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Get ready for the upcoming collection of Nintendo 3DS accessories together with the new technology revolution of 3D games for Nintendo 3DS. In this article I want to provide you more information regarding which 3DS accessories you can expect to be released for the new Nintendo 3D handheld. If you have not heard yet it is time you get on your feet and get ready for the new handheld which will be all about 3D graphics and gaming. Forget the previous series of DSi, Nintendo Color, Nintendo Advance, the new handheld titled Nintendo 3DS will bring you much more than any other version and with it some really awesome accessories will come. One of the first accessory you will definitely need is the Nintendo 3DS case protector. As you will spend around 200$ to 250$ for the new handheld expect to spend an extra of 20$ for this very useful accessory. I'm sure you do not wish to get your 3D screen scratched or broken, you paid quite a lot of dollars for it! There will be a wide range of Nintendo 3DS cases for you to pick, any color you wish, very soon! Another still not 100% announced accessory will be the 3D glasses. Nintendo said that we will no need any type of glasses to enjoy the 3D graphics but still with the 3D glasses on I'm sure the gameplay of 3D will improve. So expect some kind of gaming 3D glasses to be released very soon. 3DS stylus will be another type of accessory you will be able to buy if you will not like the original one that will come with the Nintendo 3DS. Do you want a smaller one, taller or maybe thinner? Pick any color you like for very cheap price. Lets not forget the different Nintendo 3DS bundles that will be available for you, most favourite ones the starter pack and of course the 3DS screen protectors also very cheap.

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==== ==== Now You Can Have A Brand New Nintendo 3DS... 100% Free by Tomorrow! ==== ====

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