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SPRING 2020 Dear Reader, I’m pleased to introduce you to one of my favorite places in the world: the Berkshires. I moved to this area of western Massachusetts in 2004, having lived in the Boston area, in Manhattan, in D.C., and as an expatriate, for eight years, in Manila and Tokyo. To me, my current home feels like an expatriate community, attracting, as it does, educated, sophisticated people from all corners of the globe. And, though replete with beautiful rural scenery, organic farms and farm-to-fork cuisine, and a wealth of recreational amenities, it also feels like a cultural outpost of New York, infused with the talent and energy of an amazing performing and visual arts scene. With this LifeStyle Guide, I want to share some of that with you. As a top selling realtor, my chief focus is on luxury properties and architecturally distinctive homes, both historic and contemporary. To serve the Berkshire region, I’m licensed in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. As a buyer’s agent, I delight in helping my clients find their perfect place in the Berkshires. I believe I excel at helping them identify and evaluate properties and at providing advice and assistance to enable a smooth transition once the deal is done. Having worked in government, the non-profit sector, and the corporate world, and having loved the vast diversity of New York and my experience living abroad, I feel a great affinity for the variety of people who choose the Berkshires as their primary or vacation home. In representing sellers, I bring both journalistic and public relations experience to the table. Immediately prior to becoming a realtor in 2007, I honed my expertise in residential architecture during a 25-year career as an award-winning writer and editor in the shelter and lifestyle field. I’ve penned hundreds of home-focused magazine feature articles; was the founding editor of the award-winning Berkshire Living Home + Garden; and authored three books about architectural styles. I’ve also restored two antique homes. Thanks to this background, I’m skilled at highlighting my listings’ assets via styling, the written word, photography, video, and personal showings. As a former PR professional, I’m also adept at implementing strategic, attention-getting marketing initiatives. Most importantly, I pride myself on doing the right thing and behaving with integrity. I derive enormous satisfaction from excelling at what I do, so I routinely go the extra mile for my clients. This translates into outstanding client service, a proactive work ethic, a high standard of professionalism, and an upbeat attitude. And, yet, as one of them said, “she’s tough when she needs to be” in negotiation. While I’ve done and will do many real estate transactions, I keep in mind that my clients may do only one or two in their lifetimes, and that the sale or purchase I’m working on with them is probably one of the largest they ever make. Every deal is that important: every buyer and seller wants and needs a realtor they can trust. I hope, that if you’re buying or selling in the Berkshire, you’ll call on me. I’ll be delighted to help you or your referral client achieve your real estate goals. But, enough about me. Let me tell you a bit about the Berkshires. All my best,