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Gently Read Literature Summer 2012 (June, July, August) Contents 2—Excelling in Brief: Emma Kate Tsai on Jim Shepard’s Master of Miniatures

38—Poetic Conversation: Patricia Carragon on Juanita Torrence-Thompson’s Talking with Stanley Kunitz

4—Masters of Subtext: Kelly Lydick on They Could No Longer Contain Themselves: A Collection of Five Flash Chapbooks

42—The Body, The Family, Dreams: Heath Fisher on Matthew Porubsky’s Fire Mobile

8—Ravishing Toes in the Morning Bath: Mark Jenkins on Jean Follain’s 130 Poems

44—Vastness and Mystery: Melanie Fitch on Janice Gould’s Doubters and Dreamers

11—A Finely Drawn World: Tom Williams on Phong Nguyen’s story collection Memory Sickness

47—Joy to be Had: Andrea Blythe on Ron Padgett’s How Long

14—Whispers, Never Rants: Maria Nazos on Traci Brimhall’s poetry collection Our Lady of the Ruins

49—A Passionate Reading: Cat Dixon on Alvin Greenberg’s Passionate Travelogue 53—Unordinary Scope: Jeff Alessandrelli on John Bradley’s You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

16—Don't Ever Interrupt the Delicious Fictional Dream: Robin Martin on Terese Svoboda’s novel Bohemian Girl

55—Movement Away From What Was Before: Joan Biddle on Will Edmiston’s effie

19—An Experience in Negative Capability: Lisa Cole on Sarah Falkner’s novel Animal Sanctuary

58—"The Pictures Were Just for Reference": Todd McCarty on Personal Objectivity in Tony Trigilio's Historic Diary

21—Mischievous Twinkle: David S. Atkinson on Alta Ifland’s story collection Death-In-A-Box 23—This Terrible Symmetry: LJ Moore on Peter Richards’s poetry collection Helsinki

61—Non-Social Social Media: David S. Atkinson on Michael Seidlinger’s In Great Company

26—Music of the Americas: Rick Marlatt on Sing: Poetry from the Indigenous Americas

64—Introspective Poetry: Patricia Carragon on Jason Schneiderman’s Striking Surface

31—A Certain Plateau of Articulation: Christopher Schaeffer on Lea Graham’s Hough & Helix & Where & Here & You, You, You

68—Not White. Not Black. Just People.: Athena Lark on Jane Lazarre’s Inheritance 70—Contributor’s Page

34—Allegiances: Ingrid Wendt on Maxine Kumin’s New and Selected Poems


Gently Read Literature, Summer 2012  

Gently Read LiteratureSummer 2012 (June, July, August) 26 Book Review Essays on Contemporary Poetry and Literary Fiction

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