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Term Reflection This term has been like any other term. Full of lots of fun things. Excursions, sports days, you name it. My favourite thing I’ve done this term has been Hooptime. It went all day. It was really fun because we were playing my favourite sport, Basketball. My team played six matches. We won 6 out of 6 matches with flying colours. Because we won all of them we went straight to the Grand Final. We played against a team we had smashed before but they were a lot harder then before. There were 2 minutes on the clock left and we were a goal up. They scored and we were tie. The scores were even when the buzzer went but we went into overtime. I was dribbling up the court and someone fouled me so I got 2 shots. I sunk them both and after each one I got in everybody screamed. It got back down the other end. They shot but missed. I got the rebound and went back down to our end of the court. I stopped in front of the ring and shot. It felt like it went in slow motion. The shot went in. After that the buzzer went, we won. These are some of the other thing I have done this term. We went to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. It was awesome. BGS and SMS year 6 went. We were there all day. We went there so we could get a feel and look of what our exhibitions should look like. We were put into groups with girls and boys and we went around looking at all the exhibitions. There were a lot of exhibitions that were advertising like solar and other renewable energy sources. About halfway through I got separated from my group so I went and found another group. The best part was when the people from The Block came onto the stage. It was funny because we got to watch funny videos of there time on the block. Then after that we got to ask questions. I asked a question “How do you think you got along with the other couples,” and I got a T-Shirt which my mum forced me to give her. It was a great day. This term we had house cross country. I finished 20th. Forsyth didn’t win but all our runners did very well. That’s basically a quick reflection on this term.

Maths This term we have learnt many new things. Things like how to divide and show the remainders as decimals. We looked at graphs and pie charts. We did Coordinates and Grid points. We did perspective and 3-D drawings. We continued speed maths and Tables races. We’ve also had many tests on different things. At the start of the term we just went over of a lot of things. We had a lot of revision and then we had a key skills test. I didn’t get as good a score as the previous times but I know were I went wrong and I learnt from it. After all that we started looking at graphs and pie charts. We started to use Microsoft Excel because it is a great program for that type of stuff. It was quite tricky. Not the graph side of it but learning how to use Excel. After we covered that we moved onto other things. We looked at symmetry again but a different part. Rotational symmetry. It was easy to learn because we knew a lot about symmetry already but it took a while to get the hang of it. After that we moved onto perspective and 3-D drawing. We went over it a lot and then what we had to do was get 10 or more blocks and make a shape. I made mine to look like a robot. We had a sheet and what we had to do was draw the robot from different perspectives and then in 3-D. We also had to have them identical colours as well. We moved on and went onto coordinates and grid references. We had a Dyknow session on it. Dyknow is a program where we can do a slideshow as a group and the teacher can see exactly what we are doing. It’s really helpful because Mr Kemperman can draw on the page and we can see it. It took me a short time get the hang of it. After all of that we went into a lot of revision because we had some tests coming up. We went over a lot of things and then the day finally came. I did my test and thought I did quite well. My score was 48/51. I was pleased with myself. I saw what I got wrong and what I got wrong was what most people got wrong. The division. We could all do it correctly we just didn’t know how to show the remainders as decimals. Mr Kemperman went through it with us for a bit and we had another test. I got 20/21. I was very pleased with my efforts and laughed when I saw what I got wrong. That was maths this term. It was very enjoyable.

UOI This term in UOI has been the best. All the projects that we have done have been enjoyable. The topics we based our units on were awesome. Sharing The Planet- The topic we did with sharing the planet was based on global warming and saving our planet. We did lots of research into this topic and did lots of activities regarding this topic. The first activity we did was a partner activity. Curtis and I worked together and we had the topic, waste management. When we finished we out all our info onto a poster. We presented it and Mr Kemperman said it was really good. After that we started to do lots of things with the other class. We watched a video called the story of stuff. It was very interesting and was very factual. After all that looking into the topic Mr Kemperman gave us a huge assignment. We had to write a letter to propose to build a renewable energy power plant of our choice. I chose geothermal which is using molten lava and the heat in rock to generate electricity. We had many weeks to do it before we presented. I had a letter and a video to go with it. Mr Kemperman gave me an A for the assignment. He said I did very well. I was proud of myself. We also went on an excursion to the exhibition centre to have a look at exhibitions so they can help us to do our exhibitions. How We Express Ourselves- When Mr Kemperman introduced us to this topic he gave us an assignment straight away. It was a really fun one that I enjoyed working on. What we had to was pick a facial expression and pick a song that makes us feel that way. We had to put into a slideshow with on each slide, the picture, the song, and a description on why the song made us feel that way. No one failed which wasn’t surprising. It was a simple and fun task. This was a unit that we wanted to rush through so we could get onto our exhibitions. So we went straight to the main assignment. We had to make a play. It could be a video, an act, a monologue, a mime, a puppet show or any others you could think of. There were rules though. You had to include a book, a sock, a chair and somewhere you had to have Berwick Grammar mentioned. Jai, Curtis and I went in a group and we did ours based on a murder type movie.

English We’ve had lots of hard work in English this term. Spelling tests, Essay plan writing, cinquain poems and Public speaking. Well at the start of the term we continued to do what we usually do. Comprehensions sheets and learning about things like synonyms and antonyms. That was all fun and then after that we started to do new things. Miss McMurtrie who is now Mrs Young gave us a spelling test. We didn’t get to find out our scores though. Everyone passed and we moved up to the next level then after that there were no more. After that we started to look at news articles and things like that. We then had to make a class essay in response to an article that was written by Usher years ago. Just to get an idea. After that we had to do it ourselves. Not an essay but a plan for an essay. Mrs Young gave us a page of articles and we had to pick one. I picked the one that was about a young boy getting offers from some of America’s top universities, because of basketball. We had to do this as practice before a test. Then after that in another lesson we had a test. We had to read an article about a natural disaster that happened somewhere. We had to write a plan for an essay in response to this article. Somewhere in the last couple of weeks of term. Mrs Young told us to start writing our public speaking speeches. I started to write mine. I was doing poverty. We had a week or so to write them. After that week we had to read them out to the class. Mrs Young drew them out of a hat. We did it over Thursday and Friday. I did mine on Friday. I thought I did really well. Mrs Young told me that I had won and had to go through to my house. I was pleased because I got 40/40 in my score. At house I went up against Ricci Hartman and I won so I went into the actual competition. Representing Forsyth for Year 6. That is a recount for English Term 2.

Specialists Science- This term in science the main thing we focused on was coral reefs. We had most of the term researching and watching videos. The first assignment we did was a poster about coral reefs. We had 5 questions that we had to answer in depth. I got a great mark. Mr Lardner really liked my presentation. The next assignment we had to do was about the animals in the Great Barrier Reef. We had to choose an animal that lives in the Great Barrier Reef and give a detailed talk about it. I chose the Clown Fish. I gave my presentation and my mark was 37/40. It was the highest in the class. Science has been great this term and it continues to get better. Sport- This term we have covered 3 sports. Hockey, Le Cross and Rugby Union and League. We started with hockey. I was alright at the game, it’s not really my thing. In hockey we used a ball first to play. We did drills in the first and second lessons then we started to play some games. It was very fun. I got a lot of the ball and I even scored a goal or 2. 2 weeks later we started to use a puck. We spent the rest of the hocky unit playing with a puck. It was easier to use. The next game we played was Le Cross. It’s a game where you have a stick with a scoop on the end. The object of the game is to pass the ball to each other with the stick and catch it with the stick. Then you have to try and score a goal. It was a really fun game. I had a really good arm so I could fling it really far. We did that for several weeks until we moved onto a new sport. We started Rugby Union. It was a difficult game to learn. It had a lot of rules. It had a funny rule “You have to go backwards to go forwards,” meaning you have to pass the ball backwards but you have to run forwards. We played union for the first half. We rushed through that so we could move onto rugby league. This one was only slightly different. When you got tackled your team mates didn’t have to roll you over. When you got tackled you had get up and roll the ball back with your foot. This term has been like all the other terms. We keep learning new sports. Library- This term has been like any other term in library. Lot’s of reading and borrowing books. This term we had one assignment. We had to get a box and make it look like a book. We had to select a country and pick a story from it. We then had to put it on the box so it was like a book. I picked China and I got

a story called “The Fisherman and his Friend”. Miss Cole really liked it. That was this term in library. French- At the start of the term we finished off our French Food (Gastronomie) unit. Then a couple of weeks into term we did a lesson on the Tour De France. We just talked about the course and did a little activity. The next thing we did was really fun. Miss Turner told us we had to design a house, but there was a catch. We had to design a house with a minimum of 5 renewable sources like solar panels and hybrid cars. We spent weeks on this project. It was due in the last week. I made a PowerPoint and I handed it in to Miss Turner. Music- This term in music we had one big focus. The Planets. It was a song by a famous artist named Gustav Holst. It was a 7 part piece. Each piece a Planet and a phrase. Here they are: Mars, the Bringer of War Venus, the Bringer of Peace Mercury, the Winged Messenger Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age Uranus, the Magician Neptune, the Mystic For each Planet we did a different activity. Like for one we had to write a story that matched the music, and for another we had to write 5 key things about it. Throughout this project we have been playing songs on the keyboards. I’d already learned piano for a bit so I was quite good. This term has been quite fun and I hope next term is more fun. Art- This term in art we focused on using lines. We had a couple of exercises to get used to using lines. Then after that Mr Bell got us to start using pastels. It was really messy. The first thing we did with pastels was drawing an item like scissors or sticky tape. Then we had to colour it in with pastels by drawing little lines and rubbing them in with our fingers. The next thing we had to do was get a picture from our favourite videogame then sketch it out. I did mine on Halo Reach. After we sketched it out we had to colour it in with pastels. It looked really good. I’m really looking forward to next term because we get to do some woodwork.

Goals Academic Goals 1. This semester I want to continue to improve my fitness. I’ll do this by spending more free time doing something healthy. Like shooting hoops at the park or playing tennis with dad. I want to get better marks in fitness on my report so I will know. This is a goal I wish to have achieved by the end of this semester. 2. This semester I want to get a great score on my exhibition. I want to do this by focusing really well and listening to what we have to do. I want my exhibition to look great and I want to give loads of information in it. Behavioural Goals 1. I want to continue to be a bit quieter in class and keep putting up my hand. I think I’m doing better in putting my hand up since term 1. 2. I want to stop making comments after every sentence the teacher says. I want to just stay silent until I’m aloud to speak.

PYP Attitudes/Learner Profile Enthusiasm- I showed enthusiasm in lots of activities throughout the term. Like with the Renewable energy project and our movies. All the things we did I was enthusiastic all through them. Looking at the positives of each situation. Communicator- This term I have been a communicator because I have been thinking about great ideas and sharing them with the group and not keeping them to myself.

Term 3 Portfolio  

A reflection on my term.

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