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Georgetown McDonough Undergraduate Program

Georgetown University


Natalia Vasquez (B ’18) H O M E T O W N : Denver, CO M A J O R S : Marketing and International Business W H AT M A D E Y O U C H O O S E G E O R G E T O W N ’ S M C D O N O U G H SCHOOL OF BUSINESS? I chose McDonough because of its diverse and global community. Students from all over the world come to Georgetown and learning from them, as well as from the amazing professors here, has been such an incredible experience.

Georgetown University McDonough School of Business

Founded in 1789 to educate leaders of a new nation, Georgetown is the oldest Catholic and Jesuit university in the United States. Undergraduates at Georgetown receive a liberal arts education steeped in the Jesuit traditions of social justice and cura personalis, or care of the whole person. The university is committed to helping students grow intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally and to prepare the next generation of global citizens to lead and make a difference in the world.

Many Georgetown alumni have become leaders in the fields of business, politics, science, religion, and education. Successful alumni include presidents and heads of state, CEOs of prominent corporations, Supreme Court justices, and more than 100 members of Congress, among other notable scholars and leaders.

A statue of founder John Carroll sits outside Healy Hall, the university’s oldest building.


Established: 1789

Nickname: The Hoyas

Founder: John Carroll

Cheer: Hoya Saxa (What Rocks)

Religious affiliation: Catholic, Jesuit

Mascot: Jack the Bulldog

Motto: Utraque Unum (both into one)

Undergraduate Enrollment: ~ 7,600 students Countries Represented: 41

Colors: Blue and Gray

• •

Geographic Distribution: Central/ Midwest

12% New England




West/ Northwest

11% Southwest




Mid-Atlantic Southeast

Puerto Rico/Guam/ Virgin Islands


Richard Bertrand (B ’16) H O M E T O W N : Stony Point, NY M A J O R S : Finance and Marketing W H AT WA S A T R A N S F O R M AT I O N A L E D U C AT I O N A L EXPERIENCE? During my first semester, I took International Relations. Taking a government course in the heart of the nation’s capital was a defining experience that opened my eyes to the world.

Georgetown McDonough Undergraduate Program

Georgetown stands out as the home to a remarkable community of scholars. Students study some of the most serious issues confronting the world today and are exposed to a myriad of events, speakers, and service opportunities that foster thought about the world beyond our historic campus gates. They become part of a true community with the opportunity to learn and grow in an environment of respect, friendship, and a shared sense of mission.


The McDonough School of Business Founded in 1957, Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business is a worldrenowned institution respected for its academic rigor and international focus. Located at the intersection of business, government, and international relations, the McDonough School of Business develops principled leaders with a global mindset to be in service to business and society. Guided by that purpose, we integrate traditional business coursework with an

Georgetown McDonough Undergraduate Program

understanding of policy and the social realities that shape global markets.


The McDonough School of Business resides in the 179,000-square-foot, LEED® Silver-certified Rafik B. Hariri Building.

Jack Ludtke (B ’17) H O M E T O W N : New Canaan, CT M A J O R : International Business W H AT I S T H E B E S T PA R T A B O U T B E I N G A H O YA ? The best part about being a Hoya is the sense of community on the Hilltop. In my experience, the people who go to this school have a unique bond. Being a Hoya means connecting with a network of fantastic people!

Georgetown University McDonough School of Business


Student Enrollment: 1,350

Average Class Size: 36

• •

Our rigorous academic program is supported by a strong culture that encourages students to collaborate, forge close friendships, and engage in co-curricular opportunities outside of the classroom and beyond the Hilltop.

In addition, we offer 10 faculty-led research centers and initiatives that generate research, advise policy makers, convene industry leaders, and provide real-world learning labs for students, among other activities. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to work with the Center for Financial Markets and Policy, Entrepreneurship Initiative, Steers Center for Global Real Estate, and Women’s Leadership Institute.

SAT Critical Reading (middle 50% range): 650-750

Full-time Faculty: 105

Female: Male Enrollment: 39% Female, 61% Male

SAT Math (middle 50% range): 690-770

ACT Composite (middle 50% range): 30-34

“The Steers Center for Global Real Estate capitalizes on relationships with industry leaders in the private sector to engage undergraduate students in practical, real-world experience and tailors coursework to teach the realities of global capital flows and investment.” —M AT T H E W C Y P H E R , Ph.D., DIRECTOR OF STEERS CENTER FOR GLOBAL REAL ESTATE AND PROFESSOR OF THE PRACTICE

Georgetown McDonough faculty are world-class scholars engaged in pioneering research; professionals who have corporate, nonprofit, and government leadership experience; and entrepreneurs who mentor students in starting businesses. More than 30 percent hold citizenship in countries other than the United States, and nearly 30 percent are women.

The Peer Ambassador and Leadership Program utilizes the experiences, knowledge, and leadership skills of selected upperclass students to help new students transition to Georgetown as undergraduates.

Frank Estevao Maia (B ’17) H O M E T O W N : Arlington, VA M A J O R S : International Business and Finance W H AT M A D E Y O U C H O O S E G E O R G E T O W N ’ S M C D O N O U G H SCHOOL OF BUSINESS? I chose the McDonough School of Business because I whole-heartedly believe in cura personalis — the development of the whole person — and Georgetown was the only school that offered me the opportunity to be surrounded by students who share a passion for caring for those who cannot care for themselves and who are women and men for others.

Georgetown McDonough Undergraduate Program

We offer a premier undergraduate program designed to shape the global business leaders of tomorrow. Students prepare for a career in business while immersed in the diverse atmosphere of research, teaching, and service at Georgetown University.


A Comprehensive Foundation The Georgetown McDonough curriculum combines business and liberal arts courses to provide a strong foundation in critical thinking and reasoning. Students must complete 40 three-credit courses — or 120 semester hours — in liberal arts, the business core,

Georgetown McDonough Undergraduate Program

a chosen major(s), and free electives.


Vlad Kondratiuk (B ’16) H O M E T O W N : Kiev, Ukraine M A J O R S : Finance and International Business W H AT I M PA C T H A S G E O R G E T O W N ’ S M C D O N O U G H S C H O O L O F B U S I N E S S H A D O N Y O U R U N D E R G R A D U AT E E X P E R I E N C E ? I chose to attend Georgetown because of the opportunities the school provides. I was able to intern at Blackstone, one of the best financial institutions in the world. Coming from Ukraine, I am grateful for the relationships I have forged here. The McDonough School of Business is a family, and the friendships I have made along the way have added to my amazing experience.

Georgetown University McDonough School of Business

During the first and second years, the primary academic emphasis is on the liberal arts core. Students complete courses in subjects such as English, philosophy, theology, history, and economics, while beginning business coursework in accounting, business statistics, and business law. In their junior and senior years, students complete a business core in the areas of finance, marketing, management, operations and information management, and strategy before completing coursework in a chosen major. The McDonough School of Business strongly supports students who would like to choose a minor in one of the nearly 50 liberal arts disciplines. This path allows them to explore and merge diverse interests into educational pursuits. Approximately 60 percent of Georgetown McDonough students double major, and 30 percent minor in a liberal arts subject.

▲ StartupHoyas Challenge pitch competition winners

Our undergraduate program prepares all students to pursue careers and advanced education in business administration by providing a comprehensive foundation in core business disciplines. In addition, Georgetown’s global mindset boosts students’ awareness of and familiarity with international enterprise.

• Marketing • Operations and Information

• Accounting • Finance • International Business

Regional Studies • International Political Economy

and Business • Management, Leadership,

and Innovation

Management (OPIM)

Entrepreneurship Fellows Program Entrepreneurs are powerful agents of innovation and social change. The McDonough School of Business offers an array of opportunities for students to take entrepreneurship courses, join an entrepreneurial organization, or connect with local entrepreneurs.

Through a blend of coursework and co-curricular activities, the Entrepreneurship Fellows Program helps students understand their personal entrepreneurial aptitudes. This distinctive program provides several opportunities to learn from entrepreneurial mentors and faculty, to bond with peers and experienced mentors, and to develop the business acumen necessary to pursue an entrepreneurial career in new or existing organizations. Students may apply to the program in their sophomore year. In addition, the Undergraduate Program Office teams up with Hilltop Consultants, a student-run nonprofit consulting group, for an annual nonprofit case competition. The McDonoughHilltop Business Strategy Challenge attracts students from the nation’s top undergraduate business schools.

Lauren Byrne (B ’18) H O M E T O W N : Basking Ridge, NJ M A J O R S : Finance and Accounting W H AT WA S A T R A N S F O R M AT I O N A L E D U C AT I O N A L EXPERIENCE? One of my favorite classes was Moral Foundations of Market Society. The class made me think critically about different aspects of today’s market society and showed me that there is more to business than numbers.

Georgetown McDonough Undergraduate Program

Building on this shared foundation, we offer the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with seven majors:



Becoming Global Ready At no other time has a global perspective been more important in business education. Through participation in innovative programs such as the Global Business Fellows Program, Global Business Experience course, and study abroad and internship opportunities around

Georgetown McDonough Undergraduate Program

the world, students cultivate the necessary skills to succeed as a global leader.


Students studying in Barcelona visit the Futbol Club Barcelona stadium.

“Georgetown McDonough is the premier destination for global business education. We graduate leaders who are principled, adaptable, technically savvy, collaborative, and able to operate in any international setting. We educate our students to be global ready.” —R I C A R D O E R N S T , Ph.D., PROFESSOR OF OPERATIONS AND DIRECTOR, GLOBAL BUSINESS INITIATIVE

Georgetown University McDonough School of Business

We offer numerous opportunities for study abroad, encompassing partnerships with nearly 70 foreign universities and colleges in 39 countries. As a result, approximately 55 percent of McDonough undergraduates study abroad.

teaching methods in lectures, seminars, and tutorials. Participants also visit leading British firms to experience global business firsthand.

Studying abroad strengthens the ability to think critically, understand global issues, and gain perspective on the United States and its policies. The Undergraduate Program offers four unique Georgetown McDonough summer programs in Barcelona, Spain; Oxford, England; Hong Kong; and Nicaragua.

This four-week program enables McDonough students to study business strategy and intercultural communication in Hong Kong. The program includes a combination of course lectures and seminars, as well as visits to prominent business and cultural sites to gain insight into the important role that Hong Kong plays at the crossroads of global commerce.

In this five-week program, located at ESADE — one of the world’s top business schools — students complete two courses, attend expert lectures and participate in Spanish language and cultural seminars. Course modules are complemented with visits to local businesses that play a vital role in Spain’s economy.

Oxford, England: Comparative Strategic Management This six-week program at Oxford University compares business functions in Great Britain, Western Europe, and the United States. Students live on the campus of historic Trinity College and benefit from Oxford’s traditional

Nicaragua: Global Social Internship Program Rooted in Jesuit traditions, the Global Social Internship Program was created in collaboration with the Fabretto Children’s Foundation, a nonprofit organization that serves underprivileged children in Nicaragua. This five-week internship program offers a transformative platform for students to engage in service learning.

In addition to the coursework, students interact with the policy community through visits to organizations such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Global Business Fellows Program The Global Business Fellows Program is a joint program between the McDonough School of Business and the Walsh School of Foreign Service. The program features three distinct and interrelated elements: • An interdisciplinary curriculum that

integrates business concepts, international affairs, and economics; • The Global Business Experience,

which provides real consulting opportunities with multinational firms; and • Public policy programming, in which

students interact with economic leaders and public policy decisionmakers in Washington, D.C.

Global Business Experience In the semester-long Global Business Experience, students conduct a substantive consulting project for an international business or organization under faculty supervision. The project culminates in a weeklong trip to the client country in the European Union

Christina Graziano (B ’17) H O M E T O W N : Roswell, GA M A J O R : Accounting W H AT M A D E Y O U C H O O S E G E O R G E T O W N ’ S M C D O N O U G H SCHOOL OF BUSINESS? The McDonough School of Business offers a top-notch business education, but it also has a strong emphasis on the liberal arts. I’ve simultaneously been able to develop my technical and analytical skills along with my writing and communication skills. I love that I’m able to major in Accounting and minor in English – it’s a unique combination, and it always comes up in interviews!

Georgetown McDonough Undergraduate Program

Barcelona, Spain: Global Entrepreneurship and International Marketing

Hong Kong: Global Strategic Management

to present recommendations to senior management.


First Year Seminar Program The First Year Seminar (FYS) Program is an exciting way for first-year business students to explore the nature of scholarship, think about the relevance of business in society, and foster intellectual and personal growth while adapting to the rigor of college-level courses. The FYS program offers nine writing-intensive seminars that create a supportive learning and service community. Each seminar is offered as a small class of approximately 20 students and

Georgetown McDonough Undergraduate Program

features a blend of engaging lecture and discourse led by premier faculty.


Gianna Pisano (B ’18) H O M E T O W N : Germantown, MD M A J O R S : Marketing and Operations and Information Management W H AT WA S A T R A N S F O R M AT I O N A L E D U C AT I O N A L EXPERIENCE? In my First Year Seminar, Learning to Think Globally, we discussed why cities were built in certain locations. This combination of geography, history, and business showed me how interconnected your education can be, and how the McDonough School of Business truly is interdisciplinary.

Georgetown University McDonough School of Business

Mentoring Relationship with Faculty Throughout the program, students develop a mentoring relationship with faculty and strengthen critical academic reading and writing skills necessary for college and career success. Though the focus is on business principles and foundational knowledge, the courses foster substantive intellectual links to the liberal arts and sciences.

Distinguished Lecture Series

Case Competition Students participate as teams in a case competition to develop a business strategy that addresses a current

business challenge facing a nonprofit organization in Washington, D.C. Faculty and advanced undergraduate tutors coach each team. The finalists present their strategy recommendations to executives at the client organization. • Case Competition Partners » » D.C. Central Kitchen (2010) » » One Global Economy (2011) » » BPCAN and Georgetown

Neighborhood Initiative (2012) » » Louise-Lisner-Dickson-Hurt

Home (2013) » » Fabretto Foundation (2014) » » Anacostia Business Improvement

District Corporation (2015) These students won the 2014 First Year Seminar case competition with their business strategy for the Fabretto Foundation.

• Sample Seminars

» » Competing in a Flat World » » The Ethics of Entrepreneurship » » Grand Strategy: Conceptual

Foundations in Strategic Thought » » Heroes and Villains: Character

and Leadership in a Global Context » » Ideas, Institutions, and the Evolution of Business Enterprise: The Case of Professional Sports Leagues » » Patterns of Global Commerce » » The Real Estate Game » » Wall Street and Main Street: The Wealth Divide » » Why Forecasts Fail: Predictions for the Global Economy and Environment

First Year Seminar classes are offered on a variety of topics, including:

Rahul Guha (B ’16) H O M E T O W N : East Brunswick, NJ M A J O R S : Finance and Accounting W H AT M A D E Y O U C H O O S E G E O R G E T O W N ’ S M C D O N O U G H SCHOOL OF BUSINESS? I chose McDonough because it offers a four-year business curriculum while still giving me the opportunity to balance my education with studies in liberal arts. The self-motivated, entrepreneurial nature of the students also attracted me.

Georgetown McDonough Undergraduate Program

The Distinguished Lecture Series meets several times during the semester and is open to all seminar participants. Members of the worldclass faculty at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business introduce various fields of study in business and illustrate how scholarly research can inform and settle important questions in international business, public policy, and society. At least one lecture is delivered by the head of the client organization of the program’s case competition.


Georgetown McDonough Undergraduate Program

Diversity and Inclusion


Dalric Fields (B ’18) H O M E T O W N : Monroe, LA M A J O R : Operations and Information Management W H AT M A D E Y O U C H O O S E G E O R G E T O W N ’ S M C D O N O U G H SCHOOL OF BUSINESS? I chose the McDonough School of Business because of the world-renowned faculty. It was important to me not only to get a degree in business, but to also learn about different experiences the professors have had in their lifetime.

SmartStart Program The SmartStart Program is a series of workshops, panels, and events that equip a diverse pool of first- and second-year students with the tools for academic, personal, and professional success. In keeping with the Jesuit ideal of “women and men for others,” participants are mentored by peers who previously have completed the program. SmartStart was launched in partnership with PwC, and students are mentored by Georgetown alumni who work at the company. As a result of their participation in SmartStart, several students have been hired as interns at PwC.

“I am consistently impressed by the students who participate in SmartStart and BUILD. The results of our diversity initiatives are evident: They provide invaluable opportunities for students to successfully develop a well-rounded business acumen that is necessary for thriving in global industry.” —G E O R G E C O M E R , Ph.D., ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, FINANCE

SmartStart Sessions • • • • • • •

Faculty Voices, Academic Choices There’s an App for That Let’s Go Global Personal Brand Management Thinking Outside the Box What Would Leaders Do Coaching Conversations with Faculty and Deans

BUILD ▲ The 2014 BUILD class included more than 30 incoming students. to become leaders for diversity and inclusion within their field of work.

BUILD Program Components • Six academic mini-modules taught

by McDonough faculty • Career treks to companies in the Washington, D.C., area

• Leadership lectures with university

executives and corporate leaders • Peer mentoring • ReBUILD, reunion-like activities

focused on community service, academic advising, and peer networking

Alvin Huang (B ’18) H O M E T O W N : Saratoga, CA M A J O R S : Finance and Operations and Information Management W H AT WA S A T R A N S F O R M AT I O N A L E D U C AT I O N A L EXPERIENCE? Sitting down with one of my liberal arts professors to talk about a paper turned into a discussion about career goals and outlooks on life. Conversations at Georgetown can include the funny everyday things as well as deep and philosophical topics.

Georgetown McDonough Undergraduate Program

BUILD (Business Undergraduates Invested in Leadership Development) is a weeklong pre-orientation program for first-year business students that teaches the importance of effective communication, principled leadership, and integrated business knowledge. The intensive program focuses on academic achievement and relationship building and aims for its graduates


The McDonough Undergraduate Student Experience There are many ways to enrich the Georgetown University experience. From student organizations to case competitions to the Alumni Mentor Program, we encourage our undergraduates to supplement their coursework with co-curricular activities that build

Georgetown McDonough Undergraduate Program

relationships with fellow students, faculty members, and the community.


Michael Poorten (B ’18) H O M E T O W N : Sycamore, IL M A J O R : International Business W H AT I S T H E B E S T PA R T A B O U T B E I N G A H O YA ? Being a Hoya means you can achieve anything you desire! Our strong community and abundant resources allow everyone to chase their dreams with full support from all parts of the campus community — faculty, deans, and students.

Alumni Mentor Program (AMP) The McDonough School of Business Alumni Mentor Program (AMP) links undergraduates with Georgetown alumni in Washington, D.C. Participants engage in group events as well as casual, individual meetings with their mentors. Students network with recent graduates from a vast array of companies and industries and can seek advice about job searching, interview skills, and career choices, as well as academics and extracurricular activities.

Through case competitions, students develop teamwork, problem-solving, and presentation skills. The McDonough School of Business sponsors teams of students at numerous case competitions and leadership conferences. The competitions present challenging cases that require students to apply knowledge from all areas of business to present innovative solutions. Our undergraduate teams have competed in competitions domestically and abroad.

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program (SURF)

Each summer, the McDonough Summer Undergraduate Research Students who participate in Lemonade Day teach D.C. elementary and middle school students how to run a lemonade stand like a business.


Fellowship (SURF) offers grants for students to conduct research with a Georgetown McDonough professor. Grant recipients are awarded funding to complete an original research project on topics as varied and complex as the corporate bond market and understanding why people fail to change their behavior after near-catastrophic non-events. Upon completion of the research project, students present findings at a research symposium.

The Sophomore Service Project The Sophomore Service Project is an Alternative Spring Break option for McDonough sophomores that allows students to apply concepts they learn in the classroom while giving back and enacting principled leadership. This service-learning endeavor provides the opportunity to connect with classmates and the larger Georgetown community.

Organizations More than 40 professional student organizations at the McDonough School of Business offer the chance to network with peers and faculty, take on leadership roles, and prepare for a career in business. Students also can develop leadership skills through student government by participating in the McDonough School of Business Academic Council.

Other Campus Organizations and Activities The university is home to the largest student-owned corporation in the nation, called The Corp, and the largest student-run credit union. Students also are involved in arts organizations, sport clubs, a cable TV station, and a range of publications. In addition, students enjoy participating on 29 varsity athletic teams.

Brenna Muldrow (B ’16) H O M E T O W N : Fayetteville, NC M A J O R S : Management and Marketing W H Y D O Y O U L O V E WA S H I N G T O N , D . C . ? The city itself is one of my favorite parts of being a Georgetown student. There’s always something to do and see. I can visit an island, eat food from around the world, and nurse my comic book obsession all in the same day by hopping on the Metro. I can run into celebrities and politicians standing in the airport or eating in a restaurant. I love that I can have an adventure just by picking a place on a map.

Georgetown McDonough Undergraduate Program

Case Competitions

“The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship is an excellent opportunity for students to work with faculty on substantial research projects. This program benefits the school’s research productivity and benefits students by solidifying knowledge learned in the classroom.”


Life After Georgetown McDonough School of Business Undergraduate Office of Professional Development


In today’s competitive job market, graduates must have an academically strong record, as well as a solid resume developed through on-campus leadership positions, research opportunities, and internship experiences. To accommodate these business needs, the McDonough School of Business created the Undergraduate Office of Professional Development to provide career-related advising and programming specifically for undergraduate business students, in addition to the services offered to all Georgetown students at the Cawley Career Education Center.

Class of 2015

From workshops to one-on-one career counseling and from career treks to networking opportunities with alumni and CEOs, students learn the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge needed to secure internships and job opportunities.

$68,537 POST-GRADUATION ACTIVITY Class of 2015

Programming and Services One-on-One Coaching


These meetings offer the opportunity to review a cover letter or resume, develop a personalized job strategy, conduct a mock interview, or discuss any other careerrelated topic.

Full-time Employment

Bootcamps and Workshops Topics covered at these events include resume and LinkedIn profile development, networking skills, industry-specific career panels, and mock interviews, among others.

Employer Events

Georgetown McDonough Undergraduate Program

Employer events are scheduled during the academic year through both the Undergraduate Office of Professional Development and the Cawley Career Education Center. Employers who have visited Georgetown McDonough include GE Asset Management, Estée Lauder Companies, and IBM.



Graduate School

5% Not Seeking Employment

Career Treks


Through these trips, students visit a company’s headquarters and learn more about jobs available in that particular industry. Treks are open to 10–15 students per trip and take place two to three times per semester.

Class of 2015

Alumni Networking


The Alumni Mentor Program matches current sophomores and juniors with Georgetown McDonough alumni in Washington, D.C.

“Whether students are interested in working on Wall Street, starting their own venture, or engaging in postgraduate service, the McDonough Undergraduate Office of Professional Development can help them access the necessary resources to make that dream a reality.” —R E B E C C A C A S S I D Y, ASSISTANT DEAN AND DIRECTOR, OFFICE OF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

13% 25%

Financial Services

Other Consulting

10% 7% Other Advertising/Marketing Retail/Luxury IT/Technology

2% 5%

Admissions Information Admission to Georgetown University is managed by the Undergraduate Admissions Office in White Gravenor Hall. Students interested in studying business must apply to the university and should indicate their college preference. Please visit the Undergraduate Admissions website for information on the application process and deadlines, alumni interviews, and campus visits: The Undergraduate Program Office also offers information sessions at the McDonough School of Business. To sign up for one of these sessions, please visit Georgetown University Office of Undergraduate Admissions White Gravenor Hall, Room 103 37th and O Streets NW Washington, DC 20057 (202) 687-3600

“Georgetown University has a soul, animated by the Catholic and Jesuit tradition that for hundreds of years has integrated learning, faith, and service. As a university, we strive for academic excellence, promoting the unfettered search for truth and depth of learning. As Catholic, we seek to bridge faith and reason, to foster inter-religious understanding, and to care for the whole person — mind, body, and spirit — in the uniqueness of one’s talent and promise. As Jesuit, we educate for justice, summoning students and faculty to put their learning in the service of others, particularly for the most poor and vulnerable. In the end, we at Georgetown are measured not simply by what our students do but who they become as people — more wise, more courageous, more committed, and more loving.”



Georgetown University McDonough School of Business Undergraduate Program Office Rafik B. Hariri Building, Suite 120 37th and O Streets NW Washington, DC 20057 (202) 687-3851


37th and O Streets NW


Washington, DC 20057

Serving Business and Society with a Global Mindset


Rafik B. Hariri Building, Suite 120

(202) 687-3851 @msbgu Georgetown McDonough School of Business georgetownmcdonough

Undergraduate Program Admissions Viewbook  

Georgetown University McDonough School of Business Undergraduate Program

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