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BSA 435 Final Exam Guide

BSA 435 Final Exam Guide 1. Which is not one of the major challenges currently facing HR managers? 2. Human resource management is? 3. When the human resources function creates a unique capability in a firm that creates high value and differentiates the organization from its competition, human resources is a/an ____ for the firm. 4. The collective value of the capabilities, knowledge, skills, life experiences and motivation of an organizational workforce is called 5. Through the ____ function, HR management provides the organization with a sufficient supply of qualified individuals to fill the jobs in the organization. 6. Which of the following activities would NOT fall into the risk management function of HR? 7. Compensation and benefits managers in almost all organizations face a major and growing concern regarding the cost of? 8. Talent management includes which of the following activities? 9. ____ identifies paths and activities for individual employees as they develop within the organization. 10. A large Japanese semiconductor manufacturer is building a manufacturing plant in rural Texas. The Japanese firm has developed a highly-effective system of motivating employees which results in high productivity and high worker satisfaction. As an HR consultant to the Japanese firm, what should your advice be? 11. Which of the following statements is FALSE? 12. In order to add value to the human capital of the organization. 13. In order for any organizational strategy to be successful, the HR function must:

14. Georgiana, the vice president of HR in an Ohio-based firm, is in a meeting with the other top level corporate executives. They are discussing whether it is a good strategy for the firm to open a branch in Amsterdam. In her role as head of HR, Georgiana must: 15. Perspectivo, Inc., is implementing formal strategic planning for the first time. The organizational mission has been clarified, and now the next step in the process will be: 16. __________ is the use of human resource management practices to gain or keep a competitive advantage. 17. Which of the following is NOT a focus of strategic HR? 18. Cliff has about 10 years of HR experience and has recently earned his professional certification. He is searching for a job in an organization that takes a strategic approach to HR. Key phrases that Cliff is looking for in organizational informational materials describing the competencies the hiring organization wants in new HR professionals include all of the following EXCEPT 19. Which of the following is TRUE in forming HR strategy? 20. As an ambitious young HR professional, you want to advance to the top HR executive position in your organization by having the perspective and expertise to contribute to the strategic planning process. You should: 21. A “passive� job seeker is one who? 22. The process of generating a pool of qualified applicants for organizational jobs is called? 23. Clement is the recruiting specialist for an online retailing company in a mid-sized Missouri town. He has used every type of recruiting technique available to him to fill nineteen job openings. After all his efforts have been exhausted, exactly nineteen applicants with the minimum qualifications have been found. In this case 24. ____ are the external supply pool from which organizations attract prospective employees. 25. Which of the following would be the LEAST important topic of training for a recruiter who will be conducting interviews on a university campus? 26. The ____ includes all individuals available for selection, if all possible recruitment strategies are used. 27. Priam Designs, Inc., is recruiting for designers using LinkedIn. The ____________ is the group of designers that is available for selection using this recruiting approach.

28. As director of recruiting for a large bank, Stacy has decided to restrict her recruiting efforts for loan officers to placing advertisements on the web site of the American Banking Association. This will determine the ____ for the job of loan officer. 29. The ____ pool consists of all persons who are actually evaluated for selection. 30. Decisions that affect the applicant population include all of the following EXCEPT 31. Some organizations are using virtual online communities to screen possible hires. All of the following are potential aspects of using avatars and 32. The process of choosing individuals who have needed qualifications to fill jobs in an organization is called 33. Lack of a fit between the person and the job is most likely to result from 34. Mark is unhappy with his new job as a first line supervisor at the call center. He dislikes trying to motivate his subordinates to increase their productivity. He is dreading having to give the upcoming performance appraisals to his subordinates. Mark finds the job boring and watches the clock all afternoon, longing for the end of his shift. He is planning to apply for another job either within the organization or outside the organization. Mark is experiencing 35. ____ involves fitting a person to the right job. 36. More than anything else, placement of human resources should be seen as a/an 37. Measurable or visible indicators of the selection criteria are called 38. Voltra, Inc., is planning to fill a number of openings for entry-level professionals. The selection process is quite extensive and includes several levels of individual interviews, team interviews, and psychological tests, as well as general ability tests. Much of the interview time is spent on the applicant’s philosophy of life and work. Voltra, Inc., is highly concerned with 39. Jill graduated with her MBA during a severe economic recession in the region. The only acceptable job she could find was in a bank officer training program for a major national bank. Jill was one of the top candidates when she was hired by the bank. She has been with the bank for three months and has become disillusioned with it. Jill feels that the individual bank customers are not valued, that the bank refuses loans to small business borrowers who are good risks, and that the bank engages in misleading advertising. Jill is experiencing 40. Mary Ann is the recruiter for a large lighting products company, Aurora Borealis Lighting, Inc. Not only does Aurora Borealis Lighting have retail stores, it also supplies lighting for new residential and commercial facilities. Lighting designers for commercial facilities are scarce. Mary Ann and the company managers have decided to hire an individual who has the ability to learn the field. They estimate it will be two years before the new hire will be fully productive. Consequently, they are looking to hire a person who will be with the company for at least four or

five years. Mary Ann suggests that they only hire applicants who have been with their previous employer at least two years, and who have not “job-hopped� in the last ten years. Mary Ann’s suggestion is an example of a/an 41. ____ provides employees with specific, identifiable knowledge and skills for use in their present jobs. 42. In order to comply with OSHA regulations, Henry is scheduling a program on handling hazardous materials for production employees at the chemical plant. This type of program is classified as ____ training. 43. Ben, a new manager, is being sent to a series of seminars to bring his communication, meeting management, and team-building skills to the higher level needed for his new duties. Ben is being trained in ____ skills. 44. Development is distinguished from training, in that 45. A fitness center is planning to invest in specialized pieces of exercise equipment. This equipment is highly effective, but the club members could be injured if the equipment is used incorrectly. So, the fitness center is sending its exercise instructors to a certified training program to learn how to use these machines correctly. This would be classified as 46. Training must comply with employment laws and regulations. A primary discrimination concern centers on 47. Which of the following statements is TRUE? 48. Amanda has just completed her MBA for which her company paid all tuition and book expenses. Amanda signed a training contract with her employer that runs for four years. A headhunter has contacted Amanda with an offer of a position that would be a significant promotion. Which of the following statements is TRUE? 49. A growing number of companies have recognized that training and HR development are? 50. Lyle has been hired as the first director of training at SISI, Inc. Lyle has been spending his first few weeks meeting with operating managers and learning the business at SISI. Lyle has told the managers he wants to partner with them to help solve their problems. Lyle 51. An effective performance management system must have all the following characteristics EXCEPT: 52. Which of the following statements is TRUE? 53. ____ is the process of determining how well employees do their jobs relative to a standard and communicating that information to the employee.

54. Ultimately, performance management links organizational strategy to organizational: 55. In order to translate organizational strategies in to employee behaviors that support these strategies, performance management systems use a variety of techniques at the individual employee level. These techniques include all of the following EXCEPT 56. In comparison to some Asian countries such as China and Japan, U.S. 57. Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding performance management in a global setting? 58. Research has shown that performance-driven organizational cultures. 59. Which of the following statements is TRUE? 60. At SafeGreen, Inc., there is little variation in pay among employees within the existing job categories. Raises are essentially the same for average and excellent performers. Although performance appraisals are performed regularly, everyone views the process as paper-shuffling. The from the point of view of its performance appraisal system, the culture of SafeGreen, Inc., can best be described as? 61. Which of the following statements is FALSE? 62. In its broad sense, discrimination means? 63. The most fundamental anti-discrimination employment law, the one that is considered the keystone for following legislation, is the? 64. Individuals who fall within a group identified for special treatment under equal employment laws and regulations, are members of a/an 65. A large commercial landscaping service in the Southwest requires all Hispanic applicants for crew boss positions to have a U.S. high school diploma. Native English speakers are not required to have a high school diploma. The stated business purpose of this requirement is to insure that the Hispanic applicants speak English well enough to perform the job. This is an example of 66. Behemoth Industries has experienced huge losses for the last three years due to collapsing sales of their outdated product line. Behemoth’s stock has plummeted on Wall Street because it has not met projected profits for the 24th straight quarter. Behemoth has moved to a pure payfor-performance system that is tied to achievement of organizational profit goals. Which of the statements below are most likely to be TRUE? 67. If an organization’s competitive strategy relies on long-term relationships with the clients who purchase the organization’s goods and services, the organization should reward its employees from its executives to its sales staff with incentives based on?

68. Compensation is one of the organization’s largest expenditures. Compensation philosophies and systems vary from one organization to the next. Why is that? 69. Which of the following is NOT a non-monetary reward? 70. All of the following are compensation objectives of the organization EXCEPT 71. In a true pay-for-performance system, which of the following employees would qualify for incentive reward? 72. All of the following are potential outcomes of a successful pay-for-performance plan EXCEPT 73. What are variable pay plans? 74. Traditional compensation systems pay employees differently based on their job responsibilities and base employee increases mainly on 75. Which of the following is an assumption of variable-pay systems?

Bsa 435 final exam guide  
Bsa 435 final exam guide