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Tracy henderson edwards

“My decision to come to UGA set the standard for the rest of my basketball career. I came into Georgia not knowing much about basketball but I just had an all-natural athletic ability. Playing for Coach Landers taught me to understand the game and be able to push myself and play really hard. It wasn’t just playing basketball but being an athlete.”

Brandi Decker hunter

Becky rowsey

“Coach Landers has the incredible gift of balance. He expects so much of the girls on the basketball court, but along with that is this deep caring and concern for each and every one of them. So many people want to measure a program by wins and losses and how far you go in the tournament, but from my perspective, that of a parent, there are so many things that he does for the girls that mean so much more. I know Rebecca will have a friend for life in Coach Landers, and every member of my family feels the same way about him.”

“We worked hard in practice and we were taught by Coach Landers to prepare for greatness. That’s what we did and it obviously paid off with us making it to the Final Four two years in a row. We were very unified, we spent time with each other outside of basketball, and we genuinely loved each other.”

rebecca rowsey

“I loved everything about my time at Georgia. I found my niche with all of my priorities and Georgia has given me an opportunity to fulfill all of my goals.”

Tina Taylor

“Academics were always important to me, but they became even more important after my injuries. When I came to Georgia my focus was to play basketball and get as far as I could with that. The chips fell in a totally different direction. I was blessed to have Coach Landers to support me. He always said that academics were our first priority. I’m pretty much proof that he is sincere.”

sandra Taylor s

“When Tina signed on the dotted line, I would never have dreamed what the University of Georgia could give her. I don’t know about other places. My daughter didn’t go to other places. As a parent, I just can’t imagine any better situation than what the University of Georgia has to offer.”


2009-10 Women's Basketball Media Guide  

Bios, stats, and photos of the Georgia Lady Bulldogs.

2009-10 Women's Basketball Media Guide  

Bios, stats, and photos of the Georgia Lady Bulldogs.