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jane mcadam freud mother mould

jane mcadam freud mother mould


C O N T ENTS Reflections on a Retrospective by Jinyang Park......................05 Foreword by Valerie Walkerdine............................................07 Exhibition Images Forgotten Memory..................................................08-09 Ding..........................................................................10-11 Aesthetic Object - Object Observed........................16-17 Poetic Encounter.....................................................20-23 EdenSnede.............................................................24-25 Love’s Tender..........................................................26-27 Mother Mould........................................................28-29 Seed, Still - Fall......................................................32-33 Crowned Scream....................................................34-35 Facts of Life............................................................36-39 The One, 11, Dong..................................................42-43 Do I Look alright?...................................................44-45 Duohead Mesh......................................................46-40 Biography......................................................................50-54 Credits & Thanks.................................................................56


Reflections on planning a semi-retrospective exhibition on Jane McAdam Freud BY J I HYAN G PARK (Chief Curator, Wooyang Museum of Contemporary Art)

I first got in touch with Jane McAdam Freud (1958 ~) in September 2014, when I began planning her first retrospective in Asia. For a year, I carefully looked over her existing work, done using a wide variety of materials including bronze, stoneware clay, steel wire, mesh, and found objects. After much communication with Jane, who at that time was preparing new works to display at a solo exhibition at Gazelli Art House, London, I became more aware of the breadth of her art and her versatility as an artist. This is why I cannot help but be thrilled and excited about bringing an exhibition of her work to Korea. Jane McAdam Freud’s artistic method is based on what she calls “accidental encounters”, which refers to the way that thought can convert objects and situations of everyday life into something different. In her installations, Jane explores the nature of her perceptions and the various influences on them. The great-granddaughter of Sigmund Freud-the father of psychoanalysis, Jane McAdam Freud has consistently applied psychoanalytic theory to her works and vice-versa. Her father is painter Lucian Freud, who shared an artistic vision with Francis Bacon. Potentially under the shadow of such a formidable family heritage, Jane decided upon sculpture as her medium in the process of searching for her identity as an individual. Through sublimation of the primary facts; of the influences of “sex,” as a physical origin, and “earth,” as the origin of all life, her sculpture evolves. As a woman, a daughter, and a member of a famous family, Freud has explored the roots of her thoughts and actions in light of these and other identities and given them shape and form as contemporary sculpture using a variety of materials. An exhibition of Jane’s works will be held at the Wooyang Museum of Contemporary Art starting in December 2015. It will take the form of a “semi-retrospective exhibition,” consisting primarily of sculpture and installations that are a summary introduction to 20 years’ worth of work in addition to five new works. As an extra treat for viewers, Jane’s actual sculpture studio will be represented at the museum merged with a replica of the study of her great-grandfather Sigmund Freud, who has had a profound influence on the artist’s work. Just as archaeological artifacts provide meaning and new insights into the origins and everyday lives of ancient peoples, Jane McAdam Freud’s sculptures are artifacts of her multidimensional past and present, revealing a history of her thought processes and the life experiences that have influenced them.



FORE WORD by Va l e r i e Wa l k e r d i n e

Recently, motherhood has made a resurgence as a huge topic for women artists. As one of the organizers of a conference, Motherhood and Creative Practice, I can say that we were almost overwhelmed by enormous the desire of women artists to discuss this issue as it relates to their own work, creating a conference far bigger than we had expected. One of the things that emerged at this conference was the sense that making art about motherhood was experienced by so many women artists, as putting them outside the terrain of ‘proper art’, as so many of them testified. That it is still so difficult for women to make art about motherhood is also testified by Jane McAdam Freud, whose previous work has been overshadowed by the paternal line. As she herself admitted, in an artist’s talk at the gallery, only one person at a talk has ever asked her about her mother, while they were greedy for information about her famous father and great grandfather. So, to make work about her mother and indeed about mothers in general, is a recognition of the hugely formative experience of that relationship. To become her mother’s daughter. To explore the texture of the body of the mother. This work, made almost entirely of chicken wire, consists of a series of very large sculptural ‘moulds’. What first struck me most forcefully was the use of wire and the way in which, as a medium, it is hard and rigid and yet pliable and open, revealing its interior to the world. In the 1950s, the psychologist Harry Harlow undertook an experiment which became famous in its use in attachment theory. He gave baby rhesus monkeys ‘surrogate’ mothers made either of heavy wire or of wood covered with soft terry cloth. The monkeys always chose the cloth ‘mother’ even if the wire ‘mother’ had a feeding nipple. Thus, the use of wire says a great deal about the infant’s experience of the mother. For me, this mother is the mother of an infant, solid and yet fragile, with no soft surfaces, an ambivalent figure to whom the infant is indelibly connected, unyielding and fragile at the same time. Everything in this show seems so open yet so hard to reach – the teat on the end of a very tall bottle, small objects buried in wire balls, shoes on hard frames. In that sense, it is disturbing and amply conveys, with extraordinary presence, the experience of an infant confronted by the body of that being so crucial to the life of a child. When Jane McAdam Freud confronts the viewer with this hugely powerful work, we do not know whether we are in safe place but we do know that we are in a place of overwhelming significance. In one piece, a large wire oblong has an indentation which could be a place where a small child might conceivably sit, next to, almost within, the body of the mother. But at the same time, could it realistically be a comfortable place to sit? Mothering and being mothered, the realm of Mother Mould, takes us into a tremulous realm that simply cannot be accommodated within the ‘name of the father’.


Forgotten Memory 2015 Steel wire, found object, retrieved object 117 x 46 x 66 cm




Ding 2015 Steelwire, found object, made object 132 x 106 cm






Aesthetic Object - Object Observed 2014 Steel wire, cord 212 x 92 x 46 cm






Poetic Encounter 2014-15 Steel wire, paint 127 x 61 x 28 cm Big Ball: 122 cm diameter Small Ball: 86 cm diameter





EdenSnede 2014-15 Steel wire, cord, 244 x 60 cm


Love’s Tender 2015 Steel wire, pine cone, retrieved object 100 x 36 cm




Mother Mould 2014-15 Newspaper, tape 109.7 cm diameter




Seed, Still - Fall 2014 Steel wire, found bottle, hair 145 x 92 x 60 cm




Crowned Scream 2014 Steel wire 193 x 81 x 46 cm



Facts of Life - Birth, Baptism, Bitch, Domesticity, Disappear, Death 2014 steel wire, dogs lead 140 x 152 x 46 cm






The One 2014-15 Steel wire, white paint 127 x 61 x 28 cm



2014 Steel wire 111 x 46 x 25 cm

2015 Steel wire, found object, made object 142 x 36 cm


Do I Look alright? 2015 Retrieved foam coated metal ‘abs’ frame boots 38 x 122 x 61 cm




Duohead Mesh 2014-15 Steel wire, 28 cm 74 x 198 x 56 cm




JANE MCADAM FREUD (Born 1958, London, United Kingdom) Jane McAdam Freud MA(RCA), FRBS, daughter of Lucian Freud, is an internationally acclaimed sculptor and multi-disciplinary artist – drawings, prints, digital media – with a career extending over twenty years. Graduating with a Bachelors degree from Central St Martins College, London in 1981, she went on to be awarded the British Art Medal Award Scholarship in Rome – an accolade she held for three years. She subsequently completed her Masters degree at the Royal College of Art in 1995. Most often recognised for her sculptures, Freud’s work features prominently in the permanent collections of museums and galleries around the world, including the Victoria & Albert Museum (London), National Gallery archives (London), and The Brooklyn Museum, in New York. The British Museum made their first acquisition in 1979 while she was still a student at the Central. Jane is currently an associate lecturer at Central St Martins and regularly teaches at a number of other institutions in London. Her study of Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis has resulted in a number of collaborations with psychoanalytic societies and centres in New York, Beverly Hills, Tapei and Toronto an interest, which continues to inform her practice. Jane’s work frequently finds inspiration from the rich source of her own family background, referencing both the remarkable collection of antiquities and sculptural objects collected by her grandfather and the cultural legacy of Freudian psychoanalysis which has had a profound and lasting effect on the contemporary psyche. Solo Exhibitions 2016 Pasmore Gallery, Harrow School, London 2015 Retrospective, Wooyang Museum of Contemporary Art, South Korea 2015 Mother Mould, Gazelli Art House, London 2014 Dance of Disapproval -War Works, Ivy House, Hampstead, London 2014 Parallels, 2 man show at The Priory, Roehampton 2014 Italy On Identity, Gallery Martini Ronchetti, Genoa, Italy 2014 In the Mould of the Fathers, C2 Contemporanea, Florence, Italy 2014 In My Own Image – Ill Fit, British Psychotherapy Foundation 2014 Painted Earth, Harrow Arts Centre, UK 2013 Medals for Dreaming & Doing, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia 2013 Taking Care, Palazzo Tagliaferro, Andora, Italy 2013 Family Matters, Gazelli Art House, Baku, Azerbaijan 2012 Recent Works, Minerva Theatre 4th, Chichester Art Lecture 2012 Three Generations, Whitelabs Gallery, Milan, Italy 2012 Flesh and Stone, New School House Gallery, York, UK 2012 Family Matters, Gazelli Art House, Mayfair, London, UK 2012 Lucian Freud, My Father, Freud Museum, London, UK 2011 HiStory - 2D selection, Jagalonian University, Krakow, Poland 2011 HiStory - same old, new old, Austria General Consulate Gallery, Cracow, Poland 2011 Hinged, Freud Museum of Dreams, St Petersburg, Russia 2011 Dead or Alive*, Screening, Psycause, Pribor, Czech Republic 2011 Random Plus*, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, NY, USA 2010 War works, Centre for Jewish Culture, Krakow, Poland 2010 Random*, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA, USA 2010 Freud on Freud, New Center of Psychoanalysis, LA, USA


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2014 Kate Moss Coupe Commission 2014 Winner of the Trebbia European Awards for Achievement in the Arts 2014 Polish TV filming at Freud Museum and of works in the Sladmore Exhibition 2014 Sheldon Medal Commission, Oxford University 2014 Workshop for 45 Park Lane ‘friend of the arts’ restaurant 2013 Participation in film on Sigmund Freud, Ren TV, Russia 2013 Artist in Residence, Art Week, Chater Infants School, Watford, UK 2013 Artist’s talk, Art Week, Seer Green CE School, Buckinghamshire, UK 2012 Commission: Oxford University 2012 Hampstead School of Art relief sculpture workshop 2012 May Middle East FOE sponsored workshops 2012 Segro Young Artists Project: Patron’s talk at RSA, London, UK 2011 Jon Snows review of 2011 2011 Family Fun Day workshop, Harrow Arts Centre, Harrow, UK 2011 Presentation and workshop, Oasis Day, Christchurch, Southwark, UK 2011 BAMS workshop, Ruskin School of Drawing, Oxford, UK 2011 Harrow Limmud Day Presentation, Heathfield School, Pinner 2010 Lord Freud Sculpture Commission 2010 C.Hoare and Co Bank Medal Commission 2010 Opening speaker at the Dining Room Gallery, Mill Hill County High School 2010 British Museum Workshop: Designing Medals 2010 Duo Print Workshop, Harrow Arts Centre 2010 Interview, H.Eisenschenk film Der Letzte Akt, Austrian Broadcast TV 2010 Multi Faith Workshops for Brent Council 2010 Guest Artist, Segro Young Artists Project 2010 Lord Freud Sculpture Commission 2010 Prime Warden Medal, Goldsmiths Hall 2009 Oxford University Sheldon Medal portrait commission 2005 Artist in Residence, Freud Museum, London, UK 2002 J Paul Getty commission – double portrait medal 2000 Arts Council Lottery Award for interactive World Flag Project Selected Publications 2014 PsicoArt online publishers ‘In the Mould of the Fathers’ by Jane McAdam Freud 2014 6th International Symposium Psychoanalysis and Art contributory lecture/paper 2012 Lucians Last Legs, International Ass. of Art and Psychology, Florence, Italy 2011 Beyond: Earth Death, History of Ideas, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland 2011 Paper: HIStory-same old new old, History of Ideas Cl. Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland 2011 Psycause Conference Chair, Opening and Closing presentation speeches. 2011 Speaker, Seminar on Sculpture led by Richard Wentworth 2011 APsaA (American Psychoanalytic Association) National Meeting: Screening, Q & A 2011 Paper on Transformation, Aplimat 2011, Maths and Art, Slovak University, Bratislava


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Exhibition Catalogue: Mother Mould 2 July – 15 August 2015 Published by Gazelli Art House 39 Dover Street London W1S 4NN Photography: © Benjamin Westoby. Courtesy Gazelli Art House Artist Portrait: © Simon Barber Artist Images: © Jane McAdam Freud Design: Tina Homewood 56


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