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COD: Good Game Creation

Having COD Advanced Warfare being my genuine very first COD encounter it's hard to take this video game seriously. Firstly let me mention on top of the graphics being awful (other than in tale mode) I purchased this for

the multiplayer as with the various other COD video games that's practically just what folks bet "the on-line experience". Well Treyarch chose it would certainly be most ideal to pay the most focus on detail in the story mode and simply the tale method. Just trying to bring up the online menu you have to hang around since the video game is very slow. I'm unsure if it pertains to the servers or merely the game itself however anticipate to wait to access the online area and get a video game started.

The graphics advise me of Sega Dreamcast, the sound results are a joke (when you stroll it sounds like you're being followed by a group of people) to name a few points. Just what makes me dislike this game the most is on leading of

them entirely screwing up the multiplayer they damaged my loved famas and made it an automated tool. Not to mention gatling gun are the strongest weapons on the video game and shotguns can just being used as a main weapon just indeed I duplicate you can NOT have a shotgun as a secondary tool. Seriously that walks around with a shotgun attempting to kill folks from a proximity? That basically killed the concept of keeping this game for me.

The killstreaks likewise are horrendous are 2 gets rid of and rc automobiles are 3 kills straight. Since the means this COD is setup to where you simply acquire your killstreaks by shooting/knifing various other gamers it's really

hard to obtain a higher killstreak but anybody can use an rc vehicle so if you are in reality working with a killstreak it can be messed up at anytime by one of the million rc automobiles that float about during the video game. I like the call of obligations that treyarch does not have there hands on. They have good ideas but they screw up the on the internet video game play each time. I will never ever purchase a game by treyarch ever again. Save your cash.

Pros: A great deal of individuals are on-line. Tale method is great (I've been said to). Cons: The web servers are basically unplayable. The video game is full junk unless

you are a noob that could never obtain killstreaks in a genuine game like MW2.

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