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Start today to save tomorrow Growing global competition in world markets, beset by globalisation and new technologies, make energy efficiency a great opportunity to develop and increase your competitivity.

Constant rise in energy prices, the importance of reducing green house gas emissions, and behaving responsibly towards our environment in an economically viable way are some of the reasons that lead businesses to implement an Energy Management System.

It’s time to start being more competitive by saving energy At Gen Europe we help our clients reduce their energy consumption without any initial investment, implementing an energy management system.

Reducing kWh and carbon footprint

What is an Energy Management System? It is the area within and organisation’s management system dedicated to develop and implement an energy policy, managing the activities, products or services that have an impact on the use of energy. Energy management systems help us look for and find:

•• How much energy we are using and what is driving that consumption •• Significant energy users, those that are responsible for most of the energy consumption within the organisation, and where we must focus if we want to make any savings! •• Operational control that we can carry out on our equipments or daily operations to work more efficiently •• Continuous energy saving opportunities

How do we do it? Analysing if savings are being achieved within the organisation. Knowing how much energy we are using and which drivers affect that use (production, climate, building occupancy, etc.), we are able to calculate our baseline, which indicates the amount of energy the business needs to function. These variables change each month. By introducing them in our studies, we can forecast how much energy your company should be using. We can then compare the results with your real consumption, so we know how much energy you are saving or wasting.

Our clients save energy at cero cost. By identifying significant energy users within a company, we know where to focus energy saving measures. Within these saving opportunities, at GEN Europe we focus on improving operational control, helping our clients to make the most of their existing machinery, without investing in new equipment. As a result, we will optimise energy consumption and achieve great savings without initial investments. Most energy saving opportunities lie in this area and that is why we have made this a priority at GEN Europe.

People are the key to the system’s implementation success. Training is one of the most important, and often forgotten, ways to achieve energy savings. All employees who make use of energy have an impact upon it, and must know the energy management system implemented, as well as being informed of the steps the company is taking towards reducing energy consumption. At GEN Europe we offer our clients training in energy saving, from energy awareness campaigns to operational control. People are a key part of success.

Benefits GEN Europe helps you reduce your energy consumption, as an ally to your business. Benefits Productivity Competitivity Corporate Social Responsibility Respect for the environment ISO 50001

kWh Cost Exposure to rising energy prices CO2 emissions

Cero investment At GEN Europe we understand that it is not the moment to invest in new equipment. That is why our saving measures do not imply large investments but improving how we use the machines and tools we have at our disposal.

This makes our saving measures unique. Our team’s wide experience, taking part and working with best international practice in energy management systems, makes us your business’

perfect ally.

Some success stories We want the project to be your success One of our clients provides an example of good energy management at this pharmaceutical plant in Rome. By implementing an energy management system, this plant achieved a 50% reduction in gas consumption in only 3 years. Without any investment. Only and exclusively improving their operational control.

This second examples shows the change in tendency which results from implementing an energy management system and energy awareness campaigns. Continuous data analysis allows us to interpret how energy saving measures are causing an impact and carry out correcting measures when expected targets are not met.

What can we offer? Our first step is to carry out a Gap Analysis, where we will deliver a personalised study of how energy is used within your company, compared to best international practices. With this information we can offer you a diagnosis of saving opportunities tailored to your needs. After this diagnosis, we will help you implement an energy management system, following the ISO 50001 international standard. And if you are interested in obtaining the ISO Certification, GEN Europe will help you get it.

Our clients The team at GEN Europe has wide experience in the energy management sector. A number of our consultants have been involved in the development and improvement of energy management standards including EN16001 and ISO50001. We continue to contribute to energy management standards by delivering training with ISO in more than 16 countries. In addition, members of our team are part of the UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Programme) teaching force, working on projects in South Africa, Malaysia, Moldavia and Russia.

Contact Gala Fombella Shuckburgh Energy Advisor

GEN Europe

Email: Tel: + 34 607 191 173 Skype: gala.fombella.gen

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