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Debuting in the fall semester of 2019, Guilford College redesigned its entire educational experience with its students in mind. The Guilford Edge is comprised of four intersecting points of distinction, which work together to serve a central focus — uncommon engagement in real-world learning for every student, every semester. The compelling result is exceptionally prepared graduates who will excel and thrive in a world of change. Learn more at www.guilford.edu/GuilfordEdge

Explore - Learning Collaboratively

Guilford students will experience the power of collaboration working side-byside with peers and professors. They will take a deeper dive into their interests as they benefit from hands-on learning in their community and beyond.

Discover - Teaming for Success

Led by an expert Guilford Guide, students will discover their own path to success with the help of their own dedicated personal team of advisers. Students will design their education with an eye towards a rewarding career.

Gain - Ethical Leadership

At Guilford, learning is connected to gaining insights about one’s purpose and potential. Students will be challenged to develop the ethical leadership that will help them live a life of integrity.

Experience - Rallying Campus Spirit

Through a welcoming, inclusive community, Guilford students will receive all the best of college life combined with a highly personal and practical experience-based education.

Photos by Jenna Schad