHA Hunt Seat Finals, fifth at the Rhode Island Equitation Finals…was a Rhode Island team member… earned top honors at the Ocala, Saugertues, Vermont Adult Jumper Classic, Lake Place and Kentucky competitions…qualified for Marshall and Sterling Adult Hunter Finals… considers her eighth-place finish at the MHC Hunt Seat Final and her top-20 finish at the New England Equitation Championship the highlights of her career thus far…her brother Andrew is on the gold team at the University of Rhode Island…includes all chick flicks, the Boston Celtics, Tom Brady, going to the beach, traveling and shopping among her personal favorites.

born June 14, 1992 in Lawrenceville, Ga… the daughter of Ted and Holli Justiss…has 13 years of riding experience, primarily in Western Horsemanship, Trail and Showmanship…has competed at national and state levels in numerous Western and English riding events…top 7 at the All American Quarter Horse Congress in Horsemanship and numerous All-Around and circuit… 10th at Congress in Showmanship, ranked 2nd in Horsemanship and Showmanship in GQHA, Ranked 1st in GQHA…considers bringing her horse back from major surgery to place at Congress – after one month of training – to be her career highlight thus far…also recruited by Auburn and South Carolina…chose UGA because it’s been a dream of hers since adolescence…includes football, basketball, Georgia Bulldogs, Mac & Cheese, Remember the Titans and all kinds of music among her personal favorites.

Megan Hawkins

Sara Parr

Western 5-3 • Junior Reddick, Fla. School of the Kingdom

Western 5-10 • Freshman Social Circle, Ga. Social Circle HS

Born March 17, 1993…the daughter if Bengie and Tonja Parr…has been riding for 15 years…prefers the Western discipline… placed Top 10 at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress…World Show Qualifier… 4H State Show Stock Horse Champion… Five-time 4H State Show Horsemanship Champion…considers getting Top 10 at the Congress her first year attending the highlight of her riding career to date…was also recruited by Auburn…attending Georgia on the HOPE scholarship…favorite sport other than equestrian is football or baseball… favorites include the New Orleans Saints, chocolate, county music and comedies.

2003 • 2004 • 2008 • 2009 • 2010 VARSITY EQUESTRIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONS


born October 13, 1988…daughter of Mike and Cheryl Hawkins…brings 17 years of experience to the program…prefers the Western discipline…placed top 10 or finalist at the AQHYA World Show in Western Riding, Western Peasure and Halter…won circuit shows at the Texas Classic, Redbud, Indy Circuit, Tarheel Triple Classic, Gold and Gulf Coast in the Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, Western Riding, Showmanship and Hunter Under Saddle… Res All-Around at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress ...placed Top Ten at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress as a youth in Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, Trail, Western Riding and Showmanship… lists being a four-time Res. Champion at AllAmerican Quarter Horse Congress in two years as the highlight of her riding career… favorites include the Tampa Bay Rays, Atlanta Braves, Tampa Bay Bucs, country and rock music and the movie Gone in 60 Seconds.


born June 23, 1993 in Newton, N.J…the daughter of Terrence and Sharon Duddy…has 15 years’ riding experience and specializes in Reining… silver team medal in Reining at the 2010 and individual silver medal 2009 at the North American Junior & Young Rider Championships in Lexington, Ky…2010 3rd world standings NRHA intermediate non pro…2010 7th world standings NRHA non pro…other honors include a clean sweep of all non-pro division classes at the 2010 Carolina Classic; and first places in all non-pro divisions, all three days, at the NRHA Derby for 2010…her career highlight thus far was competing on Young Riders team…chose to attend UGA because “I fell in love with it from the beginning”…intends to major in Biology and to become a dentist…includes the New York Yankees, grilled foods, fishing, hiking, basketball and baseball among her personal favorites.

Western 5-5 • Freshman Alpharetta, Ga. Alpharetta HS


Erin Duddy

Hunt Seat 5-2 • Sophomore Jamestown, R.I. The Wheeler School


born May 19, 1993…the daughter of William and Lori Clark…brings eight years of riding experience to the program…prefers the Hunt Seat discipline…finished first at Marshall and Sterling Children’s Medal Finals…placed second at IHJA children’s medal finals… finished at or near the top at various other junior equitation classes such as the Maclay, Washington Equitation, USEF Medal and The Talent Search…chose UGA over Auburn, TCU, Michigan State and Cornell…includes soccer, volleyball, watermelon, ice cream, John Mayer, snowboarding, hanging out with friends and going to the beach among her personal favorites.

Morgan Justiss


Madi Clark

Faith Fiorenzano


its academics and the prestige of its athletics program…intends to major in linguistics and perhaps establish a practice in pediatric radiology…considers attending the USA vs. Canada Olympic hockey game at the 2010 Winter Olympics to be her biggest sports thrill to date…includes hockey, seafood, the Dallas Stars, Montreal Canadiens, Team Canada, the actor Stanley Tucci and sleeping among her personal favorites.




Megan Southam


Hunt Seat 5-11 • Freshman British Columbia, Can. Walnut Grove Secondary

born March 8, 1993 in North Vancouver, B.C…the daughter of Kenneth and Heather Southam…has nine years’ riding experience and prefers Jumpers and Equitation…has amassed a slew of honors, including top placings in the 1.20-meter, 1.25-meter and 1.30-meter jumper classes at The Thunderbird Classic, Milner Downs Classic, and the prestigious Spruce Meadows North American horse shows…as a junior rider, she earned top ribbons in the Canadian Equestrian Team Medal, Jump Canada Medal, USEF Hunter Seat Medal, USEF Talent Search, ASPCA Maclay Regionals…in 2007 she had the distinction of being the youngest competitor in the Canadian Equestrian Team National Medal Finals, finishing 10th overall…in 2006, she was the only Canadian invited to compete at the National Children’s Medal Finals at the Capital Challenge Horse Show (Maryland)... straight-A student and awarded the Effort Honour Roll and School Community Service Awards at Walnut Grove Secondary School... chose UGA because of its warm weather… intends to major in Biology at UGA and to become perhaps a pediatric surgeon… considers attending the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 as her biggest sports thrill to date… includes hockey, the Vancouver Canucks, chocolate, ice cream and going to concerts among her personal favorites.

Hannah Spiegler Hunt Seat 5-2 • Freshman Tappahannock, Va. Hanover HS

born May 14, 1993 in Henrico, Va…the daughter of Glenn and Katie Spiegler…brings 13 years of Hunt Seat experience to the team…named Best Junior rider at the 2010 Old Dominion Horse Show…finished third in the 2011 Bryan Trophy at Deep Run Horse Show…VHSA & MHSA Year-End Reserve Champion Small Junior Hunter 16-17… finished fourth at 2011 VHSA Hunter Seat Junior Medal Finals…2010 H.I.T.S. Culpeper Circuit Champion Small Junior Hunter 16-17…

chose UGA over Oklahoma State…includes flying trapeze, water skiing and spending time at the river among her personal favorites.

Rachel Stallman Hunt Seat 5-4 • Sophomore Atlanta, Ga. Alpharetta HS

born March 23, 1992 in Houston, Texas… that daughter of Jay and Jane Stallman… brings 10 years of Hunt Seat experience to the team…qualified for the National Junior Hunter Championships in 2008…ranked fifth in Georgia in the Small Junior Hunter Division in 2009 and sixth in 2010…ranked 19th in the Southeast for the Small Junior Hunter Division after four competitions in 2010…considers numerous year end awards at the Junior Hunter Divisions and qualifying for the National Junior Hunter Finals the highlight of her athletic career… recognized at UGA Honors Day for being in the top-five percent of her class…invited to joined the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and Alpha Delta Lambda…attends UGA on the Hope Scholarship…includes Hines Ward, football, baseball, tennis, sushi, frozen yogurt, Katy Perry, John Mayer, Luke Bryan, Mila Kunis, Adam Sandler, Josh Lucas, going to the movies, hiking with her dog and shopping among her personal favorties.

Paige Stawicki Western 5-7 • Freshman Argyle, Texas Argyle HS

born Oct. 5, 1992 in Bedford, Texas…the daughter of Tom and Beverley Stawicki…has 14 years of riding experience, with specialty in Horsemanship… Multiple World and Reserve World Champion, #1 in the nation in 2010, #1 honor roll champion in Horsemanship and Hunter Under Saddle in 2010… successfully competed for Team USA at the 2010 Youth World Games… achieved her #1 national ranking after overcoming serious injuries to her horse, Speck…chose to attend UGA because she fell in love with the school, the campus, the EQ program and the overall environment…also considered attending Texas A&M…lists her parents as the biggest influences on her riding her career…intends to major in genetics and hopes to become a plastic surgeon…includes Adrian Peterson, football, the TCU Horned Frogs, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Justin Bieber and traveling among her personal favorites.


Lauren Tieche Western 5-1 • Freshman Ocala, Fla. Forest HS

born Nov. 19, 1992 in Jamestown, N.Y…the daughter of Steven and Jill Tieche…has 10 years’ riding experience and prefers Reining… National Reining Horse Association Limited Non-Pro World Champion for her age division in 2008, and also the NRHA Youth 14-18 Reserve World Champion…most recently, her honors included 14-18 Youth Southeast Affiliate finals championship; American Ranch Horse Association Championship at Youth 1418; National Reining Breeders Classic circuit champion in Youth; NRBC 3rd place in Limited Non-Pro division; and a Reserve Championship in All-American Quarter Horse Congress… chose UGA because it’s where she felt most comfortable…also considered attending South Carolina and Auburn…works with trainer Charlie Smith…includes all UGA teams among her personal favorites.

Erica Webb Western 5-7 • Freshman Rome, Ga. Woodland HS

born August 11, 1993 in Richmond, Va… the daughter of Irvin and Kathleen Webb… brings 12 years of experience to the UGA equestrian team…prefers the Hunt Seat discipline…majoring in biochemical and molecular biology…considers the successful retraining of her off-the-track thoroughbreds as the highlight of her career thus far... personal favorites include cross country, the Atlanta Braves, Chex Mix, Green Day, Kenny Chesney, Kesha, Three Days Grace, Harry Potter, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Johnny Depp and camping .






9-year-old gelding Horsemanship Donor: Brandy Halladay


12-year-old gelding Horsemanship Donor: Cheryl Gray


20-year-old mare Horsemanship Owner: UGA Athletic Association


10-year-old mare Reiner Donors: John & Katarina Dorminy


12-year-old gelding Hunter Donor: Dr. Dawne Lazar



7-year-old gelding Horsemanship Donor: Rick Beasley

11-year-old gelding Reining Donor: James & Wendy Rice



13-year-old mare Horsemanship Donor: Meneely Show Horses, Ltd.

9-year-old mare Reiner Lender: Meghan Boenig


12-year-old gelding Hunter Donor: Kessler Family


10-year-old gelding Horsemanship Donor: Cecilia Hylton


10-year-old gelding Hunter Donors: Gary Harber & Anneliese Vogt-Harber




18-year-old gelding Reiner Donor: Wayne Norris


7-year-old mare Hunter Donor: Susie Scally


13-year-old gelding Horsemanship Donor: Amanda Jones



13-year-old gelding Hunter Donor: Pam Farrell

10-year-old gelding Horsemanship Donor: Ken Kennedy


Moulin Rouge

12-year-old mare Hunter Donor: Beth Cohen


13-year-old gelding Hunter Donors: Jana & Michael Coyle

16-year-old mare Hunter Donors: The Ritter Family


15-year-old gelding Hunter Donor: Steve Doerter


6-year-old mare Reiner Donor: Calvin Burger


16-year-old mare Horsemanship Donor: Billie Underwood


10-year-old gelding Horsemanship Donor: Marisol Lambert

2003 • 2004 • 2008 • 2009 • 2010 VARSITY EQUESTRIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONS



12-year-old gelding Hunter Donors: Michael & Charlotte Knowles


8-year-old gelding Hunter Donors: Berger Family


12-year-old gelding Hunter Donor: Mona Maerz



9-year-old mare Reiner Donor: Calvin Burger


17-year-old gelding Reining Donor: Kari Craft


16-year-old gelding Reiner Owner: UGA Athletic Association




Bulldogs Ozzie

10year-old gelding Hunter Donors: Polly & Peter Hemingway


12-year-old gelding Hunter Donor: Thatcher Family


13-year-old mare Hunter Donors: The Kessler Family


14year-old gelding Reiner Donors: John & Katarina Dorminy



7-year-old gelding Reiner Donor: Jewett Tucker


11-year-old gelding Hunter Donors: Rita Norton


10-year-old gelding Hunter Donor: Jayne Telyas


11-year-old gelding Hunter Donors: The Alexander Family


11-year-old gelding Hunter Donor: Carolyn Donohue


9-year-old mare Horsemanship Donor: Brenda Trammell


7-year-old mare Horsemanship Donor: Mario and Melissa Spinella of Morningstar Farms


13-year-old gelding Hunter Donors: Polly and Peter Hemingway


13-year-old gelding Horsemanship Donors: Michael & Tammy Freilich


9-year-old mare Western Donor: Kathy Frasier-Norton


10-year-old mare Hunter Donor: Jorja Miller

The Georgia Equestrian program would like to thank all of its donors that provide us with the exceptional horses that we use in training and competition.

13-year-old gelding Reiner Owner: UGA Athletic Association



7-year-old gelding Horsemanship Donor: Brenda Trammell



-year-old gelding Hunter Donors: The Donohues


11-year-old gelding Hunter Donor: Jill Shulman


9-year-old gelding Hunter Donors: The Jayne Family


14-year-old gelding Hunter Donors: Shari and Michael Staines


14-year-old mare Hunter Donor: Michael Crotty


14-year-old gelding Hunter Donor: Antonella Lemos


10-year-old gelding Hunter Donor: UGA Vet School


12-year-old gelding Reiner Donor: Sam Burgers


Bulldogs Bulldogs Finish Second at VENC’s

squared off against the Tigers for third place in the race for the Western crown. The Georgia Hunt Seaters advanced to the championship round by defeating Baylor 5-3 in the semifinal round. Michelle Morris continued her flawless performance thus far, taking points in both events, including a 71-point winning margin in her ride in Equitation over Fences. Also posting double victories was freshman Abby O’Mara. Kacy Jenkins claimed the Bulldogs’ other point in Hunt Seat by taking her Fences ride in convincing fashion, 157-138.

Georgia’s Western squad was defeated by top-seeded Texas A&M in its semifinal match. The team went on to a third-place finish, defeating Auburn.

Georgia and Auburn Meet for Southern Equestrian Title

Georgia finished second at the Southern Equestrian Championship after dropping an 11-9 decision to Auburn. The Bulldogs got to the championship round by rallying to defeat South Carolina 11-8 in the first round of the event.


Georgia once again made a decisive push to another national championship in Equestrian. This time, however, the Bulldogs faced perhaps their toughest challenge yet in a face all too familiar. They took on SEC foe Auburn for the Hunt Seat championship, and

Michelle Morris


SEC Showdown for National Title


Georgia finished the 2010-11 campaign just two points shy of a sixth national championship. Auburn earned a 6-2 victory in the Hunt Seat final to edge the Bulldogs 5149 for the overall crown. Earlier in the day, Georgia defeated Auburn in the duel for third place in the Western discipline. The Bulldogs were tied 2-2 after one Western event, but they tallied two points in Horsemanship to Auburn’s one point. “We are all very proud to be Bulldogs,” Georgia coach Meghan Boenig said. “This team has worked as one all season and today was no exception. Everyone was a contributor all the way through. Today we fought hard against a great rival for every point. For our Western team, it was a great way to end our journey for the season.”

2010-11 Results

English Equitation On the Flat

Alecia Zimbelman 0

Georgia 11, SMU 1 (HS only) Sept. 26 -- Bishop, Ga. English Equitation Over Fences

UGA 6 Caitlyn Francis 65 Melanie Carraway 69 Carly Anthony* 83 Grace Rogers 70

SMU 0 Julianna Fischer 47 Rachel Cline 56 Danielle Gersh 64 Taylor McClung 66

English Equitation On the Flat UGA 3 USC 2 Katie Hagerty 84 Colvin Hedgepeth 90 Michelle Morris 92 Kimberly McCormack 85 Carly Anthony* 97 Carolyn Curcio 80 Grace Rogers 85 Victoria Middleton 78 Abby O’Mara 0 Tilden Brighton 87 Western Horsemanship UGA 4 USC 1 Anna Sasser 75 Hailey Thornton 70 Laura Upton 75 Maggie Fortune 76 Dana Wilson* 77 Johnna Letchworth 75 Maria Salazar 77 Taylor Singmaster 73 Michelle Fulcher 76 Kelsey Stangebye 75 English Equitation Over Fences UGA 5 USC 0 Michelle Morris* 92 Carolyn Curcio 85 Isabel Jolicoeur 87 Morgan Hale 82 Kacy Jenkins 88 Kimberly McCormick 86 Carly Anthony 90 Alew Arute 87 Abby O’Mara 89 Paige Dekko 81 Western Reining UGA 3 USC 1 McKenzie Lantz* 75.5 Jordan Brown 71 Morgan Collins 73.5 A.L. McDonald 72.5 Jackie Hoyt 75 Chole Gray 73.5 Diandra St. Hilaire 74 Melia Blakely 74 Becca Haaland 71.5 Audrey Jewell 72.5

Auburn 13, Georgia 6 Nov. 12 -- Auburn, Ala.

English Equitation On the Flat UGA 1 AU 4 Katie Hagerty 60 Lindsay Portela 74 Grace Rogers 71 Grace Socha 65 Michelle Morris 71 Christina Lin* 81 Olivia Dorey 59 Ali Loprete 72 Carly Anthony 77 Maggie McAlary 79.5

Georgia 11, N.M. State 5 Nov. 19 - Las Cruces, N.M.

English Equitation On the Flat UGA 4 NMSU 0 Grace Rogers 74 Chelsae Keyes 67 Michelle Morris 74 Samantha Stephens 72 Kacy Jenkins 78 Laura Bostwick* 77 Carly Anthony 76 Erica Daniels 0 Western Horsemanship UGA 1 NMSU 3 Dana Wilson 67.5 Pamela Evans 70.5 Katelyn Van Allen 70 Kyra Cruse 73.5 Michelle Fulcher 72 Megan Gould* 74.5 Maria Salazar 74 Chelsea Campbell 71

2003 • 2004 • 2008 • 2009 • 2010 VARSITY EQUESTRIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONS


McKenzie Lantz 63.5

Georgia 15, South Carolina 4 Oct. 23 -- Bishop, Ga.

English Equitation Over Fences UGA 2 BU 3 Grace Rogers 71 Kara Fergusson 84 Michelle Morris 70 Lisa Goldman 86 Carly Anthony 81 Taylor Brown 87 Kacy Jenkins 82 Ashley Ann McGehee 75 Isabel Jolicoeur 83 Kendra Vicary 78 Western Horsemanship UGA 2 BU 2 Maria Salazar 71.5 Amber Mooney 68.5 Anna Sasser* 75.5 Bryn Lindley 73 Michelle Fulcher 74 Meghan Murphy 75.5 Dana Wilson 72 Ashley Garza 75.5 Katelyn Van Allen 73.5 Chelsea Retmier 73.5 English Equitation on the Flat UGA 3 BU 2 Michelle Morris 79 Lisa Goldman 69 Grace Rogers 66 Kara Fergusson* 78 Carly Anthony 96 Kim Woodsum 78 Katie Hagerty 75 Taylor Brown 86 Melanie Carraway 97 Kendra Vicary 88 Western Reining UGA 4 BU 1 Morgan Collins 73.5 Amber Mooney 68 Jackie Hoyt 73 Katie Buss 72.5 Diandra St. Hilaire 70.5 Olivia Rogers 69.5 Hannah Dyer 74.5 Adriana Ribeiro 71 McKenzie Lantz 70.5 Katherine Berg* 72.5

Western Horsemanship UGA 1 AU 3 Anna Sasser 63 Kristin Hansen 70.5 Michelle Fulcher 67.5 Indy Roper 69.5 Katelyn Van Allen 66.5 Bailey Dymond 66.5 Dana Wilson 71 Mary Casey 72.5 Maria Salazar* 74.5 Stephanie Rucci 72 Equitation over Fences UGA 2 AU 3 Olivia Dorey 85 Dottie Grubb 81 Isabel Jolicoeur 75 Anna Schierholz 80 Kacy Jenkins 83 Maggie McAlary* 90 Carly Anthony 83 Grace Socha 86 Michelle Morris 84 Jennifer Waxman 80 Western Reining UGA 2 AU 3 Diandra St. Hilaire* 72.5 Indy Roper 71 Hannah Dyer 71 Jillian Fuller 72 Jackie Hoyt 61 Paige Monfore 67 Becca Haaland 66.5 Kristin Hansen 64.5 McKenzie Lantz 63 Stephanie Rucci 66.5


UGA 4 KSU 1 Michelle Morris 73 Rachel Webster 70 Grace Rogers 75 Stephanie Patterson* 71 Kelsey Berry 67 Jacquelyn Bogstad 76 Carly Anthony 76 Larissa Laffey 75 Abby O’Mara 71 Meredith Finch 67 Western Horsemanship UGA 2 KSU 3 Dana Wilson* 73.5 Whitney Unkefer 68 Ali Eidson 72.5 Chayna DeNicolo 73 Laura Upton 67 Kelly Bovaird 70.5 Maria Salazar 69 Hannah Ribera 73.5 Michelle Fulcher 72 Rachel Wetherell 64.5 English Equitation Over Fences UGA 5 KSU 0 Michelle Morris 84 Catherine Avolese 79 Carly Anthony 80 Shana Barnett 76 Grace Rogers 80 Jennifer Rawle 78 Isabel Jolicoeur 77 Kali Yates 73 Abby O’Mara* 85 Sarah Mershon 74 Western Reining UGA 5 KSU 0 Becca Haaland 71.5 Sam Etsell 68 Jacklyn Hoyt 69.5 Emily Stockford 0 Kelly Truesdell 69.5 Kayla Hatfield 66.5 Diandra St. Hilaire* 71.5 Jordan Cox 67.5

Georgia 11, Baylor 8 Nov. 5 -- Waco, Texas


Georgia 16, Kansas State 4 Sept. 25 - Bishop, Ga.

Katie Hagerty 69 Renick Townsend 64 Michelle Morris 76 Claire Wenholz 65 English Equitation on the Flat UGA 5 SMU 1 Isabel Jolicoeur 79 Ramsay Hanson 78 Kelsey Delaplaine 74 Jordyn Pettersen 75 Abby O’Mara 84 Morgan Raleigh 76 Grace Rogers 81 Lucy Blundon 70 Michelle Morris* 88 Marissa Djemes 79 Carly Anthony 85 Emily Gardner 81




English Equitation over Fences


UGA 3 NMSU 1 Michelle Morris* 81 Chelsae Keyes 40 Carly Anthony 78 Amy Lang 72 Kacy Jenkins 79 Laura Bostwick 77 Olivia Dorey 77 Emily McConnell 82 Western Reining UGA 3 NMU 1 Becca Haaland 70.5 Tara Wilson 69 Jackie Hoyt 69 Jennifer Friend 68 Kelly Truesdell 67 Kate Goodwin 69.5 Diandra St. Hilaire* 73.5 Bre. Bertand 71.5

Georgia 14, Fresno State 2 Nov. 20 - Las Cruces, N.M.

English Equitation Over Fences UGA 3 FSU 1 Kacy Jenkins 79 Chelsie Stone 76 Michelle Morris 79 Hillary West 69 Isabel Jolicoeur 83 Kimberly Budnik 84 Carly Anthony* 85 Holly Elsbernd 78 Western Horsemanship UGA 4 FSU 0 Michelle Fulcher 72 Kelsi Fischer 71 Maria Salazar 72.5 Christa Beezley 72 Katelyn Van Allen 70.5 Allison Warkentin 69.5 Anna Sasser* 75 Sammie Jo Stone 71 English Equitation on the Flat UGA 3 FSU 0 Olivia Dorey 81 Lauren Carr 0 Michelle Morris 79 Kimberly Budnik 76 Grace Rogers 0 Marisa Mohn 61 Carly Anthony 75 Caitlin Marshall 64 Western Reining UGA 4 FSU 0 McKenzie Lantz 69.5 Whitney Kittle 64.5 Kelly Truesdell* 70 Sydney Coletti 0 Becca Haaland 72.5 Sonja Koch 69 Diandra St. Hilaire 74.5 Jillian Tebbe 72

South Carolina 10, Georgia 9 Feb. 5 -- Blythewood, S.C.

Equitation Over Fences UGA 4 USC 1 Abby O’Mara 87 Kimberly McCormack 71 Olivia Dorey 79 Alex Arute 89 Kacy Jenkins 91 Carolyn Curcio 73 Michelle Morris*90 Tilden Brighton 76 Carly Anthony 88 Paige Dekko 74 Western Horsemanship UGA 0 USC 5 Dana Wilson* 76.5 Maggie Fortune 77.5 Anna Sasser 0 Hailey Thornton 74.5 Maria Salazar 76 Johnna Letchworth 77 Ali Eidson 74.5 Katie Kopf 75 Laura Upton 74 Taylor Singmaster 75 Equitation on the Flat UGA 5 USC 0 Abby O’Mara* 89 Carolyn Curcio 81 Michelle Morris 93 Colvin Hedgepeth 74 Grace Rogers 89 Paige Dekko 80 Carly Anthony 84 Emma Johnson 67 Olivia Dorey 76 Kimberly McCormack 74 Western Reining UGA 0 USC 4 Hannah Dyer 69 Melia Blakely 72 Diandra St. Hilaire 66.5 Amanda Pope 73 Becca Haaland 74 Chloe Gray 74 Kelly Truesdell 64 Annie Laurie McDonald 67 Jackie Hoyt 73.5 Audrey Jewell* 75

Georgia 11, Auburn 9 Feb. 12 -- Bishop, Ga.

English Equitation on the Flat UGA 3 AU 2 Abby O’Mara 71 Christina Lin 78 Grace Rogers 85 Lindsay Portela 75 Michelle Morris* 91 Maggie McAlary 88 Carly Anthony 82 Anna Becker 79 Olivia Dorey 79 Grace Socha 84 Western Horsemanship UGA 1 AU 4 Laura Upton 74.5 Mary Casey 74 Anna Sasser 72.5 Kristin Hansen 73 Maria Salazar 69 Bailey Dymond 74.5 Dana Wilson 69 Indy Roper* 74.5 Ali Eidson 67.5 Stephanie Rucci 72 English Equitation over Fences UGA 3 AU 2 Abby O’Mara 84 Jennifer Waxman 40 Olivia Dorey 68 Ali Loprete 76 Kacy Jenkins* 88 Grace Socha 82

Michelle Morris 82 Maggie McAlary 83 Carly Anthony 86 Anna Schierholz 77 Western Reining UGA 4 AU 1 Becca Haaland* 72.5 Jillian Fuller 72 Hannah Dyer 73 Paige Monfore 71.5 Diandra St. Hilaire 70.5 Stephanie Rucci 70 McKenzie Lantz 72 Indy Roper 71 Kelly Truesdell 62.5

Kristin Hansen 67

Georgia 15, New Mexico St. 1 Feb. 26 -- Bishop, Ga.

English Equitation on the Flat UGA 4 NMSU 0 Carly Anthony 86 Erica Daniels 0 Olivia Dorey 85 Brianna Raab 84 Melanie Carraway 75 Stephanie Gershon 73 Grace Rogers* 89 Laura Bostwick 76 Western Horsemanship UGA 3 NMSU 1 Maria Salazar 76.5 Pamela Evans 72.5 Katelyn Van Allen* 76.5 Chelsea Campbell 70.5 Anna Sasser 76 Megan Gould 73 Carly Lambros 67 Kyra Cruse 68.5 English Equitation over Fences UGA 4 NMSU 0 Grace Rogers 73 Chelsey Keyes 64 Kacy Jenkins* 89 Laura Bostwick 83 Michelle Morris 85 Emily McConnell 83 Abby O’Mara 90 Amy Lang 82 Western Reining UGA 4 NMSU 0 Becca Haaland* 73.5 Chelsea Campbell 72.5 Diandra St. Hilaire 71.5 Kate Goodwin 68 Hannah Dyer 70 Breanna Bertrand 69 Jackie Hoyt 70.5 Christy Keyes 67.5

Georgia 14, UT-Martin 0 Feb. 27 -- Bishop, Ga. English Equitation on the Flat

UGA 4 UTM 0 Carly Anthony 92 Katie Miranda 69 Michelle Morris* 92 Kelsy Abell 77 Grace Rogers 91 Caroline Cramer 84 Abby O’Mara 82 Kara Bergenty 76 Western Horsemanship UGA 3 UTM 0 Maria Salazar 74 Hannah Derks 73 Michelle Fulcher 74 Candice Fulcher 74 Katelyn Van Allen* 75.5 Steph. Sanders 74 Anna Sasser 73 Michelle Chullock 69.5 English Equitation over Fences UGA 4 UTM 0 Carly Anthony 91 Kara Bergenty 73 Olivia Dorey 93 Brittany Kasprack 63 Abby O’Mara 90 Tori Efird 80 Kacy Jenkins* 95 Caroline Cramer 72 Western Reining UGA 3 UTM 0 Hannah Dyer* 74 Hannah Derks 73.5 McKenzie Lantz 70.5 Candice Fulcher 70.5 Diandra St. Hilaire 72.5 Michelle Chullock 0 Becca Haaland 71.5 Steph. Sanders 69

Georgia 10, Delaware State 6 March 5 -- Dover, Del.

English Equitation On the Flat UGA 2 DSU 2 Michelle Morris 80 Frayser Tuttle 74 Grace Rogers 61 Ashley Butler 84 Abby O’Mara 72 Kayla Blair 79 Carly Anthony* 89 Caroline Foltz 83 Western Horsemanship UGA 2 DSU 2 Michelle Fulcher 69.5 Shelby Bonneville 72.5 Katelyn Van Allen 69 Brittni Collins 70.5 Anna Sasser* 73 Brittany Good 72.5 Maria Salazar 73 Jennifer Pierson 71.5 English Equitation over Fences UGA 3 DSU 1 Kacy Jenkins 84 Kayla Blair* 85 Carly Anthony 84 Caroline Foltz 75 Michelle Morris 78 Ashley Butler 72 Abby O’Mara 80 Amanda Hotz 76 Western Reining UGA 3 DSU 1 Hannah Dyer 73.5 Shelby Bonneville 63 McKenzie Lantz 70 Amanda Hotz 68 Becca Haaland 57.5 MacKenzie Trueba 61.5 Diandra St. Hilaire* 73 Brittni Collins 71

Georgia 17, TCU 2 March 12 -- Ft. Worth, Texas

English Equitation On the Flat UGA 4 TCU 1 Michelle Morris 74 Milana Trimnio 73 Carly Anthony* 83 Jessica Hagen 74 Grace Rogers 71 Tassie Munroe 64 Olivia Dorey 80 Haley Jacobi 72 Abby O’Mara 74 Callie Selchau 84 Western Horsemanship UGA 3 TCU 1 Michelle Fulcher 73.5 Courtney Chown* 74.5 Maria Salazar 72 Ashley Aikman 71.5 Katelyn Van Allen 68.5 Alexie Estrada 68.5 Dana Wilson 74 Lyndsi Hardman 70 Anna Sasser 73.5 Kelsey Huffman 71.5 English Equitation over Fences UGA 5 TCU 0 Olivia Dorey 78 Victoria Lee 76 Michelle Morris 87 Jennifer Whitt 86 Kacy Jenkins 88 Courtney Motz 80 Abby O’Mara 85 Callie Selchau 82 Carly Anthony* 89 Taylor Frederick 82 Western Reining UGA 5 TCU 0 Diandra St. Hilaire 67 Kelsey Huffman 63.5 Jackie Hoyt 69.5 Devin Spencer* 69 McKenzie Lantz 70 Kolby Simonson 69 Hannah Dyer 68 Carrie Schimpff 66.5 Becca Haaland 70 Kelly Morris 68

Georgia 11, South Carolina 8 March 25 -- Blythewood, S.C.

English Equitation On the Flat UGA 2 USC 3 Abby O’Mara 128 Carolyn Curcio 134 Olivia Dorey 142 Kimmy McCormack* 159 Carly Anthony 155 Victoria Middleton 148 Grace Rogers 153 Colvin Hedgepeth 147 Michelle Morris 142 Kelsey Hart 154 Western Horsemanship UGA 2 USC 3 Maria Salazar 146.5 Johnna Letchworth 147 Katelyn Van Allen 146 Katie Kopf 141 Michelle Fulcher 146 Hailey Thornton 147 Dana Wilson* 151.5 Kelsey Stangebye 149 Anna Sasser 148 Maggie Fortune 149 English Equitation over Fences UGA 2 USC 2 Kacy Jenkins 118 Kimmy McCormack 165 Olivia Dorey 157 Alex Arute 155 Abby O’Mara 151 Kelsey Hart 151 Michelle Morris 128 Carolyn Curcio 133 Carly Anthony* 167 Paige Dekko 138 Western Reining UGA 5 USC 0 McKenzie Lantz 144.5 Annie McDonald 127 Dee St. Hilaire* 145.5 Audrey Jewell 138.5 Jackie Hoyt 144 Amanda Pope 139 Becca Haaland 144 Melia Blakely 129 Hannah Dyer 146.5 Chloe Gray 142

Auburn 11, Georgia 9 March 26 -- Blythewood, S.C.

English Equitation On the Flat UGA 1 AU 4 Carly Anthony 149 Grace Socha 152 Michelle Morris 148 Maggie McAlary* 157 Olivia Dorey 137 Lindsay Portela 145 Grace Rogers 157 Christina Lin 140 Abby O’Mara 153 Anna Becker 157 Western Horsemanship UGA 3 AU 2 Dana Wilson 146 Mary Casey 148 Katelyn Van Allen 0 Kristin Hansen 139 Anna Sasser 149.5 Stephanie Rucci 145 Maria Salazar* 152 Indy Roper 150.5 Michelle Fulcher 148.5 Bailey Dymond 145 English Equitation over Fences UGA 3 AU 2 Olivia Dorey 156 Grace Socha 166 Carly Anthony 165 Maggie McAlary* 179 Abby O’Mara 132 Dottie Grubb 131 Michelle Morris 141 Anna Schierholz 121 Kacy Jenkins 146 Jennifer Waxman 118 Western Reining UGA 2 AU 3 Jackie Hoyt 129 Jilian Fuller 136.5 Becca Haaland 145.5 Kristin Hansen 148.5 McKenzie Lantz* 146 Paige Monfore 144.5 Hannah Dyer 138.5 Indy Roper 148 Diandra St. Hilaire 150.5 Stephanie Rucci 142


Varsity Equestrian National Championships April 14-16 — Waco, Texas Overall Finish: 2nd (49 points) Hunt Seat Finish: 2nd Western Finish: 3rd Hunt Seat Results April 14: Georgia 7, UT-Martin 1

English Equitation On the Flat UGA 3 UTM 1 Carly Anthony 160 Katherine Gay 121 Abby O’Mara 111 Caroline Cramer 128 Michelle Morris 173 Kelsy Abell 144 Grace Rogers 153 Kara Bergenty 109 English Equitation Over Fences UGA 4 UTM 0 Abby O’Mara 158 Tori Efird 126 Carly Anthony 165 Caroline Cramer 156 Kacy Jenkins 168 Kara Bergenty 156 Michelle Morris 160 Brittany Kasprack 157

April 15: Georgia 5, Baylor 3

English Equitation On the Flat UGA 2 BU 2 Abby O’Mara 156 Kim Woodsum 146 Carly Anthony 132 Taylor Brown 145 Michelle Morris 158 Kendra Vicary 152 Grace Rogers 0 Lisa Goldman 160 English Equitation Over Fences UGA 3 BU 1 Kacy Jenkins 157 Ashley McGehee 138 Abby O’Mara 159 Kara Fergusson 0 Carly Anthony 159 Lisa Goldman 163 Michelle Morris 161 Taylor Brown 90

April 16: Auburn 6, Georgia 2

English Equitation On the Flat UGA 1 AU 3 Carly Anthony 163 Lindsay Portela 173 Grace Rogers 156 Maggie McAlary 175 Michelle Morris 166 Grace Socha 160 Abby O’Mara 163 Christina Lin 165 English Equitation Over Fences UGA 1 AU 3 Carly Anthony 162 Grace Socha 165 Kacy Jenkins 0 Maggie McAlary 157 Abby O’Mara 165 Dottie Grubb 164 Michelle Morris 110 Anna Schierholz 161

Western Results April 14: Georgia 5, South Carolina 3

Reining UGA 2 USC 2 Becca Haaland 141 Melia Blakely 140 Diandra St. Hilaire 140 Chloe Gray 140.5 McKenzie Lantz 138.5 Audrey Jewell 137 Hannah Dyer 136.5 Amanda Pope 141 Horsemanship UGA 3 USC 1 Dana Wilson 140.5 Johnna Letchworth 146 Katelyn Van Allen 146 Katie Kopf 143.5 Maria Salazar 150.5 Maggie Fortune 136.5 Anna Sasser 150.5 Hailey Thornton 149

April 15: Texas A&M 6, Georgia 1

Reining UGA 0 TAMU 3 Diandra St. Hilaire 139 Becca Murray 139 Becca Haaland 141.5 Randi Standley 142 McKenzie Lantz 142.5 Courtney Dawe 145 Hannah Dyer 125 Abigail Grabein 132.5 Horsemanship UGA 1 TAMU 3 Katelyn Van Allen 150.5 Am. Brightwell 152.5 Dana Wilson 147.5 Carey Nowacek 151 Anna Sasser 148 Katie Lisabeth 154.5 Mara Salazar 153 Randi Standley 152

April 16: Georgia 4, Auburn 3

Reining UGA 2 AU 2 Becca Haaland 146.5 Indy Roper 137 McKenzie Lantz 147 Jillian Fuller 143 Diandra St. Hilaire 144 Kristin Hansen 148 Hannah Dyer 141.5 Paige Monfore 144.5 Horsemanship UGA 2 AU 1 Maria Salazar 153.5 Stephanie Rucci 145.5 Katelyn Van Allen 150.5 Kristin Hansen 145.5 Dana Wilson 145 Indy Roper 148 Anna Sasser 147.5 Bailey Dymond 147.5


Bulldogs 2002-03 Results

2004-05 Results Results W, 1950-1837 W, 1166-1097 W, 1098-1028 W, 2-0 W, 1228-1100 W, 1168-937 W, 1206-1190 W, 1275-1266 W, 1202-1164 W, 1218-1084 W, 901-802 1st 2nd

2005-06 Results Location Results Athens, Ga. W, 1217.5-1182.5 Athens, Ga. 1st Blythewood, S.C. W, 1202-1184.75 Rome, Ga. W, 2236.5-2229.5 Athens, Ga. W, 1229-1219.5 Coll. Station, Texas 3rd Fresno, Calif. W, 2064-1924 Athens, Ga. W, 1246-1231 Auburn, Ala. W, 1228-1167 Athens, Ga. 1st Albuquerque, N.M. 4th

2006-07 Results Location Athens, Ga. Athens, Ga. Las Cruces, N.M. Auburn, Ala. Athens, Ga. Waco, Texas Athens, Ga. Blythewood, S.C. Manhattan, Kan. Athens, Ga. Auburn, Ala. Waco, Texas

Results 1st W, 9-6 W, 16-11 W, 12-7 W, 25-5 W, 9-7 W, 14-6 L, 4-15 L, 8-11 W, 10-4 W, 12-6 3rd overall

Bulldogs Record Another Successful Season in 2007 The 2006-07 team enjoyed a strong regular season finishing with a 9-2 record including an unblemished mark of 6-0 at home where it remains undefeated over the past five years. Georgia swept the 2006 Varsity Equestrian National Champion Auburn Tigers and picked up a win against the would-be 2007 Champion South Carolina Gamecocks. The Bulldogs closed out their fourth consecutive undefeated fall season with the win against Berry College on Nov 19. In addition, Georgia boasts an unblemished record of 23-0 in home meets since riding under the NCAA format during the 2003-04 year.

Bulldog Riders Return to Winner’s Circle in 2008 Georgia won its third national Equestrian team title in just six years of existence when the Bulldogs took first place in the overall standings at the 2008 Varsity National Championships in Waco, Texas. The Bulldog riders claimed their first national crown since 2004 without finishing first in either riding discipline. Georgia’s Western squad narrowly missed a victory when it dropped a tie-breaker to Texas Christian on Saturday. The two teams had ridden to a 4-4 draw before the Horned Frogs outpointed Georgia in the sum of raw scores, 1027-1026. Still, Georgia’s strong finish in both disciplines allowed the Bulldogs to claim a team title with surprising ease. Their total of 49 points surpassed runner-up Texas A&M, which totaled 38, and third-place Auburn’s 36 points. A new feature of the VENC meet were the competitions for individual titles in the four riding events. Georgia sophomore Sarah Locker claimed the title in Western Reining. Teammates Haylie Jayne in Hunt Seat Equitation on the Flat and Laura Upton in Western Horsemanship won Reserve status as runners-up in their competitions.

Banner 2009 Season Ends with Another Title

With a resounding win in the Hunt Seat discipline and a fourth-place finish in Western, Georgia concluded the 2008-09 season by taking home its second straight overall title at the Varsity EQ National Championships in Waco, Texas. The Bulldogs totaled 51 points in the standings, nine better than runner-up Texas A&M. Both Haylie Jayne and Kelley Cowperthwait were stalwarts in Georgia’s advance to the Hunt Seat championship. They led the Bulldogs to a 7-1 victory over Auburn, each with a winning ride in Equitation over Fences and Jayne also pointing in the Flat competition. Just over 12 hours before, however, the Bulldogs needed clutch points from Emma Lipman and Kacy Jenkins in Fences to stave off elimination by South Carolina in the semifinals. For the second straight year, Georgia brought home one of the four individual national championships that were introduced to the sport in 2008. This year, junior Haylie Jayne won the Equitation over Fences crown in a match with her teammate and good friend, Kelley Cowperthwait.

2003 • 2004 • 2008 • 2009 • 2010 VARSITY EQUESTRIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONS


Bulldogs Take Third Straight Title in 2010

Collegiate equestrian on the varsity level has only been around for eight years. During that span, Georgia has taken its rule over this young sport to a dynastic level. The 2010 Bulldog squad needed two kinds of tie-breakers to settle the issue, but they prevailed over Texas A&M to capture the overall crown at the Varsity National Championships in Waco, Texas on April 17. When both Hunt Seat and Western team competitions had played out, both Georgia and Texas A&M had won titles, Georgia the former and A&M the latter. That put them in a first-place tie in the overall standings with 51 points, necessitating the first rideoff in the history of this event.


Date Opponent 09.23-24 Kansas State, Baylor 10.06 South Carolina 10.21 at New Mexico State 11.10 at Auburn 11.19 Berry 02.10 at Baylor 02.17 Auburn 03.03 at South Carolina 03.11 at Kansas State 03.24 SMU 04.06-07 Southern EQ Champ. 04.18-20 Varsity EQ Nationals

Bulldogs Nearly Perfect Again In ‘06 eorgia had yet another memorable season, finishing with just one loss in the regular season. The Bulldogs galloped their way through G the fall schedule with wins over Kentucky, South Carolina, Berry and Auburn. In addition, the English squad placed first at the Big Eight Tournament held on October 7 and 8 in Athens. Georgia’s lone loss came in College Station, Texas where the western riders finished third at the Big Eight Western Tournament. The Bulldogs wrapped up the regular season with a win at home versus South Carolina and road victories at Fresno State and Auburn. The Bulldogs claimed their third straight Southern Championships before finishing fourth at the Varsity National Equestrian meet.


Date Opponent 09.24 Kentucky 10.07-08 Big 8 English Tourn. 10.21 at South Carolina 11.05 at Berry College 11.11 Auburn 01.27-28 at Big 8 Western Tourn. 02.11 at Fresno State 02.25 South Carolina 02.04 at Auburn 04.08-09 Southern EQ Champ. 04.20-22 Varsity EQ Nationals

Bulldogs Gallop to Undefeated Regular Season After defeating Fresno State on March 12, 2005, the Bulldogs completed their first undefeated season in the their history, going 11-0 overall and 4-0 in the conference. Georgia faced South Carolina in the Southern EQ Championships where the Bulldogs knocked off the rival Gamecocks 987-971.625. The Bulldogs first loss of the season came in the Varsity EQ National Championships where they fell to South Carolina 60-51. After only scoring 16 points on day one, Georgia found itself in sixth place. The Bulldogs would later bounce back with three first place finishes.


Date Opponent Location 09.18 Berry College (scrim.) Athens, Ga. 09.24 South Carolina Athens, Ga. 09.25 South Carolina (scrim.) Athens, Ga. 10.15 Alumni HC Chall. Athens, Ga. 11.05 Auburn (scrim.) Athens, Ga. 11.13 Ohio State Athens, Ga. 02.05 at South Carolina Blythewood, S.C. 02.12 Auburn Auburn, Ala. 02.26 at Texas A&M Coll. Station, Texas 03.05 Kansas State Athens, Ga. 03.12 at Fresno State Fresno, Calif. 04.09 Southern EQChamp. Blythewood, S.C. 04.14-15 Varsity EQ Nationals Sante Fe, N.M.

Georgia Wins Second Straight Varsity Equestrian Championship in 2004 The Georgia equestrian team capped its second year of competition in grand style successfully defending its overall title at the sport’s national championship meet. Coach Meghan Boenig’s team trailed SEC rival Auburn by 14 points after the first day of riding. The Bulldogs, however, took control of the meet on the final day winning four of the seven flights and placing second in two others. Auburn finished second with 49 points behind Georgia’s 60 in the final team standings. Oklahoma State was third at the third annual event which was held this year at the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, Ga. Georgia also took first place in the hunt seat standings easily outpointing Auburn 32-23. The Bulldogs placed second to Oklahoma State in the western standings by a 28-29 count.


2003-04 Results (Competitions Hosted Under NCAA Format) Date Opponent Location Results 09.28 Berry College Athens, Ga. W, 1990-1844 10.03 South Carolina Athens, Ga. W, 1072-1053 10.24 at Clemson (scrim.) Clemson, S.C. W, 1365.5-1310 11.06 Auburn Athens, Ga. W, 1178-1145 01.31 at Berry Coll. (scrim.) Rome, Ga. L, 1978-1983 02.13 at South Carolina Blythewood, S.C. W, 1114.5-1108 02.21 Oklahoma State Athens, Ga. W, 1005.31-984.34 03.05 at Auburn Auburn, Ala. W, 825-805 03.06 at Auburn (scrim.) Auburn, Ala. W, 1171.5-1143.6 03.13 at California Classic Fresno, Calif. 2nd 03.20 Kentucky Athens, Ga. W, 1193.28-942.03 03.27 Southern EQ Champ. Auburn, Ala. 2nd 04.23-24 Varsity EQ Nationals Conyers, Ga. 1st

First Season Closes With a Bang Georgia’s inaugural campaign of Equestrian in 2003 was exciting enough in itself. The final month of the season, however, made it unforgettable. This amazing streak started when the Bulldogs took first place at the Varsity Equestrian National Championships in College Station, Texas, on the weekend of April 18-19. The field of competing teams was comprised of nearly every school in the country which sponsors equestrian as a varsity sport. It continued the very next weekend when Georgia took first place at the Southern Equestrian Championship, a show in Athens that equated to competition for the SEC title. Participating were the three SEC schools that already have Equestrian on the varsity level - Georgia, Auburn and South Carolina - as well as three schools (Florida, Miss. State and Vanderbilt) whose programs hope to reach varsity status.


(Competitions Hosted Under IHSA Rules) Date Opponent Location Results 09.28 at South Carolina Blythewood, S.C. 2nd 11.02-03 at Judson College Marion, Ala. H-2nd,W-1st 11.23 UGA Invitational Athens, Ga. 2nd 02.15 at South Carolina Blythewood, S.C. H-1st,W-4th 03.08-09 at Auburn Auburn, Ala. H-2nd,W-2nd 03.22 IHSA Regionals Auburn, Ala. 04.05-06 IHSA Zones Statesboro, Ga. Three Qualify 04.19 Varsity EQ Nationals Coll. Station, Texas 1st 04.26-27 SEC Invitational (Ex.) Athens, Ga. 1st 05 02-04 IHSA Nationals Murfreesboro, Tenn. Three Indiv.

In June of 2001, Georgia took a bold step forward in the development of its athletics program when Equestrian was added as the 21st varsity intercollegiate sport. In the eight years since, the Bulldogs’ program has become a national leader, both in the performance and in the movement, toward sponsorship by the NCAA.




2007-08 Results


Date Opponent Location Results 09.23 Delaware State Athens, Ga. W, 13-7 Texas Christian Athens, Ga. W, 10-10* 09.29 at Baylor Waco, Texas W, 16-8 10.13 SMU (HS Only) Athens, Ga. W, 12-0 10.20 at Texas A&M College Station, Texas L, 9-11 10.21 at Stephen F. Austin Nacogdoches, Texas W, 12-4 11.03 at South Carolina Blythewood, S.C. L, 7-11 11.11 Auburn Athens, Ga. W, 12-5 02.16 Oklahoma State Athens, Ga. W, 10-8 02.17 Baylor Athens, Ga. W, 13-7 02.23 South Carolina Athens, Ga. W, 14-5 03.07 at Auburn Auburn, Ala. W, 11-7 03.09 at Kansas State Manhattan, Kan. W, 11-7 03.29 at South Carolina% Blythewood, S.C. W, 10-10* 04.16-19 Varsity EQ Nationals Waco, Texas Overall - 1st %Southern EQ Champ.p HS - 3rd, W - 2nd *Won tie-breaker

2008-09 Results Date Opponent Location Results 09.20 Kansas State Athens, Ga. W, 14-6 09.21 Fresno State Athens, Ga. W, 12-8 10.03 at Deleware State Dover, Del. W, 13-3 10.18 at Auburn Auburn, Ala. L, 5-12 11.07 SMU (HS Only) Athens, Ga. W, 8-4 11.08 South Carolina Athens, Ga. W, 13-7 11.21 at Baylor Waco, Texas W, 16-4 11.22 at Texas Christian Ft. Worth, Texas L, 9-10 11.23 at SMU(HS Only) Dallas, Texas L, 5-7 02.07 at Fresno State Fresno, Calif. W, 9-7 vs. New Mexico State Fresno, Calif. W, 9-5 02.21 at South Carolina Blythewood, S.C. L, 8-12 02.28 Auburn Bishop, Ga. W, 12-7 03.27 Tennessee-Martin Bishop, Ga. W, 16-3 04.03 South Carolina% Bishop, Ga. W, 15-5 04.04 Auburn% Bishop, Ga. W, 15-5 04.16-18 Varsity EQ Nationals Waco, Texas Overall - 1st %Southern EQ Champ. HS - 1st, W - 4th

2009-10 Results Date Opponent Location Results 09.19 Texas Christian Bishop, Ga. L, 9-11 09.20 SMU (HS Only) Bishop, Ga. W, 9-3 10.02 at Tennessee-Martin Martin, Tenn. W, 10-5 10.17 Texas A&M Bishop, Ga. W, 1364.5-1314.5 10.23 at South Carolina Blythewood, S.C. W, 12-8 11.06 Fresno State Bishop, Ga. W, 14-6 11.13 Auburn Bishop, Ga. W, 12-8 02.13 New Mexico State Bishop, Ga. W, 17-3 02.27 South Carolina Bishop, Ga. W, 13-6 02.28 Baylor Bishop, Ga. W, 13-6 03.06 at Auburn Auburn, Ala. L, 6-12 03.07 at Kansas State Manhattan, Kan. W, 14-6 03.19 at Delaware State Dover, Del. W, 9-5 03.20 at Sacred Heart Fairfield, Conn. W, 16-0 02.27 at Auburn% Auburn, Ala. L, 7-12 04.15-17 Varsity EQ Nationals Waco, Texas Overall - 1st %Southern EQ Champ. HS - 1st, W - 4th

2010-11 Results Date Opponent Location Result 09.25 Kansas State Bishop, Ga. W, 16-4 09.26 SMU (HS Only) Bishop, Ga. W, 11-1 10.23 South Carolina Bishop, Ga. W, 15-4 11.05 at Baylor Waco, Texas W, 11-8 11.12 at Auburn Auburn, Ala. L, 6-13 11.19 at New Mexico State Las Cruces, N.M. W, 11-5 11.20 vs.Fresno State Las Cruces, N.M. W, 14-2 02.05 at South Carolina Blythewood, S.C. L, 9-10 02.12 Auburn Auburn, Ala. W, 11-9 02.26 New Mexico State Bishop, Ga. W, 15-1 02.27 Tennessee-Martin Bishop, Ga. W, 14-0 03.05 at Delaware State Dover, Del. W, 10-6 03.12 at Texas Christian Ft. Worth, Texas W, 17-2 03.25 at South Carolina% Blythewood, S.C. W, 11-8 03.26 vs. Auburn% Blythewood, S.C. L, 9-11 04.14-16 Varsity EQ Nationals Waco, Texas Overall - 2nd %Southern EQ Champ. HS - 2nd, W - 3rd

Adams, Meghan 2007-08-09-10 Akins, Kristy 2005-06-07-08 Allsopp, Cordy 2006-07 Andes, Alex 2009-10 Anthony, Carly 2010-11 Ashcraft, Sarah 2006-07-08 Bailey, Jessica 2005-06 Baker, Samantha 2010-11 Barge, Jamie 2006 Beckley, Jaclyn 2011 Berkowitz, Rachel 2004-05-06 Berry, Kelsey 2009-10-11 Blair, Michelle 2005-06-07-08 Blanchard, Krissan 2007-08-09-10 Bobilev, Anastasia 2008-09-10 Bohn, Megan 2004-05-06 Bonau, Kelly 2005-06-07-08 Bradley, Elizabeth 2003-04-05-06 Breedlove, Nikki SQ Brock, Alison 2006-07 Brown, Heather 2006 Brown, Janice 2003, 2005 Brown, Katie 2009-10-11 Buck, Loren 2005-06-07-08 Buis, Dawn 2007-08 Burke, Tracy SQ Campbell, Jessy 2005-06 Carraway, Melanie 2010-11 Chandler, Ashley 2005-06-07-08 Christensen, Shannon 2003, 2005 Clinton, Lea 2003 Collins, Morgan 2011 Cosby, Marion 2007 Cowperthwait, Kell. 2006-07-08-09 Cundiff, Ivey SQ Darby, Megan 2005-06-07 Davidson, Brooke 2006 Daye, Collins 2003-04 DeHaven, Myria 2003-04 Delaplaine, Kelsey 2010-11 Dorey, Olivia 2011 Drury, Melinda 2006-07-09-10 Dunnam, Lauren 2003 Dunsmore, Sarah 2004-05-06-07 Dwyer, Erin 2006-07-08-09 Dyer, Hannah 2008-09-10-11 Ebright, Sabrina 2003 Eidson, Ali 2009-10-11 Ellingson, Kari 2004-05-06 Fairley, Angel 2003 Felker, Allison SQ Fellows, Amber 2007-08 Fiebelman, Julie SQ Finder, Alex 2007-08-09-10 Finn, Lindsay 2003-04 Fiorentino, Logan 2005-06-07 Flournoy, Camille 2003 Foley, Katie 2004-05 Ford, Mendy 2003, 2005 Fowler, Tricia 2004-05-06-07 Francis, Ann 2010 Francis, Caitlyn 2011 Freeman, Jenny 2010 Fronczac, Sara Jane 2003 Fulcher, Michelle 2010-11 Fulp, Mary Marshall 2007-08 Furbish, Emily 2009 Galbraith, Melanie 2010 Gardner, Caroline 2004-05-06-07 Gebhardt, Jennifer 2005-06 Goblisch, Erin 2003-04



Gonterman, Margo 2007-08 Grant, Nichole 2008-09 Gravely, Sarah 2009-10-11 Grebel, Marianne 2008-09-10 Greve, Ashley 2003 Haaland, Becca 2010-11 Hagerty, Katie 2009-10-11 Hanafi, Amanda 2007-08-09-10 Hand, Katie 2007 Harper, Leigh 2004-05-06 Haskins, Hayley 2010-11 Haspel, Allison 2010-11 Haygood, Lauren SQ Hedrick, Monnye 2003 Helmholz, Erin 2007-08-09 Hemingway, Lauren 2005-06-07 Hemingway, Sara 2007-08-09-10 Hernandez, Erin 2003-04 Hermann, Ashley 2003 Herzberg, Catherine 2007-08 Heusner, Leigh 2003 Hichborn, Anna 2004-05-06-07 Hicks, Loren 2003 Howard, Rachel 2010 Howe, Madeleine 2009-10 Hoyt, Jackie 2011 Hughes, Kelley 2003 Hughes, Meagan 2007 Hush, Allie 2005-06-07, 2009 Hutsell, Staci 2003-04-05-06 Immel, Leslie 2005-06-07 Jayne, Haylie 2007-08-09 Jenkins, Kacy 2008-09-10-11 Johnson, Jacqueline 2010 Johnson, Kate 2008-09-10 Johnston, Colleen 2004 Johnston, Kaitlin 2006-07-08 Jolicoeur, Isabel 2011 Jones, Emily 2008 Keane, Kaitlin 2008 Keene, Emily SQ Kennedy, Dana 2005-06-07-08-09 Kirkpatrick, Jordan 2007-08-09 Klebesadel, Amy 2008-09 Kline, Rachel SQ Knowles, Sadie 2004-05 Kolaski, Kristen SQ Korn, Jana 2003-04 Kulwicki, Lauren 2006-07-08-09 Lambros, Carly 2010-11 Lantz, McKenzie 2011 Larson, Shannon 2008 Lewis, Emily 2003-04-05-06 Lewis, Rachel 2003-04 Lieppe, Alex 2008 Linscheid, Alex 2005 Lipman, Emma 2009-10 Locker, Sarah 2007-08-09-10 Love, Lauren 2007-08-09-10 Maloney, Tara 2010 Mattingly, Patty 2003-04-05-06 McCay, LeAnn 2003-04 McDonald, Kelly 2006 McFarland, Heather 2003-04 McGirt, Lauren 2007 McNorrill, Rebecca 2003-04 Meier, Sarah 2004-05-06 Mercer, Kristin 2003 Merritt, Selby 2011 Moore, Lauren 2006-07-08-09 Moore, Tori 2007-08

Morely, Brittany 2005 Morris, Michelle 2009-10-11 Mundrick, Kelley 2006-07-08-09 Newsome, Elizabeth 2003 Nichol, Leigh 2003-04 Nixon, Amber 2010 O’Mara, Abby 2011 Onweller, Kari 2007 Paisley, Ashton 2008-09-11 Payne, Marilyn 2008 Peacock, Amber 2003 Pennington, Cath. 2005-06-07-08 Pharr, Leah 2007 Pierson, Morgan 2008 Poff, Olivia 2008-09 Pola, Nina 2009-10 Preston, Kara 2006 Ramsey, Phylinda 2003, 2005 Randall, Kristen 2005 Rector, Cherie 2003-04-05-06 Richardson, Megan 2003-04-05-06 Ritter, Kitt 2008 Roberts, Lanier 2008-10 Rogers, Amelia 2009-10-11 Rogers, Grace 2010-11 Salazar, Maria 2010-11 Sanson, Vanessa 2003-04-05-06 Sasser, Anna 2011 Schultz, Jill SQ Sharp, Allie 2010 Shrum, Alicia 2007-08-09-10 Slocumb, Ashley 2003-04-05-06 Slutsky, Alison 2008-10 Smith, Daina 2005 Smith, Stacey 2004 Smith-Sims, Amber 2004-05-06 St. Hilaire, Diandra 2008-09-10-11 Steele, Erika 2003 Stefanski, Lauren 2010 Stewart, Kate 2006-07-08-09 Stier, Lindsey 2005, 2007-08 Strauss, Morgan 2005 Stukas, Sara 2004-05-06 Sullivan, Ali 2010-11 Tenewitz, Caitlin 2007-08-09 Terry, Allison 2004-05-06, 2008 Thatcher, Kelsey 2011 Truesdell, Kelly 2009-10-11 Turnbull, Andrea 2007-08 Upton, Laura 2008-11 Van Allen, Katelyn 2008-09-11 Van de Walde, Emily 2011 Vaughn, Byerly 2003-04-05-06 Vaughan, Tiffany SQ Veldman, Carly 2003-04-05-06 Visser, Molly 2003-04 Voshell, Lauren 2006 Wall, Brittlan 2010 Webb, Leslie 2007-08 Whelan, Daisy 2007-08-09-10 Wilder, Allison 2003-04 Wilson, Dana 2009-10-11 Wilson, Sherry 2003 Winsco, Cristina 2003, 2005-06 Winsco, Kelly 2005-06-07 Wittmeyer, Jessica 2003-04 Yeager, Megan 2010 Yergens, Paige 2004 Zeigler, Amanda 2003



Kiplinger’s magazine ranks UGA 9th on its list of best values among 100 public colleges and universities in America.


The College of Veterinary Medicine at UGA is ranked 12th among the nation’s veterinary schools by U.S. News & World Report.


The Wall Street Journal included Georgia among 16 “Hot Schools” that are drawing increased attention from students and familes because of cost, safety and academic quality.


UGA is tied for 18th in U.S. News & World Report’s 2011 list of the 50 top public universities in America


U.S. News & World Report ranks Georgia’s Terry College of Business 28th among all schools in the nation.





The National Science Foundation ranks UGA’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences 4th in the nation based on total expeditures for reseach and development.


In January of 1785 — two years after the Revolutionary War — the Georgia legislature adopted the charter that created the University of Georgia. In founding the nation’s first state university, the legislature also gave birth to the American system of public higher education. Over the past 220 years, Georgia and its university have grown together as partners in a burgeoning prosperity that has made the University a fast-track contender for educational pre-eminence. With more than 33,400 students, a work force of more than 9,000 and an annual budget of over $1.4 billion, the University of Georgia is Georgia’s largest, oldest and most comprehensive educational institution. Widely recognized for excellence in instruction, research and public service, the University has moved into the ranks of America’s foremost public universities.



Candler Hall





From the hil s of Georgia’s northland beams thy noble brow, And the sons of Georgia rising pledge with scared vow. ‘Neath the pine trees’ stately shadow spread thy riches rare. And thy sons, dear Alma Mater, wil thy treasures share. And thy daughters proudly join thee, take their rightful place, side by side into the future, equal dreams embrace. Through the ages, Alma Mater, Men wil look to thee, thou the fairest of the Southland, Georgia’s Varsity. Alma Mater, thee we’l honor, true and loyal be, ever crowned with praise and glory, Georgia, hail to thee.


UGA Arch

University of Georgia Facts and Figures

Holmes Hunter Academic Building

• The University of Georgia is the oldest state-chartered university in America. • UGA’s College of Veterinary Medicine offrees a doctorate degree, as well as post-doctoral training of interns and residents and is ranked 12th among the nation’s veterinary schools. • The University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication is home of the Peabody Awards, one of the nation’s premier honors in broadcasting, • East Campus Village, a complex of four student residence halls and associated amenities located on East Campus near the Ramsey Student Center, provides housing for 1,200 students. A dining hall is also part of the complex. • UGA students consistently win some of the top scholarships award to American undergraduates. UGA has had six Rhodes Scholars in the last 10 years, and students have also received Goldwater, Truman, Gates-Cambridge, Marshall and Mellon scholarships. • The $43 million Student Learning Center is one of the largest and most technilogically advanced teaching facilities at any American university. The 200,000-square foot building contains 26 computerwired classrooms with a total of 2,240 seats; an electronic library which seats 2,000 and has 500 computer workstationsl and a reading room and numerous student and meeting rooms.


2011-12 University of Georgia Equestrian Team First Row (L-R): Madeline Brown, Katie Brown, Katie Hagerty, Sarah Gravely, Ali Eidson, Kelly Truesdell, Katelyn Van Allen, Michelle Morris, Ali Sullivan, Tara Maloney, Rachel Howard, Kelsey Berry, Alex Andes, Jessica Buchko and Amelia Rogers. Second Row (L-R): Megan Hawkins, Carly Lambros, Michelle Fulcher, Samantha Baker, Maria Salazar, Allison Haspel, Melanie Carraway, Becca Haaland, Carly Anthony, Megan Yeager, Jacqueline Johnson, Jenny Freeman, Grace Rogers, Brittlan Wall, Britain Cecil. Third Row (L-R): Anna Sasser, Faith Fiorenzano, Jaclyn Beckley, Rachel Stallman, Jackie Hoyt, Morgan Collins, Morgan Stamey, Alyssa Thompson, Kate Skoglund, Abby O’Mara, Lauren Shamon, Julia Hemingway and Isabel Jolicoeur. Fourth Row (L-R): Erin Duddy, Erica Webb, Madi Berger, Selby Merritt, Katie Crump, Honey Beth Campbell, Olivia Dorey, Louise Ashley, McKenzie Lantz, Caitlyn Francis, Emily van der Walde, Kelsey Thatcher, Paige Stawicki, Kylee Arbuckle and Morgan Justiss. Fifth Row (L-R): Facility Foreman Eric White, Barn Manager Rachel Garrison, Student-Athlete Competition Asst. Diandra St. Hilaire, Trainer Kellin McKenney, Gillian Chant, Sara Parr, Lauren Tieche, Megan Southam, Samantha Belcher, Hannah Spiegler, Madi Clark, Caroline Blackshear, Asst. Coach Lisa Anderson, Head Coach Meghan Boenig and Asst. Coach Mary Meneely. Not Pictured: Nicki Alexander and Hayley Haskins

2011-12 Georgia Equestrian Schedule Day Date Opponent



Sat. Sept. 16 Sat. Oct. 8 Sat.-Sun Oct. 22-23 Fri. Nov. 4 Fri. Nov. 11 Fri.-Sat. Nov. 18-19 Sat. Feb. 4 Sat. Feb. 18 Fri.-Sat. Feb. 25-26 Fri. Mar. 9 Fri. Mar. 9 Sat. Mar. 10 Fri.-Sat. Mar. 30-31 Thurs.-Sat. Apr. 12-14 All Times Eastern

Bishop, Ga. College Station, Texas Bishop, Ga. Blythewood, S.C. Bishop, Ga. Martin, Tenn. Bishop Ga. Auburn, Ala. Bishop, Ga. Dallas, Texas Hudson Oaks, Texas Stillwater, Okla. Bishop, Ga. Waco, Texas

4:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. All Day 2:00 p.m. TBA 10 a.m./9 a.m. TBA ALL DAY 11:00 a.m. TBA ALL DAY

Red & Black Intrasquad Scrimmage Texas A&M Kansas State, TCU South Carolina Auburn UT-Martin, Delaware State South Carolina Auburn Baylor, Fresno State SMU TCU Oklahoma State Southern EQ Championships Varsity EQ National Championships

2011-12 Georgia Bulldogs Equestrian Media Guide  

2011-12 Georgia Bulldogs Equestrian Media Guide