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Geneva Glen Camp GLEN BREEZE - SPRING 2019 EDITION DIRECTOR’S LETTER Dear GG Friends, It has been a busy off-season at Geneva Glen! Our barn is on its way to completion. A lot of the work happened in preparing the foundation, which sits higher than the old barn, so don’t be surprised when you first see how big it looks. The barn construction also included moving some dirt in the Meadow - things might look a little different, but I think you will enjoy the improvements. Our horses are still at winter pasture and should return to camp in late-May in time for the completion of the barn. Over the winter, the Board of Directors created a new strategic plan to guide us into our 100th year. We will be focusing on the following five strategic priorities over the next three years: Preserve and Foster the Magic of the Glen, Renew and Expand Programming, Enhance Communications and Outreach, Strengthen Stewardship of Facilities and Land, and Ensure Financial Sustainability. If you would like more detailed information on the plan, please contact me at We hosted another successful Winter Workshop this past December, with 130 of our teen campers. The campers had a wonderful time, even with a lack of snow. The snow did come though, just a little late. From January to March, we had more than two feet of snow in the Meadow. The melt has left behind plenty of mud and lots of water - something we always need! I am thrilled with the staff team we have built for this summer! Some of your favorite veterans will be returning, along with some new faces that will add some new energy and creativity to the place we all love. Check out the Staff Field Guide inside to look for your favorite staff names. New this summer we have recreated our entire Geneva Glen swag line! New tee shirts, pants, hats, and even socks! We will also offer items like flashlights, toothpaste, lip balm, stamps, postcards, and many other items in case you forget to pack them. Campers will have the opportunity to purchase these items at our store. Soda and snacks will still be given out for free when they go to the store – but they will also have the chance to buy items if they have credit in their account. Watch for the email in the first week of May which will show the items that we will have available and explain how it all works. The year-round staff and I are working hard to gear up for the upcoming summer. Those of you that are coming back this summer, I promise another memorable experience! We’re only a little more than a month away, see you soon!

Casey Klein, Director

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their clanging and banging around down there. The horses are going to be so excited when they see their new home. We hear that our horsey friends had a great winter with everyone returning for the 2019 season. Reid tells us that three new horses will be coming our way: Luke, Hoopdee, and Monk. We’ll look forward to seeing (and smelling) them later in May.

Pup reporters Nala and Gus coming to you from muddy Geneva Glen as the snow melts and we move into Spring. Our normally quiet winter season of napping on the office floors has been a bluster of excitement this year! While the snowy winter didn’t show up until after this year’s Winter Workshop was over, it didn’t stop a record number of campers from enjoying the usual frolicking and fun once again! There were cookies to decorate (and beg for), candy canes to consume and carols to be sung around the Council Fire. There was juuuust enough snow for a nice sledding hill down the Meadow too, so it felt enough like a Colorado winter to stay in the spirit of things! The campers learned about the power they have to impact people’s lives every day in the seminar and celebrated the largest Birthday Feast Geneva Glen has ever seen! We’re hoping the loads of snow that showed up in 2019 will come a little bit earlier for next year’s Workshop!

We do have to share the sad news about our old, beloved pal, Huckleberry. Ken & Nancy’s loyal Labrador who handled the OnThe-Dog-Beat for so many years headed off for canine heaven leaving a sorrowful hole in our hearts and the heart of those lucky enough to know him. We’re going to miss our buddy and wanted to share Ken & Nancy’s “Ode to Huckleberry” below. We are so excited to be welcoming so many new campers this summer as well as see all our old veteran buddies. As usual, lots of petting, puppy hugs, and under-the-table treats are wanted! Health Tips from the Pups: If you want to have a frolicking time at camp, follow our lead and drink LOTS of water! Camp’s fresh spring water is the best remedy for our dry, hot days. Gus loves to drink in Merlin’s Spring, but there’s plenty of drinking fountains around to keep your croaker oiled. That’s about all for now—can’t wait to see you all this summer! Woof! Woof! (Gus & Nala)

We’re making lots of new friends with the people building the NEW BARN, although Nala doesn’t like all

Ode to Huckleberry When first this black, bandana' d Lab, named Huckleberry, joined our clan, we knew not puppy impatience, nor impropriety But calm obedient Huck, ready only to please. He lay by the couch as if that was always his place We saw his compassion and alert attentiveness: On his first mountain hike he sniffed out a lost and lame cocker ... missing for a week! And Huck would not leave her until the rescue was complete! That was what we call that rough outcrop: "Huckleberry Rocks," in his honor. We delighted in his joy, as he jumped high in the air to peek in the door windows of the lodge, or try to greet folks on the other side of a 6' fence at his pal, Dinker's back yard. He never roamed too far, as we hiked every trail near our house, or at camp ... or on road trips. His loyalty shown as he kept us close protecting, shepherding. He never started rows with other dogs; rather cautiously determined their intentions, Allowed the intruding sniffs, and let them know of his hospitality, or his doubt ... to send them on their way. He was never rude, or aggressive to a cat! But eventually, if they agreed, would sleep beside them on the couch! He was gentle with little children, but preferred that one-on-one! Crowds of kids, seemed to disturb him (like a vacuum cleaner) so we chalk that up to some past mis-adventure before he knew us. He loved walks, but waited patiently for all the accoutrements we humans need: boots, hats, coats. His devotion to us is unquestioned, and he loved to go "Bye-Bye-Car,!" no matter a thousand miles, or to the store. He seldom barked, never chased the deer, and was wise about the fox. So he remains in the spiritual altitude of thought where he always stays with us. We shall never stop loving Huckleberry ...

WELCOME CAMPERS! Attention new campers! We wanted to extend a friendly “welcome,” to the over 250 campers who will be attending Geneva Glen for the first time. You are in for quite an adventure! We expect you are feeling excited about attending Geneva Glen and some of you may be feeling a little nervous about coming to camp for the first time, please know this is normal! Our counselors are so eager to meet you, and they will get to spend lots of time with you. You will get to meet many new friends too, and several of your new friends will be at camp for the first time as well. There are so many awesome activities you get to do at camp which you don’t get to do at home. Be ready to search for fairies and leprechauns in our forests (your counselors even know how to read the language of fairies!), go on a treasure hunt, ride horses, swim in the pool, explore our treehouse, make muck and sludge, soar through our ropes course, create a craft for your family, participate in a Council Fire skit, and so much more! On Saturday, May 18, we will be hosting our annual Strawberry Pancake Breakfast for all our new campers. You are welcome to visit camp anytime between 8:30-10:30 that day. We will serve you a delicious breakfast, and then you get to tour camp. You will get to see where you will eat your meals, participate in program areas like archery, horseback riding, swimming, etc. Your tour guide will show you where you will sleep (dorms for boys and cabins for girls), point out where the restrooms are located, and you will get to visit the Council Ring where everyone from camp gathers daily. Please look for the invitation in this newsletter and the emailed invitation. Remember to RSVP to Christa, so we know how many pancakes, bacon, and strawberries to prepare. We look forward to meeting all the brand-new Geneva Glen campers! If you have any questions about coming to camp for the first time or to RSVP to the Strawberry Pancake Breakfast on May 18th, please call Christa at camp (303) 697-4621 ext 25 or

Important Note to Parents


Parents are reminded that we discourage sending expensive items to camp, as they easily can become lost and Geneva Glen cannot accept responsibility for lost items. Cell phones are not allowed. We will hold out-of-state camper cell phones in the safe. Our policies prohibit any drugs, or any kind of medication not checked in with our camp nurse. Other items not allowed include: tobacco of any kind, alcohol, marijuana, fireworks, matches, lighters, personal sports equipment, gum, personal safety gear (helmets), vehicles (boards, bikes, scooters), and weapons of any variety. Finally, to help reduce lost-and-found mysteries:

Thanks for your help! For first timers, there’s lots of information including a more complete packing list, and much more. See the camp’s Parents Place page on our website at:

Head Gardeners: Caroline McHugh & James Kohler

INTRODUCING THE 2019 STAFF FIELD GUIDE! Roaming the hills this summer, making sure everything is in order, are our two Black Bears, Alex Izbiky and Lauren Clarke, the heads of Boys and Girls Hill. Our new position, Head of Counselor Development, will be led by the mischievous red foxes, Harris Griswold and Mikaela Jacoby. A pair of mule deer, Caroline McHugh and James Kohler, will herd this summer’s Trainees. Gobbling up this year’s activities is the infamous wild turkey, Levi Gribas, who returns to The Glen as our Program Coordinator. The Crew bosses, guarding Geneva Glen and soaring through the sky above, are the American Kestrel Caley Moon, Red-tailed Hawk Nick Kolomitz, and Cooper’s Hawk Noah Schwalger. Sprinkling forest magic over our special programing is our very own wood sprite, Cooper McCleery. Cristina Thayer is the Chamomile flower who will be making friendly concoctions of the GG flora in the Alchemy Hut. The grand archer is once again the Cinquefoil shrub, Zach Triplett. Pounding away in Cabin 12 during Knighthood will be our Wild Rose, Grace Campbell, running Bracelets this summer. The WILD team includes Jordan Clouse as the Indian Paintbrush flower and Anna Cohen as the Mouse-eared Chickweed. The elegant Queen Anne’s Lace flower, Emily Kastner, will run Vespers with Penstemon flower, Brad Emrick. Teen Leadership will be organized this summer by Oliver Moyski, the Grape Holly shrub. Our crew of barn folk include; Horsemint plant Wes McMullen, Kinnikinnick shrub Alex Bestick, Coral Root flower Landon Cramer, and Chokecherry shrub Courtney McKnight. Sophia Bird and Lauren Clouse, the Black-capped Chickadees, will be chirping away as Head of Crafts. Our Shooting Star flower, McKenna Nading, will lead our dance program. Jack Van Gilder, the Ruby-throated Hummingbird, will direct our productions as the Head of Drama. Nick Thomas, the Stonecrop flower will again champion G-Smash. Ethan Meyer, our Downy Woodpecker, will make his home in Lily’s Pad running the Media/Radio department. Vista M. Onster (aka Ozzie Froelich) will work alongside Ümlaut Took teaching Magicology. We are lucky to have twins as our head lifeguards as Ellie Broady, the Larkspur flower, and Carly Broady, the Lupine flower, will be frolicking around the pool this summer. Our bobcat, Levi Klein, will keep his paws on the Rifles. Christmas Sidwell, the Red-shafted Northern Flicker, will dangle once again from our ropes course with the Geranium shrub Madison Griggs. Our favorite porcupine, Reid Byrne, defends our Shields department. Wild Onion, Annie Cunningham, will stock the merchandise at Store this summer. You will be able to purchase several non-food items at the camp store like stamps, toiletries, stickers, etc. Dana Coren, the zippy fox, is running sports this summer. We have a beautiful blooming flower garden consisting of several flowers and plants that grow at GG. You will see Wild Raspberry Charlotte Dean, Chiming Bells Annie Rudnick and Izzy Hurley, Mullein Tanner Thomas and Will Morland, False Solomon’s Seal Jack Prall and Sam Bryson, Arnica Phoebe Fanganello, and Baneberry Kayte Livran. Returning to camp after taking a summer or two off are the gorgeous blossoms of Forget-me-not flowers; Dana Coren, Annie Cunningham, Grace Campbell, Olivia Malek, Ryan Kauffman, Xavier Meier, Will Flynn, and Bobby Meagher. Finally, the trees guarding and protecting Geneva Glen are Casey Klein as our friendly Douglas Fir, Christa Redford representing the interconnected Aspen trees, Reid McKnight as the sturdy Blue Spruce, and Johnny Domenico as the pleasantly aromatic Ponderosa Pine. Perched on those trees you will find Pete Mahan, the Great Horned Owl, and Jake Kay, the Wester Screech Owl, who will oversee the Crew bosses. Our favorite House Wren birds, Kathy Thornton and Anne Baalman, will be seen housed in the offices this summer. We are also delighted to be welcoming several new staff to GG too! They have never been before and are getting excited to meet all of you.

Welcome to all our former campers who are on staff for the first time!

ALUMNI NEWS Amy Stanesco (‘90s, ‘00s, ‘10s) and husband Tom Robbins were delighted with the arrival Keegan Stanesco Mara Victoria Hazel joined the Hazel -Robbins in March. If he is anything like his parents, he family in February. She is the 2nd will have Amy’s grace and poise and Tom’s ability to run child of Diane Henderson Hazel (‘90s the hills of GG. & ‘00s) and Mike Hazel (‘90s & ‘00s). Page Kack Owen (‘00s) & Diane and Mike met at camp and sparks flew! It must run in the family because Mike’s sister, Sara (‘90s & ‘00s), Bill Owen welcomed their triplets! Norah Ruth, met her husband Dan Goldhamer (‘90s & ‘00s) at camp Clayton Robert, and as well. Sloane Michelle made Merideth & Jacob Hartung (‘90s their grand appearance in & ‘00s) welcomed their 2nd December! daughter, Nora Drew, in It’s always a hoot to hear from Chelsy Shore Fling (‘90s)! October. Sloane was delighted She welcomed their 4th child Jack in December. He to take on the role as big sister joined his older siblings Piper (6), Maggie (4), and Harvey to this adorable addition. (2). We look forward to welcoming her kiddos to camp Kate Sommers (‘90s & ‘00s) and with their cousin Sloane, Ryan Shore’s (‘90s) daughter. husband David welcomed Bodhi last fall. She keeps busy with her little cutie singing him camp songs. Steve Worden informed Geneva Glen that his son, Gus Worden (‘10s) and his wife Brittany, were expecting their first child in November. We hope to get a photo of their new bundle of joy. Drew Anneberg (‘90s & ‘00s) and Brianna Svoboda (‘00s) welcomed Toryn Allen to their family. We know he will turn out to be an incredible The best Valentine’s Day gift arrived for parents Meade performer/dancer like the rest Kelley (‘90s & ‘00s) and wife, Emily as they welcomed a of the Anneberg clan. bouncing baby boy named Graham Meade. His two older Bailey Vafeades (‘90s & ‘00s) sisters must be thrilled, and we can’t wait for them to be updated Geneva Glen with news that she gave birth to a running around The Glen. beautiful little girl named Lorelai. She looks forward to We received a darling card in the mail from Nannette sending her to camp and hopes she will have memorable Bebermeyer Bell (‘90s & ‘00s) introducing her twins, experiences as she did with her cousins Kalvin (‘90s & Alexander & Delphine, born in December. They are ‘00s) and Kye Killian (‘90s & ‘00s). adored by their older siblings, Fiona and Lachlan, who Emily Hall (‘90s & ‘00s) will be joining us this summer as first-time campers. and Scott Beckett proudly introduced Finn Alexander to the Sean Kidston (‘90s) popped the question to Alicia world in October. We Stuckenschmidt Oates. We are excited to have his son, know that Finn has Riley, join us this summer as a Trainee this summer. already been Social media let us know that the infamous Johnny Ryan immersed into the (‘90s) found his match in Morgan Behrendt. New Orleans lifestyle. Continued on next page

Megan Geraets’ (‘10s) beau proposed on top of a mountain last month. She is delighted to become the future Mrs. Megan Hartman. News finally arrived that our cutest lifeguards are tying the knot! Cody Lubchenco (‘00s & ‘10s) & Henry Hoyt (‘90s, ‘00s, ‘10s) will have a GG style wedding filled with all of their camp friends. Congratulations! Mark Dreher (‘80s & ‘90s) and Melissa Nielsen (‘90s) will say “I do.” The two fell in love away from camp only to find out their connection to Geneva Glen. Melissa is related to the inimitable Chafic Khaled (Gold Star 1962).

Latrice Lee (‘90s & ‘00s) will tie the knot this July to fiancé Kellen McInerney. We wish them both a lifetime of love and happiness! Ben Lederer (‘90s, ‘00s, ‘10s) was thrilled to ask Val Bagensky to become his wife. We are sure the entire Lederer family is delighted! Brendan McCormick got down on his knee for Kate Richardson (‘90s & ‘00s) last fall. Her son, Stuart, will be attending his first 2-week session this summer.

David Penberthy (‘00s & ‘10s) married his sweetheart Adriana Gutierrez last summer. We wish them the best! News arrived that Isabelle Graham (‘00s & ‘10s), daughter of Cyndi Penberthy (‘70s), wed Jack Wagner last fall in Houston, TX. DB (David) Mares (‘90s, ‘00s, ‘10s) wed his bride, Amanda, in March. The tied the knot in Tulum, Mexico.

This past year, we lost a friend of Geneva Glen. Crawford G. Allison III, known to all as Corky. Geneva Glen is a special place for the Allison family with Corky's son, Ford (’80s, ‘90s, current Board member), and daughter, Blair (’80s, ‘90s) having been both campers and staff for many years, and all five of his grandchildren as current campers. Corky and his wife, Mary Lou, dedicated many volunteer hours to ensure camp was ready to welcome campers. Jeff Brown, father to Nick (’00s & ’10s) & Matt Brown (’00s) passed away in February. He served on the Board of Directors and as one of Geneva Glen’s doctors for many years. He was a beloved member of the camp family and will be missed.

GG Staff - Alum Progeny A copious conglomeration of GG genes will join the 2019 summer staff - 29 staff members who are progeny of GG Alums represent over onefourth of the staff! • Miles Ambroggio - Mom, Millicent Cox

Ambroggio • Izzi Bryson - Dad, Chris Bryson • Samantha Bryson - Dad, Chris Bryson • Annie Cunningham - Mom, Sarah Terrill • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Cunningham Caitlin Estes - Dad, Dale Estes Phoebe Fanganello - Mom, Kate Ross Luc Filion - Mom, Raili Mood Filion Will Flynn - Mom, Jenni Lee America Gonzalez - Mom, Deborah Medors Gonzalez Harris Griswold - Mom, Gentry Miller Griswold Lucy Grylicki - Mom, Debbie Becker Grylicki Levi Gribas - Mom, Lana Fox Gribas Sierra Johnson - mother Jennifer Johnson Nelle Kanewske - Mom, Megan Elkjer O’Connell, Dad, Brian Kanewske Casey Klein - Mom, Nancy Fisk Atkinson, Dad, Kelly Klein Jackson Klein - Dad, Casey Klein, grandparents Nancy Fisk, Ken Atkinson, & Kelly Klein Levi Klein - Dad, Casey Klein, grandparents Nancy Fisk, Ken Atkinson, & Kelly Klein Liam Lacey - Mom, Sara Christensen Lacey Noah LeBlanc - Mom, Paige Meyer LeBlanc Caroline McHugh- Dad, John McHugh Caley Moon - parents Kim Sandberg & Bill Moon Christa Diederichs Redford - Mom, Janet Helmstaedter Aspen Reeves - Dad, Zak Reeves Anna Rudmann - Mom, Cathy “Flash” Gordon Rudmann Declan Soane - Mom, Sarah Rockwell Soane Cristina Thayer - Dad, David Thayer Nick Thomas - Dad, Randy Thomas, grandparents Betty Alexander & Dave Thomas Tanner Thomas - Dad, Randy Thomas, grandparents Betty Alexander & Dave Thomas Rachel Urban - Grandfather, Tim Urban

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AROUND THE PROPERTY Is coming along great! Let us give you a little behind-thescenes information about the new building! One of the challenges facing the new facility was to address drainage properly: the old barn office had sunk almost 8 inches in as many years. To keep the barn at the existing location, our architect and engineers designed the barn to sit almost 4 feet higher than the old facility which would allow runoff to flow around and away from the foundation. We also added a large drainage pipe under the lower half of the Meadow to carry away water from Girls’ Hill.

The over excavation and subgrade construction began in early October and the foundations and slab were poured in November and December. While this feature is not the most prominent or breathtaking, the foundation will ensure the safety and longevity of this beautiful facility. If something isn’t broke, don’t fix it! The new floor plan is nearly identical to the old barn. The 36 feed stalls are rustic, wood, post & beam construction with the same old hay chutes that are loaded from above. We did make a few improvements: The new Tack Room is three times as big. No more bumping into other wranglers or slamming into the small door while saddling the herd. The room will store 40 saddles along with bridals and halters and has a large sliding door for easy access in and out. Interior & Exterior Stalls: While the barn office is actually smaller than the old building, we expanded the

overall area to include 2 interior stalls with 2 exterior runout stalls to accommodate animals being treated or needing specialized care. The area also includes a large aisle where our veterinarian or farrier can work on the animals in privacy. This new feature will allow camp to care for sick or injured animals year-round. Our new Hay Loft is larger and designed to hold more hay in a safer and more efficient way. The new loft sits generally on the same footprint as the old barn but is about 6 feet taller! This will allow for more storage (so we can order more hay at better prices) and keep the hayloft temperatures lower during the hot summers. Keeping mice out of the Grain Storage has been a losing battle! To fix this, we have expanded our grain room to include 2 elevated poly grain bins that will keep rodents out of the horses’ food. Finally, we have covered the Alleys where the horses run into the stalls. This gives us a sheltered and safer area for saddling, rainy day activities, and will keep our stalls cleaner, dryer, and out the elements.

Our new barn is bigger, better, more efficient, and safer which will enhance our program for the animals and wranglers, but most importantly, will help provide our campers a safe and enjoyable relationship with horses! Follow the construction on Instagram @ genevaglenbarn.

AROUND THE PROPERTY One of our discoveries in building the new barn, was the fact that our Meadow has lost approximately 2 feet of soil over the last 50 years. Most of this topsoil drained down to the barn area. We are re-grading the road leading down the Meadow, and this fall we will be making more significant changes as we add back in the topsoil that has drained. Bottom line, we will soon have a safer and grassier Meadow. One catch: come the summer of 2020, there will be no more parking in the Meadow. More to come on that next year!

Geneva Glen was lucky to acquire a piece of property that we owned back in the 70’s. If you were at camp back in the day, it was known as the “New Outpost” (with the “Old Outpost” located where our ropes course resides). This building, along with 16 acres, is on the far west side of the GG property, not far from what we now call the Outlook. Campers and staff this summer will get to experience lunch hikes and other activities at this new area. In order to limit our food waste, we have added a new walk-in refrigerator in the kitchen. This has been needed for a number of summers, so we are grateful to have this new piece of equipment. We have installed new staff lockers and completed some work in our staff bathrooms. Both the lockers and bathrooms were in need of some repair, so we are sure the summer staff will benefit from these changes. We doubled the size of the Backwoods BB range to allow for more campers to ping their targets at the same time. There are a few more small projects that were accomplished this last nine months, but I will let those be a surprise to each of you as you return this summer!

Welcome to Jacob Kay, long time GG Camper and Staff Member, as our new Director of Maintenance! Jake was on our seasonal staff for 6 years and has spent many winter months caring for the barn and camp. Jake is excited to work with our staff and the future stewards of the Glen through many projects and the careful upkeep of our beloved hills! Contact: 303-697-4621 x 31 or

Volunteer to join the Pendragon Society! Want to put some volunteer-sweat-equity into camp, reconnect with old friends, and make new ones? Pendragons are a group of men and women who volunteer service to steward the camp property through construction and maintenance projects (i.e. painting, tree-cutting, cabin/dorm improvements...etc.). All are welcome and work days are planned for all skill levels to attend (volunteers under 16 must have a parent present). Pendragons make a significant contribution in cost savings to camp by providing labor which would otherwise need to be hired. Questions? Contact Pete: or 303-697-4621 x15 For more information visit: Find us on Facebook for specific event information: Please join us at the Volunteer Follies Work Day on May 11th to help spruce up camp and get ready for the summer. RSVP to Kathy Thornton at 303-697-4621 x 21 or

EVENTS Please come help open camp for the 2019 season - clear out the cobwebs, pick up the trash, sweep, paint, garden, and general waking-up of the Glen! Plan to join us around 10:00 am on Saturday and work will continue until 3:00 pm. Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to Kathy Thornton: 303-697-4621 x 21 or

New Campers to Geneva Glen and their families are invited to the Strawberry Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, May 18th between 8:30-10:30 AM. Contact Christa Redford for more information at 303-697-4621 x 25 or

Please join us at one of more of this year’s Fall Weekends and Events: Homecoming Weekend: August 31 – September 1 For Geneva Glen’s Camp Family to get back to the place and the people that mean so much to them. Come enjoy the activities and share your favorite songs and stories with old friends and new. Dinner & Council Fire Only: August 31 If you can only make it on Saturday, come up for dinner and stay for a classic Council Fire! Ladies’ Weekend: September 7 – September 8 A Weekend just for the ladies! A perfect way for friends, mothers, daughters and grandmothers to spend a weekend bonding at the place that has meant so much to so many people. No boys allowed! Lunch & Afternoon Only: September 7 Come up for lunch and stay through the special “ladies only” afternoon activities. Wellness Weekend: September 14 – September 15 The GG Wellness Weekend follows this year’s Upward Trail Race. It’s an opportunity for Geneva Glen’s Camp Family to spend a weekend at camp to replenish their bodies and souls through yoga, meditation, exercise, and more! Upward Trail Race Only Get out onto GG’s vast trail system for a run, jog, or hike, and stay for lunch afterwards. Parents’ Weekend: September 21 – September 22 Find out what all the fuss is about! This weekend is specifically designed for parents to experience a taste of the Magic of the Glen with their children. We’ll share all about camp’s storied history and make sure to teach as many songs as we can! Dinner & Council Fire Only Come up for dinner and say goodbye to fall with a classic GG Council Fire! For registration go to:

Geneva Glen Young Alums! GGYA is in full swing for the Spring and looking forward to our upcoming events to connect with alums. First, a volunteer day with the Pendragons on May 11th, and following will be our Fill The Trunk Happy Hour where we shop for those summer items as if we were packing our bags all over again and donate them to kids at camp in need! We'll also have our Jolly Bands event this summer, both dates TBA. For more information please contact us

GGYA Member Spring Highlight: Emilie Lederer •

Years at camp: 14

Favorite camp song(s): Mountain Meadow and Here’s to Lake Geneva.

GG PHILANTHROPY We are so grateful for the generous contributions of time, talent and treasure from our Camp Family!

This past fall, the Geneva Glen Camp family stepped up big by donating $192,000 to the Ken & Nancy Campership fund. It was their retirement wish to have this fund created, so that children in the future could continue to attend GG even if they couldn’t afford the tuition. The entirety of the funds donated will be used for this purpose both this year and well into the future. Our hope is to continue to raise money for this fund so that it can feed our campership program for decades to come. In this spirit, the Board of Directors have designated additional funds to match this amount. We still have some donations trickling in, so its not too late if you would like to recognize what Ken & Nancy did for you or your family. Please contact Amy Livingston at It is time to save one of our cherished buildings. The Costume Room, also known as the CRC, or past offices, or crafts (the building in-between the lodge and the Council Ring) has seen better days. The creek behind the building has been eating away at the foundation. It is still something we can fix, but we are looking for help! We are hoping to raise the necessary funds over the next 6 months, so that we can get it repaired in the fall prior to another winter. If you are interested in helping us save this building full of memories, please contact Casey Klein at

Support GG Through AmazonSmile Year Round!

Your Amazon purchases support GG - Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Geneva Glen. When you first visit, you will login with your same Amazon account info and you will be prompted to select Geneva Glen from their list of charities.

At the 2018 Fall Roundtable meeting, Scott Wert was recognized for his commitment to Geneva Glen through his work with the Pendragon Society. Serving as coordinator for the Pendragon Society volunteers, Scott has participated at over 25 work days and donated well over 150 hours of his time. Geneva Glen is grateful to his contributions, leadership, and service, and recognizes him with the creation of a new award, The Spirit of Volunteerism award, given to outstanding volunteers. Thank you Scott!

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2019 Spring Breeze