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From the Producing Director

WELCOME TO THE GEFFEN PLAYHOUSE Welcome to the 2011/2012 season at the Geffen Playhouse. New plays, amazing casts and directors — theatrical events that will stay with you long after you leave the theater. It is going to be a wild ride. And that ride begins with our first play, The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity. Part sports play, part allegory and part political satire, Kristoffer Diaz’s Pulitzer nominated work is breath taking in its thematic and dramatic scope. In utilizing the world of professional wrestling as his backdrop, Diaz is able to tell his story with such heightened theatricality that the line between theater and the wrestling ring is difficult to find. But this is not simply an adrenaline rush with a large side of testosterone — at its heart Chad Deity is a play about winners and losers and the profound idea that one cannot successfully exist without the other. Further, the better and more believable the loser, the more popular the winner stands to be. The play’s protagonist is just such a loser — the best in the ring, as it were. This play has numerous demands that are unfamiliar to us theater folk: a full-sized wrestling ring, a team of trainers, daily workouts and professional wrestlers. Add to that the demands of every production, and what is called for is a team helmed by an imaginative director and an inventive team of designers. Director Edward Torres brought together Brian Sidney Bembridge (Scenic Designer), Christina Haatainen Jones (Costume Designer), Jesse Klug (Lighting Designer), Mikhail Fiksel (Sound Designer), Peter Nigrini (Projections/Video), David Woolley (Fight Director), C. Andrew Bauer (Asst. Projections/Video) and Ned Mochel (Associate Fight Director). This powerhouse team, under Torres’ direction, have transformed our stage into a wrestling ring while maintaining a unique theatrical design that looks wonderful in our space. There are so many amazing productions to look forward to this year, and we are excited about offering the plays in our Audrey Skirball Kenis theater as part of our season subscription. With the understanding that seats in that intimate space are limited, we are pleased to offer our Geffen family a chance to see everything we have to offer in this extraordinary collection of plays. So we hope you will join us for all there is to take in at the Geffen this season and we are thrilled you are here to start us off with a play that is sure to superkick your mind, The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity. See you at the theater,

Gilbert Cates

Producing Director



It is my pleasure to welcome you back to the Geffen Playhouse for our exciting new 2011/2012 season, which we are proud to commence with the energetic spectacle The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity.

Just like the flurry of action you are about to witness on stage, so too have our behindthe-scenes partners been abuzz with exciting new developments. It is with the utmost gratitude that I wish to acknowledge our spectacular donors — with a special eye toward our newly anointed Chairman’s Circle members — whose time, energy and gracious gifts keep the Geffen’s plays and our educational and community outreach programs running at a caliber in which we can all take pride. The continued generous support of our wonderful Board member Ms. Cynthia Stafford means the world to us, and Ms. Stafford has outdone herself yet again by enabling us to bring hundreds of students to a matinee of last season’s closing show, the touching Superior Donuts. Gestures like these reaffirm that a trip to the theater is a gift and a privilege, and it is our pleasure to give access to young patrons who so clearly benefit from the experience. Our donors not only enable us to cast a wide net to bring in students from schools throughout the expansive Los Angeles school system; this year we look forward to deepening our existing relationships with the middle and high-school students whom we delight in bringing into our theater. I am inspired by their energy and engagement with the productions, and look forward to continuing to host the scores of Title 1 school students for matinees this coming season. Heartfelt gratitude to everyone that joined the Chairman’s Circle and participated in a campaign. If you are interested in supporting the expansion of our community programs, please contact Development Director Regina Miller at (310) 208-6500 ext. 112. Your support is what makes a difference to our community. Now sit back and relax as you enter the ring with Chad Deity. Respectfully yours,

Frank G. Mancuso Chairman, Geffen Playhouse

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Frank G. Mancuso Chairman Gilbert Cates President Patricia Kiernan Applegate Randall Arney Gene Block Harold A. Brown Suzanne Deal Booth † Mary Ann Cloyd Kirsten Combs Robert A. Daly † Dennis Doty John Ebey P2  PERFORMANCES  MAGAZINe

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our upcoming

saturday scene family season will be announced soon! In the meantime, you and your kids can still participate in awesome workshops and spectacular interactive performances with the GEFFEN PLAYHOUSE STORY PIRATES!


The Geffen Playhouse Story Pirates perform most Saturdays at 2:00 pm in the new Geffen Playhouse Kinross Annex. Encourage your child to write a story to be performed live. Or just come and see stories written by kids all over the country!

To purchase tickets call 310.208.5454 Geffen Playhouse Kinross Annex is located at 10920 Kinross Ave., in the heart of Westwood Village


From Sing-A-Longs to Super Secret Spy Training the Pirates have a program for kids, ages six months to nine years old, that will inspire their creativity and celebrate their imaginations!

For more information about upcoming workshops go to ABOUT THE GEFFEN PLAYHOUSE STORY PIRATES The Story Pirates was originally founded in New York in 2003. This nationally recognized arts and literacy program engages students in under-resourced public schools by showing them that their ideas, their words and their stories are important. The Geffen Playhouse Story Pirates partnership began in 2009 and now visits over 20 Title 1 Los Angeles public schools each year in addition to performing for the general public as part of the Geffen Playhouse’s Saturday Scene program.

For up-to-date news about our upcoming Saturday Scene Season, be sure to bookmark PErFORMANCEs  MAGAZINE P3

powerbombing the fourth wall:

Photos by Michael Lamont

how kristoffer diaz reaches the audience

Ed Harris in Wrecks

Maggie Siff in The Escort

Gary Cole in Superior Donuts

Breaking the fourth wall • when a character acknowledges their fictionality, by either indirectly or directly addressing the audience. Some people love it. Some people hate it. But say what you will, an actor breaking the fourth wall allows a connection with the audience in a way that no other device can. Suddenly, character, actor and audience are all on the same plane without the safety of a fictitious line to separate them and inevitably, it changes the dynamic for every person in the room. This year, critic Charles Isherwood wrote a piece in The New York Times in which he took to task what he perceives as the overuse of this particular theatrical device. In his editorial he took this position: P4  PERFORMANCES  MAGAZINe

“Instead of interacting with their fellow characters, they keep turning away from the action to give us commentary on what just happened, or explain what we’ve missed. They spout lyrical tangents describing their impressions or zoom into dazzling riffs that reveal the playwright’s comic gifts. They seem to be doing anything, in short, but talking to each other, which is to say exchanging dialogue, once the standard format of modern drama. Direct address, as it is called in the trade, has become the kudzu of new playwriting, running wild across the contemporary landscape and

threatening to strangle any and all other dramaturgical devices.” Enter Chad Deity — a sophisticated and stylized play that is part wrestling, part allegory, part concert and all theater. A story telling tactic used throughout the play, direct address, has a long history in the theatrical tradition, but it’s not without controversy in terms of delivering on what audiences may expect. Isherwood’s criticism specifically addressed how this breaking of the fourth wall is treated in The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity and respectfully examines the role


BY JOSEPH YOSHITOMI this particular story telling tactic has played since early Greek times. In the end though, his argument is summarized as such: “... the device can also be used simply to cover up a multitude of playwriting sins.” This sparked a heated discussion between the critic and his readers. Many asked if direct address is in fact a story-telling shortcut or a specific dramatic choice to enhance the effectiveness of a given work. Playwright Kristoffer Diaz responds to criticisms of his use of direct address with a variety of points. First, Diaz argues, like many other theatrical traditions, the choice to adhere or break with the traditional construct of the fourth wall is a fundamentally valid one and should be examined within the greater context of what the playwright is hoping to achieve with the work. Secondly, as in many sporting matches, there is a history of conflict addressed to those not specifically competing against each other. Team sports fans frequently sing songs disparaging rivals and supporting home teams long before games begin. Televised wrestling has a several decade long tradition of creating rivalry videos that play directly to the audience before the match. Diaz states: “If the goal is to present a realistic vision of actual human existence, I’d argue that theater loses that battle to television and film more often than not.  What theater has that no other art form has is simple to define: the audience.  The human element.  The thrill of the live event.  I argue that the move towards establishing a tangible connection with the audience in attendance is not just a valid form of theatrical

expression, but an essential one. To acknowledge our audience is to play to our strength.” So much of how we receive theater is based on expectations, and a large part of our expectations are molded by other areas of popular culture. The lines between fiction and reality are almost indistinguishable where reality television is concerned and we are accustomed to being privy to what goes on “behind the curtain.” This is not to say that theater ought to strive to be like reality TV. On the contrary, theater must strive to do as it has always done — to tell stories that are larger than life, relatable based on recognition of what is the best and worst of the culture in which we live. It should provoke, enlighten, entertain and challenge. It should forever remain interactive because it is entirely dependent on an audience and what that audience brings into the theater on any given night. It need not matter if the characters speak to one another, speak to the audience, or speak to themselves. What is being said is far more significant than to whom the words are directed. Within the U.S., there is much disagreement over the most effective forms of theatrical constructs. In a generic sense, some audiences prefer musicals with flashy production values, large casts and grand orchestras while others prefer dramas or slapstick comedies. But these are subjective questions, a matter of taste. Some audiences love nothing more than the intimacy of a Pinter play where, as Pinter put it, dialogue is just words between the silences. Others will be inclined

toward Mamet where words are spouted out like a rhythmic song. Countries and cultures with strong theatrical traditions like those of early Greece and present-day Japan will approach theater in an entirely different way, highlighting what is important in their theatrical constructs. Colors, intricate body movements, costumes, instruments, puppets, use of shadow and other theatrical devices can all mean very specific things in different contexts – expectations indeed vary across time and space. The blurring of the lines between genres can also be seen: take Green Day’s American Idiot which crossed concert with musical theater or Rent which layered an operatic narrative onto a rock score. Cirque du Soleil productions and Fuerza Bruta blur dance, gymnastics, circus and theater into incredibly physical live experiences. These relatively recent examples are popular touch points in an art form that continues to evolve as it takes from other traditions and invents some new ones of its own. And it is the audience that plays a crucial role in that evolution. You provide the “wind in the sails” as Bertolt Brecht put it, to power the development of theater as an art form. In the end, The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity does not succeed based on Diaz’s choice to break the fourth wall. It’s success lies in how audiences respond to its funny, provocative and outrageous take that is many things, but is, most importantly, undeniably theatrical. Tell us what you thought of your experience Visit us on Facebook or respond to your post-show email survey. PErFORMANCEs  MAGAZINE P5





Written by

Kristoffer Diaz Set Designer

Costume Designer

Brian Sidney Bembridge

Christina Haatainen Jones

Sound Designer

Projection and Video Design

Mikhail Fiksel Production Stage Manager

Young Ji

Peter Nigrini

Assistant Stage Manager

Gary J. Breitbach

Lighting Designer

Jesse Klug

Fight Director

David Woolley, S.A.F.D.


Amy Levinson

Directed by

Edward Torres Second Stage Theatre Production Of The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity Produced by Second Stage Theater, New York, 2010. Carole Rothman Artistic Director World premiere produced by Victory Gardens Theater, Chicago, IL Dennis Zacek Artistic Director • Jan Kallish Executive Director In association with Teatro Vista

Opening Night: Wednesday, September 7, 2011 OPENING NIGHT SPONSORED BY:


Casting Director

Phyllis Schuringa


cast of characters Vigneshwar Paduar (VP)................................................................................................... Chad Deity............................................................................................................................. Macedonio Guerra (Mace).............................................................................................. The Bad Guy / Cameraman............................................................................................ Billy Heartland / Old Glory / Cameraman................................................................ Everett K. Olson (EKO).....................................................................................................

Usman Ally Terence Archie Desmin Borges Justin Leeper Timothy Talbott Steve Valentine

Understudies Vigneshwar Paduar (VP)................................................................................................... Billy Heartland / Old Glory............................................................................................. Everett K. Olson (EKO)..................................................................................................... Macedonio Guerra / Cameraman................................................................................ The Bad Guy.......................................................................................................................... Chad Deity.............................................................................................................................

Jay Ali Justin Leeper John Rushing Tony Sancho Timothy Talbott Rylan Williams

Time Right About Now PLACE THE United States of America running time Approximately 2 Hours There will be a 15 minute intermission

The Geffen Playhouse gratefully acknowledges the following media sponsors for their generous support of The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity.

The Geffen Playhouse is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. This project was also funded in part by the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles. The Geffen Playhouse, a non-profit theater company, is proudly affiliated with the University of California at Los Angeles.


WHO’S WHO IN THE CAST ABOUT THE PLAYERS and George Washington Carver. TV credits include Law & Order, One Life To Live and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Special thanks to Litke Abs, Twice, Young Brother Productions, the ever-constant influence of whey protein and the Archie/ Beckford family. Enjoy the show! Aaaaarrrrggghhh!!

Usman Ally (Vigneshwar Paduar — VP) Usman is delighted to reprise the role of VP in the award winning The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, which he originated during its world premiere at Victory Gardens Chicago, and then Off-Broadway at Second Stage. Usman has worked at many distinguished theaters around the country including Steppenwolf, Arena Stage, Kansas City Rep, Baltimore Centerstage, and the Tony Award winning Lookingglass Theater Company. Television credits include a recurring role on season four of Damages and The Chicago Code. Film credits include Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion and Just Like A Woman by Academy Award winning director Rachid Bouchareb. Usman is the 2010-2011 recipient of the TCG Fox Foundation Grant for Actors of Extraordinary Potential. He holds an MFA Honors in Acting from the University of Florida. For Litke, Twice, Kamal and Jim.

Terence Archie (Chad Deity) A Detroit native and North Carolina School of the Arts graduate, Terence is pleased to make his Geffen Playhouse debut. Recently, Terence played the title role in the OffBroadway Pulitzer finalist production of The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity at Second Stage Theatre. Other recent credits include Macheath in Arden Theatre’s Threepenny Opera and The Greengrocer in Berkeley Rep’s mounting of Arabian Nights. He also made his Broadway debut in the 2010 Tony-nominated production of Ragtime. Other stage credits include numerous one-man shows with Urban Stages in NYC portraying Frederick Douglass, Matthew Henson


Desmin Borges (Macedonio Guerra —Mace) Off Broadway: The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity (Theatre World Award/Lortel Nomination/ Drama League Nomination-Lead Actor-Second Stage). Regional: The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity (Jeff Award-Lead Actor-Victory Gardens/Teatro Vista), Boleros for The Disenchanted (Goodman Theatre), Elliot (A Soldier’s Fugue) (Steppenwolf Garage), The Ascension of Carlotta (16th Street Theatre), The Buddy Holly Story (Mercury Theatre), Esperanza Rising (The Children’s Theatre Co. in Minneapolis). Freedom NY (Teatro Vista), The Defiant Muse and I Sailed with Magellan (Victory Gardens). Television: Law and Order: SVU (NBC), The Good Wife (CBS), True Blood (HBO). Film: Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Tower Heist, Dreaming American, Compliance, Cherry, Taco Mary, Viva El Mariachi!, 2 De Noviembre, Milwaukee, Good People. Desmin is an Ensemble Member of Teatro Vista, and a graduate of The Theatre School at DePaul University.

JUSTIN LEEPER (The Bad Guy / Cameraman, understudy for Billy Heartland / Old Glory) A veteran of hundreds of prowrestling matches, Justin finds comfort in the chaos of the squared circle. A move to LA seven years ago shifted his focus to stunts and martial arts. Justin was assistant stunt

coordinator on History Channel’s Andrew Jackson and is Robert Goodwin’s right-hand man at Film Fighting LA – training in kali, HongKong styles and various weapons. He’s also spent time being humbled by the likes of “Judo” Gene Lebell and Benny “The Jet” Urquidez. Justin’s love of video games melded with his passion for wrestling as he directed cinematics for the past three iterations of the WWE SmackDown vs. Raw franchise. Justin’s debut novel, Still Man Fights, is available wherever fine e-books are sold. He tips his hat to those making a living taking bumps.

Timothy Talbott (Billy Heartland / Old Glory / Cameraman, understudy for The Bad Guy) Timothy was born in Irving, Texas. At an early age he was fascinated with pro wrestling, TV and movies. He wanted to become a larger than life hero. Watching the stars like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and even Hulk Hogan he knew that his height at 6’3 would one day make him a movie star. When he was 19 years old he started following his dream of entertainment by joining a small wrestling outfit, Texas Outlaw Promotions (TOPS). From there he rose to the top of the organization and became Texas heavyweight champion. There he also learned that entertaining the audience was a much greater reward than anything he had seen before. Hollywood is his true calling. Arriving in 2003, he quickly got started with stunt work and stage fighting for indie flicks The Last Bad Neighborhood and La La Land. As an actor he has tremendous stage presence and makes bold creative choices that make directors sit up in awe. After being cast for a small role in Anaheim The Film the writer/director quickly noticed his talents and rewrote the movie to feature Timothy as the main villain. Timothy’s comedic timing is that of the old school straight man and with the wrestling background, his physical comedy is truly a must see. Timothy tries to choose diversified roles and take chances with every genre and always approaches everything he does with commitment, humor and grace. 

Steve Valentine (Everett K. Olson — ­ EKO) Born in Scotland, raised near London, Steve Valentine trained as an actor from the age of five. He made his stage debut at seven, playing Chululongkorn in a production of The King and I. From there, it was a wild journey getting to the US. At eighteen, Steve ran a nightclub in Yugoslavia, escaping to Italy when war broke out. He then entertained troops as a stand-up comedian, performing in the Belize jungle, Northern Ireland, and the Falkland Islands. Steve has also worked at the Riviera in Las Vegas and the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, where he’s a multi award winner. As an actor, Steve has appeared in a dozen movies and over 200 hours of television, including series regular roles on NBC’s Crossing Jordan and Disney’s I’m In the Band. He also hosted SYFY’s Estate of Panic, which was nominated for a Rose D’or. Steve is currently developing two series for network television and his graphic novel, Crimeworld, will soon be released. Best of all, he recently became a US citizen! Kristoffer Diaz (Playwright) Full-length titles include The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, Welcome to Arroyo’s, Guernica, and #therevolution. Awards: New York Times Outstanding Playwright Award; Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Play; Village Voice Obie Award for Best New American Play; the inaugural Gali Merrifield Papp Fellowship from the Public Theater; finalist for the 2010 Pulitzer Prize in Drama. His work has been produced, commissioned, and developed at The Public Theater, Dallas Theater Center, Geffen Playhouse, Center Theatre Group, The Goodman, Second Stage, Victory Gardens, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Actors Theater of Louisville, American Theatre Company, The Atlantic, InterAct, Mixed Blood, The Orchard Project, Hip-Hop Theater Festival, The Lark, Summer Play Festival, Donmar Warehouse, and South Coast Repertory. He has written short work for the 24 Hour Musicals and the 24 Hour Plays on Broadway. Kristoffer was one of the creators of Brink!, the apprentice anthology show at the 2009 Humana Festival of New American Plays. He is a playwright-in-residence at Teatro Vista; a resident playwright at New Dramatists; a co-founder of the Unit Collective; and a recipient of the Jerome Fellowship, the


WHO’S WHO IN THE CAST ABOUT THE PLAYERS Future Aesthetics Artist Regrant and the Van Lier Fellowship. Kristoffer holds a BA from New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, an MFA from NYU’s Department of Dramatic Writing, and an MFA from Brooklyn College’s Performing Arts Management program. Edward Torres (Director) Edward Torres is the Co-Founder and the current Artistic Director for Teatro Vista...Theatre with a View (in association with the Goodman Theatre). As Artistic Director, Mr. Torres has produced over 25 plays in the last twelve years. One of Mr. Torres’ most notable honors includes receiving the 2010 Jeff Award (Equity Wing) for Best Direction and Best Production for the The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity (Victory Gardens/Teatro Vista), which Off Broadway premiere was also under his direction at Second Stage (2010 NYC Lortel for Outstanding Play and Obie for Best Play). He will as well make his Goodman Theatre/Teatro Vista directing debut with Fish Men by Candido Tirado. Mr. Torres holds a BA in theatre from Roosevelt University in Chicago and an MFA in Film from Columbia College. Mr. Torres currently serves on the Illinois Arts Council, National Endowment for the Arts-Theatre Panel (2005-2007) and on the MAP Fund-Theatre Panel (2008). Additional directorial credits for Teatro Vista include: The Show Host and Aurora’s Motive (Jaime Pachino), Ambrosio (Romulus Linney), Icarus (Edwin Sanchez), and The Boiler Room (Rubin Gonzales). Directorial credits for Latino Chicago includes Lolita De Lares (Migdalia Cruz). BRIAN SIDNEY BEMBRIDGE (Scenic Designer) Brian returns to LA, where he has designed sets and lights for over a dozen shows for Circle X (Company Member), Boston Court, and Ensemble Studio Theatre LA, among others. Brian’s offBroadway credits include The Public Theater, Second Stage Theatre, Jean Cocteau Repertory Theatre, Kids with Guns and Theatre @ St. Clement’s. Regional credits include, Guthrie Theater, Actors Theatre of Louisville, the Alliance Theatre, Arden Theatre Company, The Children’s Theatre Company, California Shakespeare Theater, Round House Theatre, Virginia Opera, Opera Omaha, Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Madison Repertory Theatre and Dallas Theatre Company, among others. His Chicago credits include Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, The Goodman Theatre, The Second City, Lookingglass Theatre Company (Company Member), Court Theatre, The Chicago Theatre, Ravinia Festival, the Drury Lane theaters, Luna Negra Dance Theater, Writers’ Theatre, Northlight Theatre, Victory Gardens Theater, TimeLine Theatre Company (Artistic Associ-ate) and Teatro Vista (Artistic Associate) among others. His film

production design credits include Wallace Shawn’s Marie and Bruce; Holding Out; Stray Dogs. Mr. Bembridge has been honored with five Jeff Awards, three Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards, two Back Stage Garland Awards, an Ovation Award and an LA Weekly Award, and was named one of the five most prolific theater artists of the decade by Time Out Chicago. CHRISTINA HAATAINEN JONES (Costume Design) Tina most recently designed the costumes for the Geffen’s production of Nightmare Alley. Other designs at the Geffen: Quality of Life; Joan Rivers; A Picasso; Fat Pig; God of Hell; Take Me Out; Steve Martin’s The Underpants; I Just Stopped By to See the Man; Boy Gets Girl; Neil Simon’s Oscar and Felix: A New Look at The Odd Couple; God’s Man in Texas; All in the Timing; and the David Mamet plays The Cryptogram and The Old Neighborhood. Regionally she has designed for the Old Globe Theatre, The La Jolla Playhouse, Pasadena Playhouse, Denver Center Theatre, Ensemble Studio Theatre, Antaeus, Noise Within and the Lewis Family Playhouse among others. Tina is the Director of Design at the USC School of Theatre. Jesse Klug (Lighting Designer) National Tour of The Screwtape Letters. Off Broadway: The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity (Second Stage, Hewes Nomination), The Screwtape Letters (Westside Arts). Romulus (Guggenheim Museum), The Hourglass (NYMTF). Regional: Chicago Shakespeare, Drury Lane, Goodman Theatre, Victory Gardens, Lookingglass Theatre, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Court Theatre, Writers Theatre, Marriott Theatre, Timeline Theatre, American Theatre Company, Fulton Theatre, Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble, Portland Center Stage, Boars Head Theatre, American Theatre Company, Shakespeare Theatre Company, Milwaukee Repertory, Noble Fool, Chicago Dramatist. Resident Lighting Designer for Drury Lane, Route 66, and Chicago Tap Theatre. Jeff, and After Dark award winner. Mikhail Fiksel (Sound Design/Composition) Mikhail is excited for his debut with The Geffen. Based in Chicago, he is an ensemble member of Strawdog Theatre Company and 2nd Story, an Artistic Associate with Teatro Vista, Collaboraction and Redmoon Theatre and on the faculty at Loyola University. This is his 3rd production of Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, having worked on its world premiere by Chicago’s Victory Gardens and Teatro Vista (2010 Jeff Award Nomination) and on its Off-Broadway premiere at 2nd Stage Theatre (2011 Lucille Award and 2011 Henry Hewes Design Award Nomination). Other recent Chicago credits include The Real

Thing and Travels with My Aunt (Writers Theater); Tree, Living Green (Victory Gardens); Master & Margarita, The Good Soul of Szechuan, Uncle Vanya, Cherry Orchard and Old Town (Strawdog); Pirates of Penzance, Frankenstein, Oedipus (The Hypocrites); The Winter Pageant, Last of My Species, The Cabinet (Redmoon Theater); 26 Miles, Blindmouth Singing (Teatro Vista); 1001, Jon and Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow (Collaboraction); A War with the Newts, The U.N. Inspector (Next); Awake & Sing (Northlight); Feast (Albany Park Theatre Project); Massacre (The Goodman Theatre). Regional, OffBroadway and international projects include Mauritius (Milwaukee Chamber Theatre); In The Next Room (St. Louis Repertory), Festival FILO (Londrina, Brazil) and The Fool (Arnhem, Holland). He was recently awarded the Michael Maggio Emerging Designer Award and received his 5th Joseph Jefferson Award, in addition to an AfterDark Award and an Orgie Award for Original Music. When he is not busy fighting crime, he is performing or recording with his band Seeking Wonderland or the dynamic dj duo The Ordeal. PETER NIGRINI   (Projection Design) Peter has designed projection on Broadway for Fela!, 9 to 5: The Musical and Say Goodnight Gracie.  Other designs include the Grace Jones Hurricane Tour, Der Ferne Klang, (Bard Summerscape), Haroun and the Sea of Stories (City Opera), Blind Date (Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance), Fetch Clay, Make Man (McCarter Theater Center), The Orphan of Zhao (Lincoln Center Festival), Sweet Bird of Youth (Williamstown), Dido and Aeneas (Handel Haydn Society), Biro (the Public Theater) and Wings (2nd Stage). For Nature Theater of Oklahoma, No Dice (2008 Obie Award), Romeo and Juliet (Salzburger Festspiele) and Life and Times, Epiode 1&2 (Burgtheater, Vienna) among others. He was also the designer on Becoming Helen Keller (PBS American Masters), his current projects include Here Lies Love at the public theatre and the Off-Broadway revival of Rent. DAVID WOOLLEY, S.A.F.D (Fight Director) David Woolley is a Fight Master with the Society of American Fight Directors, a Senior Lecturer at Columbia College Chicago, and Guido Crescendo in Dirk and Guido the Swordsmen! He has staged fights for over 500 productions in his 30 year career as a theatrical fight director based out of Chicago. Most recent work includes: As You Like It , Chicago Shakespeare; Billy Elliott at the Oriental Theater; David Cromer’s A Streetcar Named Desire at Writer’s Theatre and Cherrywood at Mary Archie; and The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, at both Victory Gardens/Teatro Vista (Joseph Jefferson Award for Fight Direction) and Second Stage, NYC. At Columbia College Chicago he oversees the violence needs

of a burgeoning department (23 shows this semester!) and teaches three classes of combative arts. He is currently performing in his 22nd season as Guido, now at the Ohio Renaissance Faire. Young Ji (Production Stage Manager) Geffen Playhouse: Extraordinary Chambers, In Mother Words, Love Loss & What I Wore, Ricky Jay: A Rogue’s Gallery; Louis & Keely: Live at the Sahara. Center Theatre Group: The Cherry Orchard (Taper); Wrecks, Trial of the Catonsville Nine, Pyrenees, A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, Apollo, Flight, New Works Festival (Kirk Douglas Theatre); Speak to Me (CTG P.L.A.Y. in-school program). Other Los Angeles includes Antaeus Company: Cousin Bette, King Lear, The Autumn Garden (Producer); La Ronde, The Glass Menagerie (Director); American Tales, Tonight at 8:30, Phaedra (Getty Villa), ClassicsFests 04, 06, 08, 10, Mother Courage and Her Children, Pera Palas, The Dickens Project, Chekhov X 4 (Production Stage Manager). LA Theater Works: Secret Order, Sonia Flew, Work Song; Matrix Theater: Dealing with Clair; Theatre@Boston Court: A Winter People. Tour: Jerry Quickley’s Live from the Front in Finland: Urban Festival, NYC: Public Theater, Apollo Theater, Portland: TBA Festival, Seattle: Bumbershoot Festival, and others; Mariachi Los Camperos De Nati Cano; Fiesta Navidad ’06. Gary J. Breitbach (Assistant Stage Manager) Gary is happy to be making his Geffen Playhouse debut with The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity. Local Stage Managing credits include: 1776 at Musical Theatre West, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Full Monty, Fiddler on the Roof and Bye, Bye Birdie at Civic Light Opera of South Bay Cities. Assistant Stage Manager for; Oliver, Annie Get Your Gun, Sophisticated Ladies, Kiss Me Kate, Twice Upon A Time, Cinderella and Miss Saigon with CLOSBC. Other Stage Management credits include: Miss Saigon with North Carolina Theatre, Diva on the Verge staring Julia Migenes at the Sydney Opera House, How To Talk Minnesotan, Guys On Ice - The Ice Fishing Musical, A Closer Walk With Patsy Cline, Cotton Patch Gospel and The Lovely Liebowitz Sisters. National tours include; Same Time Next Year with Adrian Zmed and Mackenzie Phillips, The Sunshine Boys with Dick VanPatten and Frank Gorshin, The Fantastics, Pump Boys and Dinettes, A Christmas Carol, Miracle On 34th Street, and Blast II Shockwave. Recently Gary was involved with the staged readings of Beatrice’s Goat for Heifer International and Standing On Ceremony – The Gay Marriage Plays benefitting California Equality. Phyllis Schuringa (Casting Director) Phyllis is in her ninth season as Casting Director at the Geffen Playhouse. Recent plays include: The Escort, Ruined


WHO’S WHO IN THE CAST ABOUT THE PLAYERS (LA Casting), Equivocation, Matthew Modine Saves the Alpacas, Farragut North, The Seafarer, Time Stands Still, By the Waters of Babylon, The Quality of Life and Third. Prior to the Geffen, Phyllis served as casting director for the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago. Her favorites include Frank Galati’s adaptation of The Grapes of Wrath (also La Jolla Playhouse, National Theatre in London, and Broadway, where it received the Tony Award for Best Play), the original production of Steve Martin’s Picasso at the Lapin Agile (and subsequent productions including Westwood Playhouse and Briar Street Theater in Chicago), Austin Pendleton’s Orson’s Shadow and Charles L. Mee’s Time to Burn. Broadway transfers include One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Tony for Best Revival) and The Song of Jacob Zulu. She teaches auditioning at Steppenwolf West. AMY LEVINSON (Dramaturg) Amy Levinson is the Literary Manager and Dramaturg of the Geffen Playhouse. Her dramaturgy credits at the Geffen Playhouse include The Weir, Looking for Normal, Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks, Under The Blue Sky, Rose and Walsh, Boy Gets Girl, I Just Stopped By To See The Man, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Third, The Quality of Life and Equivocation among others. Also a translator of Yiddish drama, she holds an MFA in Dramaturgy from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where she taught until 1997. She has worked in literary offices at Hartford Stage and The Mark Taper Forum.

GILBERT CATES (Producing Director) Gilbert Cates is recognized as a leader in television, film and theater. Currently presiding as the Producing Director of the Geffen Playhouse, he is dedicated to enriching the Los Angeles theatrical spectrum by presenting the finest in contemporary and classical theater. In November 1996, Cates was the recipient of the Jimmy Dolittle Award for Outstanding Contribution to Los Angeles Theater. He received the 1999 Ovation Award for best play for Collected Stories, starring Linda Lavin and Samantha Mathis, which he directed at the Geffen. The accolades for Cates expand into other areas of the entertainment industry. He produced and directed the 1970 film version of the Broadway hit I Never Sang for My Father, starring Melvyn Douglas,


Gene Hackman and Estelle Parsons. The movie earned three Academy Award nominations. Cates also directed Joanne Woodward and Sylvia Sidney in the 1973 film Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams, which received two Oscar nominations. Other film directing credits include: The Promise, One Summer Love, The Last Married Couple in America, Oh! God Book II and Backfire. He further distinguished himself as director and/ or producer of a number of television dramatic specials. These include NBC’s 1972 Emmy Award-winning To all My Friends on Shore, starring Bill Cosby, ABC’s 1974 The Affair starring Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner, NBC’s 1975 After the Fall starring Faye Dunaway and Christopher Plummer. Other credits include: Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye, The Kid from Nowhere, County Gold, Faerie Tale Theater’s Rapunzel and Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Hobson’s Choice, Burning Rage, Consenting Adults, Fatal Judgment, Do You Know the Muffin Man, Call Me Anna, Absolute Strangers, In My Daughter’s Name, and Tom Clancy’s Netforce (Cates directed James Agee’s A Death in the Family for Masterpiece Theater’s American Collection of PBS and Donald Margulies’ Collected Stories for PBS Hollywood Presents). In September 2002, he directed David Eldridge’s Under the Blue Sky for The Geffen Playhouse and directed Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in 2005, the inaugural production in the newly-renovated Geffen Playhouse. In February 2007 he directed Jeffrey Hatcher’s A Picasso in the Audrey Skirball Kenis Theater. He served two terms as President of the Directors Guild of America from 1983 to 1987. In 1989, he received the Guild’s Robert B. Aldrich Award for extraordinary service and, in 1991, he received the DGA’s Honorary Life Membership. He also served as Dean of the UCLA School of Theater Film and Television (which he founded) from 1990— 1998. In 2008, Cates produced the 80th Annual Academy Awards show for ABC, his 14th occasion producing the Awards, for which he has already garnered 84 nominations and 17 Emmy Awards. Mr Cates was born in New York City and attended Syracuse University. Married to Dr. Judith Reichman, he has four children, two stepchildren and six grandchildren.

RANDALL ARNEY (Artistic Director) Randall Arney is known to Geffen audiences for his direction of The Female of the Species by Joanna

Murray-Smith; Speed the Plow by David Mamet; All My Sons by Arthur Miller, Richard Greenberg’s Take Me Out, Stephen Jeffreys’ I Just Stopped by to See the Man, Rebecca Gilman’s Boy Gets Girl, David Rambo’s God’s Man in Texas and Conor McPherson’s The Weir and The Seafarer. He is an ensemble member and former Artistic Director of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre, where he directed The Seafarer; I Just Stopped by to See the Man; The Beauty Queen of Leenane; Death and the Maiden; Curse of the Starving Class; Bang; A Walk in the Woods; Killers and The Geography of Luck. In addition, he directed the world premiere of Picasso at the Lapin Agile at Steppenwolf, as well as the subsequent Los Angeles (Westwood Playhouse, Drama-Logue Critics’ Award), Off-Broadway, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Tokyo productions. In Chicago, he oversaw the design, creation and completion of a new state-of-the-art theatre with a mainstage and studio. Broadway transfers under his leadership include The Rise and Fall of Little Voice; The Song of Jacob Zulu (six Tony Award nominations); and The Grapes of Wrath (1990 Tony Award, Best Play). Mr. Arney’s acting credits with Steppenwolf include Born Yesterday (opposite Glenne Headly); Ghost in the Machine; The Homecoming; Frank’s Wild Years (with Tom Waits, directed by Gary Sinise); You Can’t Take it With You; Fool for Love; True West (directed by Gary Sinise); and Balm in Gilead and Coyote Ugly (both directed by John Malkovich). On film he has appeared in Normal and Weapons of Mass Distraction (HBO); Mystery, Alaska; The Out-of-Towners; Chain Reaction; The Color of Money and Miles from Home. Mr. Arney has an MFA degree in Acting and has taught acting and directing at Columbia College in Chicago and Illinois State University. He has also held master classes and workshops at Steppenwolf, around the U.S., and in Tokyo.

KEN NOVICE (Managing Director) Prior to joining Geffen Playhouse Novice served as Managing Director and Director of External Affairs at Pasadena Playhouse. Prior to that he was Director of Marketing and Public Relations for San Diego’s Tony Awardwinning Old Globe Theatre developing marketing and public relations programs for Jack O’Brien’s revival of Damn Yankees, the Tony Award-

nominated musical The Full Monty, Henry IV starring John Goodman as well as the Tony-nominated hit Play On! among many others. Novice’s credits also include marketing and public relations with the Tony Award-winning Denver Center Theater Company and New York’s Circle Repertory Company. As Director of Programming for YouthStream Media Networks he developed national marketing and public relations programs for major motion pictures from Columbia Pictures, DreamWorks S. K. G. , Buena Vista Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Fox Broadcasting, 20th Century Fox, MGM, New Line Cinema and Warner Brothers Pictures. He also managed Ken Novice Entertainment Marketing, working with such clients as The Salvation Army, Sephra Fountains LLC, and promotional partners including Warner Brothers, American Express and Gelson’s among others. Novice served as Head of Theatre Management for the California State University Long Beach theatre management M. F. A. / M. B. A. degree program and has been a guest lecturer at San Diego State University and the University of California, San Diego. He holds a B. A. from the Pennsylvania State University and an M. B. A. from San Diego State University. SECOND STAGE THEATRE Producer of the New York run of The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, Second Stage Theatre was founded in 1979 under the leadership of artistic director Carole Rothman. It produces a diverse range of premieres and new interpretations of America’s best contemporary theatre, including such productions as Let Me Down Easy, Everyday Rapture, Becky Shaw, Animals Out of Paper, Edward Albee’s Peter and Jerry, The Little Dog Laughed, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Crowns, Jitney, Saturday Night, The Good Times Are Killing Me, This Is Our Youth and Coastal Disturbances. The company’s more than 125 citations include the Pulitzer Prize, seven Tony Awards, the 2002 Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Body of Work, 26 Obie Awards, six Outer Critics Circle Awards, two Clarence Derwent Awards, 12 Drama Desk Awards, nine Theatre World Awards, 11 Lucille Lortel Awards, the Drama Critics Circle Award and 15 AUDELCO Awards.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS PRODUCTION STAFF FOR THE ELABORATE ENTRANCE OF CHAD DEITY Deck Supervisor Dwayne Barnes Master Electrician Darren Rezowalli Sound Master James Grabowski Wardrobe Supervisor Leah A. Lewis Production Assistant Leia Crawford Associate Fight Director Ned Mochel Followspot Operator/Assistant Master Electrician Yelena Babinskaya Assistant Lighting Designer greg hofmann Assistant Set Designer Stephen Ricker Assistant Sound Designer Beth Lake Assistant Projection Designer C. Andrew Bauer Projection Editor dan vatsky Projection Programmer benjamin keightley Video Shoot Line Producer steven paraTore Assistant Costume Designer Holly Victoria ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Set provided by scenic highlights Lighting Equipment provided by Entertainment Lighting Services Sound Equipment provided by Jon Sound Inc. SPECIAL THANKS

UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television Scene, Prop, Sound and Costume Shops, London Cleaners, Peet’s Coffee and Tea, Susan Barras, Roy Gabay Productions and PRG UCLA SCHOOL OF THEATER, FILM AND TELEVISION The Geffen Playhouse is affiliated with the University of California at Los Angeles, specifically the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. The Geffen Playhouse values its role as an important educational resource by providing students with master classes, workshops and internships. Students are also able to work and learn from distinguished visiting Geffen artists such as Donald Margulies, Annette Bening, Ed Harris, Neil LaBute, John Rando, Terrence McNally, Alan Ayckbourn, David Mamet, David Ives and Jon Robin Baitz in areas of directing, playwriting, acting, design, dramaturgy, management and production. The Geffen Playhouse also draws upon the distinguished experts in the university to enhance the theater’s programs and research. The actors and stage managers employed in this production are members of Actors’ Equity Association; The Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States. The director is a member of the society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, Inc., an independent national labor union.



The Geffen is thrilled to welcome back West Restaurant & Lounge as the official restaurant partner for Lounge Fridays this season! High atop the iconic Hotel Angeleno sits West Restaurant and Lounge, a savvy penthouse level steakhouse, known for its breathtaking 200 degree views of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean, flavorful mix of grilled and roasted all-natural meats, and an extensive list of unique Californian and Italian wines. The menu features farmer’s market fresh dishes like Jidori Chicken, Organic Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli, Pan Roasted Loch Duart Salmon and premium steaks ranging from a Chateau Filet to 28 oz. Porterhouse. In addition, guests can enjoy live music throughout the week with performances by notable local jazz musicians and contemporary artists in the West Lounge a laid back section of the restaurant perfect for enjoying good conversation, a martini and champagne and small bites in the Bubbles & Bites Champagne Lounge. The warm and inviting ambiance, standout service, live jazz sessions in the lounge and breathtaking panoramic views of the city are just a taste of why people continue to go West. The Geffen Playhouse looks forward to another season filled with delicious signature dishes from West Restaurant & Lounge! Check our Facebook page regularly for updates on menu items that will be served at Lounge Fridays.

Next Fall november 18 & november 25



Red Hot Patriot:

The Passion of Marie Curie

The Kick-Ass Wit of Molly Ivins

november 25

january 27 & february 3

The Jacksonian

Good People

The Exorcist

february 3

april 27 & May 4

July 27 & August 3


Marvelous ambiance enhances the mood Sunday nights as you cap off your weekend with complimentary wine tastings from 6:00pm – 7:00pm in the Geffen’s lobby and classic sounds of Southern California from new media sponsor, 100.3 The Sound. We’re pleased to announce our Wine Down Sunday partners for the first three productions this season. Check back at for info on spring and summer 2012 wine partners.

malibu family wines Nestled deep in Malibu’s Santa Monica Mountains is the sprawling 1,000-acre Saddlerock Ranch, home to Malibu Family Wines. With the high altitude and separation from the coast, along with an ideal blend of weather conditions and rich, rocky soil, it’s the perfect environment for growing premium wine grapes.

Malibu Family Wines, The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity wine partner

Martian Ranch Martian Ranch is an eclectic grower of grape varieties both esoteric and otherwise. They are a young, biodynamically-farmed vineyard on Alisos Canyon Road in the Santa Ynez Valley where they take their farming much more seriously than they take themselves. Martian Ranch is the creation of its proprietor Nan Helgeland. Despite rumors to the contrary of out-of-this-world intervention, “Martian” is the melding of the names of her sons Martin and Ian. The property is planted to 20 acres of Mediterranean and Iberian grape varieties, the grapes they like to drink. The grapes thrive in the warm central coast climate, making the wine ideal accompaniments to the food of the area. Their new winery should be ready to accept visitors at the beginning of 2012, so plan to stop by when visiting the area.

Martian Ranch Vineyards, Next Fall & Radiance wine partner

Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley Dry Creek Valley is located one hour north of San Francisco, nestled within the rolling hills just outside of Healdsburg in Sonoma County. Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley is a trade association consisting of more than 60 wineries and 150 winegrape growers to promote the region’s multigenerational w ine and grape heritage. Many 100+ year-old vines are still in production, enabling winemakers to craft extraordinarily complex wine. Zinfandel is the grape for which Dry Creek Valley is probably bestknown, although Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah and Sauvignon Blanc play integral roles in maintaining the region’s reputation as a goto appellation for great, artisan-produced wine. Most of the growers engage in sustainable farming practices, with many having attained organic or biodynamic certification of their vineyard sources.

Next Fall november 6, 13, 20 & 27 december 4


Red Hot Patriot:

The Passion of Marie Curie

The Kick-Ass Wit of Molly Ivins

november 13, 20 & 27 december 4

january 15, 22 & 29 february 5 & 12

Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley, Red Hot Patriot wine partner

The Jacksonian

Good People

The Exorcist

February 5 & 12

april 15, 22 & 29 May 6 & 13

july 15, 22 & 29 August 5 & 12


Only Available by subscription

October 25 — December 4, 2011

Next Fall Written by

Geoffrey Nauffts Directed by

Sheryl Kaller West Coast Premiere 2010 Tony Award Nominee

“Artful, thoughtful and very moving.” – New York Times

“Surprisingly hilarious.” – New York Post

January 3 — February 12, 2012

Red Hot Patriot:

The Kick-Ass Wit of Molly Ivins Written by

Margaret Engel & Allison Engel Directed by

David Esbjornson

Only Available by subscription

April 3 — May 13, 2012

Good People Written by

David Lindsay-Abaire JUST ANNOUNCED! West Coast Premiere 2010 Tony Award Nominee Pulitzer Prize Winning playwright


Kathleen Turner West Coast Premiere

“See this play!” — Politics Daily

four play packages for under $55 per play


Only Available by subscription

July 3 - August 12, 2012

The Exorcist Written by

John Pielmeier Adapted from the book by

William Peter Blatty Directed by

John Doyle World Premiere Tony Award winning director

Only Available by subscription

In the Audrey Skirball Kenis Theater at the Geffen Playhouse

November 1 — December 11, 2011


The Passion of Marie Curie Written by

Alan Alda Directed by

Daniel Sullivan World Premiere Tony Award winning director

Only Available by subscription

In the Audrey Skirball Kenis Theater at the Geffen Playhouse

January 31 — March 11, 2012

The Jacksonian Written by

Beth Henley Directed by

Robert Falls Featuring

Ed Harris, Glenne Headly, Amy Madigan & Bill Pullman World Premiere Pulitzer Prize Winning playwright Tony Award winning director

Prime orchestra locations available! PLUS Complimentary parking!

Cynthia Stafford’s Gifted Day at the Geffen June 15, 2011

Thank you to our Board member Cynthia Stafford for inspiring hundreds of youth who were able to attend Superior Donuts thanks to her generosity!

“I was a boy born in areas people think of as the ghetto. Now I’m a young man getting good grades, knowing my subjects, taking the opportunity my teachers gave to me. I am proving them wrong and will continue. I was stamped a failure, but now I am and will be somebody.” — Jeray

Eighth grade student at Markham Middle School, one of many students inspired by his day at the Geffen Playhouse

“I can tell you that the trip to the Geffen and the play Superior Donuts was truly a wondrous event. I can’t believe how perfect that performance was for middle school kids! We had an outstanding time and it was very well organized. I hope that our students will have similar opportunities in the future.” — Kit McConnell, NBCT

R.L. Stevenson Middle School English Language Arts Department

To find out more about this day and our other education and outreach programs or to support them Please call the Development Department at 310.208.6500 ext.112



UP Nights at the Geffen Playhouse: Skid Row Theater Initiative

“Wow! I can’t imagine being more inspired by anything! I left the theatre feeling like I was walking on air!” “I used to perform professionally when I as younger and then many things happened in my life. This made me want to go back to acting, writing and singing again. Thank you and God bless you.” “I now truly believe that through art many lives can be changed.” — Skid Row Theater Initiative Attendees

In partnership with Urban Possibilities (UP) — a Los Angeles-based non-profit whose mission is to inspire the homeless and working poor striving to become contributing citizens — the Geffen Playhouse continues its Skid Row outreach program for all Gil Cates Theater productions. The first portion of UP Nights takes place at the James Woods Community Center on 5th Street and San Julian in the heart of Skid Row, where Geffen Playhouse Education Director Debra Pasquerette and UP Executive Director Evyette Jones-Johnson lead a discussion with the UP clients scheduled to attend the theater. The discussion is based on study materials created by the Geffen Playhouse’s Education Department, which explores each show’s characters, plot, historical context and themes that specifically impact the lives of UP clients. UP Nights culminate at the Geffen Playhouse where clients are invited to attend a Talk Back Tuesday performance, which includes a post-show discussion with the actors and creative team. For some attendees this outreach allows them to see their very first play; for others it may have been decades since their last experience at a theater. Following their visit to the Geffen, Debra and Eyvette host a post-show workshop with the attendees of the performance at the James Woods Community Center.

Geffen Playhouse education and outreach programs are designed to provide sustainable and lasting artistic impressions on the diverse populations they serve. For more information on this initiative or those serving the elderly, students and veterans, please contact the Education and Outreach Department at 310.208.6500 ext.156


SCENE AT THE GEFFEN PLAYHOUSE Opening Night of Superior Donuts Sponsored by Audi of America, Inc. and Los Angeles magazine

Mila Malden, friend of the Geffen Playhouse Mona Malden, Debra Oates and Geffen Playhouse Board Member Arthur Greenberg

The cast of Superior Donuts with Artistic Director Randy Arney and Producing Director Gil Cates

Actors Gary Cole and Edi Gathegi enjoy Montage Beverly Hills Executive Pastry Chef Richard Ruskell’s amazing cake

Chairman of the Board Frank Mancuso, Fay Mancuso and their son Frank Mancuso Jr. with his wife Kim Mancuso

Producing Director Gil Cates with Jack Neinstein of the Marcia Israel Foundation

Geffen Playhouse Chairman’s Circle donors Donna McKenna and Flynn Chernos

Geffen Playhouse donors Ronnie and Vidal Sassoon with Toni Brotman Wald (center)

find out how to attend geffen playhouse opening nights Call the Development Department at 310.208.6500 ext.128



annual donors The Geffen Playhouse recognizes the following individuals and organizations for their generous support of our Annual Fund. Donors are listed at the Associate level and higher for gifts made between April 1, 2010 and July 15, 2011.


Anonymous Patricia Applegate Audi of America, Inc City National Bank ClearEdge Power Mary Ann Cloyd Creative Artists Agency Susan and John Ebey Edgerton Foundation Herbert M. and Beverly J. Gelfand Adi and Jerry Greenberg Carole and Bill Haber Marilyn and Jeffrey Katzenberg Glorya Kaufman Keyes Automotive Group Latham and Watkins Lincy Foundation Los Angeles County Arts Commission Ginny Mancini Fay and Frank Mancuso Donna McKenna and Flynn Chernos Ron and Kelly Meyer Ann and Jerry Moss Ralph M. Parsons Foundation PricewaterhouseCoopers Madeline and Bruce Ramer Linda Bernstein Rubin and Tony Rubin Richard and Barbara Sherman Shubert Foundation Skirball Foundation Kate Capshaw Spielberg and Steven Spielberg Cynthia P. Stafford and Lanre Idewu Jodi and Howard Tenenbaum Tropicana Las Vegas Warner Bros. Entertainment Judy and Chancellor Charles E. Young


A&E Television Networks Stephanie and Jonathan Carson CBS Corporation Classic Party Rentals Joyce Eisenberg-Keefer and Melvin Keefer Greater Los Angeles New Car Dealers Association Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust Dan Hartman Arts and Music Foundation Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa Marcia Israel Foundation, Inc. Los Angeles magazine Susanna Midnight and Charlie Midnight Montage Hotels and Resorts Napa Valley Grille Nikki Beach Northern Trust, NA The Edward A. and Ai O. Shay Family Foundation Judith and Bruce Stern The Lear Family Foundation The Walt Disney Company Universal Studios W Hotel Westwood Westime Fred Willard


$10,000 - $24,999 Anonymous Ariel Investments, LLC Bacara Resort and Spa Bioque Technologies, Inc. Bittersweet Butterfly Charles A. Black, Jr. Evelyn and Stephen Block Annette Blum Brotman Foundation of California Eileen and Harold Brown Mark Burnett and Roma Downey

Capital Group Companies City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs Shelley Wike Cranley Carole Bayer Sager and Robert A. Daly Dwight Stuart Youth Fund Susan and Mark Fleischer Four Seasons Fox Entertainment Group Gagosian Gallery Inc Gang, Tyre, Ramer and Brown, Inc. G.E. Foundation Patty Glaser and Sam Mudie Gloria and Peter Gold Arthur Greenberg C. Curtis Grisham Guy D. Gundlach Halper Fine Art In Memory of Morrie Hazan HBO Films Eric and Samantha Heer Martha Henderson Mellody Hobson InterActive Corp (IAC) Jewish World Watch Joseph Drown Foundation JP Morgan Chase and Co. Dora and Neil Kadisha Joan Kaloustian Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation Michael Kong and Anastasia Twilley Sandra Krause and William Fitzgerald Leo S. Guthman Fund Carla Malden Mona Malden Malibu Family Wines Susan and Peter Mallory Nancy and Michael McClelland Sandra E. Milken Todd M. Morgan National Endowment for the Arts Anna K. Nupson Occidental Petroleum Corp Christine Marie Ofiesh Lee and Lawrence J. Ramer Readers Fine Jewelers Resnick Family Foundation Loren Rothschild and Hon. Frances Rothschild Richard Ruskell The Simms/Mann Family Foundation Sotheby’s Fred Specktor and Nancy Heller DeeAnna Staats, Staats and Co. The Vidal Sassoon Foundation Heather Thomas and Skip Brittenham Transamerica Insurance and Investment Group Union Bank W Fort Lauderdale John and Marilyn Wells William Morris Endeavor Entertainment Angela Wommack Gail Zappa Anthony P. Zinge


$5,000 - $9,999 J.J. Abrams and Katie McGrath Jehan F. Agrama and Dwora Fried Jack and Hilary Angelo Mara and Jonathan Blum Bobcat Productions, Inc Linda and Jerry Bruckheimer Marcy Carsey and Leo Yoshimura Jo Champa Alexander Conlin Larry and Sophie Cripe Bill and Kate In honor of Blanch Schimmel John Dittmar DreamWorks Studios Fielding Edlow and Larry Clarke Entertainment Industry Foundation George Hoag Family Foundation Barbara Grenell Hachette Book Group Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort and Spa Cindy and Alan Horn Hotel Shangri-La Thomas Pryor and Vincent Imhoff Vicki Iovine

Wendell and Bernice Jeffrey Jhpiego Mannon Kaplan Sally and Dr. Manny J. Karbelnig Sabrina Kay Charitable Foundation Hope Mineo and Jeffrey Kitchen L and N Andreas Foundation Marlene and Sandy Louchheim Marie Marciano Barbara and Garry Marshall Frank Mancuso Jr.and Kim Mancuso Morris and Libby Singer Foundation Pelican Hill Resort Rollin Ransom and Chris Lacroix Kay and Bob Rehme Pamela Robinson Hollander and Robert Hollander Monica and Phil Rosenthal Jay D. Roth and Sherry E. Grant Barry and Nancy Sanders Steve Sauer Jody and Arthur Schmid Showtime Networks Inc Gussie Sitkin Sports Club LA St. Regis Princeville Resort Tanaz Assil Jewelry Tanino Ristorante The Eli and Edythe L. Broad Foundation David Tillman, MD and Karen Zoller, MD Tribune Direct Richard and March Wiseley Women for Women International Elena and Drew Zager Ruth and Stan Zicklin

EDUCATION ADVOCATE $1,000 - $4,999

Anonymous (6) 23rd Street Jewelers Harry and Gay Abrams/ Abrams Artists Agency Dr. Richard A. Ackerman and Miriam Shakter Janis Adams and John Lyons Aegon Transamerica Foundation Miriam Aguiar AIG Matching Grants Program Olga S. Alderson Michael Alexander Debbie and Norman Allen Richard Alonso Merryl and David A. Alpert Laura and Harvey Alpert Charitable Foundation Katherine Amber Amgen Foundation Patti and Harlan Amstutz Angell Foundation John Antoni Margaret and Howard Arvey Avion Tequila Shelli Azoff Badrutt’s Palace Hotel Brandon Bailo D.C. and Carol Ann Bakeman Alec Baldwin Babak Baravarian Heather Barlow Katherine Barrese Robert E. and Maria H. Barron Jericho Poppler and Dr. Greg Bartlow Mike Baxter Rick and Shelley Bayer Norman Beil Peter Benedek Shelly and Libby Bergen Wendy and John Bergquist Jason Berk MOCA Foundation Helen Bing Caron Block Nathalie Blossom and Howard Levy Pamela and Bill Bohnert Border Grill The Bordy and Leibovic Families Jeff Borris Greg and Elizabeth Borrud Brenda and Alan Borstein Deanne Bosnak

Brentwood Gardens Brentwood School Dr. Wallace P. Brithinee Robert Broder Carolyn and Gerald Bronstein Robert Brook and Jacqueline Kosecoff James L. Brooks Wendy and David Brotman Cameron Broumand Ross G. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Todd Brown and Family Michael Bunin Jason Calacanis Canine Companions for Independence Cliff Cantor Henry Capanna Chancellor Emeritus Albert Carnesale and Mrs. Robin Carnesale Dr. Fanya Carter and Dr. Harold J. Delchamps Nick Cassavetes Valarie de la Garza and Michael Centeno Josh Chait Lisa, Michael and Rachel Chalfin Ms. Martha Chase Chef Jaydene O’Connor Cirque du Soleil Laurel and Aaron Clark Scott Clarkson Sandy Climan Jon Cohen Linda and John Coleman Lou Colen Terri Konheim Cooper Donald and Zoe Cosgrove Michael and Arline Covell Creative Brand Jeremiah Cuertas Nancy A. Cypert Daedalus Foundation, Inc Stephen Philibosian Foundation Sandy Daneshrad Shirley Lu and Norman Davidson Sky Dayton Jason Delane Deluscious Cookies Dawn DeNoon Jonathan DeRosa Dr. Udayakumar Devaskar Vin Di Bona and Erica Gerard Nicolina Clark and Robert Dinlocker Wil* and Glorya Dixon Tremecca D. Doss Steven Dubin Gerald and Sally Ducot Richard Duffy William Duncan Marilyn P. Dunn Rich S. Eisen Dr. and Mrs. Paul Eisenberg Jeff Eisfelder Colleen M. Ellis Kevin Watts and Christine Enlow Carl and Courtenay Enright Daniel Erickson Mica Ertegun Carol and J.B. Esterkin Dean Factor Bill Fagerbakke Mark Feldman Alex Ferrari Gloria and Morton Field Rabbi Harvey and Sybil Fields Robert Finkelstein Tommy Finkelstein Eric Flamholtz and Yvonne Randle Burt and Nanette Forester Joseph Francis Fresh Sarah Leonard Fine Jewelers Tom Fuller Future Lighting Mike Gainey Richard Galletti Kathleen Garfield Inez Gelfand Rick Genow Paul and Cheri Gienger Harry A. Gilbert Rose Gilbert Kiki and David Gindler Priscila Giraldo Cherna and Dr. Gary Gitnick Jacqueline M. Glass

Michael Glasser Tracey Gluck Charlotte Gold Marion Goldenfeld Ian Gomez Christopher Gorelik Susie and Bruce Goren Edith Gould Gwen and Albert Grabb Adrienne Grant and Paul Jennings Perry Green Susan Green Allen Grubman Jay Gruska The Guerin Foundation Madeline Gussman Marc Guth Kathryn Hahn Monty and Marilyn Hall Eric Handler Audley Harrison Julian Hart Michael Hauptman Mr. and Mrs. William Hellman Harriette Henderson Mel and Faith Henkin Grant Heslov Michael Heslov Jean Himmelstein and David Coleman James Hliboki and Hildi Snodgrass Dr. John D. Hofbauer and Dr. Laura E. Fox Mrs. Dorothy Hoffman Stanley and Gail Hollander Roger and Linda Howard Toni Hoyt Lynn Hunt and Margaret Jacob Terry and Marc J. Jacoby Joshua Jahnke Melina Jampolis Jerome and Linda Janger Paul Johansson Jack and Cindy Jones Mr. and Mrs. Vernon D. Jones Jordan Strauss Photography Joseph B. Gould Foundation Michael Kane Swati Kapila Karney Guren Family Foundation Julie and David Kavner Kelly Kellner Lenny and David Kelton Shelah Kidd Chris King Barbara and Stuart Klabin Kent Klavens Joe Klemash Joe and Karen Knott Ron Kolar Leslie and Norman Koplof Hrag Kopooshian Thea and Neal Koss Wolf Kramer Carol Krause Krol Vodka Seth Krugliak Bob Kushell La Costa Resort and Spa Jon Landau Helene and Arthur Laub J. Michael Lee and Layne Rainey Steven Lee Steve Lehrer Michael Lembeck Phyllis and Ken Lemberger Paul Lester Drs. Gerald and Barbara Levey Alan S. Levin Ed and Betsy Levine Carla and Rodney Liber Rodney Liber Mae and Hugh Lichtig Victor Lieberman John Liebes Steven and Nancy Lippman Steve Lipscomb Elisabeth S. Lipsman Kevin Lipton Judith Locke and Dennis Massie Mr. and Mrs. Kalman Loeb Jennifer LoPata Manny Lopez Karen and Frederick Lorig Lost Iguana Resort and Spa Marcia E. Williams and Gene Lucero


ANNUAL DONORS Vincent Lupo Meyer and Renee Luskin Malibu Beach Inn The Jennifer and Greg Malins Foundation Gary Malouf Brian Mann Elizabeth Marcellino Eric G.C. Mark MarketCast Steve Markoff Marlborough School Dan Marrow Paul Martino Max Mashour Maurice Amado Foundation Lesia and William Maxwell Karen Mbanefo Nancy McCabe Patrick McCabe John McCrite and Juan Lopez Janis B. McEldowney Sue McHugh and Herb Seese Dianne and Burton Merrill Mona Metwalli The Miles Family Barbara and Fred Miller Philip Miller Andrew and Laura Mintzer Barbara J. Mitchell Dr. Kirstin Moerk, Mr. Neil E. Woodburn, Mr. Malcolm R. Down, Kenneth R. Johnson In Memory of Larry G. Mathis Joanne and Joel Mogy Laurie and Chuck Mondrus Rich and Michele Monosson Jonathan D. Moonves Robert S. Moore Morgan Stanley Lowell M. Morgen Garry Morris and Kent Harrison Hayes David Morse Lon Morse and Toni Hollander Morse Kate Mowlene John K. Murphy Benjamin and Hedy Nazarian Andrew H. Newman Joan and Fred Nicholas Albert and Barbara Nichols Susan Bay Nimoy and Leonard Nimoy Chase P. Offield Gerald and Gail Oppenheimer Steve and Judy Orich Laura Ornest Pearl O’Rourke Guy Oseary Carol and Bill Ouchi Charles Pacheco Jason Packham Laurie MacDonald and Walter Parkes Council Member Bernard C. and Bobbie Parks Michael Parks and Judith Hayward Philip and Leslie Paton Zachary Penn Lisa Pierozzi Herbert and Marilyn Piken In Memory of Michael Piller Mitch Pindus Paula, Lauren, Nicole, and Joseph Pinhas Marilyn Pinzur Robert Pisano Planet Hollywood David Plastik Polachecks Jack and Jane Pollock Ruth Popkin Popland Studios Jeanne McDonald-Powers and Travis Powers Gary Rabin Edward C. Rainey, Jr. and Scott C. Britain Richard Rasiej and Joan Herman Rob Reiner Donald B. and Susan F. Rice In Memory of Frances Richman Esther and Howard Richmond Linda and Manny Rider Carol and Ward Ritter Beth Roberts and Warren Smith Doug Robinson James Roday Dolores Rogers Susan Rose Brad and Nancy Rosenberg Kenneth and Rochelle Rosenberg Sue Weiss Rosenwasser and Joseph Sinay Marlene Rotblatt and Family Todd Rubenstein Blanche and Bruce Joel Rubin Kathleen Hughes Rubin and Stanley Rubin Paula and Allan Rudnick


Lawrence Rudolph David A. and Karen Richards Sachs Bob Safai Thomas L. Safran Richard and Amber Sakai Daphna Salimpour Janet Salter In Memory of Hon. Maxwell Hillary Salter Mark San Filippo Wendy Schneider Jonathan Schwartz Steve Schwartz Jonas Scott Se San Diego Hotel Cynthia C. Sears Jed Seidel Eric Semel Michele and Peter Serchuk Mike Sexton Andrew Shack Martin Shafer George Shapiro Robert Shapiro Lowell Sharron Traci Shelton Dora R. Sher Diane Sherman-Smith In Memory of Gordon A. Smith Danelle Sherrod Sussan and Michael Shore Noah Shore Holly and Larry Shulman Rita and Jose Sigal Ron Silverman and Soraya Ross Dr. Leigh Silverton JK Simmons Dine with Nine Catering and Events Sam Simon Simon Strauss Foundation SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills Lisa Smelkinson Melody Smolkin Victor Snider Snyder Family Foundation Drs. Matthew and Marion Solomon Richard Sondheimer Sondheimer Foundation Sony Pictures Entertainment Spa Ritual Melvin Spears Bruce and Patti Springsteen Jonathan St Clair Mitch and Sherry Stein Thomas and Lisa Stern Roger Stoker Jeff Strauss Aaron Stroud Eric Suddleson Sugarfish Alec Sulkin Elaine and Radoslav Sutnar Judd Swarzman Keith and Judy Swayne Anne C. Taubman and David Boyle John Teeples and Nicolas Martinez, Jr. Larry Tenan Audri and Stan Tendler The California Endowment The Dillon Fund The Lodge at Torrey Pines Dannielle Thomas Green Dot Films William and Karen Timberlake Daniel Tongbai Joyce and Josh Trabulus Kenny Tran Francine and James Travers Laura Trice Larry Tull UBS Financial Services Susan and Peter Van Haften Alan Van Vliet Jeff Wagner Stayce and Robert Wagner Ryan Wald Peter and Denise Walsh Adam Ware Elliot Webb David Weber David Weil In Memory of Sylvia and George Weiner Marc Weinstock Adam Weiss Gelena and Seth Weissman Adrian Wenner Westin Kierland Resort and Spa Alison Whalen and Steven Marenberg Sandy and Jon Willen Chris Williams Winnick Family Foundation Herbert Wise

Elaine and Donald Wolf Fred Wolf Karen and Rick Wolfen Mimi and Werner F. Wolfen James Wong Michael Yoshino Ms. Patricia Youngman Jacques Youssefmir Yves Saint Laurent Dean Zander Debra Zavala and Alpha Zavala Barbara and Stanley Zax Ellen and Arnold Zetcher David and Ellie Zuckerman Bryan Zuriff Adam Zwicker


Anonymous (6) Herbert Ehrmann and Constance Abell The Adams-Cohen Family Dale and Ruth Adams Sharon Hulse and Louis Adler Geraldine and Harold Alden Helen and Herb Allen Irving Anderson Renette Anderson The Paul Apel Family Barbara and Ethan Aronoff Maria Avila Betsy and Marc Axelrod Charles Barker Janet and Irwin Barnet Anne Barry Ruthlee Becker Terry and Lionel Bell Laurie and Bill Benenson Adrienne and Michael Blackman Larry and Julie Blivas In Memory of Maxine Handelman Judy Boeken Sherry Borkgren Reveta Bowers Robert Boyne Paula Brand Kevin Breen Lionel Brown Janet and Mark Brown Rebecca Brown Howard D. Browne Gerald Buckberg Dr. R.W.G. Bugental Marcia Burnam Dianne Burnett and Joan Minerva Jon Byk Bruce Carr Janet Regina Chapman Barry Charles Judy and Mike Fantasia Coach Ken Coelho Donell Cohen Ted Cordes Craft Los Angeles Susan Georgine Craig Patrick Cranley Valerie and Donald Cravitz Sharon Darnov Diana Davidow and Deborah Constance Jeffrey S. Davidson Ruth B. Davis and Pearl Schultz Mrs. Dom DeLuise Atum DeMonte Jennifer and Jeffrey Denker Daniel and Gayle Devin Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Dietz Kevin and Elizabeth Dill Carol Jean Doehring Jonathan and Susan Dolgen Fred and Marilyn Dorer Dee Dee Dorskind Anne Dougherty and David B. Dobrikin Paul Dowling The Milton L. and Betty J. Dranow Family Foundation Patricia L. Eisenberg Mike Elisofon Doug Endicott Elizabeth A. Evans Exxon Mobil Corporation/ Matching Gifts Programs Rebekah and Howard Farber Marjorie L. Fasman Susan and Mark Fien Steven and Randy Fifield Marjorie and Arthur Fine Sydney M. Finegold, M.D. Dr. Barbara Fish Meg Fisher

Michael and Lynne Flynn Charles L. Fonarow J.D. Fox Rhonda Frances Lorraine Frankel Fran Fredella and Scott Rubin Dottie Frieband Michael Shaw and Janie Fried Andrew and Jennifer Friedman Franky and Art Friedman Gwen and Jacob Friend L.T. Friesen Sandy Gage Helena Galatolo Lois and Gerald Gallop Sharlene and Sol Galper Lee Gardenswartz Brian Gelt Charles Gerber Jeff Gerber Mr. and Mrs. Fereydoon Ghaffari Peter and Namhee Gilhuly Benita and Bert Ginsberg William and Charlene Glikbarg Dr. and Mrs. Lee B. Gold Dr. Irene Goldenberg Louis and Linda Goldsman Abner and Roz Goldstine Ellie Goodman Lori and Robert Goodman In Memory of Eugene S. Goodwin Gotta Have S’mores Simon Graty Gary Gross Neelam Gupta Louise Halevy and Kenneth Erlich Peter E. Hall Carolyn and Bernard Hamilton Robert Harding Kay Harrington Ms. Arlene Harris Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Haveson Gary Hecker Penny and Steve Held Murray and Gail Heltzer Neal Hersh and Lynda Klein Kathryn Hibbs Marion and Todd Hindin Cina Hodges Rand Hoffman and Charlotte Robinson Kelley M. Hogan Dr. Sharron Holman Adrienne and Elliott Horwitch Gerald Hundert Robin Hursh and Family Troy Hutchinson Harold and Evelyn Igdaloff Robert and Gail Israel J. Crew Nancy and Len Jacoby Steve, Alex and Emma Jaffe Melissa and Jonathan Jaivin Jil Sander Laurie Jones Trudy and Albert Kallis Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kamine Mr. Stephen Kandel Owen Kato Nam Kim and Jeff Kateman Richard Kind Mr. and Mrs. William King Ann and Jonathan Kirsch Phyllis Klein Suzanne K. Klein Laurie and Milton Klorman Andrew Knox Jay Kogen Barbara and Stan Krasnoff Frumeh Labow Rodger and Jennifer Landau Joan and Christopher Larkin Aleyne Larner Fawcett Jill and Michael Lasky Jeanne and Christopher Lavagnino Larry Layne and Sheelagh Boyd The Lederer Family The Bordy and Leibovic Families Alexandra Leichter Matt Levin Lydia Levy Joanne Lindsay Mrs. Monte E. Livingston Steven Llanusa and Glenn Miya Joe Lotruglio Michael Lynton Neil L. and Ora D. Macfarlane Joann Magidow Messer Sacha Malin and Dori Levanoni Joshua Malina Jeannette and Mervyn Mandelbaum Alan Mandelberg Ruth K. March and Family Barry and Evie Marlin William E. and Marcela H. McKenna

Dr. and Mrs. King M. Mendelsohn Debra Michel Regina and Wayne Miller Lawrence Mirisch Trudy Monro Susan Moore Carol Moran Bill Morino Simona Morris Caroline Moss Bill Mullins Max Mutchnick Fran Neiman Janice B. Nelsen Betsy Newman Timothy Noonan Shelby Notkin Rick Nyholm Robert and Monica O’Hagan O’Melveny and Myers LLP Mr. and Mrs. Martin Padilla Palace Head Foundation In honor of Eunice, widow of Art Director Ross Bellah Bob Paris Edward Parker Donald S. Passman Jo Anne Patterson Fran and Bruce Peters Carol F. Phillips Lou Pitt Gregory Poirier Peggy and George Polinger Kevin Pollak Lisa and Steven Pompan Nancy Porter Mildred Seigle Andrea Pourmoradi Pure Cheesecakes Mitchell Quaranta Gary and Gail Rachelefsky Parviz Razavian Jeralyn Refeld Mildred Reid Timothy D. Reuben Ricki and Marvin Ring Carlene Ringer Terrence Roberts Richard Robertson Barbara and David Rognlien Raymond Rogowski Marie Rolf Fred and Ronda Rose Alison Rosenthal Beverly and Melvin Rosenthal Joyce and Deane Ross Lisa M. Rowley David Russell and Amy Gordon Nancy and Ted Sanborn Karen and Nathan Sandler Charlene and Victor Sands Bonnie A. Saylor Jane and Bill Schopf Mr. and Mrs. John Schumann Susan and Peter Schwab David and Margaret Schwanke Susan Schwartz Diana Seidman John and Lori Shaw Roman Silberfeld Carol and Arthur Silbergeld Joseph Sinay Ms. Gerry Sinclair Marty and Leah Sklar Stacey and Katherine Williams-Sloan Michael Small Dr. Jerry and Marci Smith Karen Smits Trudy Sokol Dr. and Mrs. Sidney C. Sperling Rita Spiegel Arthur Stern Joannie Stern William Stringer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sugar Kayser and Renee Sume John and Eva Sutton Mr. and Mrs. David Tann Michael E. Tennenbaum Family Robert R. Thompson David Tohl Brigitta B. Troy Bob Tuttle Nancy Valdivia Daniel and Shauna Valenzuela Kevin Van Belois Katja van Herle Vitamin Water Carole Wagner-Vallianos and Peter Vallianos Ira and Laurie Waldman John J. Waller, Jr. Judge and Mrs. Joseph Wapner Shirley Wargon


annual donors Marcia and Dr. Charles Wasserman Seymour Waterman Annette Weil Sander Weiner and Marcia Gilbert Roberta Weintraub Marsha and Steven Weiss Fred and Marlene Weissman Linda Wenglikowski Martin and Gloria Wertlieb Keith West Pat West Linda A. Wilson Robbie Work Cherie Wrigley Karen and Frank Wurtzel Thelma and Sam Yellen Isis and Michelle Youssef Andrew and Kimberly Zakanych Arnold Zane Lynn and Meir Ziv David Zuckerman Dayle and Abram Zukor Sandy Zwirn

ASSOCIATE $250 - $499

Anonymous (8) Jeffrey and Linda Abell Mr. and Mrs. Norman Abrams Drs. Helen and Marvin Adelberg Cathy and Alan Adelman Tamara Aden Sara Adler Warren Adler and Bobbi Armbruster Elaine and Michael Agran Tony Albany In Honor of the Birth of Leo Jacob Alexander In Memory of Malena Shladovsky Charles and Annick Allen Susan Allison Arthur Alper Jan Altemus Suzanne Altfeld Robert C. Anderson Elise Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Anenberg Philip Angerhofer and Stephen A. Jones Eloise Appel Steven D. Arias Bert and Ruth Arons Lynne and Lee Babbitt Janis Baer Deborah Baine Madhavan Balachandran Don Banks Billie Baron and Edward Marcinko Irene Baron Patricia Barry Cecile Bartman James W. Baugh Michael Bedner and Kathy Eldon Dawn and Marshall Bein Millie and Julius Bendat Joanne Benickes Annette Bening and Warren Beatty Carole A. and Charles Bennett Delores and Roger Berg Roger P. Berg Ellen Bergeron and Gary Ottoson Karen Berko-Gibson Bunny Wasser and Howard Bernstein Beverly Bierer Judith Ann Billings Wesley Bilson Ava Bise Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bitzer Ronald and Jamie Blackstone Marjorie Blatt Ruth and Jake Bloom Ruth and Donald Blumkin, Pharm D. Barry Boehm Ludmila Bojman Frances and Thomas Booth Toby Bornstein Mary Boulware Frances and Les Boxer In Memory of Evan Haight-Boyd Sandra Bradley and Shelagh Moriarty Helen Breitwieser and James Jacks Bernardean Broadous Shelli and Bill Broder Susan and Roy Brown Suzanne Budd and Vicki Dellaverson Allen and Carola Bundy Audrey Tawa and Jeffrey Burbank David Burke Arden Burstein and Todd Griffiths Joann Busuttil Laurie J. Butler Michael and Sandy Buttitta

Valerie Cantwell Marlene and David Capell Deborah Carabet Andrew Carlberg Cindy Carlin and Jeff Rousso Jill Carmona Charles Carr Gift Garden Antiques Leigh Chapman and Peter Wilkinson Mark Clymer and Marc Mullendore Robert Cochran Dr. Judy Cohn Debra Colletti and Scott Cooper Ira and Marsha Coron Dr. and Mrs. Earle E. Crandall Stacy Dalgleish Hedva and Dudley Danoff Jaye T. Darby and David Foster Jeff and Pat Dasteel Pamela Daves Joel Davidman and Cheryl David Chris and Lindsey Deems Hal and Roberta Delevie Linda Levenson Delsack and Kurt Delsack Alan and Debbie Virginia DiBona Suzanne and Bruce Dodds Marlene Davis and David L. Dorsey Drs. Don and Donna Dorsey Daryl and Paul F. Doucette Susan B. Downey Dr. Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dreyfus Rachel and John Edwards Pat and Marvin Elliot Dr. Robert and Natalie Engelkirk Valerie Entwell Mauricio and Lidia Epelbaum Allan Erdy Norma Lorene Evans Alan and Barbara Faiola Justice and Mrs. Robert Feinerman AnonyMoose Foundation Earl I. Feldhorn Gladys Fellman Arnold Anderson and Conchata Ferrell Abby and Malcolm Field Mrs. Eva Field Larry Field Frances and Terry Flanagan Elisabeth Fleischman William and Elisabet Fleischman Sheldon Fogel Suzanne Follmer Janet Fourticq Glenn and Jane Fowler Darryl Frank Dorothy Frazier Nadia and Ray Freed Lora Fremont Barbara and Louis Friedman Kenneth J. Friedman and Marilynn J. Friedman Family Foundation Elaine and Larry Friedman Norman Friedmann Yuki Fukumoto Yuri and Yelena Furham Peggy N. Furman Yelena Furman Eugenia Gates Kim and R.B. Gautier Pamela Gerken EBS GGW Direct, LLC Karen Berko Gibson Laura Gibson Willie R. Gibson Rachel and Jack Gindi Glaceau Water Diane Glazer Edna Mae Glikmann Richard and Lori Glucksman Ann M. Goldberg Lorain Goldberg Sy Goldberg Marilyn and Allen Golden Francine Golden and Marvin Schlossman Patricia Goldman Peter Goldman Gene Goldstein Mrs. Mae Goodson L. Newton Goodwell Jo-Ann Gordon Ruth and Alison Grabell Charles Grace Stanley Graham and Christine Bounce Diana and Ronald Granit Gigi and Don Grant In Memory of Jack Green Ruth and Steve Greenbaum Nancy and Ron Greenberg Norma and Harvey Greenberg Feris Greenberger and David Dolinko Alan Greenstadt Pam Grissom

Marcy and Edgar Gross In Loving Memory of Eileen Flood Jez Guito Brenda Gyllenswan Eve Haberfield and David Johnson Lance Hagenbuch Mary and Alan Halkett Evelyn and Nat Handel Stanley Handman Cindy and Jason Harlem Tess Harper Sheila Hasday Todd Hawkins Irene Hazon-Argamany Ms. Marg Helgenberger Scott Shagrin and Dr. Jacqueline Heller Jackson Henry Gunter Herman Robert Herman Hella Hershson Diana and Joe Hilberman Karen Hill-Scott Crystal Hines Gail Hollander Dale and John Hopmans Ada and Jim Horwich Joseph Horwitz Carol Hove-Ahmanson Anne Ichiuji and Todd Humphrey Gerald Isenberg Lonnie Levi Israel Craig Jacobson Fred and Nancy Jacobus In Memory of Roger Javor Michael Jenkins Marcia Jindal Jewell Jones Kenneth and Roneet Kahan Seymour Kahn David Kaiser Joyce Kaiserman Ruth and Marvin Kalin Mark Kaluk Drs. Elaine and Jeff Kamil Joyce Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. David Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Karmin Eleanor K. Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. William Keast Kevork and Cecile Keshishian David T. Kessler Shirlee Kessler Irwin Kishner Annette and Charles Kleeman Donna and Jeffrey Klein Nancy and Howard Klein Ray and Barbara Klostermann Judy Knapp Charles Kolstad Donald Kottler Janice White and Eugene Krieger Christina Kummer Hardt Carol and Richard Kurland Suzanne Lake Dwight and Christine Landis Rhoda Lauten Rhonda Lawrence and Arthur Rosett Bill and Tiiu Jacobson Dr. and Mrs. Eric Leibovitch Ginger Leibovitz David and Karen Leichenger Betty and Ron Leiter Ann Leland Marsha Levin Jeff and Joyce Levine Marla E. Levine Evelyn and Barry Levitt Gloria Levy Sheldon and Marion Levy Nan Lewis David Licht In Memory of Wee-Luang Lim Warren and Brenda Lincoln Martha Lindberg Lee Linden Victor and Madeline Lindenheim Irma and Allen Lipin Leslie and Adam Lobel Karen and Peter Locke Lori and Tom Low Arlene Ludwig Dianne Lum Loris and Kory Lunsford Anne L. Lynch Teresa L. Maguire

Lynn Marks Connie and Leslie Martinson Cecile M. Matzkin Don and Terry Maxwell Stewart Mayeda David Israeli and Dr. Marie Mazzone Georgianna McBurney Kathleen McCarthy Monique McDavid Patrick W. McDivitt Sean McGhee and Carol Fan Cathy and John McMullen Betty and Estelle Mednick Barbara S. Meister Alex Meneses Jean Midgley Natalie Milani Susan Millis Teddie J. Milner Pamela and Mark Mischel Amie Mitchell Gloria and Accie Mitchell Marc Mitchell Jean Miyamoto Allan M. Mohrman Jr. Monster Dion and Glynis Morrow Susan and Robert Morse Deborah Myman Drs. Ronald and Ariane Natale Dr. Deborah Natoli and Justin Natoli David Neilan Dena Nelson Mark and Diane Neubauer Lillian and Joseph Nizinski Napoleon and Afra Nobay Elad Offer Dr. Ronald and Iris Onkin Susan R. Opas PHD Mr. and Mrs. David Ostrove Allen Pack and Rikki Gordon Tracy Parsons and Keith Grossman In Memory of Robert and Stephen Paskus Mr. and Mrs. Herman Pass Abhilash and Kelly Patel Barbara and Peter Patman Naidu and Jane Permaul Frank J. Pfizenmayer and Josh Brown Phyllis Piano and Roy Jones Beverly Pine Jeanne L. Pocras Lily and Rick Pollack Pop Chips Michelle Prinvale Philip Pritchett Mr. and Mrs. Howard Privette Charlotte Rae Joan Ransohoff Edward B. Rasch Robert Rechord Joan Redlich Harvey Reichard Holly Rice and Vince Gilligan Lynda Rick Ellen Riley David Robbins Jill Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Avi Rojany Barry Rosen and Neil Bokal Ruth and Larry Rosen Lynne W. Rosenberg Janet and Lenny Rosenblatt Kathleen and Dale Rosenbloom Dr. and Mrs. James Rosenblum Linda and Marvin Rosenfeld Judy Knapp Brendan and Jill Ross Lawrence Ross and Linda Nussbaum Dr. Martin and Lorraine Ross Lori and David Rousso Ms. Francoise Rozzell Terry Ryan Fred and Veronique Sabl Dr. and Mrs. George and Joyce Sachs Julie and Dennis Saffro Richard and Susan Sager Sandor Samuels Susan and Kenneth Sarno Maxine Savitz Marilyn Sayegh Carole and Michael Scheinberg Carole Scherzer Mr. Bernard Schiffer Steven and JoAnna Schilling Malcolm Schneer and Cathy Liu

Gary and Karen Schneider Elizabeth and Justin Schwartz Dr. and Mrs. Jack Schwartz John Schwartz Arlene and Arthur Schwimmer Nadya Scott Rodolfo Segovia Marc M. Seltzer and Christina Snyder Mary Shane Annette and Leonard Shapiro Dr. and Mrs. William Shark Jill Shear Dorothy Shepherd Jeff Sherman Muriel F. Sherman Stacey Shieh Netta and Uri Shohet Ted Shpack and Etiennette Lowen Dan Shuster Yossi Sidikaro Jama and Gary Siegel Seymour and Dorothy Siegel Robin and Robert Sills Chuck Simon In Memory of Ross Hunter and Jacque Mapes Satori Communications Julie and Don Davis Donna Sloan Dr. and Mrs. Sylvain Smadja Diane Good and Frank Smith Marcia L. and Mark J. Smith Laura Snoke and Ed Orrett Joyce and Al Sommer Debra and Bruce Spector Roberta Spero Kalee St. Clair Carol and Paul Stager Mark Stankevich Ron and Elaine Stein Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stempel Sally Stevens Edith L. Stoell and Linda Gach Ray Sybil Stoller Brian Studler Amy Sweeney Lance and Maureen Tan The Mortimer Levitt Foundation The Stewart Family Trust Dr. Anita F. Thompson Troy Thompson Pearl and Bernard Tillipman Mr. and Mrs. Art Tompkins Judith Toscano Cristobal Tostado Jean and Hal Trifon Antigoni Tsamparois Pia and Steve Vai Jane Valentine Anthony Vasek Carol and Arnold Vinstein Miriam Vogel Dr. George and Pat Watson Julie Waxman Elisa and Brad Wayne Louise Weber and Sean Lavery Julie and Peter Weil Paul J. Weiner Brian Weinstock Jackie and Fred Weintraub Sheila Weisman Donna and Jason Weiss Jacqueline Weitz Matthew Weitzman Jessica Wen Elayne and Walter Wentz The Wexler Family Richard and Joyce Wickline Misty and Milt Widelitz John Willey Rae Jeane Williams David Wintroub Rowie and Jeffrey Wolf Pam and Leo Wyler Gene and Margaret Yates You Rock Guitar Mark Young and Patty Everett Marcie and Howard Zelikow Vicki Ziegel Laurie Ziegler Mr. and Mrs. Mark Zimmerman Candice and Joel Zwick

*In Memoriam

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August – october at the geffen playhouse kinross annex 2:00Pm

gil cates theater




the elaborate entrance of chad deity




the elaborate entrance of chad deity





the elaborate entrance of chad deity


the elaborate entrance of chad deity






extraordinary chambers 8:00pm 8:00pm the elaborate superior entrance of donuts chad deity

3 8:00pm


the elaborate entrance of chad deity

the elaborate entrance of chad deity

9 8:00pm

the elaborate entrance of chad deity


the elaborate entrance of chad deity




14 8:00pm

the elaborate entrance of chad deity


7 8:00pm

the elaborate entrance of chad deity



the elaborate entrance of chad deity





WEDNESDAY september

MONDAY august


10 8:00pm


the elaborate entrance of chad deity

the elaborate entrance of chad deity

16 8:00pm

the elaborate entrance of chad deity


17 3:00PM/8:00pm


the elaborate entrance of chad deity

the elaborate entrance of chad deity




the elaborate entrance of chad deity


audrey skirball kenis theater



27 the elaborate entrance of chad deity



the elaborate entrance of chad deity

9 2:00PM/7:00pm

the elaborate entrance of chad deity



the elaborate entrance of chad deity

28 8:00pm

the elaborate entrance of chad deity



the elaborate entrance of chad deity


29 8:00pm

the elaborate entrance of chad deity

5 8:00pm

the elaborate entrance of chad deity


the elaborate entrance of chad deity

30 8:00pm

the elaborate entrance of chad deity

6 8:00pm

the elaborate entrance of chad deity



the elaborate entrance of chad deity

7 8:00pm

the elaborate entrance of chad deity


the elaborate entrance of chad deity

the elaborate entrance of chad deity


red hen press poetry reading


12 8:00pm

extraordinary chambers 3:00PM/8:00pm 8:00pm the elaborate superior entrance of donuts chad deity

8 8:00pm

the elaborate entrance of chad deity


the elaborate entrance of chad deity



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Listening Devices Infrared listening devices are available free of charge at all performances. Listening devices can be retrieved at the Theater Concierge Desk in the lobby. Please arrive early to obtain a listening device, they are subject to availability. Signed Performances When appropriate, each play of the season will have a special performance that will be sign-language interpreted for the deaf and hearing impaired. Call the Box Office for more info or email Late Seating Should you arrive late to the theater or vacate your seat during the performance, please expect to be held in the lobby until an appropriate pause in the action on-stage. To minimize disturbance to other patrons, you may be sat into the first available location by the house staff even if different from your assigned seat. Be advised that some productions or circumstances may not allow for late seating. To ensure you enjoy the performance in your assigned seat, please arrive at the theater early. PARKING Subscribers have been provided parking passes for each season show. The Geffen Playhouse has negotiated a special $4 flat rate for other ticket holders at the following location: Palazzo Parking* 1008 Glendon Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90024 Phone...............................................310.208.4549 Open 24 hours • 7 Days a Week Located less than two blocks away from the Geffen Playhouse and even closer to many restaurant partners. Validation tickets allowing a $4 flat rate are available upon presentation of your sameday ticket to the box office or concierge. * Please note this facility does not honor Donor Parking Passes. Rates and availability are subject to change.


geffen playhouse staff Gilbert Cates Producing Director

Randall Arney Artistic Director

Ken Novice Managing Director



Mary Garrett Artistic Manager Amy Levinson Literary Manager/Dramaturg Shannon Noel Webb Executive Assistant to the Producing Director Phyllis Schuringa Casting Director & Assistant to the Artistic Director Kristina Leach Literary Associate Jen Fingal Literary Intern

Daniel Ionazzi Matthew Carleton Jill Barnes Dwayne Barnes James Grabowski Darren Rezowalli Leah A. Lewis

Behnaz Ataee General Manager

Production Manager Technical Director Production Coordinator Assistant Technical Director Sound Master Master Electrician Wardrobe Supervisor


DEVELOPMENT Regina Miller Development Director Ellen Catania Director of Major Gifts & Corporate/Foundation Partnerships Jessica Brusilow Associate Director of Donor Relations Jamie Sherman Development Manager Liz Sellier Development Associate Scott Kriloff Development Assistant

EDUCATION Debra Pasquerette Education Director Connor White Resident Teaching Artist & Education Associate Michael Faulkner Education Coordinator

ADMINISTRATION Frankie Ocasio Executive Assistant to the Managing Director Maryam Kermani Staff Accountant Janet Huynh Staff Accountant Maureen Lestelle Human Resources/Benefits Manager Marguerite Harris Receptionist

FACILITIES MANAGEMENT Miguel del Castillo Victor Cueva De Loera Mario Santillan-Perez

Facility Manager Maintenance Custodial

Allison Rawlings Tyler Tangalin

Director of Communications Communications Intern

MARKETING & SALES Joseph Yoshitomi Marketing Director Karen Gutierrez Associate Marketing Director Mark San Filippo Ticket Services Director & Database Administrator Ivy Khan Marketing Coordinator Brian Dunning Graphics / Production Artist Stephanie Strand Audience Services & Subscription Manager Paul Millet Group Sales Janice Bernal Associate Box Office Manager Bryan Martin Associate Box Office Manager Janet Huynh Assistant Box Office Manager Korie Benavidez, Audrey Cain, Zack Hamra, Richard Martinez, Lilach Mendelovich, Ryan Sandoval, Ben Seay Martin Wurst Box Office Staff Rodrigo Perez Audience Services

FRONT OF HOUSE Jeni Pearsons Events Coordinator Tyler Tangalin Supervising House Manager Jessica Kummer, Sarah Rosenbloom, Zack Schultz House Managers Abdoulaye N’Gom Head Usher Adam Carr, Lindsey Cerny, Tiger Curran, Tommy French, Matt Jones, Sean Jones, Kimberly Legg, Katie Mitchell, Leah Munson, Jonathan Schwartz, Julianne Tveten Ushers

This theater operates under agreement between the League of Resident Theaters and Actors Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers in the United States. The scenic, costume, lighting and sound designers in LORT theaters are represented by United Scenic Artists Local USA-829, IATSE. P24  PERFORMANCES  MAGAZINe

The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity Program  

The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity Program

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