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HANDS-ON TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMS To enrich your syllabus

New skills and productive time for your students. 79 Telephone 289-637-58 Fax 289-637-4103


Be Ingenious

The face of media has changed considerably in the recent years. Podcasting is an audio production method which students will practice as part of Genius Owl’s Journalism course.

Learning a new language opens a door to a new world. Genius Owl’s French by Radio course makes it much easier. Students learn new language skills as part of practical steps of creating a podcast.

Computer gaming stimulates children’s minds. Genius Owl Game Programming course takes this to a new level by providing children with the knowledge and tools to create their own games.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Students taking part in Genius Owl’s journalism courses learn about the tools and techniques of video production.


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Robots do not belong to science fiction stories any more. Genius Owl Robotics course prepares your child by teaching them how to program a LEGO™ robot to move around and perform other jobs.

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Computer animation is the meeting point of arts and math. Genius Owl’s Animation course helps children to reconcile their artistic side with their mathematical skills.

Cellphones and mobile devices are replacing desktop computers. Genius Owl App Programming course teaches your child to write apps from day one. It’s fun and educational.

Journalism is still the fourth estate in our democracy. Children learn the theories of media literacy at school, and Genius Owl’s Journalism course helps them put that knowledge in practice.

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Why choose Genius Owl? Genius Owl offers schools in Richmond Hill and North York areas the best choices in digital media training for their students, to fill their time in the most productive way, and providing the opportunity for them to learn new skills.

We offer a wide range of subjects in the area of digital media and programming. These subjects have been carefully chosen considering the school curriculum, and students needs and interests.

We also offer in-house field trips, relieving you of the logistical

hassles of moving your students around the town; saving your school money and time, and providing your students with the most satisfactory learning experience.

the BBC, Ipsos-Reid, Research Now, and have taught at Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR), Alliance Franรงaise (af), Central Montessori School (CMS), and more.

Our programs come in a standard format, but we can customize them, tailored according to your needs.

We have the knowledge and experience of providing the ideal environment for your students to put the theories learned at class in to practice, and enrich their learning process.

Our instructors offer more than 30 years of teaching, technology and media experience. We have worked at internationally renowned organizations such as

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Extracurricular Programs in Technology and Media: computer programming, mobile apps, game programming, robotics, podcasting, videography, Fr...

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