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Grove City  Christian   Subject  Consenus  Map  Biblical  Studies,  K-­‐12  Draft  2011/12  


        Grove City Christian School Mission Statement “It The mission of Grove City Christian School to cultivate quality Christian leaders in a distinctively Christian atmosphere while providing a solid spiritual and academic foundation.”  

Grove City  Christian  School   K-­‐12   Subject  Consensus  Map   Biblical  Studies  

    Vision  Statement:      

Biblical  Studies  

It is  the  mission  of  the  Grove  City  Christian  School  Department  of  Biblical  Studies  to  cultivate  proactive  followers  of  Jesus  by   teaching  sound  biblical  principles,  modeling  an  authentic  faith  walk  and  inspiring  our  students  to  advance  God’s  Kingdom  in   the  world.      

Philosophy  and  Guiding  Biblical  Principles:    

The Grove  City  Christian  Department  of  Biblical  Studies  exists  to  inspire  our  students  to  a  mature  faith  walk  by  engaging   their  minds,  awakening  their  hearts  and  shaping  their  lives  with  the  message  of  the  Gospel.    Students  will  be  challenged   through  a  curriculum  that  focuses  on  intensive  biblical  study,  open  discourse,  and  times  of  personal  reflection  and   meditation,  giving  them  the  opportunity  to  both  appreciate  and  experience  God’s  grace  and  holiness.    Utilizing  a  variety  of   teaching  methods,  integrating  relevant  technology,  giving  students  opportunities  to  use  their  unique  gifts,  and  relying  on   the  Holy  Spirit’s  guidance,  we  seek  to  cultivate  proactive  followers  of  Jesus  who  will  take  personal  responsibility  for  their   continued  spiritual  development  as  they  carry  out  the  mission  of  advancing  God’s  Kingdom  in  the  world.    

K-­‐4th Grade      under  development       Big  Ideas:   5th  /  6th    Information   7th/8th      Connection   9th/10th  Formation   11th/12th  Transformation  

Fifth  Grade       Standards:  What  a  GCCS  Student  will  know  and  be  able  to  do  in  Biblical  Studies  by  close  of   Grade  Five     1.    Memorize  scripture  (Hebrews  11)   2.    Read  passages  and  connect  them  to  God’s  story/work  (ie.  Sermon  on  the  Mount,  Beatitudes,  Jesus’  miracles  and   teachings)   3.    Make  connections  from  lessons  learned  to  personal  lives   4.    Reflect  and  respond  to  the  gift  offered  of  salvation  to  each  individually     5.  Grow  in  personal  disciplines     6.    Identify  the  four  Gospels,  their  authors  and  order  written    

  Topic  Statements:     YEARLY  THEME:  The  return  from  exile  into  Jesus’  ministry     Common  Experiences:     Prayer,  scripture  reading,  journaling,  meditation,  service    

Common  Assessment:  currently  under  development     Technology  Integration  Ideas:  currently  under  development        


Sixth Grade  Bible   Standards:  What  a  GCCS  Student  will  know  and  be  able  to  do  in  Biblical  Studies  by  close  of   Grade  Six     1.    Memorize  scripture  (James  1)  and  creeds  (Apostle’s)   2.    Read  and  explain  passages  then  connect  them  to  God’s  story  (Jesus’  crucifixion,  death,  resurrection,  ascension,  Early   church,  Paul’s  missionary  journeys)   3.    Apply  learned  principles  and  faith  values  to  their  own  personal  walk   4.    Grow  in  personal  spiritual  disciplines   5.    Identify  Christ  as  fulfillment  of  God’s  promise,  coming/receiving  of  the  Holy  Spirit,  start  of  Early  Church,  and  work  of   Paul  in  his  missionary  journeys.      

Topic  Statements:     YEARLY  THEME:     Jesus’  ministry  to  Paul’s  3rd  journey   This  will  tie  in  the  ministry  of  Paul  to  each  city  he  journeyed  to  with  the  letters  written  from  each  city.  

Common  Experiences:     Prayer,  scripture  readings,  journaling,  meditation,  and  service  

Common  Assessment:  currently  under  development     Technology  Integration  Ideas:  currently  under  development     Seventh   Standards:  What  a  GCCS  Student  will  know  and  be  able  to  do  in  Biblical  Studies  by  close  of   Grade  Seven     1.    Explain  how  each  king’s  choices  affected  the  kingdom  (nation.)   2.    Apply  the  principles  of  obedience,  humility,  honoring  God,  commitment  to  the  covenant,  etc..  in  their  own  lives.   3.    Demonstrate  understanding  of  covenant  requirements.   4.    Understand  the  reasons  why  each  kingdom  fell  and  explain  what  each  kingdom  needed  to  do  differently  in  order  to   remain  faithful  to  the  covenant.     5.    Explain  the  role  of  the  prophets  during  the  David  kingdom  and  demonstrate  knowledge  of  their  individual  messages  and   audiences.  

Topic Statements:   YEARLY  THEME:    Covenants  and  Kingdoms   The  divided  Kingdom  to  the  400  silent  years   1. God’s  covenant  with  His  people  in  the  Divided  Kingdom   2. Obedience  to  the  covenant  and  its  rewards/benefits   3. Disobedience  and  its  consequences   4. God’s  voice  to  the  Kings  and  the  nations:  the  Prophets  

Common Experiences:    

Journaling, Kings  and  prophets  project,  writing  assignments      

Common Assessment:  currently  under  development     Technology  Integration  Ideas:  currently  under  development        


Eighth Grade  Bible   Standards:  What  a  GCCS  Student  will  know  and  be  able  to  do  in  Biblical  Studies  by  close  of   Grade  Eight     1.    Explain  and  demonstrate  knowledge  of  the  importance  of  covenant  and  our  role  as  participants  in  the  new  covenant.       2.    Examine  principles  of  new  covenant  living  through  various  teachings  of  Christ  (sermon  on  the  Mount,  Parables,  etc..)   3.    Explain  the  importance  of  Christ’s  actions  and  how  Christians  should  live  using  His  example   4.    Reflect  on  the  various  actions,  teachings,  and  experiences  of  Christ  

Topic Statements:   YEARLY  THEME:  Covenant  and  the  Kingdom       The  Life  of  Christ  and  His  Kingdom   1. The  New  Covenant  and  the  Kingdom  of  God   2. The  Kingdom  through  Actions  of  Christ  and  its  meaning  in  our  lives   3. Kingdom  Teachings  of  Christ  and  their  meaning  in  our  lives   4. Christians:    Taking  our  place  in  the  Kingdom  of  God  

  Common  Experiences:     Writing  assignments,  journal,  projects  

Common  Assessment:  currently  under  development     Technology  Integration  Ideas:  currently  under  development       Bible  Doctrine  and  Discipline         Standards:  What  a  GCCS  Student  will  know  and  be  able  to  do  in  9th  Grade,  Doctrine  and   Theology:   CCSS  Reading  1-­‐6,  8   CCSS  Writing  1,2  10   1.    Discuss  the  metanarrative  of  scripture  and  defend  its  reliability     2.    Define  and  explain  key  theological  and  doctrinal  concepts  that  are  fundamental  to  Christianity     3.    Read  key  passages  of  scripture  and  develop  personal  doctrinal  statements  on  key  theological  topics   4.    Clearly  communicate  where  they  stand  on  personal  faith  journey    

Topic Statements:     YEARLY  THEME:      

Doctrine and  Theology     • Introduction  of  Theology  and  Evidence  of  biblical  accuracy   • Doctrine  of  God,  Doctrine  of  Creation,  Doctrine  of  Providence  and  Doctrine  of  the  Trinity   • Doctrine  of  Humanity,  Doctrine  of  Sin  &  Hell   • Doctrine  of  the  Covenants,  Doctrine  of  the  2  natures  of  Christ,  Doctrine  of  the  Atonement   • Doctrine  of  the  Resurrection,  Doctrine  of  the  Holy  Spirit   • Order  of  Salvation  (pre-­‐venient  Grace,  repentance,  saving  faith,  justification,  regeneration,  sanctification)  

Topic Statements:     YEARLY  THEME:      

Spiritual Formation:  Growing  in  Christlikeness   • Introduction  to  Spiritual  Formations  and  disciplines   • Prayer,  Meditation,  Study  (Lectio  Divina)   • Fasting,  Simplicity,  Confession   • Solitude,  Service  


CCSS Reading  2,  6-­‐8   CCSS  Writing  1,2,4,7,9-­‐10   1.    Explain  key  concepts  and  gain  broad  understanding  of  the  distinct  beliefs  of  multiple,  major,  world  religions  


2.  Discuss  the  challenges  and  opportunities  that  lie  ahead  for  Christianity  in  an  ever-­‐increasing  post-­‐modern  world   3.    Navigate  difficult  discussion,  in  a  healthy  way,  replacing  argument  with  tolerant  disagreement  and  open  discourse.      

Common  Experiences:  currently  under  development     Common  Assessment:  currently  under  development     Technology  Integration  Idea:  currently  under  development       YEARLY  THEME:  Life  in  Christ  

Fall Semester:      The  metanarrative  (Big  Story)  of  the  Bible  –  Creation,  Fall,  Redemption,  Kingdom…  highlighting  the  large   redemptive  characters  and  stories  of  the  Old  and  New  Testaments.   Spring  Semester:  In-­‐depth  look  at  the  New  Testament  letters  to  Christians.  How  are  we  to  live  in  the  power  of  what  Christ   has  done  for  us  and  is  doing  in  us?    

  Common  Experiences:  currently  under  development     Common  Assessment:  currently  under  development     Technology  Integration  Idea:  currently  under  development     God  Meets  Girl     Standards:  What  a  GCCS  Student  will  know  and  be  able  to  do  in  God  Meets  Girl   currently  under  development     Topic  Statements:     Your  Relationship  With  Christ   Who  you  are  in  Christ   Your  Relationship  with  others  (dating  in  particular)  

Common  Experiences:  currently  under  development     Common  Assessment:  currently  under  development     Technology  Integration  Idea:  currently  under  development     Men  of  Courage     Standards:  What  a  GCCS  Student  will  know  and  be  able  to  do  in  Men  of  Courage:   1.    Compare  and  contrast  the  Biblical  definition  of  men  to  the  image  of  American  man   2.    Inculcate  principles  of  manhood  into  their  lives  and  understand  the  importance  of  giving  it  out:     Responsibility,  maturity,  morality,  habits     3.    Develop  skills  in  listening,  prayer  for,  and  holding  brothers  in  Christ  accountable     4.    Explain  the  God-­‐Given  purpose  of  sex  and  why  pornography  and  pre-­‐marital  sex  is  inherently  dangerous   5.    Share  with  younger  males  their  journey  in  life  in  a  public  presentation  and  discussion.   6.    Understand  and  develop  goals  toward  becoming  an  eventual  godly  husband  and  father.  

Topic Statements:    

What is  a  Man?   The  character  of  a  Godly  Man  


Paul and  Timothy-­‐  Becoming  a  godly  leader  

Common  Experiences:  currently  under  development     Common  Assessment:  currently  under  development     Technology  Integration  Idea:  currently  under  development     Bible,  Encountering  God     Standards:  What  a  GCCS  Student  will  know  and  be  able  to  do  in  10th  Grade,  Encouraging  God   1.    Appreciate,  develop  and  implement  a  personal,  devotional  plan   2.    Recognize  and  express  the  features  of  a  “God-­‐Encounter”  as  seen  in  the  Bible  as  well  as  the  principles  and  commands   incumbent  upon  us  as  his  children  in  seeking  Him   3.    Be  able  to  expound  upon  the  manifold  aspects  of  the  great  gift  of  prayer  God  has  given  us.   4.    Develop  work  skills,  along  with  fellow  students,  to  produce  a  full  color  magazine  featuring  God  encounters  at  GCCS   5.    Formulate  a  devotion,  activity  and  discussion  question  to  lead  a  small  group  bible  study  with  peers  as  well  as  public   presentation  of  scripture  and  message.    

Standards:  What  a  GCCS  Student  will  know  and  be  able  to  do  in  Life  in  Christ   Topic  Statements:     1.    Develop  habit  of  personal  study,  prayer,  journaling  with  God   2.    Explain  the  metanarrative  of  scripture,  applying  the  large  framework  of  scripture  to  the  lives  and  stories  of  the  Old  and   New  Testaments     3.    Understand  and  analyze  and  distill  principles  from  Bible  passages  in  a  variety  of  genres     4.    Intelligently  apply  these  principles,  both  personally  and  to  our  modern  culture   5.    Discover  how  God  has  continued  to  work  through  men  and  women  in  history  and  including  our  modern  times   6.    Research,  analyze  and  present  creatively,  using  technology,  how  the  Bible  addresses  the  struggles,  issues,  and  questions   students  go  through  in  daily  living.   7.    Understand  the  background  and  setting  of  each  of  Paul’s  letters  to  the  churches,  the  underlying  issues  addressed,  the   doctrinal  and  practical  teaching  and  application,  and  the  major  themes   8.    Appreciate  and  discuss  the  value  of  small  group  Bible  Study   9.    Evaluate  and  explain  from  the  entire  New  Testament.    The  importance  of  the  Church  within  God’s  Kingdom    

  Sharing  Your  Faith       Standards:  What  a  GCCS  Student  will  know  and  be  able  to  do  in  Sharing  Your  Faith  

1.  Explain  their  personal  testimony     2.    Understand  how  faith  is  built  and  how  to  continue  to  grow  in  faith   3.    Research  questions  and  objections  to  Christian  faith  using  Internet  resources  in  order  to  effectively  answer.   4.    Build  a  basic  framework  of  Christian  apologetics,  Biblical  reliability,  archeology,  science,  faith,  philosophy,  and  evidence   for  resurrection.   5.    Understand  why  we  are  biblically  mandated  to  share  our  faith   6.    Identify  the  current  conditions  of  our  world  relating  to  evangelism:  The  10140  window,  reached  and  unreached  people   groups,  barriers  to  evangelism.   7.    Lead  someone  to  Christ  using  the  “Share  Jesus”  questions  and  scriptures     8.    Experience  free-­‐hand  planning  and  conducting  an  outreach  into  the  city  of  Columbus      

Topic  Statements:    

Building Your  Faith     Answering  Questions  and  Objections  to  Your  Faith   Sharing  Your  Faith  



Common Experiences:  currently  under  development     Common  Assessment:  currently  under  development     Technology  Integration  Idea:  currently  under  development       It’s  Greek  to  Me     Standards:  What  a  GCCS  Student  will  know  and  be  able  to  do  in  It’s  Greek  to  Me  

1.  Write  the  Hebrew  and  Greek  alphabet     2.    Pronounce  words  in  basic  sentences  from  the  Bible   3.    Identify  major  words  and  phrases  in  both  languages     4.    Connect  the  cultural  and  historical  background  to  selected  Bible  stories   5.    Research,  analyze  and  present  orally,  visually  the  culture  of  Greek  city  to  which  Paul  travelled  and  how  it  relates  to  the   issues  Paul  addressed  in  his  letter   6.    Understand  and  utilize  the  four  modern  methods  to  interpret  Revelation  and  be  able  to  assess  and  explain  which  method   they  prefer   7.    Demonstrate  creatively  the  main  points  and  characters  of  Christian  history  and  how  they  interacted  with  their  culture   8.    Determine  the  driving  forces  of  Greek  philosophy  and  how  they  have  impacted  the  church,  then  effectively  challenge  its   non-­‐biblical  assumptions      

Topic  Statements:     Bible  Language  &  Culture  Basics   Church  History     The  Book  of  Revelation   Personal  Bible  discovery  

Common  Experiences:  currently  under  development     Common  Assessment:  currently  under  development     Technology  Integration  Idea:  currently  under  development     Viewpoints     Standards:  What  a  GCCS  Student  will  know  and  be  able  to  do  in  Viewpoints   currently  under  development       Topic  Statements:     Comparison  of  religious  studies     • Hinduism   • Buddhism     • Judaism   • Islam   • Postmodernity  and  it’s  impact  on  Christianity  today   • Debate  and  discussion  on  controversial  topics  (abortion,  capital  punishment,  homosexuality,  etc…)  

  Common  Experiences:  currently  under  development     Common  Assessment:  currently  under  development    


Technology Integration  Idea:  currently  under  development       Communicating  with  God     Standards:  What  a  GCCS  Student  will  know  and  be  able  to  do  in  Communicating  with  God   CCSS  Reading  2,6-­‐8   CCSS  Writing  1,2,4,9-­‐10   1.    Creatively  develop  outlets  for  dynamic,  personal  communication  with  God   2.    Clearly,  consistently  and  continually  maintain  a  posture  and  attitude  of  prayer   3.    Express  the  wonder  and  mystery  of  the  magnitude  and  personal  nature  of  God  

Topic Statements:     Discovering  who  God  is  and  how  He  wants  to  communicate  with  us      

Common  Experiences:  currently  under  development     Common  Assessment:  currently  under  development     Technology  Integration  Idea:  currently  under  development       Senior  Seminar       Standards:  What  a  GCCS  Student  will  know  and  be  able  to  do  in  Senior  Seminar   CCSS  Reading:  2,  6-­‐8   CCSS  Writing:  1,  2,  4,  9-­‐10   1.    Take  personal  ownership  in  their  individual  spiritual  journey   2.    Connect  their  personal  faith  walk  with  the  walk  God  is  doing  in  their  world   3.    Combine  their  gifts,  passions  and  personalities  to  identify  the  way  God  is  calling  them  to  change  their  world   4.    Leave  the  school  and  transform  their  world.  

Topic Statements:     Book  study  over  “The  Christian  Atheist”  by  Craig  Groeschel   Book  study  over  “The  Next  Christians”  by  Gabe  Lyons   Independent  book  study/project  from  suggested  reading  list  

Common  Experiences:  currently  under  development     Common  Assessment:  currently  under  development     Technology  Integration  Idea:  currently  under  development         Mapping  Goals  2012/13     Assessments-­‐-­‐-­‐  Think  through  assessments—how  will  you  know  they  have  mastered   standards?    What  types  of  formative  assessments  will  you  use  throughout?  What  types  of   summative  assessments  will  you  use?     Finish  topic  statements  where  necessary    


Write standards  –  “students  will  be  able  to  insert  verb  ….”    For  each  grade/course     Write  common  experiences  for  each  grade  level  and  course     Write  technology  integration  ideas  for  each  grade  level  and  course       Update  8/16/12    


bible curriculum gccs  

bible curriculum gccs