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The Ideal Stool Set

is an infinitely useful article of furniture that engages the mind and body of those seeking more durability, functionality, and substance from their furnishings. Each stool in the set of three is constructed of solid walnut using reinforced mitered half-lap joints for the legs and rails. The 111/8”x18” decks are composed of eighteen individually bonded pieces that are rabbet-jointed to the supporting spine. The shortened edge pieces of the rounded-over deck form notches at each corner that secure the legs of the adjacent stool. This interchangeable arrangement negates horizontal movement of the lower/upper unit and allows the formation of continuous load-bearing uprights. For optimum mobility in key configurations, the middle-height stool has two bridle leather straps that pivot from a fixed storage position on the underside of the spine which fasten it to a brass screw on the inside of the corresponding lower rail of the larger/smaller unit above it. Bridle leather is also used as protective pads that are bonded to the feet of each stool. The different height of each stool yields multiple complementary arrangements for variable task-oriented applications as illustrated in the examples below: • Complete set, 36” – useful as an itinerant support at standard counter height • 1 Sit-stand stool or counter stool with footrest, 291/8” – useful as an all-purpose utility stool that also strengthens the holistic relationships regarding core musculature, respiratory awareness, and balanced postural alignment • 2 Side chairs, 18” each – useful as all-purpose seating for two • 3 Steps, 67/8”, 113/4”, 18” – useful as broad and stable platforms of elevation

George Leo Turner

The Ideal Furnishing System is a series of interlocking modular components that utilizes the golden ratio as a touchstone that informs the construction of the components, the interrelationship of the objects within the system, and its thematic rationale as an enduringly functional manifestation of A+B the sublime. (A) The golden ratio describes the A B proportion of one unit (A) relative to a larger unit (B) and the relative proportion of that unit to the sum of both units (A+B), or A: B = B: A+B. The numerical value of this ratio is 1.618…, written as Φ (Phi). Any dimension may be multiplied or divided by Φ to determine the greater or lesser proportional dimension relative to the original measurement. Here, the legs and rails of the solid walnut components measure one square inch, the planks of the platforms are 1” wide by 5/8” high, or 1” ÷Φ, and the top rail with platform measures 15/8 ” high, or 1” x Φ. (B) The photo depicts nine components stacked six feet high to illustrate the ultimate configuration of the three platform sizes and three heights of each size. The key dimension is 18” ÷/x Φ. The platforms are (A) 111/8”x18” – an ideal stool size, (B) 18”x18” – perfect as a side table or chair, and (A+B) 18”x291/8” – a generous tabula rasa. The fundamental utility inherent to these surfaces is further enhanced by the complementary heights of the individual components: 67/8”, 113/4”, and 18”. The resultant variability of modular configurations within the boundaries of these dimensional parameters yields a considerable array of perpetually engaging, user-defined furnishing solutions that are ideal for achieving optimum compatibility, efficiency, and flexibility within limited domestic spaces. (A+B) The ubiquity of the golden ratio in nature, from the subatomic to the celestial, suggests a unifying order of constructive patterns and a fundamental symmetry of the natural world. As a constituent of this divine proportion, the human form intuitively perceives manifestations of Φ as harmony with that natural order. As a beautifully handcrafted expression of this sacred accord, The Ideal Furnishing System offers an abiding testament to the transcendent interconnections of the universe. George Leo Turner


PDF 2011, V.01

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