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Athletic Director Kathy Hudson and Trainer Veronica Ampey set up on the field for the day.

GDS Says Farewell to Athletic Director Kathy Hudson

Athletic Director Kathy Hudson is retiring after leading our High School athletics program for 23 years. She has overseen tremendous growth and accomplishment over those two decades: GDS proudly holds the banners from 17 Independent School League (ISL) championships for women’s athletics, 22 Mid-Atlantic Conference (MAC) championships for men’s athletics, and three sportsmanship awards. Each year, more than 500 student athletes participate in the GDS HS athletics program across the three seasons—in a program that is not required. “Most take for granted the sheer number of hours Kathy spends organizing daily practice schedules, game schedules, coordinating transportation and off-campus venues for our student athletes, as well as ordering/replacing uniforms, lining the field, securing referees/umpires, guiding coaches, and serving as the department chair—all this is just the tip of the iceberg,” explained athletic trainer Veronica Ampey, who has worked alongside her for 22 of Kathy’s 23 years. “You won’t find anyone with more passion for GDS athletics than Kathy. She is by far the GDS student athletes’ greatest fan.” “Kathy ‘bleeds GDS green’, said Head of School Russell Shaw. “Kathy’s passion can translate as a strong, fiery will, and underneath that fire is a soft and caring heart. She loves our kids, loves our sports teams, and loves our school.” “Kathy is incredibly kind and incredibly loyal,” said alum Andie Asher ‘15. “She helped me to grow both as a student and an athlete. She taught me how to build community, she

taught me how to believe in my own thoughts and ideas, and she taught me how to be a leader.” Andie worked in community relations for athletics at the University of Wisconsin prior to graduation this spring. During her time at GDS, Kathy also earned a master’s certification in athletic administration from the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA). She maintained leadership roles in the ISL and MAC leagues, including treasurer (MAC–19 years, ISL–six years), MAC tournament director (14 years), and league commissioner (four years, each league). Kathy was named Athletic Director of the Year for the District of Columbia in 2015. She coached golf and lacrosse and was involved in other areas of school life, including serving as a grade dean for the classes of 2011, 2015, 2017, and 2021. “Kathy’s passion for GDS athletics was infectious,” said alum Alanna (Tievsky) McKee ‘03 who was a collegiate athlete and returned to coach Varsity Women’s Lacrosse for several years. “Her love for the school and her students came through in everything she did. She was an incredible role model for me growing up: she puts the needs of others before her own, is never afraid to laugh at herself or apologize if she’s in the wrong, and challenges those around her to reach their full potential. I greatly admired these qualities and have strived to emulate her in the leader I am today.” Alanna is now a senior consultant at McKinley Advisors, a research and strategy consulting firm specializing in mission-driven organizations.



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