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THEDIRECTORS PRESIDENT James A. Martinez, GCA PAST CHAIRMAN Robert Salas, Landscape Management Systems CHAIRMAN - ELECT Tom Anderson, Black Construction Corporation VICE CHAIRMAN - ELECT Art Chan, Hawaiian Rock Products SECRETARY/TREASURER John Sage, WATTS Constructors CONTRACTORS DIRECTORS: Narci Dimaoala, Amazon Construction Juno Eun, Core Tech International Tom Nielsen, Maeda Pacific Corporation Tom San Nicolas, dck pacific guam LLC John Robertson, AmOrient Contracting ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS: Paul Calvo, Calvo’s Insurance Underwriters Carlo Leon Guerrero, M80 Office Systems Inc. Patty Lizama, Pacific Isla Life Michael Kikuta, Matson Navigation

THEEDITORIALS Guam Contractor’s Association (GCA) in conjunction with AdzTech and Public Relations, Inc. publishes the Construction News Bulletin (CNB) monthly. Reproduction of materials appearing in this publication is strictly forbidden without written permission by GCA. While we always strive for accuracy, we will from time to time overlook mistakes. In order to help us improve the quality and accuracy of this publication, we ask that you take the time to look at the information provided and notify GCA of any corrections as needed. Opinions and editorial content of this publication may not necessarily be those of the publisher, staff, GCA members, GCA Board of Directors and advertisers. For more information about advertising in the GCA Construction News Bulletin contact the advertising department at (671) 477-1239/2239 or email at Distributed to GCA members or can be obtained by stopping by the Guam Contractors’ Association office located at 718 N. Marine Corps Drive, Suite 203, East West Business Center, Upper Tumon, Guam. To find out more about how you can become a GCA member contact Guam Contractors’ Association at Tel: (671)647-4840/41 Fax: (671) 647-4866 or Email: Postmaster. Send address changes to Guam Contractors’ Association, located at 718 N. Marine Drive Corps Suite 203, East West Business Center, Upper Tumon, Guam.

THETEAM PUBLISHER: James Martinez SALES & MARKETING DIRECTOR: Geri Leon Guerrero AD SALES: Tom Mendiola Jaceth Duenas PRODUCTION: Geri Leon Guerrero Christopher “Taco” Rowland PHOTOGRAPHERS: Christopher “Taco” Rowland EDITOR: Adztech CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: John Robertson David F. Macaluso Shawn Gumataotao Tammy Jo Anderson Taft GCA STAFF: Francine Arceo Desiree Lizama COVER: National Award Winners Black Construction


Engineers, Architects and Land Surveyor’s Week February 16-22, 2014

Guam Society of Professional Land Surveyors

Founded by the NSPE in 1951, EWeek, as it is referred to in the mainland US, is dedicated to increasing the understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers. EWeek’s goal is to promote the importance of a technical education and a high level of math, science, and technology literacy, and motivates youth, to pursue engineering careers in order to provide a diverse and vigorous engineering workforce. In the same spirit, Guam professionals come together to celebrate Engineers, Architects and Land Surveyor’s Week in the proclamation for the week; followed by other events such as the Joint Membership Luncheon, the Pasta Bridge contest, the provide awareness and are an example of the many contributions and the positive impact that these professionals have on our communities here on Guam.

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Joint Membership Luncheon Hyatt Regency Grand Ballroom February 20, 2014 Each year, a Joint Membership Luncheon takes place providing a platform for NAVFAC to present a business update to Guam’s construction professionals. In addition to being a great way to stay up-to-date with any military-based work opportunities, it is also a valuable opportunity to network with others in the industry. Wayne Cornell, President SAME Guam Post

Ray Borja William Beery PE, President Executive Board Administrator Guam Society of Guam PEALS Board Professional Engineers

Guam Society of Professional Land Surveyors

Elizabeth Gayle PE MATHCOUNTS

Jesse Pangelinan SAME Golf Committee Chair

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James Martinez, President David Jimenez PE, CEM Guam Contractors Association ASHRAE Guam Section


Renato Martinez, President AIA Guam-Micronesia

Steve Taylor SAME Manila Chapter Representative


Joint Membership Luncheon Hyatt Regency Grand Ballroom February 20, 2014

CAPT Glenn A. Shepherd Regional Engineer and NAVFAC Marianas

FY 2014 Small Business Projection $86M Potential subcontracting opportunities - MILCON projects - BOS contract Upcoming solicitations: - HUBZone MACC (Apr) - Painting IDIQ (Jun) - Janitorial Services (Aug) - Grounds Maintenance (Nov) - Safety Program Mgmt - Refuse Collection and Disposal

- SDVOSB MACC (Jun) - Paving IDIQ (Jun) - A-E Services (Sep) - MHE Maintenance (Nov) - Tire Shredding/Wood Chipping


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Joint Membership Luncheon Hyatt Regency Grand Ballroom February 20, 2014

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S.A.M.E. UPDATE To join SAME Guam Post, log on to and click on “Membership” at the top of the home page.


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Black Construction by: David Macaluso

W i n s Pre stigio us Eag le Award

During the ABC National Convention which was held in late February at Grand Wailea in Maui, Hawaii, there were over a hundred recipients that won awards, but Black Construction along with twenty three other national companies were recognized and received this prestigious EIC Eagle Award. This was for the work that was done on $1.8 million Kosrae State Correction Facility Project. This correction facility was originally built by Black Construction nearly forty years ago. This project was issued in January 2012 and completed in April 2013. Black Construction was the general contractor and the overall scope of work for this project was the construction of a mental health cell, the addition of women cells were added and the demolition of the administrative building's existing concrete roof slab, the renovation and addition of the administrative building, Black Construction Senior Vice President and General Manager Leonard K. Kaae said, "We were happy to get the job not only to rehabilitate the existing facility which we [Black Construction] built in the 1970's, but to also add onto the jail. This project wasn't our largest job, but these improvements needed to bring the jail up to current standards." The upgrades done to the jail includes adding flushing toilets, lavatories, installing secured windows and cells. Kosrae is not a large populated island and the current jail only holds fifteen people. Although Guam is the headquarters for Black Construction, this kind of work expresses the depth of this organization because the company not only works on project on island, but

they also do work in Micronesia, the CNMI, the Republic of Palau and the Philippines.

To be considered for an ABC’s Eagle Award Following the Guam Contractors Association Awards ceremony where Black Construction won the Best Institutional project $5 million and under, the company then had ten days to submit that project to the ABC national committee. From there it goes before the ABC Committee for review and possible consideration for an Eagle Award. According to Kaae, the company learned they had won the award in late December from an email sent by the ABC association. Kaae said, "The ABC evaluated the project for that category, Best Institutional $5 Million and below. They looked at the safety record, scope of work, the short narrative of the scope of work and some of the challenges during the construction, man power, resources, quality control and overall evaluation of the client." This was the first time in Guam's history that a company from Guam received an Eagles Award. Competing against companies from across the nation and its territories, Black Construction essentially put Guam on the map in the construction industry for its accomplishment. Kaae adds, "This is a great award for this organization and its the first one for Guam. We went up against large companies nationwide and won this prestigious award. We are honored and very proud we were considered for this award and given this award. Hopefully this will give us an incentive to get more awards in the future." Looking back at the other projects Black Construction completed over last year that could have also been easily considered for the Eagle Award was the work the company had done on the runway at the Kosrae airport which was completed in 2013.

The Kosrae Airport Runway Project was a significant project where Black Construction had to bring in sixty thousand tons of aggregate asphalt to resurface and widen the existing runway from one hundred feet to one hundred fifty feet. Black Construction was the company that originally built the Kosrae Airport runway back in 1986. "We had large logistical challenges in Kosrae because we had to ship in sixty thousand tons of metric asphalt aggregate from the Philippines and asphalt oil and primer were also needed for the runway project which was shipped in from Taiwan. We had to get skilled craft labor from the Philippines to execute the paving under strict U.S. Federal Aviation Administration standards in an environment that rains over 200 inches annually. There were constant challenges on a daily basis," Kaae said. There were two kinds of asphalt that were used on this runway project, the coarse asphalt came in from Luzon, Philippines and the fine asphalt was shipped in from Cebu, Philippines. One of the challenges is that asphalt has to be laid at a certain temperature. With hot asphalt, if water gets on it, it could cool and if it cools too fast it can't be used and the material has to be dumped. The challenge for dumping material is that more materials will need to be shipped to that location because you will run low. Kaae said, "You can't afford to throw things away because where will you get the material if you run short. Actually we did run a little short on the Kosrae runway. We needed to have a couple of container loads of asphalt be shipped in." Other runway projects Black construction completed was the south runway at Anderson Air Force Base. That project was a few cubic yards short of one hundred thousand cubic yards.

On going projects Black Construction is currently working on the Ordot Dump closure and Dero Road sewer


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Competing against thousands of companies across America and its territories like Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and America Samoa, the Associated Builders and Contractors Inc (ABC) awarded Black Construction the National Excellence in Construction (EIC) Eagle Award for its achievements in the category of $5 million dollars and below on institutional work done on Kosrae.


improvements that are worth close to $41 million. Another $23.8 million will go to the renovation of fifty nine homes at the Lockwood Terrace Phase One housing project at Big Navy. The firm will also do $12.7 million worth of improvements to a duty-free retail area at the Guam International Airport. Black Construction have some exciting times in front of them and are bidding on a lot of projects this year. This is good for Guam and the overall construction industry on island.

Other awards Over the years Black Construction Corporation won numerous awards by the GCA during their annual award ceremony which includes the coveted title Contractor Of The Year in an unprecedented ten times in the past twelve years. Part of that run, Black Construction won it eight years in a row from 2000 to 2007. The Guam Contractors Association would like to thank Black Construction Corporation for helping Guam improve its infrastructure and for creating jobs within our local community.

“The Guam Contractors Association is very proud to have Black Construction Corporation win this very prestigious award in a national competition pitting the best of the best in construction excellence from the nation’s top construction firms. GCA has participated in the Associated Builders and Contractors National Excellence in Construction competition for over 15 years submitting the overall winner in our local competition each year to compete in this national event. This past National EIC competition is the first time a Guam company has won the Eagle Award in any category. Black Construction Corporation’s entry of their Kosrae State Correctional Facility project in the “Institutional: Under $5 Million” category garnered enough points to win the Eagle Award in that category competing against five other entries from construction firms in the mainland in that same category. A total of forty eight (48) Eagle Awards were awarded this year, one for each category, with over three hundred entries competing in various categories. We’re very proud that Black Construction Corporation came away with one of those coveted Eagle Awards.” James Martinez GCA President

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242 W. Harmon Industrial Park RD, Guam 96913 Tel: (671) 646-9524/40 Fax: (671) 649-3888


GCA/S.A.M.E. Luncheon February 20, 2014 Hyatt Regency Guam

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Annual Concrete Anchor And Repair Workshop February 19 & 20, 2014 Guam Community College

te Anchor And Repair Workshop to a Simpson Strong-Tie Company conducted its Annual Concre and 20, 2014. Ninety people from 19 ry Februa on e packed house at Guam Community Colleg the full day workshop consisting of Guam’s construction and design community attended g, spalling, and repair needs. In product solutions for Guam’s concrete anchoring, crackin was live outdoor demos showing hop works the of addition to classroom training, the highlight on grouts are installed and how they how concrete crack repair, vertical patch repair, and precisi Simpson teamed up with Bosch Tool actually perform in the field. This was the first year that line of tools available to work with broad Company, an alliance partner, to demonstrate the venue for the training as the live as GCC d selecte n Simpso concrete. It was also the first year or five star hotel. demos are better suited for the college rather than a four for taking the course, as well the Workshop attendees received a certificate of completion prices were distributed by Bosch, and ability to pick up continuing education units. Several door ays, and were treated to a hot catered the attendees took away product binders, several giveaw g for a free iPad. drawin a into d breakfast and lunch. All attendees were entere streng thening systems for concrete and The Simpson Strong-Tie line of repair, protec tion and ing repair mortars, coatings, grouts, includ masonry includes a wide variety of new products, tion system. The new Repair, protec and repair ral structu epoxies, sealants and the FX-70® Masonry product guide features all of Protec tion and Streng thening Systems for Concrete and /rps the new products and is available at


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Simpson Strong-Tie is your source for concrete solutions © 2014 Simpson

Strong-Tie Company Inc. ANCHOR14-DC

For nearly two decades Simpson Strong-Tie has focused on expanding its product offering beyond the residential market. Today, Simpson Strong-Tie offers a full array of Anchor Systems products for commercial, industrial and infrastructure construction. These products are a direct result of listening to the needs and challenges of our customers, then using our research, testing and engineering expertise to deliver innovative solutions. We know you have several choices when it comes to anchors, let us show you why we are your trusted source. Call us at (800) 999-5099 or visit our website at To speak with a Simpson Strong-Tie representative in Guam, call (671) 689-6201.

SET-XP® Adhesive ICC-ES ESR-2508

Strong-Bolt® 2 Anchor

ANCHOR14-DC_7_1-2x10_GUAM.indd 1


Torq-Cut ™ Self-Undercutting Anchor Tested to met IBC 2009

Titen HD® Anchor ICC-ES ESR-2713



Gas-Actuated Concrete Nailer

2/27/14 6:45 AM


Getting Certified National Training Offered For Companies Interested In Solid Waste Management By Tammy Jo Anderson Taft

For the first time ever, local businesses will have a chance to get nationally-certified in solid waste management without leaving the island.

“This training is just another way we are really stepping up to make sure we are using the best methods out there to manage our solid waste,” she said.

The Guam Environmental Protection Agency (Guam EPA) will be hosting a three-day certification course in early May. Instructors from the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) will teach the courses. SWANA is the industry-based professional association for solid waste throughout North America.

Guam EPA currently has four individuals with SWANA certifications.

“Having national trainers come to Guam to certify local solid waste companies and managers is a great step forward for our island,” said the Administrator of Guam EPA, Eric M. Palacios. “Before this conference, anyone who wanted to get a certification in landfill management, recycling, leachate management or composting had to go to the U.S. mainland for the training. By offering the training in Guam, we are cutting the cost of the ticket for any businesses who would like to have certified staff on hand.” Having more people with solid waste certification in Guam, the better equipped the island will be to manage wastes properly and incorporate new techniques, Palacios added. CERTIFICATION CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE Conchita Taitano, Guam EPA’s Air and Land Division Administrator, encouraged any individual working in the solid waste arena to get the certification while it is being offered on island. “This certification is a great tool for any environmental professional who would like to improve and broaden their knowledge base,” Taitano added. “The trainings are comprehensive and cover all aspects of solid waste management. Materials management is a step towards changing the conventional mindset on how we perceive waste. We are now fostering a partnership with our community to treate waste as a potential material for beneficial use.”

Having a large number of solid waste managers in Guam with SWANA certifications will help the island’s path to zero waste, Taitano added. Building capacity in Guam is a key objective for the Solid Waste Management Program of Guam EPA. This type of training also offers a chance for individuals to closely network with leaders of the industry. “Getting to zero waste is really our ultimate goal,” she said. “The more we can help businesses understand things they can do to properly manage or divert wastes in a sustainable manner, the better chance we have of developing innovative and progressive island alternatives in waste management. Having a large number of individuals with national certification will put Guam on the map in terms of forward progress in solid waste management, Palacios said. “Our goal is to eventually establish a local chapter of SWANA,” Palacios said. “A local chapter can provide the support local solid waste management companies need to increase their efficiency and incorporate new technologies.” “We are encouraging anyone who is currently in solid waste management, or thinking about getting into the industry, to register for the training and attend the two-day conference later in the week,” Taitano said. “It’s a win-win for the attendee and the Pacific Region, which will benefit from the attendee’s knowledge and expertise.”

How to register • Visit • Pick one of three courses to attend. Courses

offered include Managing Integrated Solid Waste Management Systems, Managing Composting Programs and Managing Recycling Systems • For more information about the training and conference, please visit

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• The

Details about the certification training

training starts on Sunday, May 4 and concludes May 7. • Workshop fees for participants who register before Wednesday, April 9, is $525. Those who register after April 9 will be charged $625. • The workshop will be followed by a two-day solid waste management conference.


FUSO GCA Now on Guam AD.pdf











10:26 AM

William “Bill” Beery, P.E. General Manager, Tutujan Hills Group Ltd. Immediate Past Chairman, GCA

Retirement solutions for your small business. “For some time our group had been asking for a 401(k) benefit. My first impression was that providing this type of program for a group as small as ours might be on the expensive side. Not only did ASC Trust Corporation break this

misconception, they surpassed my expectations. We were able to start a plan that was both fairly priced and made sense with what we were looking for. In the end, the tailored-solution was exactly what our team needed.” - Bill Beery

Finding a tailor-made solution is just the beginning. ASC offers a level of service that sets us apart from other retirement plan providers in the region. Let us help you save for a successful retirement, one paycheck at a time. Schedule to meet with our team today e: w: p: (671)-477-2724


EVEN BETTER. We were honored to be the recipients of 1st and 2nd place overall in the recent Guam Contractors Association Excellence in Construction Awards. But the long-term goal and basic philosophy of Black Construction is and always will be serving our clients, helping them grow, enhancing their visibility. Just in case you’re wondering, the overall 1st place award was for our Kosrae State Correctional Facility. The overall 2nd place award was for Phase l, Camacho Landmark Center-Personal Finance Center Building, shown here. We also received seven other individual category awards. Check our website for details.

A TutorPerini Company C O R P O R A T I O N

Phone 671.646.4861/5 •

Employment Concepts Employment data, except those for the Federal Government, refer to persons on establishment payrolls who received pay for any part of the pay period, which includes the 12th of the month. For Federal Government establishments, employment figures represent the number of persons who occupied positions on the last day of the calendar month. Intermittent workers are counted if they performed any service during the month. The data excludes proprietors, the self-employed, unpaid volunteer or family workers. And domestic workers in households. Salaried officers of corporations are included.

Department of Labor Government of Guam Bureau of Labor Sta s cs P.O. Box 9970 Tamuning, Guam 96931-9970

Government employment covers only civilian employees; military personnel are excluded. Persons on establishment payrolls who are on sick leave (when pay is received directly from the firm), on paid holiday or paid vacation, or who work during a part of the pay period and are unemployed or on strike during the rest of the period, are counted as employed. The CES survey counts a person employed by two or more establishments at each place of employment. Not counted as employed are persons who are laid off, on leave without pay, or on strike for the entire period or who are hired but have not been paid during the period. Industrial Classification Establishments reporting on Form BLSCES 3 are classified into industries on the basis of their principal product or activity determined from information on annual sales volume.

This information is collected on a supplement to the quarterly shuttle questionnaire. For an establishment making more than one product or engaged in more than one activity, the entire employment is included under the industry indicated by the most important product or activity. Employment series are classified in accordance with the Standard Industrial Classification Manual, U.S. Office of Management and Budget. The 1972 Classification was used for the CES until March 1989 when a change to the 1987 edition was made. Acknowledgements Acknowledgement is due the University of Guam Computer Center under the direction of Dr. Luan Nguyen and particularly Ms. Frances Villaverde for data processing and programming work. Acknowledgement is also due Marie Heflin of the Department of Labor for conducting the survey.


Prepared by: Gary A. Hiles Release #2014-04


Chief Economist March 10, 2014

December 2013

Current Employment Report Employment Highlights The December 2013 preliminary statistics show the total number of private sector jobs has essentially remained constant in the latest quarter but increased by 170 from the comparable period of one year ago in December 2012. Construction employment was up by 220 this quarter and by 580 over the year. Total employment was virtually constant over the latest quarter and year with modest private sector gains off-set by reductions in the

government sector. Over the year, the private sector net job gain of 170 was realized by a gain of 580 Construction jobs reduced by the loss of jobs in the All other manufacturing and Retail Trade sectors.

In comparison to one year ago, private average hourly earnings declined from $12.95 to $12.77 per hour. Average weekly hours paid in December 2013 were 37.6 up from 37.0 one year ago. Average weekly earnings increased marginally from $479.23 to $479.77.

Federal employment increased by 60 positions this quarter but decreased by 60 from one year ago. Government of Guam total employment increased by 60 this quarter, but was down by 160 jobs for the comparable period of one year ago.


MARCH2014 | 25


Estimates in this release are based on the Current Employment Statistics (CES) survey conducted quarterly by the Guam Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration.




March 2013


r r p June September December 2013 2013 2013






CONSTRUCTION General building contractors Heavy construction, ex. building Special trade contractors

6,540 4,910 230 1,400

6,080 4,690 360 1,030

6,490 4,790 340 1,360

6,900 5,140 300 1,460

7,120 5,460 330 1,330

MANUFACTURING Food and kindred products Printing and publishing All other manufacturing

1,660 470 310 880

1,670 480 300 890

1,610 470 310 830

1,700 530 310 860

1,420 520 310 590























SERVICES Hotels and other lodging places All other services TOTAL PRIVATE SECTOR

16,520 5,720 10,800 46,100

16,940 5,700 11,240 45,670

16,510 5,540 10,970 45,620

16,510 5,540 10,970 46,290

16,450 5,600 10,850 46,270

PUBLIC SECTOR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT GOVERNMENT OF GUAM Executive branch (Includes D.O.E.) All others including autonomous TOTAL PUBLIC SECTOR

4,060 11,730 6,980 4,750 15,790

4,010 11,660 6,970 4,690 15,670

3,990 11,280 6,830 4,450 15,270

3,940 11,510 6,870 4,640 15,450

4,000 11,570 6,890 4,680 15,570









Wages, Hours, and Earnings information is reported for production (nonsupervisory) workers only. Earnings are "gross", they reflect not only changes in basic hourly wage rates, but also such factors as premium pay for overtime work and shift differentials. Average weekly hours information is different from standard or scheduled hours because of such factors as absenteism, labor turnover, part-time, overtime work, and stoppages. Due to the rounding of the Earnings and Hours Paid figures, their multiple may differ from the average weekly earnings rate shown.

26 | MARCH2014




Average Weekly Hours Paid

Average Weekly Earnings

rp 13

December 2013 Male Female








0 0 0 0

6,760 5,180 320 1,260

360 280 10 70

5,640 4,320 250 1,070

14.33 14.18 16.55 14.64

42.2 42.4 45.1 39.5

605.12 601.30 745.89 578.34

0 0 0 0

1,070 360 170 540

350 160 140 50

740 210 90 440

13.44 9.51 12.67 15.17

43.0 38.4 39.0 45.9

578.00 365.47 494.20 695.69





























0 0 0 0

8,920 2,810 6,110 27,560

7,530 2,790 4,740 18,710

14,420 4,720 9,700 38,500

11.12 8.70 14.23 $12.77

38.6 40.1 36.9 37.6

429.47 348.74 525.21 $479.77

0 0 0 0 0

2,030 5,370

1,970 6,200






only inford hown.

Production Workers






Government figures include all employees and are not directly comparable to private sector production worker estimates.


Figures are preliminary


Revised estimates


Updated preliminary figures


MARCH2014 | 27



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1939 Harrison Street, Ste. 215, Oakland, CA 94612 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Skip Bourgeois, Corporate Marketing For Coffman Engineers (907) 360-9838

Coffman Engineers Kicks Off Year-Long 35 Year Anniversary Celebration OAKLAND (March 7, 2014) –Coffman Engineers, a mid-sized, multidiscipline engineering firm, has kicked off a series of events celebrating the 35th anniversary of their founding. In 1979, Dave Coffman founded Coffman Engineers in Bellevue, Washington. The company began as a seven-person structural engineering firm servicing Alaska-based industrial clients and Washington-based architectural clients. Under Dave Coffman’s leadership, the firm experienced continuous expansion of their geographic presence and their engineering service offerings. Today, Coffman Engineers employs more than 260 staff members throughout seven offices and works on multidiscipline engineering projects throughout the world. The company earned $39 million revenue in 2013 and ranked as #262 on the Engineering News Record’s most recent listing of Top 500 Design Firms. “I am so proud of the position of Coffman Engineers today, 35 years after our humble beginnings. We have an incredible team of engineers and support staff who work tirelessly to provide our clients with collaborative, creative, and innovative engineering solutions. I am also proud of the many long-term client relationships we have in place. This is a sign of Coffman Engineers’ dedication to making our clients successful. We look forward to celebrating this important company milestone with all who have helped make Coffman Engineers prosperous over the years,” said Dave Coffman, who has served as chief executive officer since the company’s inception. Coffman Engineers can attribute much of their success to the company’s original values and culture established 35 years ago. Leadership has always recognized the importance of designing collaborative and innovative multidiscipline engineering solutions that make clients successful. The company’s strong “work hard, play hard” culture attracts great employees and emphasizes being a good neighbor through active community involvement. This strong culture has resulted in the longevity of many Coffman Engineers’ employees as well as many long-term client relationships, some spanning nearly the entire existence of the company. The company’s year-long anniversary celebration includes open houses in each of their offices as well as internal and community events. More details will be announced as events approach. Coffman Engineers is proud to celebrate 35 years of providing clients with multidiscipline engineering services including civil, structural, industrial mechanical, process piping, commercial mechanical, electrical engineering and controls, lighting, project management, commissioning, and corrosion control engineering. The firm’s successful history is propelled by their guiding principles of lasting creativity, results, and relationships. Coffman Engineers offers our clients an unwavering commitment to excellence in our services through offices in: Anchorage, Alaska; Hagatna, Guam; Honolulu, Hawaii; San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, California; and, Seattle and Spokane, Washington. For additional firm information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @CoffmanEngineer. ###

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Bring on the Green. Not sure where to bring your wooden pallets, crates, untreated wood waste from construction & renovations, land clearing shrubbery, trees refuse, yard trimmings, cardboard & paper? We are the nearest, most affordable option on island. Pick up services available as well. For more Information, hours of operation or credit application call 437-4374., Ext. 100 or email us at

Now accepting green waste at $9.00 per cubic yard. Pacific Unlimited Inc. DBA: Pacific Trucking

Located at our EPA Permitted Ordot Green Waste & Composting Facility just across the former Ordot Landfill.


De-Lamping with LED Lighting A Strategy to Save Energy Costs

By: Shawn Gumataotao Building owners are always looking for an efficient way to reduce costs in their facilities come budget time. The following strategy is a great way to get the cost savings they are looking for while also modernizing the lighting system in their respective building. De-lamping, or the replacement of two fluorescent tubes with one LED tube, is gaining popularity among business owners because it greatly diminishes the operating cost for owners and, in many cases, reduces the payback period for an LED retrofit to as little as one year. Our friends at Independence LED Lighting offer up an example of de-lampingconverting a 2’x4’ office troffer containing four, 32 watt 4’, T8 fluorescent tubes to an LED Retrofit Kit consisting of two, 4’, 22 watt tubes powered by one external driver. This reduces the total fixture wattage from 128 watts to 44 watts, resulting in a 66% lighting savings. LED retrofit products that are DLC listed and qualify for rebates with major energy providers, can also reduce the payback period and increase ROI.

32 | MARCH2014

GET, LLC, through our friends at Independence LED has installed "American-Made" retrofit kits in the commercial and industrial, warehousing, educational, parking garages, hospitality and multi-family residential markets. Independence LED CEO Charles Szoradi says that the key an LED De-Lamping strategy is based on our ability to use one high output tube to replace two existing fluorescent tubes or a pair of imported tubes. "Since our tube systems are modular, coming in a selection of wattages and lengths, we can de-lamp just about any fixture configuration," said Szoradi. "Our deep fin aluminum heart sinks and external driver technology enables one of our LED tubes to do the work of two alternative options.” When performing an LED retrofit, it is important to evaluate the fixture retrofit cost, and not just the tube cost. Four $35 imported Chinese tubes to replace four 32 watt fluorescent tubes may seem to be a less expensive solution than $68 US Made LED tubes. However, buyers have to take the cost per unit off the table and look at the fixture retrofit cost. 4 x $35 =


$140 while 2 x $68 = $136. The value is in the FIXTURE retrofit cost and not the tube cost. Plus the US made tubes, including those by Independence LED, consume less electricity and have a 10 year warranty versus the imported tubes that often cap out at five years. De-lamping’s ability to reduce the overall fixture retrofit cost, lower lighting electricity costs, and achieve greater performance has made it increasingly popular among business owners in the private and public sector. To learn more about the lighting products that GET, LLC provides, including the LED lines of our partners, Independence LED Lighting and Deco Lighting Inc., please check out our website at or call us at 671-483-0789 to discuss solutions for your important lighting needs-All Made in America!!!

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